Beyond Abyss 35

Chapter 35 Hano Chikako, Satou Akari ♯

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 ”Ahaha, Tsucchi, you’re totally melting away♪ Hiromin’s actually feeling it for once!”

 Hano-san peeks down at my face with a grin and then scoots over to my feet.

 Oh man, I might be a goner.

 Just then, something hard and cold suddenly pops into my hand.

 ’Ta-da! “Goblin Energy Potion” for you. It’s not the best for your health, but it’s better than nothing, right?’

 Nice one, Tina!

 The ‘Goblin Energy Potion’ is this cool item that goblins drop sometimes after the 2nd floor, and I’ve got a bunch stashed away. They say there are no side effects, but after hearing Gil-san’s story, I know there’s gonna be a kickback. But no time to worry about that now.

 I pop the cork with my thumb, pretend to cover my mouth, and gulp it down.

 Instantly, I feel all warm and fuzzy, and my energy returns!

 Hano-san undressed, revealing her tan skin, breathtakingly beautiful body. Her white frilly shorts were discarded, leaving no trace of underwear. Hano-san’s perfect tan coated every inch of her flawless skin.

 ”Ah, it’s getting bigger again♪ Are you getting intoxicated by my body?”

 Hano-san said with a joyful smile.

 That’s true, I was filled with excitement. Hano-san had a fantastic figure, with ample curves and a body that exuded sensuality.

 I couldn’t resist the urge to indulge in the desire to devour them. As I rose to meet them, Hano-san opened her arms and embraced me with her ample bosom.

 ”You don’t have to do anything, Tsucchi. Even though it’s a short time, I’ll make sure you feel good.”

 Ah, that’s right! They did say it was only once for each person, so I should leave it up to Hano-san. If I were to make a move and ignite the flame, it would truly be a disaster.

 Despite knowing this, I couldn’t suppress the rising beast-like urge, and I ended up pushing Hano-san over, only to be effortlessly pinned down in return.

 Hano-san placed her hands on both sides of my face and pressed her plump lips against mine. Instantly, I invaded with my tongue, but I was sucked in forcefully, thoroughly toyed with inside Hano-san’s mouth.

 Just when my mind was starting to go numb from pleasure, Hano-san’s tongue invaded, overwhelming me without any resistance.

 ”Muah, mmm, lick… Slurp, slurppp… Mmm.”

 Her tongue dances skillfully on the inside of my mouth, teasing and tantalizing every nerve ending. I try to respond with my tongue as well, but instead it’s entangled and stroked.

 It’s like trying to challenge a master with only beginner’s skills. The difference in experience feels insurmountable. Hano-san is evidently seasoned, and yet, Maekawa-san and Satou-san are somehow different.

 With a “Muah” sound, Hano-san withdraws, reaching for my penis as she straddles my body perfectly.


 Hano-san’s buttocks pressed against my erect penis, urging it forward. My shaft nestled between Hano-san’s thighs, with the base caressed by her moist, secret folds while the tip savored the sensation of her rear.

 With a gentle sway of her hips, Hano-san tantalizingly brushed her buttocks against the ridge of my glans, sending waves of pleasure coursing through me.

 Wrapping her arms around my neck, she drew her face close to mine, her breath warm against my skin.

 ”Hehe, well then, I’ll give you a plenty of kisses♪”

 With that, Hano-san devours my lips with fervor.

 ”Mmm, mwah, lick, slurp, slurppp! …Mmm, lick, slurp…”

 Hano-san writhes sensually, the wet sounds echoing as her lips press against mine, sucking with a fervor that sends shivers down my spine. With each movement of her ample buttocks, she teases and stimulate my throbbing penis, driving me to the brink of ecstasy.

 My mind pulses with desire, the urge to release semen building rapidly. In a moment of impatient, I grasp Hano-san’s soft buttocks with one hand, trailing my fingers along her back.

 Then, Hano-san let go of her mouth and took a deep breath, as if to take a breather.

 ”Aha♪ Your touch feels amazing. I haven’t been caressed like this in a while, so it’s a delightful surprise.”

 With a devilish smile, Hano-san showed a relaxed expression.

 ”Well then, let’s make it a little stronger♪”

 As she said that, Hano-san tightly closed her legs, trapping my penis in between. My penis was pressed against her smooth and supple thighs, enveloped by the warm and moist intimacy.

 She resumed the intense kiss that stole away my thoughts, simultaneously writhing her body and swaying her hips from side to side.

 Within the confines of this fleshy cage, my penis reached its limit in no time. Any sounds that rose from my throat were quickly covered by the passionate kisses, and my penis convulsed and ejaculated.

 Spurttt! Spurt! Spurttt! Spurt! Spurt! Spurttt! Spurt!

 Despite being squeezed until it ran dry, an astonishing amount of semen spurted out, dripping down Hano-san’s back. The amount of semen was a little frightening. This was different from expelling mere urine. Undoubtedly, my flesh and blood was being drained away.

 ”We’re not done yet♪”

 A chill ran down my spine at her pleasure-filled words.

 Hano-san tightened her thighs even more, and began vigorously stroking my penis with her buttocks, moving them up and down in a deliberate movement.

 ”Huh?! Aah… No! I just came! N-no…”

 Hano-San interrupted my words with a passionate kiss.

 With each movement of her tanned, round bottom, a lewd squelching sound echoed. The intense stimulation took me to new heights, brimming with the sensation of impending release.

 Splash! Spurt! Spurt! Spurttt!

 ”A-Ah!… Ah!… Uhh…”

 As Hano-San withdrew her mouth, she looked into my eyes while sensually wiggling her hips.

 ”Tsucchi, your melting face is so cute♪ It’s making me go crazy too. I’ll make you come until the very end♪”

 Hano-san tightened her thighs around me and vigorously moved her buttocks, causing my penis to be vigorously stroked, creating a lascivious sound. Soft breasts brushed against my chest. Once again, the sensation of climax surged within me. I placed my hands on Hano-san’s shoulders, intending to take a brief break, but she paid no attention and excitedly brought her face closer.

 ”Are you going to cum again? It’s fine, show me plenty of your climax face, Tsucchi. Come on, let it go♪”

 ”Uwahh! I’m cummming! Uwahh! Ahh!”

 Gush! Spurt! Spurttt! Spurttttt!

 A large amount of semen erupted, showering Hano-san’s buttocks and back with a snowy rain.

 If she keeps making me come like this, it feels dangerously good!

 But Hano-san grinned, then reached behind with her left hand to press against my glans and push it onto the cleft of her buttocks. While wriggling her bottom, she used her fingers to rub the frenulum and the tip. Moreover, Hano-San stuck out her tongue, licking and sucking my neck and ear, driving me wild.

 ”Ugghhh… Hii! Not there, please… Ah!… Uwahh!”

 With a mischievous glint in her eyes, Hano-san tightens her legs around mine, enveloping my penis between her smooth, warm thighs, exerting a delicious pressure.

 ”Ah! Ah… no! I’m… I’m going to… to cum again!”

 Gush! Spurt! Spurtt! Spurttt!

 Within Hano-san’s hand, my penis releases a large amount of semen. Hano-san, with tender fingers, massages and strokes the head of my penis, guiding my release.

 ”Ugh…! I can no longer endure…!”

 My body convulses, and the feeling of ejaculation wells up in me. Yet, as I try to withstand the overwhelming pleasure, Hano-san’s lips are sucking me and her tongue pries my lips open and invades me.

 Her tongue penetrates my lips, ravishing me. With intense licks and caresses around my penis, and her slick fingers manipulating my throbbing tip, my body convulses and unleashes more semen.

 Gushh! Spurtt! Spurtt! Spurttt!

 ”Ah… ugh! Mmm!”

 While Hano-san ravishes my mouth, her gaze meets mine from such close distnace. Her golden-brown buttocks bounce vigorously, pumping my erection, prolonging this ejaculation time.

 ”Ah… ah…!”

 Hano-san’s lips part from mine, leaving me drooling and convulsing, incapable of doing anything else but panting.

 Astonishingly, my penis remains rigid and engorged, eager to explode with satisfaction. The pleasure has bewitched my mind, stealing away its cognitive resources, rendering me intoxicated with bliss.

 ”I still want to do this, but time is short. Let’s move on to the penetration, shall we♪”

 With those words, Hano-san spreads her legs, rising up while adjusting her hips. She meticulously guide my penis into her secret chamber, swallowing it entirely.

 And as Hano-san settles onto my hips, my throbbing penis becomes one with her secret chamber, plunging me into an abyss of euphoria.

 ”Aha♪ Tsucchi’s penis is amazing. Just the insertion alone makes my insides tingle and melt away. But, doesn’t my pussy feel good too?”

 Just as Hano-san said, the inside of Hano-san’s vagina is full of big folds that intertwine and cling to the penis, each one sucking and throbbing. Just staying still is enough to intensify the sensation of climax. If I haven’t experienced the inside of Himeno’s vagina, there’s no doubt I’ll be taken to orgasm the moment I penetrate.

 ”Mmm, I thought you would cum right away, but you’re hanging in there. Impressive. But this is unbearable, isn’t it? Here we go!”

 As Hano-san says that, her pussy tightens around me. Especially the base and the tip, the pressure is strong, and my control instantly collapses.

 ”Ah… ugh! Ughhh!”

 Gushhh! Spurtt! Spurttt! Spurtttt!

 My mind is filled with pleasure from the rapid consecutive orgasms, and my body loses all strength.

 ”When I think of that Tsucchi squirming in my body, I get so excited and it’s crazy. Show me more of your writhing face♪”

 As Hano-san’s hips started moving with practiced grace, a delighted smile played on her lips.

 She began to sway her hips with a familiarity that hinted at her expertise. With each motion, there was a rhythmic symphony, as if dancing a passionate samba, alternating between fast circles and slow back-and-forth movements. The sudden shifts in pace left me utterly captivated, and my penis, already tangled in a mess, soon reached its limit once more.

 Gush! Spurt! Spurttt!

 ”Aha! Tsucchi, your penis is the best!”

 Hano-san exclaimed, her focus solely on the rhythm of her own hips, ignoring my climax. She suddenly raised her hips and started pistoning. The sound of wet slaps mixed with urgent moans filled the air, as Hano-san’s voice became increasingly desperate.

 ”Ohh! I’m gonna… This penis is driving me insane! Ahh, I can’t hold it! It’s coming! Oh, yes, yes, yesss!!”

 With her chin held high, Hano-san’s body trembled uncontrollably. Her vaginal walls clenched tightly around my penis, squeezing out another round of ejaculate.

 As we both trembled in ecstasy, Hano-san slowly lifted her hips, withdrawing my penis.

 ”I wanted to savor it a bit longer, but I couldn’t help it—I cum too soon. Let’s do it again, Tsucchi. I want this cock inside me all day.”

 Was that a death sentence?

 I could only manage a moan in response, lacking the energy to even sit up. The primal urges that consumed me moments ago had vanished, yet my penis stood proudly erect. Goblin’s stamina potion, truly remarkable.

 Lost in the blissful aftermath, I suddenly noticed Satou-san standing beside me, completely naked.

 Satou-san’s slender figure was a sight to behold, with modest breasts but surprisingly voluptuous hips.

 Dropping to her knees, she leaned in close, her breath hot against my skin as she kissed me softly.

 ”I’m sorry, Tsuchimiya-kun. I couldn’t resist getting excited watching you. Can you do something for me?”

 As Satou-san stood up and turned her back to me, straddling my head, her weighty white buttocks slowly descended, enveloping my face.


 My nose and mouth were covered by soft flesh, making breathing difficult. When I breathe in the air through the small gap, a thick lewd odor seeps into my brain.


 Satou-san straightened her spine and swayed her buttocks, twisting her body to look down at me as if to confirm the effect.

 ”First, I’ll pleasure you with my mouth. Let’s enjoy this together, Tsuchimiya-kun.”

 With those words, Satou-san leaned over, and her wet, hot secret pressed against my lips.

 I eagerly licked and plunged my tongue inside.


 Satou-san moaned and paused her movements. I’ve brought Higurashi to climax many times in this position, so I’m somewhat accustomed to it.

 I swiftly moved my tongue in and out while penetrating deep into her, licking from her clit to her secret folds.

 ”Mmm! Oh, Tsuchimiya-kun, you’re amazing!”

 Satou-san suddenly engulfed my glans, swirling her tongue around the tip in circular motions before vigorously bobbing her head up and down.


 As I pulled back, Satou-san began to sensually caress my penis with her lips, tongue, and fingers, all while massaging my testicles.

 Her movements were precise, as if she knew exactly how to pleasure me. She expertly explored my sensitive areas, intensifying the stimulation.

 ”Uaahh… ahh… hii… aahh…”

 The sensation of climax surged through me as I succumbed to Satou-san’s skillful lovemaking.

 Just when I thought I couldn’t hold on any longer, she took my glans into her mouth and slowly started to engulf it. My glans was drawn deeply inside, her lips reaching the base of my shaft. My penis was enveloped in the hot membrane inside her mouth, clearly penetrating the depths of her throat.

 ”U… aaahh… ah…”

 With a scorching heat melting every inch of my penis, gwe tongue writhes and slithers, leaving me no escape from the mix of pleasure and eerie tension. Trapped in a state of immobility, the throat tightens around the shaft, squeezing, until I collapse.

 Hano-san, oblivious to any concerns about ejaculation, eagerly thrusts, suddenly lifting the hips and initiating a piston-like motion. The room fills with the sound of splashes, a mixture of water and rhythmic pounding, accompanied by Hano-san’s urgent cries.

 Gush! Spurt! Spurtt! Spurttt!

 Despite the torrent of semen, Satou-san remains motionless, calmly accepting my semen.

 Once the surge subsides, Satou-san slowly withdraws her mouth, sending shivers down my spine with the sensation of being vacuumed.

 As her lips touch the glans, Satou-san’s tongue probes the urethra, suctioning forcefully.


 I let out a pathetic moan as my hips thrust vigorously.

 The difference in exp points is just too much. Even if Satou-san wasn’t Evold, I still wouldn’t stand a chance.

 ”It seems I can’t hold back any longer. It’s a bit early, but I’ll insert it now.”

 No, it’s already a lethal dose.

 But I wonder if those Evold guys feel any anxiety, releasing so much every day?

 Satou-san rises, still with her back to me, and straddles my hips. Slowly, she lowers herself, and my glans is engulfed by her secret folds.

 ”Mm… Ah…”

 Satou-san breathes heavily, seemingly enjoying herself, as my penis is slowly swallowed up. Her well-shaped buttocks descend, making it look like my penis is being devoured by them.

 ”Oh… Ahh…!?”

 As I plunged deeper into Satou-san’s warm embrace, it felt like her walls were spinning around me, engulfing me in a whirlwind of intense, almost dizzying sensations.

 Finally fully enveloped, Satou-san let out a heated sigh, her hips rocking gently in rhythm.

 ”Ah… oh… that… that’s incredible!”

 Her butt seemed to devour every inch of me eagerly, while inside her, her inner vaginals performed a mesmerizing dance, swirling and twirling like a drum-type washing machine. Especially where my tip grazed against her, the stimulation felt like tracing delicate circles, her flesh responding to the movement of her hips, switching from clockwise to counterclockwise spins.

 ”Hehe, my vagina, isn’t it a bit peculiar? It’s like there are spiraled ridges inside. How does it feel?”

 As Satou-san tightened around me, her inner vagina constricted like a wrung-out towel, squeezing my semen out in a rush of ecstasy.

 Gush! Spurttt! Spurttt! Spurttt!

 ”Gggh!? …Ah…! Aaah.”

 ”Ugh… Tsuchimiya-kun, that feels so good. You gotta keep making it even better, you know?”

 With that, Satou-san started moving her hips, slowly grinding up and down. It’s like her whole vagina is doing the twist, with this intense sensation pulsing right from the tip deep down to the core.

 ”Oh… yeah… oh Tsuchimiya-kun…”

 ”Ah… oh! Ugh… Ah!”

 Gush! Spurttt! Spurttt! Spurttt!

 ”Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! That’s amazing! Ahh! Oh, yeah!”

 Satou-san’s getting wild, slamming her big booty against my hips.

 ”Oh, no! I’m gonna… I’m gonna… Oh, no!”

 Spurttt! Spurttt! Spurttt! Spurttt! Spurttt!

 ”Tsuchimiya-kun! You’re filling me up inside! Ahh! More! Fill me up more!”

 Satou-san’s ass tightens around my penis, making intense sucking noises.

 Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap!

 Spurttt! Spurttt! Spurttt!

 ”Mmm Tsuchimiya-kun! Tsuchimiya-kun! Ahh!”

 Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap!

 Spurttt! Spurttt! Spurttt!

 ”Wait… no… I can’t… I’m… gonna… die…”

 ”Tsuchimiya-kun! Ohh! It’s amazing! Tsuchimiya-kun! Ahh!”

 Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap!

 Spurttt! Spurttt!

 ”Ahhh! No! I can’t! It’s too much! Tsuchimiya-kun!”

 Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap!


 ”Ohh! I’m cumming! Tsuchimiya-kun! I’m coming! Ahh! Ahhh! I’m cuuummmingggg!!!”

 As Satou-san’s back trembles and spasms, her vagina tightens around me, squeezing out my essence with every last drop.

 Gushhh! Spurttt! Spurttt! Spurtttttttt!

 ”Ahhhh! Noooo… It’s… too… intense…!”

 Tears and drool mix as I simultaneously experience ecstasy and agony akin to heaven and hell.

 After a while, Satou-san turns her body towards me, lying down again. Just that sight alone makes me cum again.

 ”Ehehe! I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help myself. It felt so incredibly good. Let’s do it again sometime, shall we?

 Satou-san said that and gave me a kiss before slowly getting up.

 It’s over.

 It felt so damn good, it’s unbelievable.

 I managed to survive, but I wonder if I can walk home on my own two feet…

 But if I show any signs of weakness now, they’ll know I’m not an Evold. I have to do my best somehow…

 ”Ngh… Ahh! No… I’m going to cum! …I’m cumming! Ahhhh!!”

 At that moment, a sweet and alluring voice echoed through the air.

 I couldn’t believe it, so I turned my gaze towards the sound. Nishina-san was still sitting there, with her hand inside her skirt and her knees tightly pressed together, trembling with anticipation.

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