Beyond Abyss 1

Chapter 1 Stranger

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 My name is Tsuchimiya Takeru. I’m a normal high school boy with a secretive personality that you can find anywhere.

 I came to the dungeon today for various reasons.

 I carry a wooden stick on my shoulder and walks down a path about 3 m (9.84 ft) wide and tall.

 ’Master (Goshujin-sama), a monster is approaching from ahead.’

 In a businesslike voice, the fairy that was fluffy flying near me told me.

 She is Tina, the guide fairy. She has bug-like wings on her back and is wearing a gorgeous long green dress. She is supporting me in some way.

 ”Again? The frequency of encounters is increasing.”

 After a while, a goblin appeared at the end of the passage.

 Although it’s small at about 120 cm (3.94 ft) tall, it’s quite nimble and strong.

 Its skin is a muddy color, and there is no hair on its wrinkled body. Its large, cleft-like mouth is lined with sharp canine teeth. Its cloudy yellow eyes emitted a glow typical of nocturnal animals.

 When the goblin noticed me, it raised its club and attacked me, making a screeching sound.

 I placed my heavy water bag that was dangling in my hand on the ground and held the stick.

 I carefully waited for the goblin to run towards me and held out my stick. The target is its feet.

 My attack hit the goblin’s kneecap, causing it to stumble and fall.

 I grabbed the club in its belt and brought it down on the goblin’s head. Then I attack it second, third, fourth in succession.

 Once the goblin stopped moving, I decided to keep a distance and see what was going on.

 After a while, the goblin’s form collapsed and evaporated into a black mist. I picked up the red-black magic stone that remained and put it in my pocket. It looks like this can be sold later.

 ’Master, you’re already used to it, but I can’t believe it’s your first time in a dungeon. By the way, Master, your exp points have reached 25. You can level up by consuming 20 exp points.’



 Tina stared at me silently.

 ’Once you level up, your physical abilities will improve dramatically, and you should be able to acquire titles and skills. Your survival rate will also skyrocket, so I recommend leveling up at an early stage.’

 ”I heard about that earlier. Besides, is it possible to expand the functionality with the experience points you have now?”

 I asked and Tina sighed.

 Tina is a gift given to me called the “Guide Fairy App”. All students receive some kind of gift before diving into the dungeon. At that time, we reach into the large crystal and grab weapons, armor, and other items we don’t understand. Sometimes there are students who acquire skills and titles without taking anything out. I seem to be a rather rare case.

 At first, I heard a voice in my head saying, “You got the Guide Fairy App,” but I didn’t have anything with me. I asked the staff member in charge, “What is this?” and was told, “I don’t know.”

 Before I could do anything, I was picked up by a teleportation magic circle and thrown into a dungeon without understanding it, but once I had accumulated 20 exp points, I had a choice in front of me: either consume the experience points to level up, or start the guide fairy app. appeared on. When I started the app, Tina appeared.

 ’Currently available functions are “Automap” and “Appraisal”.’

 ”Both seem convenient. I’m a little confused.”

 ’Please consider leveling up again. I don’t understand the merits of the “Restriction Play” that you are talking about, Master.’

 Well, I guess she didn’t get it. I mean, there’s no advantage to it. But now, it was a smart plan to enjoy the special event of being transported to another world to the fullest.

 ”Okay, let’s do the ‘appraisal’. Please, Tina.”

 Tina, who is almost emotionless, puffs out her cheeks in a slightly dissatisfied manner.

 ’Got it. Acquired the ‘Appraisal’ function by consuming 20 exp points.’

 Tina can increase her support functions in exchange for exp points. At first she increased her ability to sense the approach of monsters. This is the second time.

 The reason I decided to play with a level 1 limit was because I suddenly wondered how far I could go without leveling up if I used Tina’s abilities. According to Tina, the guide fairy app is a rare item that only a very few people, even high-level players, can get their hands on.

 Tina has acquired the “Appraisal” function, but the only items I have obtained so far are the club I stole from the goblin, and water and dried meat from the treasure chest. The wooden stick is a weapon I receive before entering the dungeon, and I can only choose one from knife, stiletto, club, wooden stick, and wooden staff. I was told that if I have a talent, I might be able to use magic with a wooden staff, but if I don’t have a talent, it’s all over, so I chose a wooden stick with reach.

 It seems that many of my female classmate chose wooden staffs. I think it can’t be helped because it would be too difficult for a simple girl to kill a monster in close combat.

 ”For now, please try appraising this.”

 I ask Tina as I display the items I got. This is a trial.

 ’It’s just a club. This water bag +1 is a magic item. It maintains the quality of the water you put in it for about a month. That one is dried wild boar meat, and it’s not a magic item, but it does reduce fatigue. We can expect a recovery effect.’

 I didn’t expect much, but the water bag turned out to be a magic item. It’s plain, but it’s helpful not to worry about drinking water.

 ”When I accumulate enough experience points, I’ll get the ‘Auto Map.’ I’m looking forward to it.”

 I said with a smile, and Tina sighed.

 After that, Tina and I resume our exploration. It has been two hours since we dived into the dungeon. All the students should be diving, but I haven’t met anyone yet. It’s an incredibly vast place, even though we’ve spent time exploring small rooms.

 It seems that somewhere in this dungeon, there is a magic circle for returning, and our mission is to use it to return to the academy. Or rather, it’s quite an “outdated” system, isn’t it? It means that those who can’t survive have no use.

 In one of the small rooms, I immediately found a treasure chest, but I haven’t found anything since then. It contained a water bag and wild boar jerky.

 The goblin also dropped a treasure chest once, but it also contained water and jerky. Since carrying both is heavy, I discarded the contents of one and only took the water bag. The one with the contents now has a water bag +1.

 After walking for a while, I spotted a figure sitting leaning against the wall of the passageway in front of me. It’s so dark that it’s still hard to tell if it’s a person or a monster.

 I tapped the floor lightly with a wooden stick to make a sound, but there was no response. As I cautiously approached it, I realized it was a human.

 ”Oh, he’s dead.”

 It was a male student wearing the same school uniform as me. His white cut shirt was stained bright red from the belly down with blood. He died with one hand on his left side.

 His serious face, wearing silver-rimmed glasses, is covered in tears and snot. I can tell he’s a third year student by his green tie. By the way, I’m a second year student and I wear red, and first year students wear light blue.

 I stare into the dead face of my senpai, wondering, “Have I met him somewhere before?”

 No, I’m a loner, so I don’t really know anyone. Maybe it’s just my imagination.

 When I looked up, I saw a trail of blood continuing from the direction this senpai had come from.

 ”Uh-oh, this is bad.”

 I muttered to myself and quickly checked my senpai’s belongings.

 First, there was a knife, the initial equipment, near his right hand.

 It looks sharp, but to deliver a fatal blow, I would have to get close enough to touch it with my hand.

 Well, a knife is a basic survival tool, so I’ll gratefully accept it.

 The durability of my wooden stick is also a mystery, so it’s reassuring to have a spare weapon.

 When I searched his pocket, I found a handkerchief stained with a little blood and some pocket tissues, so I’ll take those too. As for the wallet… Inside, there’s about 7,000 yen in cash and several membership cards of some kind. The 5,000 yen bill was folded small and hidden on the back of a card. And for some reason, there are condoms. I don’t know if they were for being popular or as a talisman, but I can’t tell now.

 I don’t think I need Japanese yen cash, but it could be useful for distracting monsters by throwing it. I quietly clasped my hands together in front of my senpai and put the wallet in my pocket.

 As I was removing the sheath of his knife from his belt, I suddenly had an idea. I pulled my senpai’s belt out of his pants and quickly untied his green tie.

 Once I had them in my hands, I hurried away and headed back the way I had come.

 Somehow, I felt like a monster was following the blood trail, and I felt like I was being rushed.

* * *

 Once I was far enough away from the scene of the corpse, I opened the wooden door and slipped into the small room.

 Large crates and wooden barrels are stacked in the corner of the room. Okay, let’s get to work.

 First, use a knife to remove the buckle from senpai’s belt. Then, insert the folded part of the green tie into the square-shaped metal buckle. Place the knife on the end of the stick, then pass the tip of the stick with the knife between the loop of the tie and the buckle, carefully positioning it, and tighten the handle of the knife along with the stick. It’s like a small plastic thing that tightens packing tape. I don’t know the name.

 While tightening, wrap the tie around and tie it tightly to create an instant spear.

 When I checked, the knife was firmly fixed, and the tsuba (guard on polearm) was hooked onto the tip of the stick, so it wouldn’t shift when I thrust it.

 Hmm, it’s a pretty good workmanship. But I have to be careful not to let the blade get crushed by scraping against the ground or wall.

 I started to get excited when I tried to shake it around a bit and give it some thrusts.

 Okay, let’s start exploring again.

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