Beyond Abyss 10

Chapter 10 Tsuchimiya-Senpai

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 When I first saw him, my impression was that he seemed like an ordinary and unremarkable person you might see anywhere.

 He was about 170cm (5ft) tall and a little on the thin side. He didn’t seem to pay much attention to fashion, and his messy bangs hung down in a carefree way, completely covering his eyes and making it hard to read his expression. His skin was pale, and the line from his slim cheeks to his jaw made him look like a girl.

 Even though he should have been looking at my exhausted self, he didn’t react much and just casually walked with a wooden stick on his shoulder. At that moment, I thought he seemed like someone you might find anywhere, but also like someone you wouldn’t find anywhere at all, with a mysterious vibe.

 I felt relieved to meet another living person, but then I quickly remembered the goblins that were chasing me.

 If things continued like this, this person would also be killed. Because of me running around, I would cause trouble for someone I didn’t even know.

 To be honest, I used to think that if I kept running away, someone would eventually come and help me.

 But when I actually encountered someone else, I realized that there’s no such convenient story. I was just running around, dragging innocent people into my mess.

 ”Run away… quickly!”

 I managed to squeeze out a voice from my parched throat and waved my hand.

 The goblin’s cries were getting closer, and I hoped that the person would notice the situation from my appearance.

 But that person continued walking towards me with the same pace.

 ”Wait…!? No… run away!”

 I desperately waved my hand, but it seemed like that person couldn’t see me as he just kept walking silently.

 In that moment, I noticed the cool eyes peering through the gap in his bangs, and I caught a glimpse of a smile that seemed out of place, as if he found something amusing.

 ”I’ll buy you some time, so please just keep running. Thank you for worrying about me.”

 He said in a gentle voice.


 I couldn’t understand the meaning right away, and I felt a strange sensation like my heart was being squeezed as I couldn’t take my eyes off the side of the person passing by. And then, I fell flat on my back.

 Ah, I’m such a fool.

 After rolling around vigorously, I finally came to a stop, but I didn’t have the strength to get up anymore. All I could do was repeat rough breaths.

 The goblins would come soon, and I would be taken to their nest without being able to resist. Then I would be turned into a tool that keeps producing goblins until I die. Biting off my tongue is apparently quite painful, but could I prepare myself for that?

 Even while thinking about such things, I manage to shift my body’s position, wanting to know about the boy from earlier.

 That person just told me to run away. He said it’s because he want to buy me a time, even though he doesn’t know me. He also thanked me for worrying about him, even though I’m the one who brought trouble. Can such a convenient thing really happen? I fell and couldn’t move, so even that consideration was in vain.

 Combined with that person’s mysterious atmosphere, I felt like maybe what happened earlier was just an illusion created by my desperate and exhausted brain.

 And sure enough, ahead of my gaze, that person’s figure continued to walk nonchalantly, and I also saw goblins jumping out one after another from the entrance in front of him.

 I feel sad and sorry because that person might die because of the goblins I brought, and I feel like crying.

 Because the fighting distance is too close, the first goblin ran past him while he was holding his stick.

 Then, suddenly, blood gushed out from its throat and it collapsed with a thud. At the same time, the second goblin also spewed blood from its throat and fell on its back.

 Hmm? What’s happening?

 While I was feeling confused, the third creature jumped into the room and was immediately knocked down with a stick.

 It was at that moment that I noticed something wrapped around the end of the stick. It briefly reflected light… a knife?

 It’s a spear. Oh, he made it himself.

 Two more creatures quickly entered the room, but while that person was moving the spear in front of the goblins, the two creatures sprayed blood and fell over.


 Before I knew it, I had sat up and was captivated by the sight.

 Who is this person, really? I’m pretty sure he’s a second-year student because his tie was red. To think that someone like this was in the same school…

 If he has been around since middle school, has he heard rumors about me and Hayami-senpai? If so, I need to explain that it’s all just gossip… wait, why am I even thinking about this?

 Now, I was staring at the figure of senpai with a vague and hazy mind due to lack of oxygen.

 Suddenly, senpai poised his spear and started moving. Senpai thrust his spear at the creature that entered the room next, but not only did it deflect the attack with its shield, it immediately counterattacked with a sword. Senpai dodged it by moving backwards.

 Wait, it’s them! The big white goblin that easily killed Kurokawa-kun and the others! They were also chasing after me!

 And another one with a spear appeared from behind. Senpai launched a fierce attack, but it was blocked every time by the sword and shield.

 In the meantime, the white goblin with the spear aimed a sharp thrust at senpai.

 Images of Kurokawa-kun’s final moments flashed in my mind, and I almost let out a scream, but senpai narrowly avoided it by leaping backwards.

 They’re strong after all! And to think they’re outnumbered two to one, even senpai seems to be struggling.

 The white goblin slowly closed the distance with a disgusting smile. How despicable!

 Senpai, holding a handmade spear, continued to move back cautiously. There was a different sense of desperation in the air, and he didn’t seem to have any room for error.

 Oh no, if I don’t do something, senpai will be killed!

 I want to help, but I feel so frustrated and upset that I can’t do anything. If it was just senpai, he could escape from here right now. But because I fell and couldn’t move, he stayed here silently and kept fighting. If only I were stronger, I would do anything to save senpai!

 But the situation unexpectedly ended quickly, in just a moment.

 As the white goblin tried to separate, senpai moved.

 He extended the tip of the spear towards the white goblin holding a shield. It was a shallow step, just a feint. When the white goblin tried to block with the shield, senpai stepped in even deeper, and the spear’s path grazed the shield and stabbed the white goblin’s throat.

 Was that a Double Thrust!?

 Wow, I saw this amazing move once from the leader of an ancient martial arts school that looked just like this.

 But then, out of nowhere, a white goblin with a spear aimed for senpai’s chest.

 And just when it seemed like senpai knew it was coming, he spun around and deflected the spear, cutting the goblin’s foot with the tip of his own spear.

 Senpai quickly got close to the white goblin and said,

 ”Well, Hunter. How does it feel to be hunted?”

 Then he thrusts the tip of his spear deeply under the white goblin’s chin.

 What? Did he win?

 Wait, what just happened?

 Whoa, that was so cool!

 I felt the same excitement and thrill as when my favorite team made an incredible comeback in the NBA championship game.

 It seems like there are no more goblins around, and senpai relaxed and started talking to someone, but it looked like he was talking to someone invisible to me. He was talking about leveling up and stuff, things I didn’t really understand.

 I had a feeling that I understood a little bit about senpai’s strange behavior. And then, I looked down at the ring on my right hand.

 It’s an item I received from a large crystal before diving into the dungeon. All students should have received something from that crystal. Some people received visible things like a “Title” or a “Skill”. Maybe senpai also received something invisible.

 Anyway, I finally felt relieved and started to feel like crying with relief, but first, I thought I should thank senpai. So, I took a deep breath.


 I hesitantly tried to speak, but I realized that I didn’t know anything about senpai, and I got a little scared.

 The bold words from earlier made me really nervous, but if he’s this strong, maybe senpai is just rough after all.

 ”Oh, sorry. And it seems you scraped your knee. Are you hurt else?”

 But senpai is so kind, he was worried about me as if he hadn’t just fought desperately for my sake until a moment ago. It’s so precious.

 ”No…thank you. Um, thank you very much.”

 I said that and deeply bowed while sitting. I wish I could have said something more thoughtful, but I felt so embarrassed that I couldn’t think of anything else and ended up bowing my head to the ground. My throat was so dry that my voice was hoarse, and I felt ashamed to let senpai hear such a dirty voice.

 ”Okay. Would you like some water instead?”

 Senpai spoke to me as if he could read my mind.

 Huh, there’s water? I raised my head eagerly.

 We were thrown into the dungeon without any preparation, without food or water. I was also extremely exhausted, but I had given up on replenishing my fluids.

 I was grateful and relieved when senpai handed me a bag filled with plenty of water. As I tried to take it, my hands squeezed the bag and cold water overflowed from the opening.

 It feels nice to have the water soak my hot hands, but how do I drink it?

 When I was in distress, senpai, with a look of kindness, held the bag and tilted it to pour water into my mouth. Oh, he is so kind.

 I opened my mouth and waited for the water to be poured. It’s a little embarrassing and makes my heart race.

 Then, as the cool water was poured into my mouth, I desperately swallowed it. I could feel the life-giving water seep into my heated and dry body.

 So, I drank eagerly, and senpai kept pouring water until I was satisfied.

 ”Thank you. I feel revived.”

 My head is clear, and I truly feel like I’ve come back to life. I have nothing but gratitude for senpai who rescued me from that hellish situation.


 Senpai muttered as if noticing something, and moved behind me diagonally.

 When I looked at him with a puzzled expression, he hesitantly said,

 ”Um… your chest…”

 ”Chest? ……Aah!? “

 As I looked down, my shirt was drenched and my bra was clearly visible through it. I instinctively held it with both hands, and for some reason, senpai started apologizing.

 ”Ah, I’m sorry.”

 Senpai didn’t do anything wrong. It’s my fault for gulping down the water. But to make sure I didn’t feel embarrassed, senpai was apologizing as if it was his fault. Is he a saint?

 ”No, I’m the one who should apologize…”

 As I tried to apologize, I noticed that senpai’s left sleeve was stained red with blood, and I stood up involuntarily.

 ”Senpai, your wound!”

 Several streaks of blood extended from the sleeve to the elbow, and upon closer inspection, I noticed blood dripping onto the floor.

 ”It’s okay, and it’s not that painful. Rather you’re injured too, aren’t you?”

 ”No, it’s not okay! You’re still bleeding!”

 It’s difficult for me to be compared to my scraped knee as if it’s just a minor injury. When I roll up his torn sleeve, I see a 5cm (1.97inch) straight slash where blood is slowly flowing. In our world, this would be a serious injury needing stitches. I’m not sure if I can get that kind of treatment here, but I need to stop the bleeding somehow.

 So, I take out my handkerchief and tie it around the wound to apply pressure.

 ”I’m sorry. It’s because I brought those guys here…”

 ”No, it’s fine. I was planning to go over there anyway. It’s not your fault, kouhai-chan.”

 Even though senpai got hurt for me, he doesn’t make a big deal out of it and instead worry about me feeling sorry. Is he a saint?

 But, I finally realize something here. I haven’t even introduced myself, and I don’t even know senpai’s name.

 ”Oh… I’m sorry. I haven’t even introduced myself yet.”

 This is embarrassing. I hope he doesn’t think I’m rude. I need to make up for it here.

 ”I’m Asagiri Himeno from Class 1-A. Um, I’m in the basketball club. Nice to meet you.”


 Isn’t this how you perform a formal self-introduction for the new school year!?

 I think I’m good at communication, but I can’t find the right words to say!

 ”Hello, I’m Tsuchimiya Takeru from Class 2-D. Nice to meet you, Asagiri-san.”

 Huh? Tsuchimiya…

 ”Senpai… Are you that ‘Tsuchimiya-senpai’?”

 ”Huh? Which Tsuchimiya-senpai are you talking about!?”

 I couldn’t help but ask senpai again.

 It was a name I had been taught to stay away from by my club senpais.

 They said he was a psychopath or a serial killer, a name that would eventually appear on the news.

 But the impression I had at that time and the Tsuchimiya-senpai in front of me were completely different.

 It’s just other people’s rumors. I also had a bad experience of being spread false rumors by Hayami-senpai. I want to believe in the Tsuchimiya-senpai I saw with my own eyes.

 But I’m curious about why such rumors started, and it feels frustrating to interact with Tsuchimiya-senpai while hiding the story I heard from my club senpais.

 So, I decided to ask Tsuchimiya-senpai directly.

 ”I heard that he had necrophilia with a girl who committed suicide by jumping off a building last year.”

 ”Hey, doing something like that would get me arrested. I would be expelled. I just followed the paramedic’s instructions over the phone and performed CPR.”

 Yeah, it’s obvious when you think about it. Besides, senpai was engaged in lifesaving activities and should be praised, not criticized.

 ”I also heard that you enjoy killing stray cats. Is that true?”

 Senpai takes out his smartphone and shows me the lock screen.

 ”Oh, it’s cute.”

 ”It’s Nyarlberus, the cat I have at my parents’ house. I call her Nyaruko. I love cats. Anyone who kills cats, I’ll kill them.”

 On the screen, there’s a tabby cat curled up happily in a white washbasin.

 Its face is one of complete contentment, not the face it would show to someone who kills cats. That’s enough. It’s definitely a false accusation.

 ”I see. If the rumors were true, you would have been arrested a long time ago. I’m sorry to hear such a strange thing.”

 I bowed deeply and apologized. I’m sure it wasn’t a pleasant conversation for senpai. I’m really sorry. But now I can approach Tsuchimiya-senpai with a clear mind.

 ”No, in this situation, I think it’s only natural to be cautious when you’re alone with a man who has been rumored to have suspicious rumors. The rumors are because the rugby club’s Iwakura Group is spreading the word about something that doesn’t exist.”

 But Tsuchimiya-senpai didn’t blame me for my rude behavior, which is only natural, he said. How deep is his heart. I only feel gratitude and admiration for Tsuchimiya-senpai.

 ”By the way, I heard from my senpai in the club who is dating someone from the rugby club. They told me, ‘Don’t get close to Tsuchimiya, he’s a dangerous guy.’”

 Also, the club captain warned me, “That guy has bad behavior, so don’t go to group date with him.”

 ”It’s a terrible reputation. As you can see, I’m just an ordinary high school student.”

 ”…Just ordinary?”

 Well, senpai may looks regular, but inside he’s really cool. Even when senpai was fighting earlier, even someone experienced in martial arts wouldn’t think it’s like a beginner.

 ”Does Tsuchimiya-senpai do any martial arts?”

 ”No, I haven’t…it’s the homecoming club. But I’m interested in it, so I guess I’ll watch those shows once in a while.”

 Wait, does that mean it’s like hobby correspondence education? And you can fight like that? Are you really a genius, senpai?

 ”But you were amazing just now. You were able to defeat so many goblins in no time.”

 ”Well, it just happened to work out. I fought before this, so I was kind of used to it.”

 ”…No, it’s amazing. I couldn’t do anything…”

 Yes, I was a useless person. But that doesn’t mean I can just abandon Kanon-chan and run away.

 If Tsuchimiya-senpai could lend me his strength, maybe it wouldn’t be impossible to save Kanon-chan.

 I know it’s a shameless request coming from me. I’m willing to do anything I can, but even if I go to help Kanon-chan, it’s impossible for me to accomplish it alone. I can’t save Kanon-chan out of self-satisfaction. It’s pathetic, but I have no choice but to ask for help from senpai.

 ”Tsuchimiya-senpai! I have a favor to ask!”

 I gathered my courage and kneeled down, bowing my head.

 ”A favor?”

 ”Yes! I know I’m not in a position to ask for something like this. But please, help me. My friend has been taken by goblins. Please lend me your strength!”

 ”Your friend…”

 ”Yes. I just met Kanon-chan today, and we encouraged each other and said, ‘Let’s survive together.’”

 Then I told Senpai about everything that has happened so far. I told him how I couldn’t do anything and was too scared, so I left Kanon-chan behind and ran away.

 I’m a coward. Even now, I’m trying to involve Senpai, who has nothing to do with this, just because I can’t do it on my own. But still, no matter what, I want to help Kanon-chan.

 ”Does that have any benefits for me?”

 From above my lowered head, Senpai’s voice came down, sounding cold.

 I was hoping for a selfish reply, but Senpai’s words were only natural. This is a story that has nothing to do with Tsuchimiya-senpai, someone I just met, and it’s a clear and dangerous request.

 It’s only natural for Tsuchimiya-senpai to be disgusted if a girl who just helped him for free made such a shameless request.

 But even if Tsuchimiya-senpai looks down on me, if I choose to leave Kanon-chan behind and go back, I will regret it for the rest of my life.

 What benefit can I offer Tsuchimiya-senpai right now?

 The only thing that comes to mind is sacrificing my body. It’s embarrassing to say it myself, but I think I’m quite attractive. I hope Tsuchimiya-senpai likes it. It’s something I’ve cherished and protected all this time, and I can’t hesitate now. Because Kanon-chan, whom I protected, will be r*ped by goblins until she dies. If I, who escaped from there, abandon the means to save Kanon-chan while clinging to my purity, it would be unforgivable. This is also a punishment for me, who abandoned Kanon-chan.

 So, I lift my face and tell Tsuchimiya-senpai.

 ”I will pay the reward immediately. Until you are satisfied, please do as you please with me.”

 But, after saying that, I realized it was a difficult situation.

 Wait a moment. If Tsuchimiya-senpai accepts my proposal, does that mean I will do those things with Tsuchimiya-senpai?

 It’s supposed to be a punishment for me, so why do I feel this excitement?

 Huh? Why is that? I don’t dislike it at all.

 It feels like it’s completely different from the state of mind of someone waiting for execution.

 Is this supposed to be a ‘punishment’?

 This is bad. It’s really bad. Am I trying to use Kanon-chan as a bargaining chip to receive a ‘reward’?

 That is absolutely something that should never happen. Can we just forget about what happened earlier? No, I understand that’s not possible. I’m sorry.

 As I let my eyes wander and sweat weirdly, Tsuchimiya-senpai stood in front of me and bent down, causing my shoulder to twitch involuntarily.

 Could it be that Tsuchimiya-senpai is interested in me?

 Even when my underwear was visible earlier, Tsuchimiya-senpai’s response was completely different from Kurokawa-kun and the others, it made me feel a little lonely, thinking that maybe he’s not interested in someone like me, but still, Tsuchimiya-senpai…

 No, that’s not it. This is a crisis!

 If I were to be involved with Tsuchimiya-senpai under these circumstances, it would be a betrayal to Kanon-chan. And I also want to have a more proper atmosphere with Tsuchimiya-senpai… No, that’s not it! It’s not right! What should I do!?

 As I panicked, Tsuchimiya-senpai kneeled down and passionately shouted.

 ”Sorry! It’s my fault!”


 Um… What’s going on?

 ”I didn’t mean to make Asagiri say such things! I’m the worst! I’m really sorry!”

 Why is Tsuchimiya-senpai apologizing? It’s not Tsuchimiya-senpai who’s the worst, it’s me.

 ”Um… please lift your head, senpai.”

 Why did it turn out like this? Tsuchimiya-senpai is rubbing his head on the floor as if the attitude from earlier was a lie… he didn’t mean to make me say such things… Ah!

 I see, so that’s what it was, Tsuchimiya-senpai.

 The dismissive words from earlier weren’t your true intention. Tsuchimiya-senpai was testing my determination, right?

 I’m sure Tsuchimiya-senpai didn’t intend to refuse from the beginning. But if I just easily agree, I would be a coward who only asks for convenient favors without doing anything. I can’t help but feel guilty towards Tsuchimiya-senpai.

 That’s why Tsuchimiya-senpai gave me the opportunity to show my determination even if it means acting coldly, which he didn’t want to do. Senpai was really kind, going out of his way for me.

 I only have gratitude, respect, and affection for Tsuchimiya-senpai.

 ”Senpai, your feelings have been fully conveyed. But there’s no need for you to apologize. It’s me who’s making a selfish request. So please lift your head.”

 Feeling the kind consideration in Tsuchimiya-senpai’s strict attitude, it made me feel warm and fuzzy too. I like it.

 Tsuchimiya-senpai slowly looked up and straightened his posture. His eyes are still hidden behind his bangs, so I can’t really see him, but he looks a little embarrassed and his face is red.

 I brace myself and once again bow to Tsuchimiya-senpai.

 ”Once again, I ask you, Tsuchimiya-senpai. Please lend me your strength to help my friend. It is a very dangerous matter, and it has nothing to do with you, senpai. So, even if you just teach me how to fight, it’s fine. Please, I beg you.”

 ”Understood. I want to respond to Asagiri-san’s determination. I will rescue Kanon-chan and bring her back to the Return Magic Circle. I promise to do my best until then.”

 That is the answer that Tsuchimiya-senpai had prepared from the beginning.

 I felt nothing but despair when I was suddenly brought to another world, but I am truly lucky to have met Tsuchimiya-senpai.

 I’m useless. But I want to change. I’ll show him that I’ve changed. And I would like to be of some help to Tsuchimiya-senpai. Not only will I be protected from behind, but I will be able to stand next to him all the time.

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