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Chapter 79 [Female Knight] Fellatio Training for a New Knight

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 ”Then, clean the sweat from me”

 Alexis urged her

 ”Uuu… …It’s dirty, but it’s unavoidable…”

 Valencia let out a sigh and sucked on Alexis’ glans

 *Suck, suck…! She sucked the urethra and the cowper

 Her throat moved very fast

 After a while, Valencia exhaled, “—Huuf,” and Alexis’ cock twitched with an unexpectedly good feeling

 ”—Ah,” Valencia murmurs

 ”It’s overflowing again… Ugh. How long are you going to make me do this cleaning?”

 Despite her complaints, Valencia still suck it with her mouth

 She seems to be getting used to it. After all, her hesitation is becoming less and less, and instead, her tongue movements is becoming more rhythmical

 (Ugh… oh no, this is not good…)

 Alexis had a sense of urgency. He can’t let Valencia learn any more oral skills

 So, He quickly decides to interfere

 ”Oh, no, you can’t do it like that. In the first place, you can’t clean the tip only by licking the tip, right? You should do the sides properly, too.”

 ”Eh? —That’s true, and the dust, too, right?”

 Valencia speaks like that with her mouth full, but Alexis pushes through, saying, “That’s right”

 ”Uh… Okay…”

 For some reason, Valencia complains and does as Alexis says

 As expected, Valencia’s tongue is sloppy as she licks the sides of the cock

 (Well, I can stand it here for a while…)

 Alexis was thinking like that

 ”…Hey, Alexis-sama… I didn’t know you were here…”

 Fransisca came running to him from the other side

 Before Alexis could think, she came very close to him

 ”I was worried that you had met a monster since you had not come out of sight. But you seem to be all right, don’t you? Thank God.”

 Fransisca doesn’t say anything when she sees the situation, on the contrary, she is relieved and pats her chest

 Alexis wonders if this girl has a heart of steel

 On the other hand, Valencia’s cheeks turn bright red and she quickly removes her mouth from Alexis’

 ”Y-Your Highnesssss?! This is, you know…!”

 Valencia seems to feel that she should not be seen

 ”I was only doing it because I had to! I swear! I didn’t steal Alexis-sama from you, Your Highness!”

 It’s been a long time since anyone has taken this situation as a proper situation. Thinking about it, Alexis looked at her with a faraway look

 And he was right, Fransisca kept smiling

 ”Yes, I know, Valencia. Alexis-sama is this kind of person.”

 ”Oh… She sound as if she was saying that she had adapted because of me,” Alexis thinks to himself

 Well, Alexis is not surprised again if Fransisca comes up next to Valencia and says, “Alexis-sama is a good person”

 ”When you serve Alexis-sama, you should do this here to make him happy”

 Fransisca then kneels down in front of Alexis’ crotch and gently takes hold of Alexis’ cock and puts it in her mouth

 ”Mmm, mmm… puha, slurpp, kiss… mmm… See, this is where Alexis-sama feels good…”

 Fransisca ran her fingers along the underside of Alexis’s rod, and she said “This area will please him, too”

 ”Ugh… hey, Fransisca!”

 After a few chills, Alexis hurriedly scolds Fransisca

 But Fransisca was dumbfounded

 ”Eh? I’m just teaching Valencia how to serve you, aren’t I?”

 ”No, well, it’s just that…”

 Alexis was puzzled

 It felt strange when she said so, and he didn’t like to say it to her because it was too intrusive

 As he thinks about it, Fransisca’s hand takes Valencia’s and grabs Alexis’ ball sack

 ”—Here. He’ll be happy here too. When he’s pleased, Alexis-sama’s p*nis will twitch. See, it moves now, doesn’t it? It’s going to be like this, then…”

 Fransisca bites the tip of the cock and sucks the cowper juice from the tip of the cock and twirls her tongue around it

 ”Uhhh. Haah, haah…”

 Alexis couldn’t stop his breath from coming in ragged gasps

 (Damn. Fransisca’s oral technique had been taught to me…)

 He’s not sure what’s going on here, but he’s sure it feels good

 Just as he was thinking that, Fransisca pulled her mouth away and said

 ”—See, if you do this, he feel good, right?”

 Fransisca smiled innocently at Valencia

 In response, Valencia looks at her with an impressed look, “I-I see”


 Alexis has a flash of inspiration

 In front of Fransisca, Alexis said, “Well, would you like to try it this time, Valencia?” and he is giving up his own thing

 ”Y-Yes, I’ll try my best!”

 Valencia decided to do it, and then she took Alexis’ cock in her mouth again, just like she had seen Fransisca do

 ”Mmm, mmm. Mmmmmm….”

 The tongue action shows much more effort than before. But of course, she can’t surpass Fransisca overnight

 Still, Alexis says to Valencia, “Oh, yeah, that’s good. That’s enough”

 ”I know you’re working hard. Still, Fransisca is good enough for me. Come on, Fransisca, you can take over.”

 When Alexis says this, Fransisca’s eyes light up

 ”Is it okay?”

 ”Yes. Valencia can go now.”

 Valencia took her mouth off as Alexis said this

 Valencia looked sad, so Alexis put his hand on her head to follow her. It was not his intention to make her more sad than she needed to be

 ”You don’t have to be so eager to take over, okay? You and Fransisca have different roles to play. Just think of it that way.”

 Alexis says in a light tone of voice, “B-But,” Valencia says, tears slowly welling up in her eyes

 ”I-I’ve never felt so unworthy…!”

 ”Was it worth crying about?” Alexis flinched

 ”Well, don’t be so hard on yourself. I’m telling you, everyone’s role is different.”

 ”Auuu— I understand…!”

 She seems not to understand at all, as she is already shaking her head while nodding her head

 ”Oh, um… Is it okay…? Alexis-sama, I think you’d better give her the white one in Valencia rather than me…”

 Fransisca is puzzled. She doesn’t know what’s going on either

 But, Alexis decided to force his way through both of them

 ”I want to be you!”

 Fransisca’s cheeks flushed bright red when she heard Alexis’ words

 ”O-Okay. I-If Alexis-sama says so…”

 Fransisca glanced at Valencia anxiously, but eventually knelt down in front of Alexis and took a deep breath

 She then put her hands on Alexis’ ass and began to suck his cock it with a fascinated look on her face

 While doing this, Fransisca says in a mellow voice, “I’m so happy, Alexis-samaaaa”

 ”Y-You want me to do it… With me… Hehe…”

 Seeing the expression on Fransisca’s face as her mouth relaxes, Alexis realizes the meaning of her words and actions

 (That’s like saying you’re fine…)

 He blushed at the thought, but suddenly realized that Valencia was still here

 ”How long are you going to stay? I said you could come back, didn’t you?”

 ”Yes. But I want to study for later.”

 Valencia seemed to have stopped crying when she said this, but her eyes were watering again at Alexis’ words

 Alexis thought that it would be troublesome to make her cry if she was asked to go home

 (Which study is this?)

 He thought so, but he answered “…Well, you can do whatever you want then.”

 ”Yes, I’ll do whatever I want.”

 Valencia was staring at him, and Alexis felt uncomfortable

 But it was true that Fransisca’s oral skills were quite pleasant

 But more than that, he likes Fransisca’s aroused look, her eyes drooped down and when she sucked on the object with her well-defined lips, which was very intriguing

 ”Haah, haah… okay, I’m going to cum.”

 Alexis strokes Fransisca’s head, and Fransisca nods her head, then takes Alexis’ cock deeper into her mouth

 ”…Yes, I’m ready to drink…”

 As she spoke, Alexis spit it out into Fransisca’s mouth

 *Spurttttt! The white gunk was spurting into Fransisca’s mouth

 Fransisca swallowed it with a slurping sound, as if it were delicious

 —As the liquid poured into her mouth in an uncharacteristic manner, she could not drink it all, and it dripped from the edge of her lips and spilled down to the ground

 ”Oh, dear, that’s not good… I’ll take the rest of it, then…?”

 Fransisca stood up and lifted up her skirt, pinching the hem with her lips

 Then, with one hand, she pulled down her panties, and with the other hand, she guided Alexis’ still-ejaculating cock to her secret place

 The tip of Alexis’ cock was shallowly inserted into Fransisca’s vaginal hole, but Alexis’ cock seemed to flow steadily into her vagina, and Fransisca was trembling with ecstasy in her eyes

 ”Mmmm… haah, it feels good…”

 Fransisca was shaking with a sweet numbness in her body and was receiving all the remaining semen in her vagina

 Alexis also exhales at her sight

 After a while, Fransisca leans her weight on Alexis’ body and moves her breasts up and down with her eyes closed

 ”Hehe… having Alexis-sama cum in me makes me so happy…”

 Fransisca said, and then she looked back at Valencia and squinted her eyes

 ”How is it? Did you have a good study?”

 ”Huh?! —Y-Yes…”

 Valencia’s face turns bright red as she nods her head, and her expression becomes somewhat dazed

 Seeing Valencia’s expression, Fransisca’s smile deepened

 ”Are you embarrassed? But don’t worry. You will get used to it. Alexis-sama will help you get used to it. Once you get used to it, all you have to do is to feel good. Alexis-sama will make you feel good.”

 ”Hey! Don’t teach her anything strange!”

 Alexis held Fransisca’s head and Fransisca looked at him with a puzzled look

 ”…What? But, Alexis-sama, you were planning to make her a slave as well, weren’t you?”

 ”No, it’s not that. It’s just…”

 ”How can I clear up this misunderstanding?” Thinking about this, Alexis was troubled in his mind

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