Beyond Abyss 17-2

Chapter 17 Higurashi Asuka ※

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[Part 2/2]

 Higurashi, who clung to my chest and sobbed, stayed there even after she stopped crying.

 While I gently stroked Higurashi’s head, I started to doze off, and that’s when Higurashi finally let go of me and raised her face.

 ”I’m sorry, Tsuchimiya-senpai. I showed you an embarrassing side.”

 Higurashi said that, her eyes still a little red, but she was the same old Higurashi.

 ”It’s not embarrassing at all. If you feel like crying, I’ll lend you my chest again.”

 ”Ah, geez! I got taken down this time, but it won’t go like that next time!”

 What’s that?

 Higurashi looked cute as she pouted and turned her gaze away, her face turning red.

 Then, Higurashi sat up straight, facing me, and said this calmly.

 ”By the way, Tsuchimiya-senpai, would you like to have s*x with me?”


 Did she just say “s*x”?

 ”Um, wait a minute. What are you talking about? It’s not something to say in a casual way like ‘Hey, let’s play baseball!’”

 ”Don’t make fun of me. I didn’t mention it earlier, but the side effect of leveling up also increases people s*xual impulses along with their desire to fight.”

 ”I-is that so?”

 ”Yeah, while fighting, I can manage it to some extent, but once I calm down, my body starts to ache uncontrollably. That’s one of the reasons I suspected there were a few small rooms near the Student Council’s base that could be called ‘hookup rooms.’ It’s one of the reasons the school is in chaos.”

 I didn’t know. So, what about Asagiri and Kanon? By the way, Amahara-senpai was definitely acting strange.

 ”But just because you said that, it doesn’t mean I want to have s*x with you all of a sudden…”

 ”Tsuchimiya-senpai, do you dislike me?”

 I gulped nervously.

 Normally, I don’t pay much attention to Higurashi’s cool and composed style and attitude, but when I look closely, her figures are so well-defined that she could be a model.

 ”I-I don’t dislike you. In fact, I do want to, but, you know, using you as an outlet for desires instead of romantic feelings, it doesn’t feel right.”

 As I panicked, Higurashi let out a wry smile and relaxed her shoulders.

 ”Geez, Tsuchimiya-senpai, you’re such a hassle. I’m saying I want to do it with you. If you were a normal high school boy, you’d jump at the chance without thinking twice if a carrot was in front of you.”

 ”That’s just prejudice against high school boys, you know. It’s true that I think about stuff like that, but unlike those crazy party-goers, I’m more like a quiet person who thinks a lot and ultimately doesn’t take action!”

 ”Don’t act so high and mighty. Well, I guess I wasn’t calm either. I really hate it when people cut in line at ramen shops.”

 ”What’s that?”

 ”It’s about this. You don’t have to finish it today. I want to keep things in order. So…”

 Higurashi said that and leaned on me, turning her back to me.

 ”I can’t sleep like this, so can you comfort me? Come on, give me a hug.”

 ”Uh, okay…”

 When I wrapped my arm around Higurashi’s body, her slender body, which should be the same height as mine, fit perfectly inside me. Higurashi’s body heat seeped into mine.

 Higurashi took my right hand and gently guided it to her own chest.

 I was taken aback by the warmth and softness. That place, according to my understanding, was a place I should never touch.

 ”Your hands are shaking… It’s okay, I’m new to this too.”

 Higurashi’s overlapping hands pressed forcefully against my chest.


 Higurashi let out an uncontrollable sigh as they squirmed in my arms.

 I could feel my head starting to boil.

 Higurashi rhythmically pushed her chest against my hand, rubbing it vigorously. The soft, elastic flesh overflowed from my hand, changing shape as I kneaded it.

 ”Mmm, hmm, ahh…”

 In sync with the rhythm, Higurashi released breathy sighs, and I couldn’t help but grab her other breast with my left hand.


 Higurashi jumped as if startled, then placed her hand on top of my left hand, trying to use both hands to massage her chest. However, I was already engrossed in squeezing the soft, arousing flesh with my own will.

 I could even feel the sensation of her bra through the shirt. The excitement grew as I experienced the satisfying size that I had never felt before.

 I couldn’t stop, it was dangerous.

 Higurashi gathered her long black hair behind her neck with her left hand, letting it fall in front of her left shoulder. Overwhelmed by the sight of her slender neck, I pressed my lips against it. Higurashi trembled and placed her right hand on my head, pressing even harder.

 At that moment, I felt a surge of affection for Higurashi, along with a sense of acceptance.

 I pressed my lips against her neck, using both hands to caress her chest. My tongue gently explored her skin.

 When my lips reached her ear, Higurashi twitched and let out a sweet moan.

 ”Ah! Ahh! Tsuchimiya-senpai! I love you! More, please! Ahh!”

 Hearing her voice, so sweet and different from her usual self, only heightened my excitement.

 My p**is, pressed against Higurashi’s waist, was throbbing with desire. I worried that I might climax too soon.

 ”Ah! It…it hurts…”

 Startled, I let out a breath and relaxed. I had gotten too carried away and squeezed her chest too tightly.

 Higurashi didn’t blame me though. She lifted both knees, pressed her back against me, and lifted her hips, smoothly taking off her shorts.

 Then, she took my right hand and guided it to her smooth white thigh.

 I could hear a gulp as I swallowed nervously.

 Her skin, which I touched directly, was incredibly smooth and yet had a clinging sensation. As I gently caressed her inner thigh, melting my brain in an instant, Higurashi closed her legs and trapped my hand between her thighs, stimulating me by rubbing against it.

 ”Tsuchimiya-senpai… I want you to go deeper… I want to climax…”

 Whispered in my ear, I savored the feeling of her thigh as I slid my hand inside her skirt.

 Our rough breaths mixed together.

 My left hand continued to gently massage her chest without stopping.

 When I reached deep into Higurashi’s skirt, she slowly spread her legs. Carefully, I covered it with my hands, feeling the hot and wet sensation beneath my middle finger. Higurashi wriggled and let out a hot breath.

 Don’t rush, take it slow. Just focus on pleasuring Higurashi.

 Consciously regulating my breath, I slowly moved my hands back and forth, causing Higurashi’s breathing to become erratic. When I pressed my middle finger against her secret place, it sank in smoothly, causing Higurashi to moan.

 It feels quite wet, but since it’s my first time, I don’t know the standard. Gathering my courage, I bent my middle finger and tried inserting it shallowly, and it was easily swallowed up.

 As I moved her finger in and out, Higurashi’s moans became louder and her reactions more intense.

 ”Unn! Ahh! Ahn! Senpai…more! Stir me up inside!”

 When I slowly sink my fingers deep into it, the warm hole sucks them in as if welcoming them. As I gently move them in and out, Higurashi moans loudly and arches their body like a bow.

 The movement of my fingers naturally speeds up, making squelching and seductive sounds. Every time that happens, Higurashi screams and bounces their body.

 At the same time, I move my thumb and touch a small bump around their secret place. I lightly press it and transmit the vibration of my hand, but Higurashi’s reaction becomes dramatically intense.

 ”Ah! Ahh! I-I’m going to… senpai, I’m going to… Ahhh!!”

 When Higurashi lets out a particularly loud scream, her body twitches and her hole tightens around my fingers.

 Higurashi keeps twitching for a while, but then her body suddenly relaxes and leans against me.

 Higurashi closed her eyes with a peaceful expression on her face, breathing heavily. I also felt out of breath, but the sense of accomplishment was great. My son still seemed unsatisfied, but for today, I had to bear with it somehow.

 Just as Higurashi’s breathing began to calm down, I could hear hrt snoring softly. It’s understandable considering everything that happened today.

 I leaned against the wall, still holding onto Higurashi, and gazed at her peaceful sleeping face.

 Before I knew it, I too fell into a deep sleep.

 The next morning, I woke up when I felt Higurashi move.

 ”Good morning, Tsuchimiya-senpai. Looks like I woke you up.”

 ”No, it’s okay. Good morning, Higurashi.”

 Higurashi was already standing up, stretching her body. The room looked exactly the same as yesterday, with no clues to guess the time.

 When I checked my phone, it was 6:30 AM. I must have slept for about eight hours. That’s enough sleep.

 When I opened the map, it seemed that the large number of undead creatures that were crawling around had disappeared somewhere. There were only a few faint red lights moving around.

 When I turned to Higurashi, I saw that she was combing her long hair.

 ”It’s hard to take care of when it’s this long. Sometimes I feel like cutting it off.”

 ”I think short hair would suit you too. That might be closer to my image.”

 ”I see. Well then, let’s do that.”

 Higurashi tied her hair up into a ponytail and cut it using scissors.

 ”Wait, wait, wait! You, just because I said so, can you just cut it off like that!?”

 ”I don’t mind. I’ve always thought it was a nuisance.”

 After saying that, Higurashi cut off her long hair without hesitation.

 ”Yeah, I feel lighter. How is it, Tsuchimiya-senpai?”

 ”…Ah, it suits you. It suits you very well.”

 ”Yeah, that’s good.”

 Higurashi nodded in satisfaction and looked down at the strands of hair in her hands, tossing them into the air.

 ”Flame up!”

 The knife burst into flames and sliced through a bunch of hair, making a loud ‘whoosh’ sound and burning up in an instant.

 ”Ah, that feels amazing. I feel so refreshed.”

 Higurashi said with a smile, her face shining with energy.

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