Confinement 288

Chapter 288 Aquarium Date

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 Seeing Kijima and Moribe-san coming out of the restaurant, Shiratori-senpai grabbed my hand and Takasago-senpai’s, and then hid behind a vending machine nearby.

 The two went straight to the entrance of the aquarium.

 Then, as Kijima went, the glasses-wearing women followed them into the aquarium.

 ”Shiratori-senpai, why are you here?”

 ”I told you the other day that I, too, haven’t given up on the idea that Kijima is the culprit”

 ”…I see, Onii-chan said that the girl with him is suspicious too”

 ”Moribe? I don’t think so, but…”

 Shiratori-senpai tilted her head with her usual sullen look on her face.

* * *

 ” Then… what is it?”

 ”To be honest, Moribe smells so fishy it’s irritating. If that was an act, I’d say she’s pretty good”

 ”What about that group in sunglasses?”

 ”I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure they’re following Kijima. Maybe it’s the press, maybe it’s the police, maybe it’s a detective”

 That could be it.

 Because with the help of detective JK, my Onii-chanbrother has been accessing some very dangerous parts of the Internet to gather information.

 It’s a dark web where illegal transactions take place.

 There, too, the case of the mysterious disappearance is being treated with great interest, and many people are saying that Fumio Kijima is suspicious.

 It is no wonder that some people are following the case like Detective JK.

 ”Anyway, it would be silly to lose him, so let’s follow him”


 And so, at the ticket counter, I bought the tickets for the three of us together.

 However, I notice Shiratori-senpai peeking into my wallet.

 ”What is it?”

 ”No, it’s nothing. It’s just that you bought the tickets for me and Takasago”

 Well, it’s not surprising that she’s concerned.

 But thanks to the fact that I’m in charge of all the living expenses, I have more money in my wallet than a student should have.

 And when we entered the aquarium…

 ”Dear visitor, please do not eat or drink in the Aquarium”

 Takasago-senpai was stopped at the entrance.

◇ ◇ ◇

 At the end of the dimly lit blue corridor, Saori-chan, who saw a water aquarium that resembled the North Pole, rushed out.

 She turned to me, sticking to the glass.

 ”Onii-chan, penguin! It’s a penguin! It’s so cute!”

 ”So you like penguins, Saori-chan”

 ”Yes, I love penguins like in the “Antarctic Adventure” and “ペ〇ゴPe*go”!”

 I don’t really know what Saori-chan is saying, but I can only say that Pen-san, one of the four mascots, is the best, since this quiet girl is so excited.

 By the way, the other three are Panda, Koala and Kei-chan.

 (However, if it makes the girls happy, keeping penguins in the room might be a good idea… but, no, because…)

 The question is who will raise them and how, and if the girls are more interested in penguins than me, I’ll be really pissed.

 Penguin NTR is not a good idea.

 While I was thinking about such a stupid thing, Saori-chan said excitedly, “Onii-chan, there’s a Smetana over there!”, takes my hand and pulls me. (*Note: Smetana -> Snapping Turtle)

 (Smetana? Isn’t that the composer of the Moldau?)

 Saori-chan is so excited that she probably doesn’t even notice that she’s holding my hand.

 Still, Saori-chan took my hand, and we walked deeper and deeper into the blue-lit passage.

 Then, we arrived at a huge aquarium that could cover a three-story building.

 ”Onii-chan! It’s a whale shark! It’s so big!”

 ”Yeah… it’s really big”

 It’s really a big fish that swims in front of us.

 But what really caught my eye is a faint glimpse of a girl’s breasts on the other side of the aquarium. It is the breast of a girl wearing sunglasses.

* * *

 (She looks as big as Masaki-chan. Wonderful!)

 I thought there are not so many people with breasts as big as Masaki-chan’s, but maybe not so much.

 While I was thinking about this, Saori-chan tugged my sleeve in a fidgety manner. Then she looked up at me and spoke.

 ”Hey, Onii-chan, I want to take a picture with you”

 ”A picture?”

 ”Y-Yeah. As a memento!”


 I pick up my phone, put it on selfie mode, and hug her shoulder.


 She jumps in surprise, and I say, “Oh, sorry, I won’t be able to get in if we don’t get close”. When I apologized, she shook her head and said, “N-No, I was just a little startled”.

 Then, I took the picture.

 When we checked the photo, Saori-chan looked very nervous.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Grrrr…. I’m so jealous of Moribe”

 Ui-chan gritted her teeth as she looked at the two of them taking a commemorative photo across the water aquarium.

 I can’t help but chuckle.

 ”That’s so fresh. Ui-chan can take a picture anytime”

 ”Idiot! The only time I can be alone with the Confinement King is on the bed. That’s not a photo shoot”


 ”I-I want a photo of myself with the Confinement King! I mean, I want to go on a date with him!”


 I averted my eyes.

 As I’ve already had a date with Kijima, this is very awkward.

 ”Why don’t you just say it? You want to go on a date”

 ”Oh, isn’t it a little embarrassing when a woman asks for a date?”

 ”No, I don’t know what that would feel like”

 (After demanding to be held and made love to in bed so many times, what are you saying now, you piece of junk?)

 When I was taken aback, Ui-chan showed a sudden sign of thinking.

 ”By the way, Shima, Confinement King seems to like Moribe a lot, why didn’t he let her join his harem?”

 ”Well, that’s… because he wants to take good care of her. He even treats her like a little sister”

 ”Hmm? What do you mean? You’re making it sound like she isn’t important to him”

 ”No, it’s not like that… I don’t know how to explain it… but I think it means he’s not in love with her”

 ”Umu… I see, that means we’re higher than her, is that it?”

 ”No, I’m not talking about higher or lower… I think it’s more like a separate category”

 Then, Ui-chan raises her eyebrows and on her face look like there is the word “I don’t know” written in bold gothic letters.

 ”… Well, whatever. When you get into college, Ui-chan will be Kijima’s girlfriend, right? Then you can date all you want, date everyday”

 ”Date Everyday?”

 Ui-chan looked surprised and pleased for a moment, then looked troubled.

 ”That’s… well, won’t he get bored?”

 ”…I think he’s getting bored with you, already”

 Lately, I felt that Ui-chan’s nonchalant was becoming more and more unstoppable.

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