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Chapter 95 [Princess-maiden] Making-up After a Late-night Visit

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 In the end, Jerome is to stay at Fort Rohka for a while

 After assigning the guest room to Jerome and his knight for the time being, Alexis leaves the command center

 Fransisca hurriedly followed Alexis down the corridor


 Fransisca quickly caught up and pulled Alexis’ hand

 ”Why didn’t you say anything? Isn’t it not a good idea for Jerome to stay here…?”

 Alexis stopped and turned around to look at Fransisca

 ”No, I was trying to measure how much I could tell him. I was listening to what he had to say. And in some cases… it seems that Sagrado was not completely destroyed the day Avalon swallowed it, and that there are still towns and countries of Sagrado in the dungeon. I was thinking of telling that much. —But I’ve made up my mind after hearing your story. I’m not going to say anything. I’m not going to report anything.”

 ”Why not? Besides, it’s not like they’ll know… about our relationship.”

 ”You thought my father’s proposal was kind, didn’t you? To a princess who’s never held a sword before, asking her to win a duel against a vice knight. And you thought that was kind.”


 Fransisca blinks her eyes in confusion

 It’s not her fault—never

 She just doesn’t know everything. Maybe she just believes in the goodness of human nature

 She never dreamed in her wildest dreams that just because they are allies, it does not mean that they are connected only by friendship and goodwill, but that there are hidden selfishness and cunning in how to outwit the other side

 ”…You’re not strong enough to carry a country on your back…”

 With that, Alexis waved his arms and shook Fransisca’s hands away

 He turned her head and slid out of the room

 However, Alexis was frustrated. He was annoyed with Jerome, with his father, with the idiot Fransisca, and—with his own thoughts

 He was so frustrated that he couldn’t help it

* * *

 It was that night

 Alexis was lying on his back on his bed, thinking in a daze, when a knocking sound reached his ears

 ”…Who is it?”

 He replies while looking at the ceiling, and then he hears a familiar voice through the door, “…Um…”

 ”I-Is now a good time?”

 It was Fransisca’s voice, and Alexis woke up with a start

 ”What do you want?”

 Fransisca opened the door and came into the room

 She was wearing only a gown over a thin one-piece nightgown, so Alexis raised an eyebrow

 ”Hey you. What are you doing in a man’s room at this hour…?”

 ”Eh? I-Isn’t it always the usual?”

 To Fransisca’s puzzled look, Alexis replies, “It’s not good because it’s usual”

 ”What are you going to say if Jerome sees you?”

 ”Eh… Well… it’s just something I did before I went to bed.”

 ”You see, I mean, your unprotected visit before you went to bed… it usually looks like a man-woman thing, but… whatever.”

 After a sigh, Alexis beckoned Fransisca, who was either shy or motionless at the door

 ”You came here to talk, didn’t you? Come on, I’m here to listen.”

 Then Fransisca’s cheeks turned slightly red and she walked up to him with a somewhat happy look on her face and climbed on the bed where Alexis was sitting

 ”…Oh, um… Alexis-sama…”

 Her voice sounded as if she was about to disappear, and she looked at him shyly

 And then, too close for mere conversation, Fransisca discreetly rubs her shoulder against Alexis’

 ”Oh, um… Are you still angry…?”

 The scared, colorful look on her face confuses Alexis

 ”What are you talking about? I’ve never been angry with you from the beginning…”

 ”R-Really? But I said such terrible things the day before yesterday…”

 Alexis wants to say that Fransisca is the one who is angry

 But it seems that this is still in her mind

 ”Well, you don’t want to get married, do you? Even you refused to marry Jerome.”

 ”No. It’s not that I insist…”

 ”What do you mean?”

 Fransisca sounded like she had something stuck in her teeth, and Alexis looked doubtful because of this

 After a while, Fransisca looked away from him and said “…I mean, Alexis-sama is different” she says in a whisper


 He asked, and Fransisca sighs, “I said…”

 ”About me. You are not thinking seriously about me… Are you? Surely, you have an idea. A thought… a purpose, to fulfill. You said I’m going to join the Sagrado royal family… That’s… umm… that’s hard. It’s hard, that kind of thing…”

 Fransisca turns her head and clasps her hands in her lap

 Her voice was slightly tearful, which made Alexis upset

 —Oh, well. She was not angry. Instead, she was sad

 ”Well, don’t be so hard on yourself. Isn’t that how royal marriages are supposed to be?”

 ”Yes. Of course… I know that. But you see… I, I seriously like you, Alexis-sama…”

 Fransisca’s hand slowly moves to Alexis’ back

 ”This may not be right, but… But I don’t want to join the royal family of Sagrado. Is that wrong? Should I not be your bride?”

 Fransisca hugged Alexis tightly and brought her face close to his

 Her amethyst eyes were fixed on him from a close distance, and Alexis gulped

 ”Oh, you know…”

 In the end, she did not intend to dump Alexis

 Realizing this, he chokes up in agitation

 ”Well, it’s not that I don’t like you… but what’s the point? After all, you haven’t mentioned Avalon yet.”

 Inadvertently, his true feelings are leaked out

 Immediately, Fransisca’s expression changed to a sad one

 ”…I knew it. That’s what Alexis-sama is trying to do, isn’t it…”

 Fransisca sighs at the tip of her nose, and Alexis is miffed

 At this, he tries to say, “Unless you do, we won’t even be able to conquer Avalon”

 ”Oh, you—mhh…”

 Alexis was interrupted mid-sentence. His lips were sealed by Fransisca’s lips

 When they parted, Fransisca whispered, “…I understand,” and then she said

 ”Then will you marry me? But there is one condition…”

 ”W-What is that…?”

 When Alexis gulped, wondering what kind of crazy thing she was going to say to him, and Fransisca said this

 ”Please love me. Love me with all your heart… above all others. Love me first…”


 Alexis was taken aback, but Fransisca continued

 ”…Then I won’t have to feel so guilty about… involving you, and this is my condition… for you to marry me.”


 Alexis gulped

 He thought, “Isn’t this enough involvement as it is? Or is there more?” He’s about to say so

 But Fransisca probably thought this conversation was relatively off-limits

 ”…I’m just kidding. Don’t think too much about it, okay?”

 She laughed in a deceptive way and leaned closer to Alexis’ body

 (It doesn’t look like a joke…)

 As Alexis thinks so, her breasts are pressed tightly against him. The softness of her breast is directly felt through the thin clothes, and Alexis’ member starts to swell up involuntarily

 Fransisca seems to feel Alexis’ hardness through her clothes, and then she happily smiles and brings down one of her hands, gently stroking Alexis’ dick through her pants

 ”…Fufu. Your p*nis is getting bigger.”

 Fransisca’s eyes narrowed and Alexis felt somewhat awkward

 ”Well, that’s what happens when you’re that close to me…”

 ”…After all, I’m your slave right here, aren’t I?”

 Alexis’ mouth was turned up at the realization that this was Fransisca’s way of inviting him to stay

 ”What? You were just looking for s*x, even though you had something to say to me?”

 Fransisca’s cheeks turned vermilion

 Seeing her like this, Alexis feels like being a little bit mean to her

 ”Well, then, you’d better speak up!”

 Then Fransisca turned red and said in a muffled voice

 ”…Alexis-sama’s p*nis, I want it. So, please give me… Alexis-sama’s, please…”

 Alexis smiles and says, “I can’t help it, you’re my slave,” with a dare and meanness in his voice

 ”You couldn’t wait for your master to call you and then come and ask me yourself, couldn’t you?”


 Fransisca’s cheeks reddened more and more, as if she was embarrassed

 ”A slave with no discipline who can’t even wait needs to be punished.”

 Hearing Alexis’ words, Fransisca’s cheeks become irresistible


 Fransisca makes sweet noises

 Then, she pulled away from Alexis, turned around and got down on all fours, and pushed her butt up to the air

 ”My bottom, it’s been a long time… please, punish me…”

 Fransisca’s voice trembled with anticipation and shame

 Alexis reaches up Fransisca’s skirt and pulls it up, only to find that there is no panties

 Under her thin silvery hair, clear nectar from her moist, wet folds slowly trickles down her inner thighs

 ”…What’s that? I told you to be normal while Jerome is here, didn’t I? I told you to put on your underwear and be normal, didn’t I?”

 ”Y-Yes…,” Fransisca replies, her voice trembling

 ”T-That’s right, but I couldn’t resist…”

 ”No panties, huh? Isn’t that what you seemed to resist at first? Now you can’t stand it and you’re taking it off?”


 Fransisca’s breath was all raspy with excitement

 ”I-I was wondering how I could get Alexis-sama hold me… and I was wondering if Alexis-sama would think I was naughty if I didn’t put on my panties…”

 ”You wanted me to think you were naughty?”

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