Beyond Abyss 4

Chapter 4 Asagiri Himeno

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 I kicked away the hobgoblin, which had weakened and collapsed, and drew my spear as I surveyed the area. The sword and shield wielder had disappeared, and there were no signs of any other enemies.

 ’Master, please take the spear. I will register it as your item before it disappears.’

 Tina’s instruction came flying towards me.

 Oh, come to think of it, I could also take the goblin’s club.

 And in fact, my homemade spear is not very durable, so I should have a spare weapon ready.

 I took the spear from the motionless hobgoblin, and its body transformed into black mist, melting away as if it were disappearing. It completely disappeared, leaving only the magic stone, but the spear held in my hand remained.

 ’Master, I deemed it an emergency earlier, so I took the liberty of updating your status. Please, confirm it.’

 Tina announced, and a status screen appeared before my eyes.

 Tsuchimiya Takeru (16 years old)

 Level 1

 Exp point: 55/22

 Class: Spearman

 Title: Spearman (spear +1)

 Skill: Phoenix Temple Spear Technique Introduction (Hououin-ryu) (Spear +1) First Stepping Stone Okuden Rakansen

 Magic: –

 Hmm!? Has my class changed to Spearman? I also have some school-like skills. Is this the reason why my movements have suddenly improved?

 ”Thank you. That was helpful, Tina.”

 ’No, the application was successful at the last minute. This is probably due to Master’s high potential.’

 ”I guess you can change classes even at level 1. Good, I feel like I can do it.”


 At that moment, a shy voice called out to me from behind.

 Come to think of it, I completely forgot about kouhai-chan.

 When I turned around, kouhai-chan was still sitting flat on the ground, breathing heavely, looking up at me with slightly frightened blue eyes.

 Tina is intangible and she is unrecognizable to anyone but me.

 Well, a guy who starts talking to himself into the air after killing a monster is too scary.

 ”Oh, sorry. And it seems you scraped your knee. Are you hurt else?”

 Kouhai-chan must have scraped her knee when she fell. There’s a little blood on her knee.

 ”No…thank you. Um, thank you very much.”

 As she says this, she lowers her head while sitting, so it looks like she is kneeling on the ground. It’s good to be able to say thank you properly, but she doesn’t have to go that far. I feel a bit ticklish and uncomfortable.

 ”Okay. Would you like some water instead?”

 When I pick up the water bag and ask, kouhai-chan looks up and looks at me like a dog looking at a snack. Wow, she’s so cute. I’m trying hard not to notice her too much, but she’s a beautiful girl that I wouldn’t normally have the chance to get close to.

 When I untied the string on the bag and handed it over, kouhai-chan seemed confused and flustered. If I squeezed it tightly, the contents would spill out, so that wouldn’t work. I had no choice but to hold the top and bottom of the bag and slowly tilt it, and kouhai-chan, understanding my intention, opened her mouth under the spout like a baby bird. It was kind of cute and a little sexy.

 She must have been really thirsty. After all, kouhai-chan continued to drink the water, even though it overflowed from her mouth as she coughed. After drinking a considerable amount, she finally raised her hand and signaled to stop.

 ”Thank you. I feel revived.”


 This is bad. I casually moved behind kouhai-chan, and she turned around with a puzzled expression.

 ”Um… your chest…”

 I didn’t know what to say in a situation like this. However, since it would eventually be revealed, I should avoid any trouble.

 ”Chest? ……Aah!? “

 Kouhai-chan noticed the situation as she looked down at her chest, and quickly covered her chest with both arms.

 Her white button-up shirt was soaked and her bra was clearly visible. It was already slightly visible due to sweat, but now it was even more noticeable. Kouhai-chan’s chest is quite large, which is not good for my lower body.

 ”Ah, I’m sorry.”

 Although it was completely unavoidable, I don’t know which direction the anger of girls in these situations goes, so I apologize while looking away for now.

 ”No, I’m the one who should apologize…”

 kouhai-chan started to say something, but then her eyes widened and she stood up, approaching me.

 It’s troublesome when she comes so confidently because my gaze naturally goes there.

 ”Senpai, your wound!”

 Kouhai-chan touched my left arm with a face that looked like she was about to cry. My button-up shirt’s left sleeve was stained bright red.

 Come to think of it, the hobgoblin’s spear grazed me.

 ”It’s okay, and it’s not that painful. Rather you’re injured too, aren’t you?”

 ”No, it’s not okay! You’re still bleeding!”

 Kouhai-chan, who rolled up her torn short sleeve to check the wound, took my arm with a desperate look on her face and rolled up my sleeve. Ah, it hurt quite a bit just now.

 ”I’m sorry. It’s because I brought those guys here…”

 Kouhai-chan bows her head apologetically while tying the wound with a handkerchief.

 ”No, it’s fine. I was planning to go over there anyway. It’s not your fault, kouhai-chan.”

 ”Oh… I’m sorry. I haven’t even introduced myself yet.”

 Kouhai-chan seems to have realized that she hasn’t introduced herself yet.

 ”I’m Asagiri Himeno from Class 1-A. Um, I’m in the basketball club. Nice to meet you.”

 Saying that, Asagiri-san bows her head slightly. So she plays basketball. She’s not that tall… just a little shorter than me. She has long limbs and a small face, with a slightly non-Japanese style. Her bright chestnut hair and big round eyes are a beautiful shade of blue. I vaguely remember seeing her a few times around the school during junior high. I only saw her, but she left a strong impression as a standout beauty even among the students at our prestigious school.

 And Class A, so she must be in the advanced class. She must be smart too.

 ”Hello, I’m Tsuchimiya Takeru from Class 2-D. Nice to meet you, Asagiri-san.”

 When I introduced myself, Asagiri-san’s expression changed. Although it wasn’t obvious, I could see a hint of caution in her face as she slightly withdrew while covering her chest.

 ”Senpai… Are you that ‘Tsuchimiya-senpai’?”

 ”Huh? Which Tsuchimiya-senpai are you talking about?”

 I know that my reputation is terrible. I have nicknames like “psychopath” and “serial killer.” Because of that, I spend my high school life alone without any friends. Honestly, I’m not really bothered by it, but it doesn’t feel good.

 ”I heard that he had necrophilia with a girl who committed suicide by jumping off a building last year.”

 ”Hey, doing something like that would get me arrested. I would be expelled. I just followed the paramedic’s instructions over the phone and performed CPR.”

 At that time, my face was covered in blood, and the people around me were shocked by my lack of composure. Unfortunately, around that time, I got into trouble with a group of classmates led by a troublemaker named Iwakura, and they spread nasty rumors about me. They even put pressure on those who supported me. To make matters worse, the parents of a deceased girl who heard the rumors stormed into the school and demanded to see me, causing even more commotion.

 ”I also heard that you enjoy killing stray cats. Is that true?”

 I opened my smartphone and showed Asagiri-san the wallpaper.

 ”Oh, it’s cute.”

 ”It’s Nyarlberus, the cat I have at my parents’ house. I call her Nyaruko. I love cats. Anyone who kills cats, I’ll kill them.”

 On the screen, there was a picture of a brown tabby cat curled up happily with narrowed eyes in a white washbasin.

 Whenever I go back home, I take lots of pictures and look at them later to feel comforted. Honestly, I like cats more than humans.

 ”I see. If the rumors were true, you would have been arrested a long time ago. I’m sorry to hear such a strange thing.”

 Asagiri said as she bowed deeply.

 ”No, in this situation, I think it’s only natural to be cautious when you’re alone with a man who has been rumored to have suspicious rumors. The rumors are because the rugby club’s Iwakura Group is spreading the word about something that doesn’t exist.”

 I was surprised because Asagiri-san kept asking me things that were difficult to ask, but it was much better than being dragged along. I guess that’s what she thought as well.

 ”By the way, I heard from my senpai in the club who is dating someone from the rugby club. They told me, ‘Don’t get close to Tsuchimiya, he’s a dangerous guy.’”

 The sports club network, huh? No wonder it’s spreading to all grades. Damn Iwakura!

 ”It’s a terrible reputation. As you can see, I’m just an ordinary high school student.”

 ”…Just ordinary?”

 Maybe it’s just my imagination that Asagiri-san’s eyes are fixed on me.

 ”Does Tsuchimiya-senpai do any martial arts?”

 ”No, I haven’t…it’s the homecoming club. But I’m interested in it, so I guess I’ll watch those shows once in a while.”

 I also try practicing by myself. I tend to suffer from chuunibyou.

 ”But you were amazing just now. You were able to defeat so many goblins in no time.”

 Come to think of it, my skills quickly made me feel like a disciple of some school. I don’t think it was an amateurish move myself, and it can’t be helped if you think that way.

 ”Well, it just happened to work out. I fought before this, so I was kind of used to it.”

 ”…No, it’s amazing. I couldn’t do anything…”

 When she said that, Asagiri-san looked serious and was thinking about something, but when she slowly sat up on her knees, she bowed her head deeply. She’s seriously kneeling down on the ground.

 ”Tsuchimiya-senpai! I have a favor to ask!”

 ”A favor?”

 I had a bad feeling about this.

 ”Yes! I know I’m not in a position to ask for something like this. But please, help me. My friend has been taken by goblins. Please lend me your strength!”

 I watched Asagiri-san’s desperate figure with a cold gaze.

 Getting involved with others inevitably leads to troublesome situations. Since middle school, I have distanced myself from others because I find such things bothersome. I never made an effort to extinguish the rumors about me, nor did I actively observe the attitudes of those around me. I looked down on them with a slightly cynical attitude, thinking, “That’s just how humans are.” I know I’m exaggerating my chuunibyou, though.

 Still, I didn’t intend to leave Asagiri-san, who had gotten involved with me until we introduced ourselves, alone. I had considered accompanying her back to the school until we found the return magic circle, and if she had been alone, I would have continued exploring until I found the magic circle while hunting monsters. So, her favor wasn’t actually that far from my original plan.

 However, due to my resistance to having other people’s circumstances imposed on me, I couldn’t readily agree. Asagiri-san was even kneeling down and begging, taking that into account.

 ”Your friend…”

 ”Yes. I just met Kanon-chan today, and we encouraged each other and said, ‘Let’s survive together.’ On the way, we met up with the boys, but they were all killed by the goblins from earlier… We both ran away, but we were caught up and Kanon was captured… and I abandoned Kanon-chan… I ran away…”

 Asagiri-san shed tears halfway through the conversation, but with a strong light in her eyes, she bit her lip and confessed to her.

 It’s impossible for a mere girl to stand up to herself when a boy being killed right in front of her. It’s natural to run away, and there’s no shame in it.

 Anyway for me, I think I should just find a way out and go home.

 You never know what the other person thinks of someone you just met today. I’m already gone for her, so I don’t think there’s any need to go out of my way to help her and go through all the fear.

 Still, Asagiri-san is trying to stand up to me, even kneeling down on the ground. I respect that spirit and trust it more than someone like me.

 Still, I’m not an ally of justice who helps others in need for free. I came with that kind of character setting. That’s why I…

 ”Does that have any benefits for me?”

 After saying something that a cool-type protagonist would say, I regret it deeply.

 Oh no, I messed up.

 Asagiri-san, with a choked voice, stares straight at me with a strong determination in her eyes.

 Honestly, at this point, I feel an unbearable feeling in my chest. I’m too mentally weak!

 And then, Asagiri-san takes a deep breath and says clearly,

 ”I will pay the reward immediately. Until you are satisfied, please do as you please with me.”

 Asagiri-san, who is bending forward, has a wet shirt sticking to her chest, and her ample cleavage wrapped in a white bra is clearly visible.

 Ah! It’s impossible! I can’t take it anymore!

 When I stand in front of Asagiri-san and bend down, she trembles and shivers.

 I ignore it and sit in a seiza position, pressing my head against the ground.

 ”Sorry! It’s my fault!”

 I’m bowing down.


 I can hear Asagiri’s absent-minded voice, but it doesn’t matter.

 ”I didn’t mean to make Asagiri say such things! I’m the worst! I’m really sorry!”

 Maybe I made a mistake in choosing my character. Since I’m a loner, I don’t have the opportunity to correct my course like others.

 Anyway, my childish attitude compared to Asagiri’s determination is unbearable.

 Above all, when Asagiri said that, it was clear from the determined look in her eyes that it wasn’t some convenient erotic game-like sweet feeling of “I’m okay with being embraced by you,” but a bitter choice.

 Also, Asagiri probably knows about goblin behavior. In games and novels, goblins use females of other species for breeding. This seems to be a setting that was added recently, but considering that goblins mercilessly kill male humans and others while not killing female humans and others, it is highly likely that they have a similar behavior.

 Considering that, it’s not hard to imagine what kind of situation Kanon-chan and the others are currently in.

 Asagiri probably wanted to punish herself for abandoning her. She thought that if she didn’t experience the same thing as her, who is likely being r*ped by goblins, she should be punished. In other words, I am a substitute for the goblins.

 It would be nice if I could have a carefree mindset like “I’m fine with anything as long as I can have s*x,” but it’s impossible for me.

 ”Um… please lift your head, senpai.”

 Asagiri-san is in a panic, but I’m also too embarrassed to lift my head.

 Whether or not I should help is up to my own principles. But I had to take Asagiri-san’s serious conversation seriously. And yet, I acted condescendingly, like a child… How foolish of me.

 Well, I’m an idiot.

 After desperately rubbing my head against the ground for a while, Asagiri-san’s calm voice reached me.

 ”Senpai, your feelings have been fully conveyed. But there’s no need for you to apologize. It’s me who’s making a selfish request. So please lift your head.”

 With a gentle voice, calmness returned. With a feeling of embarrassment, I timidly lifted my head.

 In front of me, Asagiri-san, who was sitting on her knees, was quietly looking at me.

 Her soft expression, like that of a loving mother, seemed a bit more mature, and I couldn’t help but feel intimidated by her beauty. The blush on her cheeks is probably because Asagiri-san is also feeling embarrassed.

 When I straightened my back and corrected my posture, Asagiri-san tightened her expression, bent her waist, and deeply bowed her head.

 ”Once again, I ask you, Tsuchimiya-senpai. Please lend me your strength to help my friend. It is a very dangerous matter, and it has nothing to do with you, senpai. So, even if you just teach me how to fight, it’s fine. Please, I beg you.”

 Asagiri-san remained motionless with her head bowed. Seeing her determination as a kouhai, relying on me, as a man and as a senpai, I couldn’t simply ignore her.

 That’s right, Kondou-senpai.

 My mind was already made up.

 ”Understood. I want to respond to Asagiri-san’s determination. I will rescue Kanon-chan and bring her back to the Return Magic Circle. I promise to do my best until then.”

 I answered seriously while still sitting in seiza. In reality, I don’t know if I can accomplish that. But I will give it my all. This is also a reminder to myself not to belittle Asagiri-san’s serious feelings. After all, I was planning to fight until I got bored. For a little while, isn’t it okay to do it not just for myself but for my cute kouhai?

 I will do it, helping people. And I will accomplish it.

 I swear to Kondou-senpai!

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