Beyond Abyss 71

Chapter 71 The Strongest Vs The Strongest

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 ”Kibakura Reiji has returned to the boys’ dormitory building B and is currently not moving. It seems he hasn’t contacted his subordinates within the school.”

 Secretary Tsukuba took over the surveillance of Kibakura Reiji, the leader of Demiurge, and returned to the headquarters.

 ”Still not moving, huh… During the third break, send a messenger to our supporters, and when classes end, ask them to gather in front of the headquarters. Let them know there might be a battle with Demiurge.”

 ”Please use my team members as messengers as well.”

 Upon receiving the message, Amahara Karen made a decision, and Ukita Shoko (Amahara’s classmate) offered personnel support. Vice President Sogahara, Ukita’s party members, and other members are also waiting in the conference room.

 ”Understood. I will prepare immediately.”

 Secretary Tsukuba left the meeting room and entered the adjacent document room. While looking at the list of supporters, he started assigning messengers to the available personnel.

 In the case of Demiurge, the process is such that once a few of his independent executives are contacted, the executives will then pass on the message to their subordinates. However, even these executives have not been contacted yet. Although it doesn’t seem like an immediate threat, caution must be maintained.

 The issue is not knowing how long this situation will last. Even if the Student Council gather supporters for vigilance, they cannot keep them restrained indefinitely. Since diving into the dungeon is directly linked to their lives, the number of people held back must be kept to a minimum while monitoring Demiurge’s movements. Besides, the Student Council’s funds are still tight, so they cannot offer sufficient rewards, and it is uncertain whether they can secure the necessary numbers. And when it comes to volunteers willing to cooperate with Demiurge, the available numbers will be limited.

 While assigning personnel considering the location of the supporters’ classroom, a hurried sound of footsteps could be heard in the hallway, and the door to the document room opened.

 ”Secretary Tsukuba! Kibakura has moved!”

 One of the members who was in charge of watching over Kibakura confirmed the sight of Secretary Tsukuba and loudly reported.

 ”What’s going on!? What’s the situation?”

 ”Kibakura is leading over a dozen members of Iwakura’s team (Axe user who battled Tsuchimiya) who stayed in the dormitory towards the school. The purpose is still unknown, but they are armed with wooden swords.”

 ”Wooden swords? Aren’t they supposed to dive into the dungeon? They wouldn’t be planning a raid with that number, right?”

 Currently, there are over 30 people, including rearguard positions, stationed in the Student Council headquarters building and the adjacent martial arts hall. If they were planning a raid, a dozen people would be too few.”

 Upon hearing a voice, Amahara, Vice President Sogahara, and Ukita (Amahara’s classmate) came out of the meeting room.

 ”If Kibakura calls out, people will gather immediately. Just in case, let’s also get ready for action!”


 When Vice President Sogahara gave instructions, a member of Secretary Tsukuba’s team, who was on lookout duty, rushed in.

 ”Kibakura didn’t head to the teleportation facility but entered the main entrance lobby! Even if he’s heading to the rugby club room, he’ll pass by this area!”

 Tension rose suddenly. Recently, Kibakura was not supposed to set foot in the school building.

 ”Send a message to all members to gather urgently with rearguard positions in place! But, do not approach the corridor on the 1st floor! Also, make sure to inform Hatsune and Yanagi-kun (Kendo club’s captain) from the dojo! Vanguard members should equip wooden swords and wait in front of the main entrance lobby. Do not go outside yet.”

 Amahara gave instructions and headed towards the 1st floor, followed by Secretary Tsukuba. Messenger members dashed out from the entrance and entered the school building.

 Vice President Sogahara led 6 vanguard members in front of the glass door, while Togamine led about 10 members down the stairs to the 2nd floor, joining Vice President Sogahara’s group. Next to the dojo, there should be a squad of 5 led by Kendo club’s captain Yanagi waiting.

 Amahara, Ukita (Amahara’s classmate), Treasurer Inami Hitomi, and Secretary Tsukuba were all holding wooden swords as they gazed at the corridor outside the window glass on the left side of the school building.

 Soon, a giant emerged from Building B, causing everyone to gasp. While they had heard stories, most of the members were seeing Kibakura Reiji for the first time.

 ”What the heck is that… that’s not human anymore, right?”

 Treasurer Inami Hitomi’s trembling voice echoed in the tense atmosphere.

 Kibakura veered off the corridor and entered the courtyard, heading straight towards them. The abnormally large figure of Iwakura Eiji (the axe user), who should have been a giant accompanying him, looked childlike.

 ”Kibakura… is he serious!”

 Vice President Sogahara, who had been peering outside through the glass door, pushed it open and stepped outside.

 ”Togamine-kun, you need to stay here in case you provoke Kibakura, so you should wait here unless there’s a fight and protect Amahara-kun.”


 Vice President Sogahara turned around and said, then slowly left with the group.

 ”I’m going too. I’ll leave Amahara-senpai to you, Treasurer Hitomi and the others.”

 ”Uh, okay…”

 Secretary Tsukuba also moved to the back while holding a wooden sword in his left hand and left the building.

 Vice President Sogahara and the others gathered away from the entrance, facing the approaching Kibakura slowly. The wooden sword in their left hand was placed at their waist, still in its sheath.

 When Kibakura reached Vice President Sogahara, they stopped walking. The pressure made everyone except Vice President Sogahara take a step back involuntarily.

 ”Hey Kibakura, what’s up?”

 Vice President Sogahara smiled gently as he spoke to his friend.

 ”Vice President Sogahara, huh… Just taking a little walk. Mind moving out of the way?”

 Kibakura looked down at Vice President Sogahara and glanced at the kendo club’s captain Yanagi and the others quietly coming out of the dojo.

 ”Sorry, but I can’t let you pass through here. It would be appreciated if you could go that way.”

 Vice President Sogahara pointed to the large space between the headquarters facing the schoolyard and the C building.

 ”That won’t do. As the leader of Demiurge, who stands for freedom, I can’t afford to act like I’m bowing to the Student Council. I’m going through here!”

 When Kibakura roars, his followers split to the left and right and charged at Vice President Sogahara. Seeing this, Student Council’s team members counterattacking. The members of the Kendo Club, captain Yanagi and others, join the fray.

 His followers position themselves away from Kibakura, leaving only Kibakura and Vice President Sogahara in the area.

 Student councils’ members and supporters rush from the school building, but it seems that students under Demiurge’s command are also appearing.

 It would be bad if this turned into an all-out battle. If this was just an attack by one executive, the chances of Kibakura’s members from other squads coming to support are low. However, with Kibakura present, those who show loyalty will quickly come to the scene. The Student Council side has fewer numbers than Demiurge, and some may choose to observe the situation due to Kibakura’s presence. Right now, the only option is to defeat Kibakura.

 Vice President Sogahara swiftly lunged into Kibakura’s guard and struck with a diagonal slash as soon as he gripped the wooden sword.

 Due to his title as a Magic Swordsman granting a +2 bonus, a defense barrier of around +1 was ineffective. However, the impact felt like hitting a tough membrane of air.


 Vice President Sogahara quickly stepped back to create distance, and Kibakura looked down at Vice President Sogahara as if nothing had happened.

 ”What’s wrong? I’m about to yawn even during though I’m warming up.”

 As Kibakura smirked, he slowly lowered his stance into a combat position.

 ”Darn it!”

 Kibakura had already seen through his moves. It wouldn’t be easy to strike again. Normally, the basic principle of swordsmanship involved striking while slipping behind the opponent’s side to evade counterattacks. However, in order to prevent this man from reaching the headquarters, he had to continue facing him head-on.

 ”What’s the matter, can’t keep up?”

 Kibakura slowly closes the distance. Unable to retreat, Vice President Sogahara jumps in again, and Kibakura thrusts out his right hand.

 As expected, despite his appearance, Kibakura’s reaction is quite fast. But Vice President Sogahara’s step is so quick that only a few people, even among the skilled kendo club members, can barely keep up with it.

 Evading, Kibakura strikes with a wooden sword at his right hand, but Kibakura pays it no mind.

 ”I wanted to fight you in the dungeon, but fate has brought us here. Oh well.”

 Two student council’s members attack Kibakura from behind, but as Kibakura turns around and casually swings his right hand, the members are sent flying like toys. In that moment, Vice President Sogahara steps in, strikes Kibakura’s knee with a wooden sword, and then retreats.

 ”Hey, that hurt a bit.”

 ”Argh! You monster!”


 Two kendo club members leaped out from the side and attacked Kibakura. Kibakura turned to face them, taking a hit to the torso and chest. Then, dodging to the side, he struck them with his thick arm like a lariat, making them spin and fall down. This man didn’t seem to mind taking attacks similar to wooden sword strikes.

 On the other side, Demiurge’s members, running towards the entrance of the headquarters, were instantly crushed by Togamine’s squad coming out from inside. Togamine’s group quickly deployed near the entrance, eliminating enemies and setting up a defense line.

 Before they knew it, both sides had significantly increased in numbers, with battles taking place all over the courtyard.

 Vice President Sogahara, after confirming the solid defense of the headquarters, focused his attention on Kibakura in front of him.

 Probably Kibakura’s target is either Togamine or Amahara. Even if they let those two escape, the Student Council headquarters building will be taken over. Either way, it means the Student Council’s defeat. Right now, the only way for the Student Council to survive is to defeat Kibakura.

 Vice President Sogahara quietly held his breath and swiftly attacked from a poised stance.


 He slipped past Kibakura’s arm, added speed to her passing blow, struck him in the torso, and then retreated. With a dull sound, his wooden sword hit Kibakura’s side as he turned around, and a gust of wind rushed past.

 Both the speed and power have clearly increased a level.

 But it’s not enough yet! It’s not over yet!

 Vice President Sogahara’s concentration intensifies.

 He moves around freely, launching relentless attacks while dodging Kibakura’s defense-ignoring strikes.

 ”Hey, what’s that…?”

 ”It’s too fast to see…”

 The students nearby fighting stopped and a commotion spread.

 As they focus on delivering a stronger blow, Vice President Sogahara’s magic starts taking a familiar form.

 Gradually, the sound of hitting Kibakura’s flesh changes.


 With the heaviest impact sound so far, Kibakura’s skin bursts.


 A strike hits Kibakura’s thigh as their movement halts, causing the fabric of his custom student pants to burst.

 ”That guy’s using magic techniques!”

 ”Without any skill support!?”

 It was Vice President Sogahara’s gift to imbue his sword with wind magic, known as the ‘Wind God Sword (Fujin Ken).’ The skill automatically supports the body’s movements and the flow of magic, but with training, one can eventually manifest it on their own. From a young age, he honed his concentration and innate talent through the training of the Hokushin Ittoryu style (Northern Star Single Sword Style), perfectly replicating the flow of magic.

 The wind magic not only enveloped his wooden sword but also wrapped around both of his legs, increasing his speed.

 Before long, Kibakura had stopped his attacks and stood frozen in a defensive posture.

 ”No way… Is Kibakura-san being used as a punching bag!”

 ”Hey, isn’t that bad news, what’s happening there!”

 Kibakura’s whole body was soaked in blood, unable to do anything as he was being cut. Three members of Demiurge tried to assist, stepping into Vice President Sogahara’s territory, but in the next moment, they were thrown back, covered in blood as if caught in a storm.

 Vice President Sogahara stopped his feet and took a deep breath. Even with Evold’s stamina, there was a limit to moving without breathing.

 He held his breath again and charged at Kibakura like a gust of wind, preparing to deliver a powerful blow.

 However, Kibakura, who had been in a defensive stance, suddenly spread his arms wide, blocking Vice President Sogahara’s path.


 To avoid the collision, Kibakura swung a wooden sword down at his chest and abruptly stopped, then quickly leaped diagonally backward.

 But Kibakura was also flying in the same direction at an incredible speed as Vice President Sogahara. The distance between the two didn’t change, like dancing a pair dance. Kibakura grinned with a toothy smile.

 Kibakura’s large hand, like a glove, aimed at Vice President Sogahara and made a crushing motion as if squashing a mosquito, and then, Bang! A tremendous explosion echoed throughout the school.

 The booming sound from the depths of the stomach made all the students in the courtyard stop moving.

 In the dust cloud rising from the explosion, Kibakura stood clapping both hands. Under those huge hands, Vice President Sogahara spread his long legs, touched the ground with one hand, and barely avoided the deathly bowing posture.

 When Kibakura released his palms, Vice President Sogahara pushed the ground with one hand and sprang up, slipping his body through the gap between Kibakura’s hands to deliver a punch.

 Filled with complete murderous intent, the punch shot straight towards Kibakura’s throat.

 However, with lightning-fast reflexes, Kibakura twisted his body back to dodge, only managing to graze the skin of his chin.

 Seeing this as a critical moment, Vice President Sogahara paused and unleashed a Double Thrust. The precise thrust aimed at the center of the throat was blocked by Kibakura’s thick left arm wrapped around his neck.

 Simultaneously, what seemed like a casual right body uppercut came flying. Barely dodging the fist like a lump of rock, Kibakura crossed his arms in front of his neck.

 When Vice President Sogahara raised a wooden sword filled with magic towards the empty torso as if it were a chance, a long and thick rod could be seen floating horizontally behind Kibakura’s head. The end of the rod was somehow gripped in Kibakura’s right hand.


 Vice President Sogahara reflexively jumped back, but he couldn’t escape the range of the two-meter long hexagonal rod that was swung out at lightning speed.

 Vice President Sogahara, with his superhuman reflexes, raised the wooden sword, but the hexagonal rod broke the wooden sword and dug into Vice President Sogahara’s body, sending him flying.

 Thrown 10m (33ft) away and rolling on the ground like a ragdoll, Vice President Sogahara was approached by Demiurge’s members nearby, who raised their wooden swords.

 Secretary Tsukuba then knocked them down from behind.


 Secretary Tsukuba tries to help, but stops when he notices Vice President Sogahara’s right arm bending in a strange direction.


 ”Tsukuba-kun! Sogahara-senpai!”

 Just as Treasurer Sugimoto Rikka, who had just returned from a dive, and Kijima Shiori (Vice President Sogahara Takashi’s girlfriend), who seemed to have been with her party, rushed over to the two.

 Kibakura only moved his head to look at Vice President Sogahara.

 ”I was planning to go barehanded this time, but you made me use a weapon… You’re too valuable to crush here. Watch as the Student Council falls apart.”


 ”Takashi! Don’t move!”

 Kijima (Sogahara’s girlfriend) hurriedly embraces Vice President Sogahara from behind to stop him from getting up.

 ”Tsukuba-kun… Sugimoto-kun… Please help Amahara-kun and the others escape. This time, we’ve lost.”


 Treasurer Sugimoto Rikka, trembling, looked at Kibakura who turned his back. Secretary Tsukuba grimaced and clenched his fist.

 ”Sogahara-senpai… I’ll go get help.”


 ”He might be back in the classroom… Maybe he…”

 Secretary Tsukuba slowly stood up.

 ”It’s impossible! That monster… There’s no one in this school who can stop him!”

 ”Please wait! I will definitely… bring him back!”

 Leaving Vice President Sogahara’s voice behind, Secretary Tsukuba ran towards the school building.

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