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Chapter 47 [Princess-maiden and Maid] The Maid who Witness the Love Affair Between the Two

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 (I am sorry about what I did to Alex last night. If I could be of some help…)

 Fatima had this thought in her mind

 Soon after that, as she moves closer to the spring, she hears a voice. It sounded like a voice, and it was Fransisca. But it is not Fransisca’s usual voice

 (What? Did something happen?!)

 Fatima runs toward the spring, ready to chant at any moment. However, what she finds is the Princess-maiden, who is panting as Alexis penetrates her, holding her

 Fatima staggers involuntarily as she feels as if her feet are about to fall off the ground

 The pure and innocent body that she had raised so carefully was now right in front of her, being penetrated by a man’s p*nis, begging with eyes clouded by lust, “Please cum all over me today, fill me up with your semen!” On top of that, the man is Alexis

 ”A-Alex, Her Highness…!”

 Fatima’s voice is so loud that Alexis turned around in surprise

 ”Huh, Fatima…?”

 Alexis thought this is a bad situation, but Fransisca is so absorbed in the scene that she didn’t seem to notice

 ”No, no, don’t stop! Please give me more!”

 Alexis sighs as Fransisca wiggles her ass

 ”Damn… You need to chill out a little…Fatima’s here…”

 Fransisca’s expression turns sad as Alexis attempts to pull out his p*nis and returns it to its original length

 ”Ahh, no, please, don’t pull it out. I haven’t received Alexis-sama’ semen yet…”

 Fransisca bursts into tears, and Alexis sighs

 ”We can’t go on like this, you idiot! I’m telling you, Fatima is here!”

 ”Don’t talk about Fatima now!”

 Fransisca’s expression turned sour

 ”Now is the time for me to be enjoy by Alexis-sama’s p*nis… Fatima, didn’t she always have Alexis’s p*nis in her belly and get a lot of semen in it?”

 ”Well, that’s, uh…”

 Alexis was at a loss for an answer. But, Fransisca continued

 ”So, it’s my turn now, right? I don’t like it if you don’t pour out until the last drop…”


 Alexis sighed

 ”How many times have I told you that a slave should not order his master around?”

 ”Ah…. I-I’m sorry, Alexis-sama. But we’re still in the middle of this…”

 ”Ah… damn it, I get it.”

 I don’t give a shit. Alexis thought, as he stretched out his p*nis once again


 Fransisca’s face relaxes in ecstasy

 ”Haaah, this, this is… thank you, Alexis-sama, for giving so much to me…”

 Fransisca smiled at him but Alexis felt like sighing

 However, it’s also true that the continuous stimulation from her vagina is something he could not get rid of

 As he looks back at Fatima, she has a red face but quickly turns her gaze away

 ”D-Don’t mind me. Umm… I’m sorry for interrupting you.”

 Unexpectedly, Fatima says this quietly and turns around

 ”I-I’m going back to the camp… C-Call me if you need anything, well then…”

 Alexis rolls her eyes at the sight of Fatima as she turns back

 However, it is hard to believe that she really means what she says

 (I’ll have to deal with that later…)

 He thought so and decided to leave it at that and enjoy what was in front of him as much as he could, taking Fatima’s words at her word

 As he pushed up his p*nis, he heard “Aaah!” came from Fransisca’s lips

 ”Amazing, this is, this is it, this is so nice, I’m cumming again.. Ah, hwaahhhhh!”

 Fransisca is convulsing, and at the same time, Alexis is spewing his semen to his heart’s content

 Spurt! Spurttt! Spurttttt!


 Fransisca is entranced, enjoying the feeling of semen building up in her uterus, but the corset didn’t hold much more, and the rest of it trickled out of their joined parts

 ”Ahhh… Alexis-sama’s, semennn….”

 Fransisca mumbled with a loose tongue, and Alexis spewed his semen into Fransisca’s inside as much as he could

* * *

 Meanwhile, Fatima did not return to the camp

 She stops on the road and sighs, leaning her back against the wall

 (Since when did Her Highness have such an affair with Alex?)

 Fatima, however, had a reason not to blame

 Because once when Fransisca lost her mind due to the aphrodisiac effect, she had asked Alexis to be her partner

 (I thought Alex would be fine… he’s a gentleman, he’d draw the line. But no… it was my mistake. Alex is a man, too…)

 Fatima remembers the events of last night

 Last night Alexis pretended to be asleep and touched Fatima. In the end, she was only caressed and did not lose her virginity

 (Does that mean that Alex was fine with not having to deal with me because Her Highness was there? I was, after all, nothing to Alex…)

 Fatima’s hand reaches for the bottom of her robe

 She gently pulls it up, and then reaches for her crotch

 She dips her fingers under her panties and dips her finger into her crack


 Fatima lets out a small moan

 ”After all, Alex doesn’t want to play with me…”

 Fatima trembled as she felt a tingling sensation

 (No matter what he usually says or does, after all, I’m a commoner and Alex is royalty…)

 Fatima’s finger moves faster

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah… ah…”

 The sensation of falling off from her waist makes it difficult for her to stand up, and Fatima slips down to the kneeling position

 Even so, Fatima could not stop the movement of her fingers

 (I can’t get Alex to play with me… there is nothing I can do but to do this by myself…)

 Such a miserable feeling made Fatima feel more and more aroused

 Finally, Fatima could no longer stand the tingling in her body and moved her finger to the rear side of the crack where Alexis had been playing with her body

 Her finger points to a place further back than the honeypot, which is not an organ for putting in an object

 She slowly buries her finger into the loose and hungrily twitching asshole

 ”Mmmmmm, mmmm…”

 She really wants Alexis, but she knows it

 She tells herself to be patient with her finger for now, and moves it

 And so, her asshole squeezes her finger and she shivers

 ”Haaah… Hwahhh… Even though I’m doing something bad…”

 Fatima’s eyes narrowed in fascination

 Fatima continues the act of comforting herself, being captivated by the sense of immorality

 (Alex, Alexxxx!)

 Fatima, who is shaking her body by reaching lightly, fantasizes about the act with Alex

 (Alex, I want Alex to penetrate me…)

 She doesn’t want a stick but his p*nis. She wonders how good it would be if she could really get Alex to put his p*nis in her and ejaculate

 After thinking that much while her chest rises and falls with a lingering sensation, Fatima comes back to herself

 ”W-What am I thinking again…”

 Fatima sat down on the spot and held her head in her hands


 She let out a sigh with pity

 (I’m a priestess who is supposed to be pure and innocent… but ever since Alex taught me how good it feels, I’ve been doing this kind of thing for some time now. I wonder how long I’m going to keep doing this…)

 Fatima is depressed for a while

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