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Chapter 39 [Loli Doctor] Receiving Virginity in Exchange for Observing his Tentacle

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 Alexis gulps and screams in his mind, “No, no, no, no, no!”

 (Why am I lusting after a child?!)

 But Sara in front of him no longer looks like a child

 She opens her little mouth wide again, and then she takes Alexis’ p*nis in her mouth and slurps up her cowper juice. Then, she slurps and squints her eyes, and her expression is just like a woman’s

 ”Ugh, damn…”

 And Alexis is sure to get pleasure out of it, too

 Sara’s tongue was very skillful even though only the tip was being held in her mouth


 Sara pulled out her mouth with a “plop” when she noticed that Alexis was out of breath

 Sara then leans her weight on Alexis’ body and whispers “Hey” in his ear

 ”I heard that Alex-kun has a lot of quantity. So much that it will make a stomach swell up. I’d like you to try it here, if you don’t mind”

 ”Sure, but…”

 Alexis hugged Sara tightly

 ”I’m not going to cum unless it’s inside a woman, you know? You know what I mean?”

 ”I know….”

 Sara’s eyes widened

 ”Ah, ah… that’s… a problem…”

 Her cheeks turn red and her gaze drifts to the floor

 Alexis was surprised that even Sara could react like this

 However, Alexis, who was completely in the mood for it, had no intention of backing down

 ”Say that, you’re in for it, aren’t you?”

 Alexis said and slipped her hand under the pleated skirt that was peeking out from her lab coat

 He plays with it, and he finds that Sara is wearing cotton pants by the way they feel against his hand

 (It’s surprising. She wears something for a child…)

 Thinking this, Alexis slips his fingers under the panties

 ”Oh… you shouldn’t do that, Alex-kun…”

 Sara’s cheeks are flushed, but she doesn’t resist, so Alexis slides his hand down to the smooth pubic mound and inserts his finger between the cracks


 There was a wet, juvenile slush

 ”Look, it’s wet, isn’t it?”

 When Alexis pointed out, Sara turned even redder and looked troubled

 ”Well, I didn’t mean to do that……. But Alex-kun’s reaction was unexpectedly cute…and, besides, it’s been a long time…”

 Alexis’s fingers make a squeaking sound in the muddy water as Sara talks like that

 ”Hyaa… Ah, mmm…”

 Sara’s eyebrows furrow together and she shivers a little, then rushes to put her small hand on Alexis’s arm that is inserted under her skirt

 ”Hey, no… *Pant* *Pant* no, no…”

 ”You’re not convincing me with that look”

 Alexis says back and rubs Sara’s rice-sized clitoris with her finger

 ”Mmmm… Ah… Ah, ah… Kuh…”

 Sara is breathing heavily while her body is shaking

 Her panties are soaked with her love juice, and Alexis’s fingers are getting all fluffy

 ”Is it okay if I put it in soon?”

 Alexis asks, and Sara’s expression is still troubled

 ”Hmm, do you want to?”

 ”Well, yes. You want to see how much semen I can produce, don’t you?”

 ”Well, it mustn’t have to be in me, right?”

 Sara then continued, “And, it’s not good too,”. To this, Alexis replied

 ”W-What do you mean…?”

 Sara’s eyes were fixed on Alexis

 ”W-What’s wrong?” Alexis asked


 Sara was silent for a while, and then she said, “Geez…I can’t help it”

 She muttered, then pulled herself away from Alexis and stood up on the bunk

 ”This is the first time I’ve ever accepted a man’s body with this body…”

 As she speaks, Sara slips her panties down her legs. It’s a striped cotton panties with a small ribbon

 ”Hey, I’m a little scared… be gentle, okay?”

 Sara spreads her legs apart on the bunk and leans her back against the wall

 Under her pleated skirt, which was pulled up, a young girl with not even a hair on her head exposed her clitoris, which was white like her skin

 Her clitoris is still small, and so is her vagina. Even a finger is too small to be inserted. However, a clear liquid is still flowing out of it, soaking the leather bunk

 Alexis nods and gets up on his knees on the bunk, then covers Sara’s small body

 He sits down with his legs straddling Sara’s spread legs, and presses his lower body against Sara’s lower body

 ”Oh…you’re not going to stretch it out and insert it from far away there?”

 Sara whispered in an involuntary tone

 ”Hmm, I could if I wanted to, but I want to feel the sensation of holding a woman directly”

 As he said this, Alexis plunged his p*nis into Sara’s crack

 Sara’s body jerked and shivered

 Sara’s expression is becoming dull, as if she is also waiting for it, as she exhales

 Finally, she let the p*nis enter into her tight hole


 First, Alexis slowly put the tip into her


 Sara’s voice, which had only been subdued until a few minutes ago, leaked out loudly

 ”…nhah, hah, hah…”

 Alexis holds Sara’s slender hips, which are moving up and down her shoulders violently, and slowly moves his p*nis further inside her

 Sure enough, the tightness came, but it was not hard at all, but as if soft folds were folded over each other

 ”Nkuuuuu… Ah, this is not good…”

 Sara let out a deep breath, then muttered with a pensive expression on her face

 When Alexis moves his thing again, a voice comes out from Sara’s mouth, “Ahhh…”

 She had asked him to be gentle, so he moved his p*nis back and forth, not too close, but far enough not to touch her uterus

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah…!”

 Sara’s reaction becomes intense

 ”What’s this… Alex-kun, it’s amazing… You’re so good at this…I’m coming already…!”

 Sara sounds as if she’s in a desperate situation

 ”Already? You’re early.”

 When Alexis says this, Sara’s cheeks turn red

 ”I-It’s been a while… and Alex-kun’s good… ah, ah, ah…”

 Sara’s hips were trembling

 ”*Pant* *Pant* I never… I’ve never made a sound before… ah, ah…”

 Seeing Sara’s reddening and shaking with her hand over her mouth, Alexis decided to go a little deeper. Then he felt something poke through, and blood slowly began to ooze from the joint

 ”Oh, Sara… are you virgin…?”

 ”*Pant* *Pant* This… this body might be… Mmm, nnnkk…”

 Sara hugged Alexis tightly and moved her body wriggling

 ”Hey, can you move it a little more? Alex-kun’s cock is making me cum…”

 For Sara’s sake, Alexis was making his p*nis move a little more

 ”Ah? Ah, this, this is it…!”

 Sara tightened her arms around Alexis

 ”*Pant* *Pant* I’m going to come, I’m going to come…”

 When Alexis nodded her head in response

 Sara was trembling all over

 Then her vagina tightened as if countless tongues were licking at it

 ”Uhh, uhh…!”

 Alexis couldn’t hold back and burst her load


 Semen poured into her pussy with great force

 ”Ah… this… this is what the princess said…!?”

 Sara’s body was shaking as she caught Alexis’ sperm in her young womb

 It seemed to be a lot for Sara’s body, and by the time Alexis had finished pouring it all out, her abdomen was bulging like a pregnant woman on her last month

 ”*Pant* *Pant*”

 Sara is leaning back against the wall, her eyes closed as she exhales heavily

 ”Ah… S-Sorry Sara…”

 Alexis apologizes hurriedly, and Sara smiles with her eyes slightly open

 ”N-no, it’s okay. I can’t get pregnant with this body. Don’t worry”

 ”Well, yeah…”

 Sara leans in close to the confused Alexis and kisses him on the cheek

 ”…I don’t blame Her Higness for being crazy about you like this…”

 Sara whispered, but Alexis couldn’t quite catch it


 ”No, it’s nothing. Well, I guess all I have to do now is get the semen out of my stomach.”

 Sara said and asked Alexis to bring a container

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