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  • [Revision] Chapter 349, Part 2 of Confinement King

    Hello, everyone. We wanted to give you all a heads-up about a revision for Chapter 349, Part 2 of “Confinement King” following John Doe’s message. After carefully reviewing it again, we’ve noticed the chapter is not complete. But now, the chapter has been fixed. Best regards, TinyTL

  • [System Change] Reactivation of Google Translate Feature

    Reactivation of Google Translate Feature! We’re excited to announce that the Google Translate feature is now back! Instant translation is available for all posts. Overcome language barriers and engage effortlessly. Just select your preferred language. Enjoy! TinyTL

  • [System Change] RSS Re-activation

    RSS Re-activation We have activated the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feature following Besbin’s contact message. This allows you to subscribe to specific content categories and receive automatic updates whenever new content is published. Stay informed effortlessly by subscribing and using an RSS reader of your choice. Enhance your experience with our platform today! Thank you,TinyTL

  • [Important] Website Hosting Transition from Blogger to WordPress

    Website Hosting Transition from Blogger to WordPress Hello everyone, We are excited to announce a significant change to our website hosting platform. After careful consideration and analysis, we have decided to migrate our website from Blogger to WordPress. This transition will enable us to enhance the overall user experience, provide better functionality, and offer a…