Confinement 148

Chapter 148 I Want to Bully Her while She Cries

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 Everyone was just standing there, dumbfounded, not making a sound.

 Tomorrow is gonna be my death. I think that’s what they were thinking.

 There was no one to ridicule Misuzu-chan, who was in tears.

 The two new models who had thrown her out now looked bloodthirsty with their cheeks flushed.

 They must have understood just how bad the situation was.

 [Fufun, this is a death game, Jake. If it doesn’t kill you physically, it will kill you socially, Jake]

 As if she knew what we were thinking, Aramaki-san said to us.

 No, instead, it is much worse in reality, because even if a person dies socially, it does not mean that he or she will be relieved, and it is possible that he or she will be killed physically in addition to being killed socially.

 (Who… is the mastermind?)

 But if the mastermind is found, will this game be finished? Maybe Aramaki-san won’t care and will continue the game? If so, then the search for the mastermind is meaningless.

 I turn my attention to Misuzu-chan again. She’s sitting on the floor, her face crumpled in tears.

 I felt as if I hadn’t seen a person cry like this for a long time.

 She sobbed and sobbed, and appealed to Aramaki-san on the monitor as if begging for mercy.

 ”Uee, Sob, please spare me… I don’t want to have s*x with that u-ugly man… this is live broadcasting… Sob, if that’s happening, my dream… my dream of being an actress…”

 But Aramaki-san, as usual, said with round eyes that showed no emotion.

 [Well, Aramaki-san doesn’t mind if you die without taking the mission, Jake. Just for the record, the execution is going to be done with a power drill, starting from the toes and drilling until you die, Jake. It will probably last until the brain, Jake]

 Misuzu-chan began to cry again at the absurd method of execution.

 ”Ueee, Ueee, no, I don’t want to be covered in holes… I can’t take it, I can’t take it…”

 [Then, let the ugly one impregnates you, Jake]

 ”Uee, Sob, Sobs, I’ll do it…I’ll do it…so don’t kill me…”

 As Misuzu-chan sobbed, Fumijima-san asked Aramaki-san.

 ”Um…Aramaki-san, can I refuse?”

 [Of course, Jake]

 Instantly, Misuzu-chan looks up, startled.

 ”Fu…Fumijima, what are you talking about? Eh? Are you kidding?”

 ”Well…Misuzu-san. I am running out of patience, too, and I don’t want to be associated with such a high-handed woman. Even if I could get out, Misuzu-san has no commodity value anymore, and there’s no reason to give you a helping hand…”

 ”N-no way!”

 ”If you really want me to hold you, you can at least get down on your knees, right?”

 I guess he was trying to get back at Misuzu-chan. It was so mean that I almost shouted.

 But I have to avoid standing out by raising my voice here. I’m sorry, but I’m pretty cute myself.

 ”Sob, Sob, Uee, please hold me…”

 Misuzu-chan rubs her forehead on the floor as she cries her eyes out, and Fumijima-san lets out a chuckle as he stomps on her head with his leather shoes.

 ”Yeah, yeah, I can’t help it. I’ll hold you, why don’t you at least say thank you?”

 ”Uee, sob, thank hou very much…”

 It was an ugly, too ugly scene.

 In the midst of all this, Hikami-kun muttered, “Well, it’s only a reward if I hold her”.

 I don’t think anyone else heard it, but it honestly irritated me.

 And then…

* * *

 [I think it’s settled, Jake, let’s get on with it, Jake]

 When Aramaki-san said that, the red door opened with a heavy bang.

◇ ◇ ◇

 It took a few minutes before Fumijima-san grabbed Misuzu-chan’s hair and dragged her into the door.

 The monitor that had been showing Aramaki-san suddenly switched to show the inside of the room, on the other side of the red door.

 In the center of the room is a large bed and a pale pink light.

 The camera is positioned from the upper part of the room, and Fumijima-san, whose lower half is already exposed, is standing on the floor, hitting Misuzu-chan’s cheek with his semi-erect p*nis.

 Misuzu-chan was crying all the while, her sobs and the sound of her flesh hitting the floor echoing through the speakers.

 ”Here, meat toilet. That’s the cock that’s going to impregnate you, so thank it and clean it with your mouth”

 ”Sob, no… it’s so dirty, don’t rub that on my face…”

 I think it really stinks. After all, Misuzu-chan’s eyebrows were in a frown of disgust, and she looked as if she was about to die.

 But Fumijima-san refused to forgive her. Then, he grabbed Misuzu-chan’s hair and twisted it up as she tried to retreat.

 ”It hurts, stop, don’t do that, my hair, don’t grab it so hard, you’ll tear it off…”

 ”Then do as you’re told, you piece of shit”

 ”Uuu… thank you for impregnating me with your p*nis… thank you…”


 ”Ueee, Uee… y-your cock… thank you so much…”

 Misuzu-chan shuddered and licked the reddish-black glans with the tip of her tongue.

 He must have gotten excited while he was torturing her. Fumijima-san’s erection, which had been semi-erect until a moment ago, was now fully erect.

 One of the new models saw this and said,

 ”W-what the hell is that thing… it’s too big!”

 And I let out an uproarious voice.

 While crying, Misuzu-chan extended her tongue and licked the glans like a puppy.

 At first, Fumijima-san watched the scene happily, but he must have become frustrated.


 He suddenly grabbed Misuzu-chan’s chin, forced her to open her mouth, and thrust his p*nis into her mouth.

 ”Muguuuu! Nku! Ngu! Muuu, no, stop, I, muguuu!”

 Misuzu-chan cried harder and harder, scratching the air in agony, and Fumijima-san threw merciless words at her.

 ”Don’t ever hit it with your teeth. If you do, I’ll break off all your teeth. Or I’ll give you an enema and broadcast the whole thing, even the way you defecate, Okay? Probably, Aramaki-san will be able to prepare that much”

 ”Bofu, no, no…. no enema… Gubo, Bubu”

 Fumijima-san holds Misuzu-chan’s head down while he mercilessly thrusts his hips into her.

 He really has no mercy. He violated her small mouth as he wished, trying to make her swallow his rage to the root.

 He treated her like a tool for his s*xual needs.

 With a watery sound, saliva dribbled from the gap between her lips, trailing in nasty strings.

 ”Wabu, Ubu, it hurts, ogee, p-please forgive me…”

 ”Lick it well, you little slut”

 ”Abuuu, Nfuu, Nnnn, Nguuuu, Guuuuuuuu!”

 She must be having trouble breathing. Her eyes were half-turned over, and she seemed to be in a state of half-consciousness.

 But even so, she was struggling to keep her mouth open so as not to hit her teeth. It was probably the best she could do.

* * *

 ”Nnnn, Bubu, Funguuu, Nnn…”

 Still, Fumijima-san is relentless.

 He grabbed her head and pulled her beautiful face to his crotch as he continued to swing his hips back and forth.

 And then, as if she had finally run out of oxygen, the life in her eyes disappeared and her pupils began to turn over in a vacant state.

 ”Puhaaaa… Haa~, Haa~, Haa~”

 Finally, he pulled his thing out of Misuzu-chan’s mouth and allowed her to breathe.

 Misuzu-chan’s good looks are no longer a shadow of her former self.

 She is covered in sweat, drool, and tears, her eyes are red and swollen, and even her nose is running.

 ”Hahahahaha! What is it, you’re the ugly one! Everyone’s looking at you!”

 Fumijima-san grabbed Misuzu-chan’s chin and made her turn her face toward the camera, and she let out a scream.

 ”No! Don’t look at me! Please, don’t look at my face like this!”

 Terrible. It’s too much.

 When Misuzu-chan started to cry, Fumijima-san whispered into her ear.

 ”Look, how long are you going to rest? You’ll die if you don’t get pregnant. I don’t mind, though”


 Perhaps frightened by the word “die”, Misuzu-chan hurriedly took Fumijima-san’s cock into her mouth and began to move her head frantically with her tongue.

 *Jyupu*, *Shlurp*, *Jupo*, *Jupo*, *Jupo*.

 ”Nbu, please cum quickly…”

 Looking up at Fumijima-san with a resentful look on her face, she licked and sucked his cock desperately, her cheeks flushed.

 ”Shlurp… Kuchu, Nchu, please, cum quickly, hafu, fuu, nnn… Chu, Chu, Shlurp~”

 In an almost desperate move, she shakes her face back and forth, letting Fumijima-san’s cock slide in and out of her mouth dynamically.

 ”Haha, what a surprise, you look like you’ve been trained by a man”

 ”Bubu, Shlurp, it’s not true, Bu, Bupo, you’re the only one I’ve ever done this to…”

 As soon as she uttered those accusatory words…

 ”Then I’ll give it to you as you wish”

 ”Nbuuu, *Cough* *Puke*!”


 Fumijima-san ejaculated profusely.

 And Misuzu-chan opened her eyes wide and puffed out her cheeks in surprise.

 As Fumijima-san’s body jumped twice, Misuzu-chan pulled her mouth away from his p*nis and gulped profusely.

 Misuzu-chan vomited and choked in agony as she desperately gasped for air, pumping oxygen into her lungs. A tremendous amount of white liquid was dripping from her mouth.

 ”Wow… why he could spurt out that much? It’s abnormal. How much did he has in there?”

 Hikami-kun muttered in disbelief, apparently that amount was strange even for a man.

 While we were in a state of shock, the video suddenly cut off and Aramaki-san appeared on the screen.

 [Well, the broadcast to the outside world will continue until tomorrow night, Jake, and if she’s conceived by then, Misuzu will survive for now, Jake]

 ”U-until tomorrow night…?”

 I don’t know what to say anymore.

 I just knew from the bottom of my heart that I didn’t want to end up like Misuzu-chan.

 While glaring at us, Aramaki-san said

 [Well, I can’t wait to see who it will be tomorrow, Jake. Everyone goes back to your room and have dinner and think about who you’re going to vote for, Jake]

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Good job, Devi”

 With that, Lili appeared in the air.

 ”The camera’s already off, Devi”

 As a matter of fact, the current broadcast is only within the Death Game area, and not broadcast to anyone outside.

 If it’s the president or Hikami-kun, I’ll broadcast it to the rest of the world, but for now, this is just a demonstration to help them understand their situation.

 ”Wouldn’t it have been better if you had shown them that you were going to rape her hard? That would have scared them more”

 ”Well, Shima-san has club activities, so I guess that’s it”

 All that’s left is for Kurosawa-san to come out of the room tomorrow night, battered and bruised and in a daze. All I have to do is act like it.

 ”You’re an aspiring actress, by the way. I was really worried that you might not like me”

 ”Nfu, but you must be excited, right?”

 ”…I did”

 Although I didn’t say it out loud, I still felt like I was taking revenge on the old Misuzu, and I was trying my best to hold back the urge to overdo it.

 ”Hey, Fumi-kyun… do you have any plans today?”

 ”No, why…?”

 ”Well then… how about if you really mess me up and show me what it feels like to be messed up?”

 As she said this, Kurosawa-san leaned toward me.

 ”That would be… very welcome”

 She’s already in heat. Her body is hot, her breath is hot.

 I slide my hand down the neck of her blouse to her breasts, reaching out and twirling my tongue around hers.

 I’m still excited. It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of making a pretty girl like Misuzu unsteady on her feet.

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