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Chapter 38 [Female blacksmith] Nakadashi ‘ Taking Virginity while Sleeping

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 She lets out a loud “Hiauh!”. Apparently, Dorothea’s sensitivity is high in proportion to her size

 In no time at all, the liquid begins to flow out of her body


 Dorothea said so and Alexis looked at her quickly to see if she had woken up, but her eyes were closed. It seems that she is still dreaming

 With relief, Alexis pinches her clitoris with his finger and rubs it slowly

 ”Aaah, ah, aaaah – What are you doing, you iron ore…!”

 Dorothea raises her eyebrows, perhaps frustrated that she still feels it

 At that moment, Alexis decides, “I’m going to be an iron ore”

 He dares to press the armor touching her legs and brings his absent hand down to her secret place. He decides to focus on the clitoris, tracing the sides with his fingertips and pressing the glans against the tip of her clitoris


 Dorothea’s body jumped up and down, as if a wave of pleasure hit her

 ”No, no, no, don’t look, don’t touch!”

 Dorothea repeats “No, don’t look, don’t touch!” with a raised eyebrow

 ”It feels good, doesn’t it?”

 But Alexis says that and Dorothea respons, “Why is an iron ore talking? Don’t talk!”. She then hit his abdomen with a fist, and Alexis let out a “guh-ho” sound. The blow hurt more than he thought it would

 ”You son of a bitch…”

 (I’m not going to give you any slack!)

 Alexis thought so, and pushed her glans toward the jar

 Her body trembled as he inserted his p*nis into her, forcing it through her flesh

 ”Hyaaaa?? S-Something’s coming in…”

 At that moment, Dorothea’s eyes open with a startled look

 Her eyes meet Alexis’


 Dorothea doesn’t seem to understand the situation

 But Alexis, deciding to get as far as he could while he still could, started to move something

 ”Eek! Ow, ow, ow, what are you doing!”

 Alexis was kicked from both sides with her feet, and yells, “Hey, stop it. Stop it, you bitch!”

 Although he’s wearing armor, it doesn’t hurt him, but it’s hard to do when she’s on the rampage

 ”Prince~~~, what’s the meaning of this?!”

 Dorothea stared at him with teary eyes. She seemed to have no idea what was going on

 ”What do you mean, you fell asleep and I brought you here!”

 As Alexis moves his object slowly, Dorothea says, “Guh… It hurts”

 ”It can’t be helped…”

 Alexis let out a sigh and decided to touch Dorothea’s clitoris. He wanted to give her pleasure at the same time, so that the pain would be lessened

 Now, he poked and prodded it with his finger, and Dorothea’s hips bucked and shook

 ”Hiaah, eh, ehh?!”

 She continues to be in a state where she can’t read the situation

 Still, when her clitoris being rubbed, she can’t ignore the pleasure that is climbing up her clitoris

 ”Ahhh… fuahhh…!”

 Dorothea gasped and then turned bright red

 ”W-Where do you touch―― eh, what, is the prince in…?”

 Dorothea is stunned

 ”You finally noticed,” Alexis replies, as he continues to slowly pull his p*nis in and out of the front of her vagina

 Dorothea’s vagina feels narrow, perhaps because she is a virgin. No, this narrowness is not the only reason. Her slender body and tight muscles make his p*nis feel tight against her from every direction

 ”Damn, you’re so small inside…”

 Alexis exhales

 ”Ehhhhhhh…? W-What are you…!?”

 Dorothea’s voice quivers, but he keep her quiet as he pound her large clitoris

 ”Ahh? Ah, ah? Huh, that’s…!”

 Dorothea’s eyes were teary, despite her good reaction

 ”Why are you touching me? Why is the prince touching me, you idiot!”

 What an idiot!

 But the pleasure was too much for her to resist, and she didn’t punch him like before

 As he was torturing her clitoris and vagina at the same time, she must have been getting more and more pleasure

 ”Ahhhhhh, what did you do to me, what did you do to me, m-my body… my body is burning and turning to mush…!”

 Alexis speeds up the movement of his hand and his p*nis in order to lead Dorothea, who is trembling all over, to a higher level

 ”Ahhhhhhhh, no…! No more…!”

 Dorothea’s body tensed up


 Dorothea’s whole body convulsed

 She swallowed Alexis’ p*nis so hard that she even felt pain, and Alexis tried to pull out her p*nis in a hurry, but Dorothea’s vagina caught it tightly and wouldn’t let go


 In the end, Alexis ejaculated into Dorothea

 Spurt! Spurtttt! Spurttttt!

 One after another, Alexis’s semen flowed into Dorothea

 ”Ahh, ahhhhhh?!”

 Dorothea seemed to be unable to move away from Alexis, even though her voice was filled with confusion

 In the end, she accepted Alexis’ p*nis until her thin belly swelled up


 Alexis exhales

 Dorothea then glares at Alexis. The next moment


 A high-pitched sound echoes through the room

 ”You’re disgusting, you’re the worst!”

 Dorothea was slapping Alexis while she was being penetrated

 ”Ohhhh… well…”

 Alexis looks distracted

 ”What… What’s with that face?”

 Dorothea stares at him with teary eyes

 ”…Well, I have a lot to say… but, yeah… I’ve done the worst thing I could have done.”

 ”I was a virgin, you know?!”

 Alexis replies to Dorothea, who looks like she is about to cry, “…It looks like you are.”


 Dorothea’s body shakes, and finally she begins to cry

 ”D-Did you see…?”

 That’s what she said through her tears

 ”Saw what?”

 Alexis asked, and Dorothea let out a sigh, “I mean,”

 ”Y-You saw my vagina, didn’t you?”

 Alexis was puzzled, realizing that this was the reason she was most distressed

 ”I saw it… you didn’t like it very much?”

 ”…It’s weird, isn’t it? You must have thought it was weird!”

 Alexis flinched for a moment as Dorothea stared at him with tears in her eyes

 Thinking about what she was talking about, he quickly realized that it was the size of her clitoris

 ”Well, I thought it was big, but isn’t it kind of s*xy?”

 Alexis flicked Dorothea’s clitoris with his finger

 Dorothea screams, “What are you doing all of a sudden!?”

 ”S-Stupid! Don’t say that… you stupid, idiot!”

 Seeing Dorothea’s reaction, Alexis smiles smugly as he realizes that this is her complex

 ”Yeah, but I think it’s a nice and pretty shape. It’s a lovely shape that makes me want to torment it a lot”


 Dorothea groaned and ended up kicking Alexis hard with her foot

 ”Y-You have done it, right!? Just pull it out!”

 ”Whoa, whoa, wait a minute, your pussy is biting me!?? And isn’t your pussy getting a little restless, too?”

 ”I don’t care! Get off of me!”

 ”All right, calm down!”

 Alexis was so annoyed that he stopped her by half-intensely hugging Dorothea

 Since he has already learned that she won’t be crushed by a little bit of pressure, he doesn’t hesitate to put his weight on her even though he is still wearing his armor


 Dorothea fell silent

 But in fact, as Alexis pointed out, the tingling sensation in her secret place has not yet stopped

 In the end, Dorothea has no choice but to grudgingly close her eyes and wait for her body to calm down

 ”You idiot… You’ll have to take responsibility when I have the baby…”

 Alexis was surprised to hear Dorothea’s voice sounding so weak

 ”T-That’s also possible…”

 ”You did this without even thinking about it? You worst…”

 Dorothea stared at him

 ”Oh, well, I’m sorry. I’ll get you some birth control pills later”

 ”Don’t think that’s going to make up for it”

 After saying this, Dorothea shuts her mouth and soon starts to breathe in her sleep

 In the end, it seems that she was unable to resist the urge to sleep and fell asleep while being penetrated

 ”Ah… I’ve done it…”

 Alexis, who became calm, pulled out his p*nis from inside of her, and gazed at the white spurt flowing out of her vagina, which had opened its mouth

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