Beyond Abyss 64

Chapter 64 Interlude Twenty Two – Watarase Kanon ♯

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[Part 1/2]

 When we open the door and go out onto the rooftop, a breathtaking view of a series of huge mountain peaks stretching from south to east greets your eyes. In the eastern sky, the setting sun is…

 ”Huh? Isn’t the direction of the sunset strange?”

 ”Oh, didn’t you know? The cardinal directions are reversed by 180 degrees from when we were in Japan.”

 Kanon turns around, feeling the cool breeze.

 ”Is that so? Then, the direction of that huge mountain would be north instead of south…”

 Now that it’s mentioned, I felt a slight sense of discomfort. Since it’s another world anyway, I hadn’t really thought deeply about it. Well, it’s not really a problem.

 In the forest, the air feels clean. Maybe because the energy in this world is centered around magic, there is less air pollution.

 As I take a breath, my consciousness suddenly turns to the memories that resurfaced earlier. Even though the memories have resurfaced, they are so fragmented that I can’t quite grasp if they were real or not.

 Was that really my mother? I can’t seem to recall her face clearly, almost as if it’s shrouded in mist. But the atmosphere feels very nostalgic.

 I was told by my father that my mother had passed away. When I asked why my mother wasn’t around, he bluntly replied, “Because she’s dead.” Since I had no memory of my mother, I might have mistakenly assumed she had died before I could remember. If those memories are correct, am I the one who has just forgotten?

 From within that blazing fire emerged a hand… Is that my mom with that intense shouting? When I try to remember, it feels like my brain is twisting. It’s like I shouldn’t remember, but I have to remember…



 When I realized it, Kanon was clinging to me, looking up at me with a worried expression.

 ”A-Are you okay?”

 ”Yeah, I’m fine. Sorry for making you worry.”

 Let’s try not to think about it now. If I force myself to remember, I somehow feel unwell. Remembering the past now won’t change the current situation, and causing worry to everyone is the real issue.

 ”Let’s rest on that bench over there!”

 Kanon took my hand, and we sat down on the bench side by side.

 The rooftop is surrounded by a high iron fence with a screen about chest height, and it is separated from the adjacent special room by a low iron fence. There are benches for resting, tables for meals, a gardening space resembling a vegetable garden, and a barbecue grill, but it still feels too spacious and empty.

 ”Don’t get too comfortable here.”

 ”Yes! I love this place too.”

 Kanon smiles happily, but when our eyes meet, she blushes and quickly looks away. However, my right hand is still resting on Kanon’s warm hands on her lap.

 Sitting down, the view of the forest disappears, but when I raise my gaze a little, all I see in front of me are the majestic mountains and the sky, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. The edge of the snow-covered mountain is bathed in the sunset, glowing a light peach color, and I can gaze at it endlessly with my mind empty.

 Kanon glances at me from time to time. It would be insincere to inconvenience her without any explanation.”

 ”Something scary happened in the past, and it seems like I have forgotten about it.”


 ”Just now, I remembered it a little bit. It was just a fleeting memory, so in the end, I don’t really know what it was.”

 ”Is that so…”

 ”But it doesn’t matter to me now. I’ll stop worrying about it. Sorry for making you worry.”

 ”…Yeah. But don’t push yourself too hard, Tsuchimiya-senpai.”

 When I smiled, Kanon seemed relieved. She leaned her head on my shoulder and acted spoiled.

 Come to think of it, while Kanon and I have had normal conversations and moments like this, it’s the first time we’ve been alone together since Kanon joined the party.

 As I felt Kanon’s warm body temperature and gazed at the scenery in front of me, I started to feel sleepy. Kanon seemed to notice that.

 ”You seem a bit tired. Want to lie down? Tsuchimiya-senpai.”

 Kanon patted her lap.

 ”Um… is it okay?”

 It means a lap pillow, right? I feel a bit flustered.

 ”Of course it’s fine. Tsuchimiya-senpai, you can treat me however you like.”

 Kanon blushed shyly as she answered. I had heard from Higurashi that Kanon was a member of my harem, but hearing it directly from her made my heart race.

 ”W-well then, excuse me.”

 Since I’m not in that kind of relationship with Kanon yet, and it’s the first time a girl my age has given me a lap pillow, I feel nervous.

 Lying down with my head on Kanon’s soft thighs, I couldn’t see her face at all because her impressive bust filled my field of vision.

 ”How is it? Are you uncomfortable?”

 ”N-no, it’s great.”


 Heat seemed to rise from her chest with a sense of weight, and I felt like my face was heating up.


 Suddenly, soft and warm breasts pressed against my whole face.

 ”Oh! I’m sorry! I was trying to see Tsuchimiya-senpai’s face…”

 ”It’s okay. Thank you.”

 Of course, Kanon couldn’t see my face either. It’s probably a relief since I must look sloppy right now.

 Kanon’s hand gently touched my profile, while the other hand rested on my chest.

 ”Um… is it okay if I touch you?”

 She spoke hesitantly.

 ”Yeah… it’s reassuring.”

 ”Hehe, just go ahead and sleep like this. I’ll wake you up if there’s a call.”

 ”Yeah, thank you.”

 I felt truly at ease. My consciousness seemed to melt into Kanon’s warmth, and before I knew it, I felt like I was having a happy dream.

 When I realized it, the surroundings had completely darkened. Njorn was peeking out from between the buttons under Kanon’s chest, looking down at me. Our eyes met, and they slowly retreated back. Kanon’s voice came down as I moved my head.

 ”Good morning, Tsuchimiya-senpai. Did you sleep well?”

 ”Yeah. Good morning, Kanon. I slept well. How long did I sleep?”

 I asked as I slowly sat up. I felt refreshed. The rooftop was illuminated by the light from the outdoor lamps.

 ”About an hour. There hasn’t been any summons from Himeno-san and the others yet.”

 I must have slept quite soundly. Himeno and the others seem to be taking their time, but are they okay?

 ”It’s getting a bit chilly.”

 The southern wind had turned into a northern wind, feeling cool. Only my face was still warm from Kanon’s body heat lingering.



 ”That big mountain is called Mt. Greyvalor. During this time of year, when the sun sets, the wind direction changes, and a cold wind blows down from Mt. Greyvalor. They call it the Greyvalor Downwind, as the instructor explained.”

 ”Is that so…”

 I missed out on a lot of information because I spent the first week holed up in the dungeon.

 ”Kanon, aren’t you cold?”

 ”Oh, no. I have a higher body temperature, so I’m quite resistant to the cold. Um, if you don’t mind, could I warm you up?”

 Saying that, Kanon stood up and sat sideways on my lap, snuggling close.

 ”You’re really warm.”

 As I wrapped my arm around Kanon’s back, Kanon happily clung to me. Kanon’s body was warm like a hot pack. After embracing quietly for a while, Kanon slowly moved away.

 ”Umm, T-Tsuchimiya-senpai…”

 Kanon’s face turned bright red as she looked at my face and then averted her eyes.

 ”Um, yeah…”

 As a not-so-innocent guy, I could sense what was going on. In the past, I would have completely denied that possibility. Just to confirm, I slowly embraced her and brought my face closer. Kanon kept her face turned towards me with her big eyes closed.

 Her beautifully shaped cherry blossom-colored lips slightly parted, making my heart skip a beat. I couldn’t help but wonder why such a cute girl would fall for someone like me.

 As our lips met slowly, for a moment, Kanon’s hand that was holding my shoulder tightened slightly.


 When our lips parted, Kanon had a flushed face as if she was in hot water. Once again, Kanon closed her eyes and pushed her lips forward, so this time, I firmly pressed my lips against hers to savor the sensation.

 When we separated, Kanon pressed her lips against mine strongly. Her body temperature rose, and she felt hot like she was burning up. We continued to kiss each other passionately multiple times.

 As we continued to kiss each other passionately, I pressed my face against her neck and stopped moving.

 ”N-no… I can’t stop…”

 Kanon whispered hoarsely. When I kissed her neck lightly, Kanon let out a seductive “Ah!” and writhed her hot body.

 I might have been a little mean. I tightened my embrace and waited for Kanon’s breathing to calm down.

 As she eventually calmed down, Kanon clung to my neck and opened her mouth.

 ”…I, I wanted to get closer to Tsuchimiya-senpai, so I enrolled in Seito Academy. But in the end, I couldn’t even talk to Tsuchimiya-senpai alone. That’s why being like this now feels like a dream.”

 ”W-wait, you enrolled in Seito Academy for me?”


 ”Who told you I was going to Seito Academy?”

 I don’t have any friends, so I shouldn’t have told anyone. Do the staff members know about it?

 Kanon lifted her face and looked at me.

 ”The security system at Meihou Junior High School is so lax, so I quickly found out.”


 ”I also looked up Tsuchimiya-senpai’s new address, but that was tough. Seito Academy’s security is like a strong firewall, so I initially tried to investigate through Tsuchimiya-senpai’s mother’s company, but that was even tougher. I managed to infiltrate the system from a terminal of one of their business partners to extract information, but all I got were dummy real estate properties owned by the company, and I couldn’t find the right one, so it was a struggle. In the end, after a year of breaking through the school’s firewall, I found out that Tsuchimiya-senpai had moved into the dormitory, so I also focused on studying for exams.”

 ”O… Oh, I see.”

 So, she really cared about me. My spine felt cold, but I shouldn’t dwell on it too much.

 ”Well, let’s just head back to the room. I’m also curious about Himeno and the others.”


 As we descended the stairs and returned to the room, I noticed that there were more people.

 ”Himecchi, the fire on the frying pan is too strong! There’s too much oil! It’ll end up fried like this!”


 ”Until you get used to it, start by cooking at a lower temperature. If it burns, it’s over.”

 ”Yes, understood, Sensei!”

 For some reason, Hano-san and Himeno were standing in the kitchen.

 ”Oh, Tsuchimiya-kun.”

 ”Are you feeling okay?”

 ”Welcome back, Tsuchimiya-senpai.”

 ”Oh, sorry for intruding.”

 Maekawa-san and Satou-san, who were sitting at the table drinking tea, called out to me.

 Higurashi seemed to be making sauce with Nishina-san at the table.

 ”Hey, what’s up with Maekawa-san and the others?”

 ”I was just curious, so I came to see what was going on…”

 ”It seemed like something troublesome was happening, so I’m just here to help out a bit.”

 ”Thanks, I really appreciate it.”

 Seems like something really troublesome happened after all.

 ”Over here, all that’s left is to thinly slice the leeks… Oh, Watarase-san, want to give it a try too?”

 Nishina-san nervously looks at Kanon.

 ”Y-yes… I’ll do my best!”

 After Kanon washes her hands and returns, she and Nishina-san head towards the spacious kitchen together.

 ”Maekawa-san and the others are good at cooking, huh? Hano-san seems even more skilled than I thought.”

 ”We’re just average, but Tomoko (Nishina)’s family runs a long-standing soba noodle shop. Chikako (the friendly)… was a bit surprising to me too.”

 Satou-san gazes at Hano-san with a distant look in her eyes.

 ”Arrange the skins with flour on the bottom. Cover and steam for three and a half minutes. The water is already boiling, so let’s put in the pasta in the meantime.”

 ”Yes! Hano-senpai!”

 ”Just call me Chika.”

 ”Yes! Chikako-senpai!”

 Himeno is lively. Himeno is fundamentally an athletic type after all.

 ”Oh! Tsuchimiya-senpai! I’m making chicken pasta right now!”

 Himeno’s eyes sparkle as she waves her hand.

 ”Oh, I’m looking forward to it.”

 ”That’s good. Then, put in the pasta and warm up the pasta sauce. Bring the frozen clams. Cooking is all about preparation and timing.”


 Hano-san puts the pasta into the pot of a pressure cooker with boiling water and lectures Himeno on something.

 ”Aren’t Maekawa-senpai and the others going to eat together?”

 After Higurashi finished making the sauce, she asked while cleaning up the seasonings and dishes,

 ”Yeah. We had a meaningful conversation today, so I’ll stop bothering you any further.”

 I wonder what Maekawa-san and Higurashi were talking about? It seems like Higurashi and Himeno are getting closer to Maekawa-san and the others.

 ”I think you mentioned going to a special zone. If you haven’t decided on a place yet, it’s good to bring the school newspaper. There’s an ad page with a map, and it includes food reviews of recommended places.”

 ”Thanks, that’s helpful.”

 Higurashi brings the school newspaper from the living room and hands it to Maekawa-san.

 ”Himecchi! Don’t swing the knife up high like that!”


 Although there are lively voices coming from the kitchen, it seems to be progressing smoothly without any major trouble.

 Before long, a splendid chicken pasta is lined up on the table.

 ”Oh wow! This is amazing!”

 On top of pasta with a rich Bolognese-style sauce, there are pieces of chicken with a crispy sear. The chicken is cut into one-centimeter slices and beautifully garnished with white hair leeks and herbs.

 ”I did it, Tsuchimiya-senpai!”

 ”Himecchi, you did your best!”

 ”Yes! Thank you for your guidance, Chikako-senpai!”

 Himeno tears up and hugs Hano-san.

 ”Nyahaha, you’re being overly dramatic. But if you’re this happy, then it was worth teaching you. Eat it before it gets cold.”

 ”Oh! We’ll take care of the dishes! We can’t let our senpais do that much for us.”

 Higurashi hurriedly stops Nishina-san, who was about to start washing the dishes.

 ”Well then, shall we take our leave now?”

 Maekawa-san and Satou-san stood up and moved while chatting, quickly joined by Hano-san and Nishina-san.

 ”Sorry for the trouble. Thanks, everyone.”

 ”This is no big deal at all! Feel free to rely on us anytime!”

 ”Thank you, Chikako-senpai! Tomoko-senpai (Nishina)!”

 ”Yeah… thank you, senpai.”

 ”We really appreciate your help this time. If you ever have any problems, don’t hesitate to ask for help.”

 ”Hehe, I’m glad I got to talk with everyone today. Well then, see you later.”

 ”Tsuchimiya-kun, see you tomorrow too.”

 ”Yeah, see you tomorrow.”

 Then Maekawa-san and the others left easily, and we gathered around the dining table.

* * *

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