Confinement 146

Chapter 146 Behind the Scenes of the Death Game Part 1

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 We were sitting around a sofa set in the “Bedroom of the Confinement King”.

 Clockwise from me are Kurosawa-san, Shima-san, Ryoko, Kyoko, Kaneko-san, and Masaki-chan.

 All of them are participants in the death game.

 In our private room in the Death game Area, there is a door that leads to this, the “Bedroom of the Confinement King”.

 We faked the night as morning to President Kurashima and Ponpoko-san so that we ourselves could go on with our normal lives during the day.

 While pretending to stay in our rooms, Shima-san goes to the club activities and I attend the radio gymnastics. Of course, Kurosawa-san and Masaki-chan will also go about their normal lives.

 It is now past ten o’clock in the evening.

 Aside from Kurosawa-san, who is supposed to be staying in Tokyo, Masaki-chan and Shima-san are supposed to go home after this.

 The monitors temporarily set up in this room are showing the situation in each room.

 Kirihito Hikami and Kiyoka Yamauchi were still at the round table in the Death Game Area. Hikami is holding Yamauchi’s hand and seems to be trying to persuade her to do something.

 In the President’s room, there was Akira Mizuki.

 They are sitting on a bed and a chair respectively, and are talking with serious faces.

 Incidentally, Ponpoko-san was lying on the bed. She is a surprisingly strong-minded person.

 ”Anyway, everyone. Thanks for your help”

 When I opened my mouth, everyone replied, “You worked hard~”.

 ”Now that we’ve started, is there anything that’s bothering you, or anything that’s troubling you? Is everything okay?”

 ”I’m fine for now, we just started”

 When Masaki-chan says this with a wry smile, Kurosawa-san nods her head.

 ”It was hard for me… to have to do something so mean to Fumi-kun”

 ”Hmm? But, you were pretty excited, weren’t you? It’s been a long time since someone stepped on my head, so it reminded me of a lot of things… Actually, I think Misuzu still hates me…”

 ”No, no, no, that’s not true! I’m sorry! Ah, geez, Fumi-kun’s being mean!”

 I smile at Kurosawa-san, who puffs up her cheeks and clings to me.

 Then she looked up at me.

 ”If you want to get even, Fumi-kun, you can do it now… we have a bed”

 ”Misuzu-chan, don’t try to sneak up on me!”

 Kurosawa-san puffs out her cheeks again as Masaki-chan clings to me from the other side.

 ”Kurosawa-san, you have to work hard tomorrow. Besides, I have to treat Ryoko well today… Ryoko, are you okay?”

 ”Yes. It’s a waste of words”

 In fact, as far as I can see, Ryoko is as usual. She’s even changed into new clothes.

 ”That hurt, didn’t it? I’m sorry”

 When I said that…

 ”I’m used to being penetrated by Master’s cock”

 She replied with a horrible joke. With a straight face.

 Kyoko looked at Ryoko twice with a startled expression.

 Well, Ryoko didn’t seem to be the type to talk about vulgar things.

* * *

 ”By the way… what’s that thing? Aramaki-san”

 ”Don’t ask me, please”

 At Shima-san’s question, everyone looked at each other delicately.

 I don’t understand that stuff either.

 It’s too mysterious. Is that devilishly cute? In a way, it was freaky.

 ”So, other than Aramaki-san, is there anything else that’s bothering you?”

 When I changed the subject, Kaneko-san opened her mouth, brushing up her one-length hair.

 ”I’ve been wondering why Kiyoka Yamauchi has been so quiet… she’s a cunning woman, that one”

 ”Maybe she’s just checking us out? Especially if you call her cunning”

 ”Yeah. I think she’s probably doing the math. At the moment she’s in a group that’s sure to get four votes but who knows when she’ll betray”

 Kaneko-san is a type of person I’ve never seen around me before. Her behavior is seductive, yet quiet…

 Then, Shima-san raised her hand, “Yes, me!”.

 ”There’s something that’s bothering me, but there’s also something I want you to take care of”

 ”What is it?”

 ”You said the polls open at nine in the evening, but it’s actually nine in the morning. But, I have club activities from 9:00…”

 ”Oh, I see… I forgot. Well, since the President and the others don’t know the exact time, let’s start the vote counting at around 7:30″

 ”If you do that, I can manage…”

 Then I look around at everyone again, and open my mouth.

 ”Anyway, in the first round of voting, all of our votes will go to Kurosawa-san. If Kurosawa-san herself votes for Akira Mizuki, then at least five votes will be cast for Kurosawa-san. Even if the Presidents and Ponpoko-san voted for different people, it would be the same percentage of five votes, and the possibility of Ponpoko-san and the Presidents teaming up is quite low”

 ” I agree”

 Shima-san shrugged.

 ”Our goal is to show Kurosawa-san that she can take on a mission and avoid instant death… so she’s going to have to do her best”

 With that, I turned to Kurosawa-san and she nodded her head.

 ”Well… I’m still an aspiring actress. I’m going to show you that I’d rather be dead than not be able to do it”

 I patted her head, and Kurosawa-san narrowed her eyes like a cat in the sun.

 ”Well, I guess we’re done for now… Kaneko-san, how do you feel now?”

 Kaneko-san smiled a troubled smile and ruffled her hair again.

 ”Revenge has finally begun… that’s why I feel so unsettled. When all is said and done as promised, I’ll be yours. You can boil me or roast me or do whatever you want with me”

 Then Kurosawa-san opened her mouth with a look of disbelief on her face.

* * *

 ”Maybe it’s an exchange condition, or maybe it’s a reward for being Fumi-kun’s thing…”

 Masaki-chan and Ryoko nodded their heads, and Shima-san smiled. Kyoko, on the other hand, looked dumbfounded, “How can that be?”.

 Kaneko-san then smiled at Kurosawa-san,

 ”I’m sorry but I still don’t know what I like about him. At least for now, I’m just using him”

 That’s what she said.

◇ ◇ ◇

 Yesterday, I also beat Rena-san by -votes- and got the -first place-.

 I think the important thing was that I was able to show my nipples to Rena-san’s regulars.

 I’ve got two days’ worth of reprieve if I lose a place. But things are pretty bad today. From what I’ve seen so far, I’m probably in third place for now. The current number one is not Rena-san but Mako-san.

 ”Mako-chi, you’re a real threat today. What’s up?”

 ”Yeah, Taka-chi’s working really hard, so I thought I’d work hard too”


 (Don’t work so hard! Don’t get in my way!)

 I forced a smile while shouting inside my heart. I feel my cheeks twitching.

 I know I’m getting impatient. But so far today, Mako has collected as many votes as Rena-san and I have.

 She’s on a good roll, or maybe she’s just in a mood….

 ”What’s wrong? Taka-chi, you look so weird”

 In front of me, a former Rena-san regular, whom I had just snatched yesterday, has been sitting there for a long time.

 I wonder if he’s planning to stay until I show him my nipples.

 ”No, that’s not true! Ryo-san came and made me happy happy! It really made me so happy!”

 I put on my best sales smile to the customer who looked a little worried.

 In my mind, I said, “Just vote and go home. I have to increase the turnover rate!” while stomping on the ground.

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