Beyond Abyss 15

Chapter 15 Initial H

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 I ran out of the north exit and turned right at the intersection where the sentry was standing. As I was running along the long straight path, Higurashi caught up with me and ran alongside me.

 ”It seems like an emergency, Tsuchimiya-senpai!”

 ”Yeah, you understood it well.”

 Even though I left in the middle of our conversation, she didn’t doubt me for a second.

 ”Tsuchimiya-senpai, you’re easy to understand. So, what happened?”

 ”There are about five people being chased by a group of monsters up ahead. They’re coming towards this way, but the area is quite complicated, so the distance is long. It’s probably impossible for everyone to escape.”

 ”Oh, I thought you had a skill to sense monsters, but you know even that. Alright, let’s hurry!”

 Saying that, Higurashi increased her speed and left me behind.

 ”Huh? What’s up, Tsuchimiya-senpai?”

 Higurashi noticed that I couldn’t keep up and slowed down with a puzzled look on her face. I should probably be honest about this.

 ”Sorry, but this is all I’ve got. I’m only at Level 1, you know.”

 Higurashi looked at me with a surprised expression on her face.

 ”Huh? What are you talking about? That can’t be true.”

 ”No, seriously. I can do things like sensing my surroundings and stuff, but because of that, I’ve stayed at Level 1 this whole time.”

 ’You’re saying things like it’s my fault again…’

 I hear the voice of a ghost in the background.

 ”Wait a minute! Tsuchimiya-senpai, you’re really strong, you know? Asagiri-san even said she couldn’t match up to you!”

 ”So, like, seriously. I’ve already talked to Asagiri about this. Honestly, it’s getting kinda hard to keep up with this pace.”

 ”…Alright, I get it! Anyway, that’s what’s going on!”

 Higurashi said that and suddenly slowed down in front of me.

 ”Hey, hey! Watch out… Whoa!?”

 Higurashi’s slim back came close, and just when I thought we would collide, Higurashi bent down. I felt my feet lift off the ground.

 ”Hey… this idiot! What are you doing!?”

 ”Hahaha! This is faster, isn’t it?”

 I was being carried by the sprinting Higurashi.

 ”Stop it! It’s embarrassing!”

 ”Is this the time to be saying that? Saving lives comes first, right?”

 It’s definitely fast. It’s faster than me running with my own legs.

 ”Darn it! Alright, I got it! Once we enter the next room, head for the left exit! When you get to the corridor, immediately go right at the fork!”

 ”Got it! I handed over the spear! Make sure to put your arms around me and get closer to me! Otherwise, we won’t be able to make the curve! Alright, that’s it! Give me instructions in a whisper next time, with lots of atmosphere!”


 Why do I feel like I’m being harassed in this situation!?

 Higurashi jumped into the room and swiftly drifted in front of the wide-eyed sentry before making a quick escape like an arrow. We dashed into the hallway, sharply turning right and diving into a narrow side path. It felt just like a roller coaster. I desperately clung to Higurashi’s back, afraid of being thrown off.

 My hand wrapped around her slender shoulder, and her waist, tightly squeezed between my thighs, was surprisingly slim. It reminded me that she’s definitely a girl. The warmth emanating from her entire back seemed to reach my brain, but I can’t let myself be conscious of it. It’s just weird that this beautiful girl attribute is attached to her. It must be some kind of mistake.

 Anyway, when I look at the map, I see two blue dots slowly retreating in a narrow passage, being pushed back by the main group of monsters. And as we enter the room… oh no, they’ve retreated too far!

 Two red dots overflow from the passage and attack the blue dots from both sides.

 If you enter the room, you need to take position at the entrance and either attack the enemies in pairs as they come out, or quickly retreat to the exit.

 The blue dots manage to reach the exit after getting rid of some red dots surrounding them, and they escape into the passage.

 But one blue dot manages to hold off the group of red dots alone, and the other one slowly starts to withdraw. It seems like one of them is injured.

 ”Higurashi! To the next room, hurry to the exit on the left! Full speed ahead!”

 ”Got it!”

 Higurashi’s speed increases even more. Maybe we are too tired to talk.

 By the time we arrive, she should be too tired to move properly. Thinking that I alone have preserved my strength, maybe this Higurashi Riding operation was a great success.

 ”The next room is the exit on the right side! We’re about to run into three people escaping! Be careful not to bump into them!”


 Higurashi the car dives into the room and smoothly dodges the three people with a big drift.

 ”When we turn the next corner, there’s one person there! Let’s dodge them! Alright, the room ahead is the goal!”

 The blue guard rushes into the room as if being pushed by monsters, and a little later, Higurashi the car jumps in from the opposite entrance.

 What caught my eye was a tall and beautiful woman with long black hair that reached her waist, stumbling back with a sword in her hand. Her bangs were cut neatly like a Japanese doll. I’ve seen this person several times at the school assembly. She’s the Student Council President of our school.

 A horde of hobgoblins is rushing in from the hallway.

 Now, Higurashi the car runs out of energy and kneels on both knees, hands on the ground, breathing heavily like a horse.

 Godd job! I’ll give you plenty of water later!

 I put down Higurashi’s spear at my feet as if I threw it away, and then I activated my skill as I started running.

 ”Azure Thunder Fang!”

 Kondou Spear made a crackling sound and was surrounded by blue lightning.

 When I passed by the surprised president who was looking at us, I swung Kondou Spear at the approaching group of Hobgoblins.

 With a bang, not only the four in front of me, but also about three behind them, were struck by the lightning and fell down. The followers who saw that stopped in their tracks.

 The lightning surrounding the spear disappeared, but I continued forward without hesitation. As I diagonally moved past the trembling Hobgoblins, I pierced three of them in succession with the the triple thrust of ‘First Step Leapstone’.

 In the meantime, the two monsters flowed towards the president. I wanted to chase after them, but more and more monsters were coming out from the path in front of me.

 For a moment, I glanced at the president and smiled wickedly as I thrust my spear at the enemy in front of me.

 ”Flame up!”

 I heard Higurashi’s voice behind me.

 While I was defeating the five monsters that jumped out of the passage, Higurashi burned one of them, and the remaining one was defeated by the president. There are no more enemies coming.

 One of them dropped a treasure chest, so I opened it and found water and jerky just in time.

 I still have a little water left in my water pouch +1, but I left it in the Magic Circle room.

 Higurashi and the president are exhausted and sitting on the spot.

 ”Higurashi, great job. This water in the dungeon is delicious.”

 Maybe she couldn’t speak anymore, Higurashi raised her face with heavy breathing, so I poured water for her.

 ”And you, president, how are you doing?”


 The president, who sat down flatly, trembled slightly. It must have been quite terrifying for a woman to restrain a group of goblins that were chasing her alone.

 As I approached, the student council president opened her mouth like Higurashi.

 Her thin, slanted eyes were oddly glamorous, her skin as white as snow with a hint of blush on her cheeks. Her refined facial features, with a straight nose bridge, made her look more mature than your average high school student.

 When I saw her standing on the stage alongside Vice President Sogahara-senpai, they looked like such a perfect match.

 Sogahara-senpai seemed to be dating Kijima-senpai, and they also made a great couple.

 Carefully and slowly, I poured a little bit of water into the president’s mouth, making sure it didn’t overflow.

 ”Huh?! It’s much more polite than when it was my turn.”

 Higurashi, who was watching, exclaimed in surprise.

 Geez, you’re so noisy. Unlike you, there’s an aura that shouldn’t be handled roughly.

 ”By the way, Tsuchimiya-senpai, how was the ride with me?”

 How to say it! I might come off a bit confusing, but trust me, it’s all good!

 ”I thought I was going to be left hanging, but thanks to you, we made it in time. You really worked hard. Good job, Higurashi!”

 No matter what anyone says, I couldn’t have done it alone. This person’s hard work and dedication are worthy of respect. Honestly, I’ve gained a new level of appreciation.

 ”Haha, it’s a bit embarrassing to be spoken to so formally. Tsuchimiya-senpai and I are like a team, we’ve become one. Tsuchimiya-senpai managed to handle me, the spirited one, with ease. I really enjoyed it.”

 ”Hey, you! You’re saying that on purpose, aren’t you! It must be on purpose!”


 ”Oh no! I’m sorry, President!”

 My hand slipped and I accidentally splashed water all over the President’s face.

 Damn it, Higurashi! I’ll settle things with you someday!

 ”Hehe, you guys are really close, huh?”

 The student council president wiped her face with a handkerchief, smiling as if she had relieved some tension in a good way.

 ”Yeah! Tsuchimiya-senpai and I were even combined just a while ago!”

 ”Hey, that’s a misunderstanding! Everything this guy says is nonsense!”

 ”Hehehe, you guys are funny. By the way, I haven’t thanked you yet. I’m Amahara Karen, the third-year student council president. I really appreciate your help.”

 ”I’m Higurashi Asuka from Class 1-B! Nice to meet you, Amahara-senpai!”

 ”Hehe, you’re quite energetic for a kouhai. Nice to meet you too, Higurashi-san.”

 Higurashi is quite independent, or maybe it’s impressive how she talks casually to such a senpai with a strong presence. It’s the other way around, really.

 ”Hello, my name is Tsuchimiya Takeru and I’m in the second year of class D. Nice to meet you.”

 ”Is that Tsuchimiya-kun? Nice to meet you too. You guys are our lifesavers. I’d like to do something to thank you later.”

 For a moment, it felt like she had heard some bad rumors about me.

 ”No, we just happened to come here during Higurashi’s test run. Please don’t worry about it.”

 To be honest, I don’t really feel like talking to others about Tina and her abilities. Explaining that stuff would be a hassle if they came to help, so it’s easier to just push through with the coincidence.

 ”Well, if you insist, I’ll make a deal with a small gift.”

 Higurashi seemed to understand my intention and smoothly went along with the conversation. If only this guy had a decent personality, there would be nothing to say.

 ”There are delicious Japanese sweets made by a chef from my family’s restaurant in the Student Council room. If you make it back safely, I’d love to invite you to a tea party.”

 ”I don’t mind, but Tsuchimiya-senpai is not good at socializing, you know. I wonder if he would hesitate to attend a fancy tea party?”

 What’s this? Higurashi is giving me a meaningful look. It seems like she’s teasing me, but her way of teasing is different from usual. It feels kind of strange. Is she indirectly telling me not to go?

 ”Hehe, it’s not something so formal. I really want to deepen our friendship with you guys. What do you think, Tsuchimiya-kun?”

 If a beautiful girl like her invites me with a smile like this, normally, all options other than “yes” would disappear.

 ”Well, I’ll think about it. As Higurashi said, I’m not really interested in getting involved with others.”

 For now, I’ll keep my answer on hold. I shouldn’t outright reject it since it involves Amahara-senpai’s reputation. I’ll politely indicate my refusal.

 ”Okay… I understand. I’m expecting a good response.”

 Amahara-senpai looked disappointed, but quickly changed her expression.

 ”Well, it’s about time we head back to the base, or everyone will start worrying. …Oh?”

 Amahara-senpai seemed strange. She was sitting down, tapping the floor and had a shocked expression on her face.

 ”What’s wrong, Amahara-senpai?”

 ”Well, you see… it seems like my legs gave out and I can’t stand up.”

 As Amahara-senpai said this, her face turned bright red and she looked embarrassed. It was quite cute, contrasting with her confident attitude just a moment ago.

 ”Well then, Tsuchimiya-senpai will have to carry you back.”

 ”Huh? Why me!? You’re more suitable for that!”

 ”Well, I’m completely exhausted. It seems impossible for me to carry someone back alone. If you walk back, Tsuchimiya-senpai, it shouldn’t be a problem. Is that okay with you, Amahara-senpai?”

 ”Um, I don’t mind, but is it okay? Like, is it not a bother?”

 ”No, if Amahara-senpai is fine with it, then it’s totally okay…”

 ”Well, if that’s the case… can I ask you?”

 ”…Alright, I understand.”

 For some reason, I ended up carrying Amahara-senpai on my back.

 When I bent down with my back turned to Amahara-senpai, her hand was placed on my shoulder, and she climbed onto my back as if leaning on me.

 Oh no… this person has quite a big chest. Not just their chest, everything feels soft and warm. Their smooth thighs rub against the back of my knees.

 ”Well then, I’ll stand up slowly.”

 As I slowly stood up, Amahara-senpai wrapped her arms around my neck and clung onto me. I could hear her breath right next to my ear, and there was a sweet scent. This person is taller than me, so it feels like her whole body is enveloping me, and my head feels all floaty.

 This is not good at all.

 Higurashi stepped forward in front of me, and for a moment, she lowered her head and peered into my groin with a smile on her face.

 Could it be? Was she aiming for this?

 Suddenly, she took out her smartphone and started manipulating the screen, which made me feel really uncomfortable.

 I wasn’t fully aroused yet, but it was only a matter of time. My instincts told me that it would be bad if Higurashi got hold of my weakness.

 What should I do? What can I do?

 Think of prime numbers! Count the prime numbers!

 However, it seemed like Amahara-senpai didn’t like the position. She tightened her thighs around my waist and pressed her chest against me, shifting her upper body.

 Uh-oh, it seems like the countdown has begun.

 I bent forward with a look of despair. But then, I noticed the scattered traces of blood on the floor.

 What is this…?

 When I looked ahead, I saw a figure leaning against the wall, walking towards us.

 It was one of the injured people who had left while Amahara-senpai were on guard duty. They came back?

 ”Hatsune!? Why did you come back?”

 Amahara-senpai exclaimed.

 ”Oh, Amahara-senpai… I’m glad… you’re okay.”

 The person who answered her was an intelligent female student wearing rimless glasses. She held a staff in her right hand, but her left side was completely red.

 ”Yeah, as you can see, I’m not injured. They helped me.”


 What’s with this person? Is she glaring at me?



 ’Master, this girl just peeked at your stats! I urgently blocked the circuit, but it seems she saw the level, class, and title.’

 She peeked at my stats? So she’s a skill holder like that!

 ’I’ll retaliate. I’ll reveal this girl’s stats.’

 Tina announced, and a stats screen appeared in front of me.

 Togamine Hatsune (17 years old)

 Level 2

 Exp points: 75/400

 Class: Magician

 Title: Magician (+1 Magic, +1 Defense)

 School: Seito Academy Student Council Auditor

 Skill: Appraisal Focus

 Magic: Stone Bullet, Mud Hand

 Special: Earth +1 Defense

 She can see other people’s status too?

 Oh, she used the ‘Appraisal’ skill! She probably got it from the crystal gacha.

 And an Earth-type Magician… and a Student Council officer. Can it even display that?

 ”I can’t see anymore… why? What did you do!”

 This guy… suddenly showing hostility. Though she seems like a classmate, we shouldn’t know each other. What’s going on?

 ”What’s wrong, Hatsune! Let’s stop the bleeding first anyway! Once we’re back at the base, let’s hurry back to school for treatment.”

 ”It’s okay! I’m not going back yet! I can still work!”

 ”No… this is a serious injury. Let’s stop the bleeding for now.”

 Higurashi took out a handkerchief and approached Togamine.

 ”Wait a moment… Ouch!!?”

 Higurashi tied up Togamine’s arm without hesitation. The left forearm was deeply cut, but Higurashi didn’t touch the wound. Instead, she tightly bound the area near the shoulder.

 ”If left alone, you’ll lose consciousness and bleed to death in 20 minutes. If we keep it tied up like this, your left hand will start to decay in 10 minutes. You need to go back quickly and get medical treatment.”

 ”Ugh… What’s the matter with you… I’m still…”

 ”Hatsune, enough already! I’m telling you, it’s inconvenient to have an injured person around!”

 When Amahara-senpai raised her voice, Togamine’s face filled with surprise, and they quickly became disheartened.

 ”I…I understand”

 ”You seem to have lost a lot of blood. You probably can’t walk properly anymore. I’ll carry you.”


 Ignoring Higurashi, Togamine stares at me again.

 ”I ask for Amahara-senpai. I’ll have him carry me.”

 What? Me? What do you mean?

 ”Sorry, but I can’t do that.”

 ”Why not! Amahara-senpai would be better off having you carry her than a guy!”

 ”I don’t know the reason, but it’s because Hatsune-senpai has hostility towards Tsuchimiya-senpai. As Tsuchimiya-senpai’s kouhai, I have no intention of letting you get close to Tsuchimiya-senpai!”


 Huh!? Higurashi looks like a really nice person! Well, actually, there’s no doubt that she’s a nice person, but her evaluation of this situation fluctuates greatly.

 ”Hatsune… You’re being excessively disrespectful towards my benefactor. Even I am reaching my limit of patience.”

 Ah, Amahara-senpai is speaking with a cold voice, as if I can hear the sound effects of ‘*Rumbling*…’ creating an intense atmosphere.


 Truly like a frog being stared at by a snake.

 Togamine, who was already pale from injury, looks like they’re about to cry.

 ”I-I’m sorry… That wasn’t my intention!”

 ”You may have crushed my face, but I don’t need your apology. Shouldn’t you apologize to Tsuchimiya-kun and Higurashi-san? Togamine Hatsune…”

 ”Y-Yes! I-I’m sorry! Higurashi-san, I’m sorry! Tsuchimiya-kun, I’m sorry! Please forgive me!”

 ”If you understand, then that’s enough. If you continue to be relaxed, it will be too late. Stay silent and let me carry you.”

 ”Um, um… Yes…”

 Togamine listened quietly to Higurashi this time.

 ”Well then, I’ll quickly take Togamine-senpai to our base. Tsuchimiya-senpai and Amahara-senpai can come at their own pace.”

 ”Oh, don’t get lost. It’s not a joke, so be really careful.”

 ”I’m sorry, Higurashi-san. I’m counting on you to take care of Hatsune.”

 Higurashi walked away with a light step, carrying the quiet Togamine on her back. She seems to have forgotten about being tired.

 As we watched the two leave, Amahara-senpai let out a small sigh.

 ”I’m sorry, Tsuchimiya-kun. I made you feel uncomfortable. Hatsune is usually a good kid though.”

 ”It’s not your fault, Amahara-senpai. Besides, I’m used to these things, so I don’t really mind.”


 Amahara-senpai’s body feels a bit tense.

 ”No, apart from this, I have to apologize to you. Last year, when the incident happened with the junior high school girl jumping off the building, I was a Student Council member and served as the treasurer.”


 What? What are you talking about?

 ”After the incident, there was a lot of bullying and slander against you, which was started by a delinquent group. But the school desperately tried to cover up the incident and didn’t support you as the victim at all. In the Student Council, we even suggested recognizing your heroic act to dispel the rumors, but the school stopped us. In the end, we couldn’t do anything for you, the victim.”

 So that’s what happened? Please spare me from any recognition or awards. I’m sorry to Amahara-senpai for worrying about me, but it’s a relief that the whole thing got buried.

 ”It’s not Amahara-senpai’s responsibility at all. The Student Council isn’t an organization that gets involved in personal matters like that. Besides, it’s my fault to begin with for getting into a fight with Iwakura and the others.”

 ”But I heard that it all started because you helped a girl who was being harassed by them. Some people say violence is wrong, but I admire your brave actions. And if the conclusion you’ve reached through these events is that you no longer want to associate with others, I can’t possibly say that I, who knew about your situation and silently watched, am not responsible.”

 Ah, so this person took the words I casually said earlier so seriously.

 ”That’s a misunderstanding. Even before that incident, I’ve always been like this.”

 ”Even if that’s true, the fact remains that I didn’t do anything. So, I’m really sorry, Tsuchimiya-kun! I had almost forgotten about your existence until I saw you today. I can’t forgive myself for being like that!”

 Amahara-senpai hugged me tightly and pressed her face against my neck, saying those words.

 Isn’t this apology a bit too intense? Is this like a super love hold or something?

 But this is troublesome. I really don’t mind at all, but I don’t know how to handle someone who is so serious and devoted.

 ”I understand. I will accept Amahara-senpai’s apology.”


 ”To begin with, I never held any grudges against anyone. This is a problem that I should solve on my own. But I have indeed received Amahara-senpai’s feelings.”

 Well, I wasn’t really planning to resolve it and was just leaving it be. No matter how much I explain my feelings, Amahara-senpai won’t be convinced. So, I have no choice but to accept Amahara-senpai’s feelings and let it end.

 ”I’m sorry! No, thank you! Tsuchimiya-kun, I have never seen someone as noble as you!”

 Huh? Is it just me, or is my evaluation abnormally high?

 It’s not like I’ve been enduring any hardships or anything. I’ve just been living in a daze, to the point where I might get scolded by Chibi Maruko-chan.

 ”No, I’m just a normal person filled with worldly desires. You’re misunderstanding something, senpai. Let’s calm down.”

 Rather, it’s hard to breathe when you hug me so tight. Why are you crying? And why are you rubbing my neck with that slimy face… Wait, are you kissing me like crazy!? Hey… not my ear! I make weird noises!

 As I silently endure Amahara-senpai’s overwhelming advances, I suddenly hear soft snores.


 I can’t tell if I feel relieved or disappointed.

 Amahara-senpai seems a little off. Maybe it’s the aftermath of the tension from dealing with a goblin horde?

 Either way, it’s too stimulating for a virgin like me. I might even have some pre-eja**ate.

 When I looked at the map, I noticed three mysterious blue dots that seemed to be getting closer and closer.

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