Confinement 199

Chapter 199 Critical Red

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 A knocking sound was heard, and Lili disappeared in a hurry.

 ”Fu~min? Are you here?”

 The next moment, the door opens and Fujiwara-san walks into the room, wiping the moisture off her hair with a bath towel.

 She’s not in “gal mode” or “young lady mode,” just her bare face, with droopy eyes, and except for the color of her hair, she looks quite elegant.

 Her sweatshirt was, of course, loose. Her sleeves and hem were rolled up, and she looked more like she was being clothed than wearing it.

 Why does a girl looking so cute in a man’s sweatshirt look so cute?

 As I stared at her, she tilted her head.

 ”I think I heard you talking.”

 ”Talking to myself”

 ”Oh, I see. Fu~min, you seem to be a lonely person”

 I didn’t like the way she said that.

 ”Well… you should at least dry your hair”

 ”I don’t feel safe in the bathroom by myself, at someone else’s house”

 ”It’ll damage your hair”

 ”Don’t worry, it’s already damaged when I turned it blonde. It can’t be damaged any more”

 ”That’s not the point, what’s it to say…”

 Isn’t hair a woman’s life? Is she a Tokko Yarou[1] who didn’t consider her life? What kind of A-team is she? (Tokko yarou was an assault unit called Kamikaze unit that was formed at the end of World War II when the war was almost lost. They were dispatched to the battlefield with the determination to throw away their lives just to rush forward. The word bastard (yarou) was coined in ancient China. It’s a name that looks down on boys. If the suicide attack (tokko) and the bastard (yarou) connected, it’s become an assault unit called suicide attack bastard (Tokko Yarou))

 Then, Fujiwara-san sits down on the bed, and I ask her with care.

 ”Are you thirsty?”

 ”Hmm, I’m fine. I got some barley tea from the fridge. I probably know more about the kitchen than Fu~min”

 ”That’s, what’s happen…”

 In fact, there have been times when I’ve woken up to find her standing in the kitchen with my mother, so it’s understandable, but isn’t the infection rate too fast? Is she one of Umbrella’s viruses or something?

 Fujiwara-san suddenly waved her hands in the air as I made a dumbfounded face.

 ”What should I do, Fu~min, I’m in trouble.”

 ”What happened?”

 ”I want to make love to Fu~min, but I’m insanely sleepy”

 ”Okay, go to sleep. No problem. Go to sleep now!

 ”Ehh… then, I’ll snuggle with you”

 She tugged at the hem of my T-shirt, looking up at me.

 ”I’m not sleepy”

 ”That’s fine. You can stay with me until I fall asleep”

 And with that, she lays down on the bed and beckoned me over.

 I lay down next to her and she leaned in close to me.

 ”It’s hot…”

 ”Yes, it’s hot”

 It’s early afternoon in the middle of summer, her body temperature is high after taking a hot bath, and even with the windows open, the breeze coming in through the screen door is very faint.

 The wind chimes hanging from the eaves of the back of the house chimed apathetically.

 ”Is it too hot with the sweatshirt?”

 ”No problem, But I’ll just take it off when I can’t stand it anymore. However, Fu~min, I’m not wearing any underwear right now, okay? Does it turn you on? Does it excite you?”

 ”No, I’m not.”

 ”Ehh~… is that too harsh?”

 And then she presses her lips to mine and smiles happily.

* * *

 ”Ehehe… why does kissing make me so happy?”

 Then she presses her lips to mine again. Again and again, she presses her lips to mine, kissing me, pecking me, over and over again.

 Of course, she’s not the only one who’s happy.

 She bites me sweetly on my lower lip.

 As she sucked on my bottom lip, a tingling sensation ran up my back.

 I don’t want her to know that I’m too excited. Otherwise, she’ll get carried away.

 But she showed no sign of stopping the kiss. On the contrary, she wrapped her hands around my neck, tilted her head slightly, and pressed her lips against mine more and more aggressively.

 ”Nnn… Chu, chuu”

 Eventually, her tongue breaks through my lips and enters me. Her soft tongue gently licks up the inside of my mouth. It’s tickling and pleasant sensation. And I felt her chin tremble a little.

 ”Nku, chu, lick lick, fuchu, nchu, chu, chu, chuu, kuchu…”

 With our tongues intertwining. I feel the softness of her tongue, her breath on my tongue, and naturally I find myself moving my tongue as well. As our tongues entwine, I too devour her lips, following my instincts.

 ”Nchu, kuchu, chu, chu… Nnn, puha”

 When her lips parted, she moved her hand down to my lower abdomen.

 She giggled as she rubbed at my hard-on from the top of my pants.

 ”Ehehe… The feel of Fu~min’s ochinpo-chan… it’s been a long time…”

 ”Hey, wait…”

 ”Ehehe, that’s fine, right? Don’t be petty”

 Her slender fingers, moving up and down with a rustling motion. But the movements slowed down, and then stopped.


 I looked at her, and she was sound asleep.

 She must have been very tired.

 I’m not so devilish as to wake her up.

 But honestly, I’m grateful. I’m about to lose my patience.

 I kiss her on the forehead, gently shift her body, and get up from the bed.

 ”Finally, she fell asleep, Devi”

 Lili reappeared.

 ”I heard she was walking without sleep last night, so I think she was anxious for some reason”

 ”Yeah, well, let’s continue where we left off, Devi. Tonight, call the ringlets for a strategy meeting, Devi. We need direct contact with the devil dolls and it’s the ringlets who will do that, Devi. And we need to make sure they don’t know about this, so we need to be careful, Devi.”

 ”Yeah, I’ll message her on social media and pick her up tonight when she’s about to fall asleep. If it’s Fujiwara-san’s house, I’ll summon “the door” to the living room”

 ”Devi Devi. Anyway, Fumi Fumi, you look like you’re out of control, Devi”

 Lili looks down at my thing and smirks.

 ”Just in time, the manager has about ready, Devi. You can finish her now, Devi”

 ”Manager…? Oh, Yamauchi-san”

 I picture her writhing s*xily in my mind. But then I remember that she was being tortured by Torture, and I raise my eyebrows.

 ”She’s not going to be like Ryoko again, is she?”

 ”Don’t worry, Devi, at that time we didn’t have time, Devi. And this time, we took my time to finish it carefully, so it’s okay, Devi”

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 My sister and I were visiting Fujiwara family’s house.

 ”Wow… seriously? How big is this house?”

 I was just overwhelmed by the scale of the house behind the fence and the garden.

 There’s only one reason why we’re here. To find out if Mai Fujiwara is a devil or not.

 Yesterday, when my sister came back from following Mai Fujiwara, the first thing she said was that she’d had an encounter with a devil.

 I thought that Mai Fujiwara was the devil, as I had suspected, but my sister said that the devil had attacked Mai Fujiwara.

 ”I’m sorry, Claudia, but you’re wrong. That gal wasn’t a devil”

 ”Well… who knows?”

 It’s a bit premature to say that she wasn’t a devil because she was attacked by a devil, isn’t it?

 If it’s true that she was attacked by a devil, but she had a connection with it, it would be better to think that my suspicion has been deepened. It’s also possible that the devils have a rivalry with each other.

 ”I’ll go see her in person and find out. I’ve got a good excuse”

 That’s why my sister and I came to this house, seeking payback for the help yesterday.

 When my sister said over the intercom, “I’m the one who rescued your daughter yesterday”, a small maid came running from the house toward behind the iron fence.

 She has a ringlets hair and looks more like a young lady than a maid.

 When she opened the gate, she walked up to my sister with a somewhat excited look on her face.

 ”I would like to thank you for your help yesterday”

 ”Hmm? Y-yeah, you’re the girl I saw”

 ”Yes, but Master isn’t here, however Young Lady would like to see you, so please come this way”

 We were then ushered into an unusually large Japanese-style room.

 We waited for a while, and then a modest-looking girl with dark hair came into the room, accompanied by the maid who had just arrived.

 ”Welcome, thank you for coming”

 My sister tilts her head as she sees the girl sitting across the ebony table, which looks absurdly expensive.

 ”Where’s the gal from last night?”

 And the girl giggles.

 ”That’s me. I can’t dress like a gal like that at home”

 ”I see”

 While my sister is answering, I’m watching her. Then I nodded my head.

 She’s just like Saori.

 No matter how hard I stare at her, there is no color on her figure.

 ”By the way, why were you attacked? Do you have any idea?”

 I asked her, and she shook her head, her eyebrows raised as if she was troubled.

 ”Well, I don’t know why either. I have no idea.”

 I have no idea if she’s lying or not. So I changed the subject. I turned to the maid. It’s a rather forceful question, but hopefully I can get to the bottom of it.

 ”It’s been pretty crazy lately. I heard that there was a big kidnapping case at your school. Hey, maid, is it possible that you or your young lady are involved with the kidnappers?”

 ”No way! Of course not!”

 Instantly, her figure glowed red.

 This maid is not a devil, but a normal human.


 (Red… no way. It’s settled)

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