Confinement 235

Chapter 235 The Devil of Bargaining

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 Let’s go back in time a little.

 The time was a little after 7 p.m.

 ”Koganei… I heard you got a good paying job for Junichi-sama”

 ”Hiii!? Oh, y-yes… well… Anna-sama said it was to make up for the bad things she said about Kasuya-ch…”

 In the corridor of the TV station’s studio, I held the frightened Koganei by the shoulders and threateningly confronted her with my face.

 ”Hey, Hikaru… you’re scaring Mai, stop it”


 Junichi-sama, who was walking behind me with an indifferent expression on his face, told me and I reluctantly let Koganei go.

 It’s really annoying that he’s still being nice to women other than me, but I can’t help it if Junichi-sama says so.

 Of course, there is a reason why Junichi-sama and I went to such an unusual place as a TV station.

 When my Onee-chansister sent me a message asking me to break up with Junichi-sama, I was so pissed off that I ignored her for a while. But, she sent me a message said, “Lighten up, Hikaru-chan. I’ll get Kasuya-kun a good paying part-time job as an apology”.

 (Why a part-time job? … If it’s an apology, why not just send me money?)

 While I was thinking that, I received another message, which said…

 [I’ll have Koganei prepare the money for you. If you accept it usually, it might be called blackmail, but if it’s in the form of a part-time job, it’ll be a legitimate reward. The amount is 1 million yen. All you have to do is ask Kasuya-kun to stay still in the costume for 30 minutes]

 That’s what it said.

 I see, if we were questioned by the police, I don’t think either Junichi-sama or I would be treated as normal people nowadays. What would they think if such a person had a lot of money? It’s important to be careful. I suppose it means to avoid risks.

 But the million yen is a big help.

 To tell the truth, the money I’ve been earning at the girl’s bar since I started living with Junichi-sama is no longer enough. It is not an exaggeration to say that I am in dire straits.

 Besides, with my face covered with patches like this, I don’t think I can even pass an interview for a new job.

 Then, a few days later, a bullet train ticket for both of us arrived without our names on it.

 I looked up to Junichi-sama, who was in a bad mood, grabbed the ticket, and arrived at this studio in Roppongi just a few minutes ago.

 When I told my name at the reception desk, Koganei came rushing out.

 I was quite annoyed by her dark-haired, young lady-like appearance, which I could not imagine from her previous gal fashion.

 (She has been spoiled so well! For a bitch who used to be a prostitute!)

 As Koganei led me deeper into the corridor, we came to a row of doors that looked like a dressing room.

 There were some familiar names of celebrities pasted on the doors, which got me a little excited.

 As I walked by and looked at the sign, the words “Kijima-sama” caught my eye. Immediately, the ugly face came to mind, and I cowered, “No way…”.

 The room next to the door labeled with “Kijima-sama”, Koganei stopped in front of it and let out a frightened voice.

 ”T-This is it. A staff member will come to call you when the time is up. Please feel free to eat snacks and lunch…”

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 (Even though she’s Anna-sama’s Imoutosister… um, no. Maybe it’s because she’s her Imoutosister that she’s really bad)

 As soon as the door of the dressing room is closed, I stick out my tongue.

 Of course, I knew Teruya-chi from the original memories, but it was really unpleasant to meet her in person.

 I played the role of Mai Fujiwara quietly in front of Anna-sama, but she’s a real bitch.

 However, I have some sympathy for her face covered with patch.

 She looks like a victim of domestic violence.

 (Kasuya-chi’s gone a bit wild, too…)

 Kasuya-chi was as handsome as ever, but he looked tired, and his eyes looked like dead fish.

 (Well, he’s not as handsome as Fu~min, but still…)

 Anyway, Anna-sama’s instructions were to swap Kasuya-chi with Fu~min, whom Detective JK was trying to entrap.

 Detective JK and Kasuya.

 In short, they’re pawns of Liliamos, and they want to fight each other.

 Thanks to them, I’ve been very busy this week.

 At any rate, Anna-sama is not helping me, even though she gives me an order.

 First of all, I started by contacting the TV station and sending them a proposal for a live special.

 Of course, the station cannot go against the sponsor.

 After understanding the contents, I set up a commercial shooting for a new product of FJ Beverage in the studio next to the recording studio.

 This is because I am interested in working as a commercial planner, and I want to be able to produce a commercial once as a study for the future ―― I made up a bunch of lies and begged my stepfather.


 [Oh, I see, I see! Okay, okay, you can do whatever you want!]

 My stepfather, who was pleased with the request from his daughter, who rarely spoke selfishly, happily made the arrangements.

 According to the plan, Fu~min’s costume for the live special was supposed to be that of ダーDa〇*ベbe〇*ダーda, I made them to replace it with an Egyptian statue because I thought it would be more interesting.

 Again, it’s a big sponsor’s push, there’s no way they can resist it.

 Furthermore, the reason why they did it is simple.

 Because it is easier for them to use the same costume if it needs to be replaced.

 The reason for the Egyptian style is that the product produced in the commercial was “Nile Drop”.

 If it had been Coke or something, it might have been the Liberty Statue.

 And as a finishing touch…

 “Kijima-sama” and “Kasuya-sama”

 I switched the papers on the doors of the two dressing rooms.

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 I, Saki Shiratori, watched Mai Fujiwara walk away down the hallway… or was it a devil doll, according to Lili? As I watched her back, I let out a sigh.

 (No matter how perfect the plan is, there are always unexpected events, aren’t there?)

 I had been on the lookout for Kasuya since I saw a sign saying “Kasuya-sama” in the dressing room when I looked around the studio in the morning.

 At least, I’ve got all the information I need about the people who are involved with Confinement King.

 He was the man who tried to bring down the Confinement King, but was purged in the process.

 He was the former lover of the Third Favored Princess–Misuzu Kurosawa.

 He was known among the track and field club members as Teruya’s unrequited love.

 Now, why did the devil doll switch the Confinement King and Kasuya’s dressing room posters?

 No need to think about it. Not to mention the example of a mystery novel, to create a mix-up.

 Perhaps Lili’s enemy from the demon noble, Anna Teruya, is aware of our plan to use Detective JK’s ability to dispel the suspicion of the Confinement King.

 She’s here to interfere with that.

 If I had to guess, I’d say she used Kasuya to get rid of the guilt of her sister’s lover… well, something like that.

 (Well… what should I do?)

 I can stop Anna Teruya’s plan just by putting back the replaced paper. It’s that simple.

 However, after considering in my mind what would happen if I didn’t put the sign back, I decided to leave it in place.

 (It’s too much of a burden for me, but… well, I guess I can handle it)

 There are risks.

 Above all, there is an overwhelming lack of information about Junichi Kasuya’s personality.

 However, it would be more beneficial for Confinement King to leave the paper as they are. Including the existence of Teruya-senpai, the perfect bait.

 (This isn’t like me… I’m starting to enjoy myself a little)

 I twist my mouth involuntarily.

 I may say that the time has come for me to show my true colors as the devil of bargaining.

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