Confinement 186

Chapter 186 Press Conference to Establish New Company, Part Two

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 ”If Shiratori-senpai is involved~, then Confinement King-sama must be somehow involved in the establishment of this new agency~…”

 As soon as I thought that in the pose of a thinking person, my stomach made a tremendous noise in a circular motion.

 ”Hoaaaa~! Kuh.. bi, bi, big wave… oh, here it comes, big wave~!”

 With twitching and shaking hands, I scratched the air and put pressure on my lower stomach

 However, the enemy was no different, and the waves remained off the coast, not coming any closer than a certain distance. It’s too much of a rush game, and my forehead is covered with sweat.

 (Oh, Mother~. I don’t think I’ll be able to leave here before your turn~)

 I looked at the white door of the toilet room from the inside, fainting in agony, and just waiting for the next wave.

◇ ◇ ◇

 The question-and-answer session was over before Yui-chan came back from the bathroom, and now Yui-chan’s mama was appearing on stage to introduce her talent.

 To be frank, the media reaction was mixed.

 Although my stepfather like her, but she’s just an actress who had a bit of success a decade ago.

 Her appearance with the exaggerated agitation of “The Return of That Actress” made the media feel very disappointed.

 However, Yui-chan’s mama is smiling softly, as if she doesn’t feel such an atmosphere.

 There was a huge difference in atmosphere.

 However, when she started to greet them, she said.

 ”I’ve already resumed face-to-face practice with Sensei~, so it’s not like I’m going to take a hit and lose, but… Well, you know… I’ll do my best not to get injured~ and relax my shoulders~”

 ”Not face-to-face, but one-on-one. Not take a hit and lose, but take a risk and give up. It’s not your shoulders you need to relax, but the pressure in your shoulders. I respectfully correct the above”

 Whenever Yui-chan’s mama said something, the host would make a serious correction, which was quite amusing to the reporters.

 Perhaps, she is trying to show her natural side. My stepfather might disapprove, but she certainly seems to be a good variety actress.

 Then, after Yui-chan’s mama’s greeting, when they were about to start the Q&A session with her, the stage suddenly became very crowded.

 (What’s going on? Is there some kind of trouble?)

 One of the staff members who rushed in whispered something to the President-san, who nodded several times and got up from her seat with a microphone in her hand.

 Then, looking around the press box, she pointed to a certain spot.

 When the spotlight shone on the spot where President-san was pointing, a woman was sitting there.

 She was a petite woman in her twenties with a round face, curly hair down to her shoulders, and wearing a girly orange dress.

 She seemed to be asleep, and her eyes were closed quietly.

 ”That woman is believed to be Yasuko Kinuta-san, the only outsider involved in this case! Just now, a person claiming to be the culprit sent me a message saying, “Congratulations on the establishment of your new office. Yasuko Kinuta has been returned. Please find her on the certain press box””

 When one of the staff on stage shouted out, the whole place went into an uproar.

* * *

 ”Miss, please remain still. It’s possible that the culprit is still in here”


 The bodyguard, Tamine-san, whispered to me from behind, and I nodded tensely.

 The culprit must be the person who kidnapped the President and the others from the First Beauty Agency.

 Since the President himself has been exposed for a number of crimes in this case, it is very complicated to know who to call the culprit.

 Then, perhaps because of the noise or the glare of the spotlight, the eyelids of the woman called Kinuta-san twitched, and she slowly opened her eyes.

 She looked around with sleepy eyes, then squealed “Hiiii! What! W-what happened!” then bounced herself up and down on her seat.

 As Kinuta-san was confused, President Kijima spoke to her from the stage, with a microphone in her hand.

 ”Kinuta-san, please calm down. It’s going to be all right!”

 ”Eh? Eh? Ehh!? Ka-Kaneko-san, huh? What? Why?”

 She must be confused. After all, Kinuta-san was frozen with her eyes open wide as if she had just met a dead man when she looked at the President on the stage.

 The President looked around the noisy hall, took a small breath, and began to speak with a microphone in her hand.

 ”Now that Kinuta-san has been released, I have a full picture of the whole incident of “Follow-up・Mysterious Disappearance Case””

 At this astonishing comment, all the photographers turned their cameras to the President at once, and flashes flashed.

 ”Some of you reporters may already know that I once had a romantic relationship with a certain male model. Although I have not made it public, I was actually almost kidnapped just before this incident. I imagine that it was probably arranged by President Kurashima, but I have no proof”

 The noise grew louder.

 ”Although we are separated, we used to love each other, and the male model must have been angry with President Kurashima for trying to kidnap me. Kinuta-san is very close to that male model, and I believe she attempted to stop him, but she was instead involved in the incident”

 This time, a camera flashed at Kinuta-san.

 ”I believe the male model kidnapped the President and the manager and exposed their crimes. Of course, he also confessed to his own sins as a part of it…”

 The President said this in a stifled voice, then pointed towards Kinuta-san and shouted loudly.

 ”Kinuta-san, the culprit in this case is “Kirihito Hikami”, right!? “

 The hall was silent. Then, a woman’s sobs echoed through the silence as if they had been struck by water.

 And then–

 ”Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Sob, Uee, Ueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…”

 Kinuta-san began to cry aloud.

 ”If he is the culprit, then there must be a room in the apartment he used for secret meetings with women. That’s where the former President and the others must be!”

 As the President shouted as if to finish the sentence, the noise in the hall crossed the critical point.

 ”W-we have a scoop!”

 ”Replace the front page of the evening paper, can you make it in time!? No way! Make it happen now!”

 In a flash, the reporters started to call somewhere with their phones, and several shouts echoed in the hall.

 Some of them ran outside, while others held out their voice recorders to Kinuta-san.

 The hall was abuzz with a beehive of noise as a battle of scoops broke out. A press conference to announce the establishment of the new office no longer seemed to be on the minds of the reporters.

 From above the stage, a staff member said, “Quiet! Please be quiet!” but it would be impossible to quell the commotion.

 (Uwaa… it’s getting really crazy. Does this mean that the press conference failed? But it will be a topic of conversation, so maybe it’s good)

 As I tilt my head with a wry smile, Tamine-san urges me to go to the waiting room.

 And then, after I went back to the waiting room, I noticed that Yui-chan hadn’t come back from the bathroom yet.

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 [The culprit in this case is “Kirihito Hikami”, right!? !]

 Kaneko-san declared, and a close-up of Ponpoko-san appeared on the screen.

 [Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Sob, Uee, Ueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…]

 Instantly, without answering anything, she started to cry out loud. Weeping.

 This is the result of lending Masaki-chan the function of <Trojan Horse>, and having the trigger implanted in Ponpoko-san, but for those who are watching, it is nothing but an affirmation.

 This was the moment when Kirihito Hikami was confirmed as the culprit of the “Follow up・Mysterious Disappearance Case”.

 The hall was in turmoil.

 The TV station that was broadcasting the event must have been in chaos.

 After a slight noise, the screen stopped moving with the words “Please wait a moment” displayed on the white background.

 ”Haha, it’s a big deal”

 I whisper to the three favored princesses leaning against my body.

 But they only play with my body in a loving manner, breathing hard.

 Earlier, I had done my best to cover their lips in order to calm them down, but they were now easily aroused by a single kiss from me.

 ”Hey…Fumi-kun, that’s enough”

 ”Co-Confinement King, please, I want to start, I want to start…”

 ”I can’t take it anymore… Fumio-kun”

 With their eyes moistening, they begged me to hold them, but I held them back, telling them to wait until the press conference was over.

 I looked around with a wry smile on my face, Shima-san was smiling with a blush on her face and Kei-chan was still asleep.

 Kyoko’s eyebrows were furrowed, and Ryoko’s face looked as if she was watching something nice.

 With this, the “Follow up・Mysterious Disappearance Case” is almost over.

 Ponpoko-san has been given <Quiet>, so even if she remembers it, she can’t tell anyone about it.

 All that’s left is to wait for the police to find the President and Akira, who have been taken to the apartment that Hikami used to live in.

 Of course, the President has been given a double dose of <Forget Person> and <Quiet>. Interrogated or not, he can’t say anything about us.

 President and Akira were to be taken to the apartment by Freesia-san.

 That’s what Lili told me, but…

 (Come to think of it, I’ve never met Freesia-san… what kind of person is she?)

 I’ve often heard of Freesia-san, but I’ve never actually met her. She seems to be the one who stopped me when I got out of control, and everyone else seems to know her well.

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