Confinement 291

Chapter 291 Avoiding a Religious War

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 When I stepped into “The Confinement King’s Bedroom”, I saw Masaki-chan and Fujiwara-san sitting side by side on the bed.

 ”Ah, come here! Fu~min!”

 ”Fumio-kun, welcome back”

 Fujiwara-san is dressed in a leopard-print camisole and damaged denim hot pants, looking very gal-like.

 Masaki-chan, on the other hand, is dressed in a navy-blue sleeveless shirt and a long white skirt.

 Even though I had never seen them dressed like this before, I felt a strange sense of familiarity.

 (…Anyway, Masaki-chan and Fujiwara-san are a rather unusual combination, aren’t they?)

 As they stood up with smiles on their faces, I asked them with some confusion.

 ”What’s the matter? What’s wrong with you two?”

 Then, Masaki-chan suddenly pouted and folded her arms as if to show her dissatisfaction.

 ”What’s the matters? Today is supposed to be my turn, but that’s weird. Why haven’t I been called? Ah, there was a post on “I like Fumio-kun’s social networking site” that Ryoko-san had a fight with Majin, so I guess she’s tired or something. And there was a post about you dating another girl that surprised me! “

 ”Wha!? W-Wait a minute!”

 (There are too many things to complain about! But? “I like Fumio-kun’s social network…” No, more importantly…)

 ”How did you know that I went out with Saori-chan today?”

 ”Fu~min’s Mama told meeee!”

 ”What are you doing to me? Mom!?”

 ”Hehehe! Well, you got me! Fu~min’s Mama is more like my Mama than Fu~min!”

 (It becomes bad… I don’t know what they’re talking about, but Fujiwara-san’s influence on the Kijima family is unbelievable)

 According to them, everyone was watching the aquarium date between Saori-chan and me.

 Then, after watching us leave, they decided that if we were leaving at this time, the night would be free, and they started talking about who would be my partner tonight.

 After a heated discussion, the two girls won the position of tonight’s partner.

 ”Gee… a heated argument?”

 I don’t know what they talked about, but given Masaki-chan’s recent dominance, I can’t help but wonder.

 At the very least, Kurosawa-san and Tashiro-san cannot compete with her.

 The only ones who can compete are Shiratori-san and Kei-chan, who doesn’t read the atmosphere at all.

 (Well… the girls change, don’t they?)

 While I’m thinking about this, the two girls are leaning against me from both sides.

 ”So, we’re not letting you sleep tonight, Fumio-kun”

 ”That’s right, I’m going to give you a lot of service”

 No matter what, I don’t feel bad that such cute girls want me.

 (But, wait a minute, Fumio! Isn’t this a very bad combination?)

 After all, a big-breasted champion and a small-breasted champion.

 One wrong move and a war will break out.

 It’s is like a religious war.

 It’s a combination that requires a lot of attention.

 (T-Then, let’s play without being affected by breast!)

 Yes, Confinement King is a man who cares.

 ”Well, I’ll start by loving you both… just take off your bottoms”

 ”Just the bottom?”

 ”Yes, just the bottom”

 They looked at each other suspiciously, but took off their hot pants and skirts, and then their panties.

 Masaki-chan, looking embarrassed and covering her crotch with her hand, looks very erotic.

 ”Both of you, put your hands on the bed and turn your asses to me”

 The girls did as they were told, thrusting their butts toward me.

 ”Aha-haha… this is really embarrassing”

 ”H-Hey, Fumio-kun, could you please turn off the light?”

 Both of them turned red up to the backs of their ears.

 Masaki-chan’s embarrassment seemed a bit surprising.

 (Oh man, this is really exciting…)

 I sit back and compare the two hips held out in front of me.

 (Looking at them like this, the shapes of their hips are quite different…)

 Masaki-chan’s hips have a girlish roundness, while Fujiwara-san’s are a bit smaller. Both are attractive, though.

 ”O-Observing the two of us together, you are too pervert…”

 ”A-Ahaha… you pervert, though I like Fu~min too”

 To their embarrassed voices, I say.

 ”If you’re talking about pervert so much, I’ll open up to you. Now, both of you, show me your pussies”

 ”Wow… you really opened up. Fu~min really has a certain style…”

 ”I feel like I’ve dug my own grave…”

 Despite their words of regret, they both reached between their legs and split open their own folds with their fingers.

 On their plump, raised mounds of pubic hair, a peach-colored frill drapes.

 In the center of the not-so-wet crevice, a small hole was twitching and wriggling.

 (Fujiwara-san’s hole is a little darker than Masaki-chan’s, I think. But Fujiwara-san’s hole itself seems to be smaller…)

 ”Fu-Fu~min, please don’t observe me without saying anything… it’s too embarrassing”

 ”Ah, geez, i-if you do this to me, I can only marry Fumio-kun…”

 Leaving aside Masaki-chan’s naughtiness, the sight of two beautiful girls of different types being embarrassed is quite lewd.

 These two girls in particular are the type that usually come on strong, so just watching them shy away from me was very exciting.

 ”Well, I’ll take good care both of you”

 With that said, I stood between them and stroked their hips with my left and right hands, then thrust my index fingers into their holes.



 The two girls closed their eyes together and bounced their hips.

 Masaki-chan buried her face in the sheets as if she were collapsing, and Fujiwara-san arched her back. Both of their thighs twitched.

 (Although they didn’t look that wet… they must have gotten excited while being watched, because their vaginas were soggy)

 The two holes twitched at different rhythms as they tried to swallow my fingers deeper and deeper.

 ”Fu, Fumio-kun, this is so embarrassing, both of us at the same time…”

 ”No… Fu~min, not like this…”

 They look somewhat timid, and look back at me.

 The way they looked at me, as if begging for forgiveness, sent shivers down my spine.

 ”Since this is such an occasion, I thought I’d remind you two impudent guys who your master is”


 I twisted my mouth, and both of their cheeks twitched simultaneously. Then I began to slowly slide my finger in and out.

 When I rubbed the soft folds covering their vaginal walls with my fingers, they both writhed violently.

 ”Ahh, Fu-Fu~min! I can feel it, Fu~min’s finger, I can feel it…”

 ”Fumio-kun, ahh, ahh, don’t rub…”

 They clutched the sheets tightly together and arched their backs, with their feet propped up and their heels raised.

 The sound of their debauchery is soothing to my ears.

 When I stirred the moist hole even more vigorously, the nectar in their vaginas overflowed and made a lustful sound.

 They looked next to me and saw my friend writhing lasciviously.

 They seem to be very excited by the situation that they are being caressed together. Their reactions seemed to be more intense than usual.

 (Oh man… this is super fun, I should try this with the other girls too…)

 Masaki-chan and Kurosawa-san, Tashiro-san and Shima-san, Jolanda and Claudia, Kayama-san and Amemiya-san. The combinations are endless. The dream expands.

 Their cheeks are bright red, and their eyes are shut as they desperately endure the pleasure.

 Their bodies twitching and bouncing in response to the movement of my fingers.

 ”Aah, no, you’re rubbing it too much… Nku, haaan, aah, aah, aah…”

 ”Yaan, Fu~min, Fu~min, i-it feels too good, it’s too good, it’s too good, this is bad…”

 As I thrust in and out, I rotated my fingers, bending them inside to rub harder against the soft flesh, enjoying the feel of my fingertips and their reactions.

 The girls have no choice but to endure being toyed with, with their hands on the bed.

 And with their upper bodies still clothed, it’s like they’re being forced, which is also good.

 My S-tendency rose to an unbelievable level, and my crotch became painfully tense.

 ”Nnnn, Fumio-kun, you’re playing too much… that’s a girl’s, nnn… important place, nnnn, nnnn…”

 I responded to Masaki-chan’s urgent complaint in a mocking tone.

 ”If it’s so important, you should take better care of it”

 As I accelerate my finger movements, Fujiwara-san lets out a shrill cry.

 ”Hiiiiii! I-I can’t hold it, an, ahn, ah, ah… I-I’m going crazy!”

 (It’s about time…)

 While I’m thinking about this, Masaki-chan turns her eyes wistfully towards me with her mouth still dripping with drool.

 ”Fumio-kun, give me some. Fumio-kun, give me some of your thick cock…”


 ”Oh, Masaki, that’s not fair, I want Fu~min’s ochinpo-chan too!”

 And Fujiwara-san, in a flirtatious voice, begged for penetration.

 (…they’re completely in heat)

 I gasped at the lasciviousness of my beloved girls and withdrew my fingers.

 Then, after some hesitation, I stood behind Fujiwara-san and took off my underwear and pants.

 ”Okay, let’s start with Fujiwara-san”


 While listening to Masaki-chan’s frustrated voice, I grabbed Fujiwara-san’s narrow waist and penetrated her with one breath.


 Fujiwara-san twitched and jumped as if startled by the deep penetration of her horny hole.

 ”Haah, anh, ah, ah, ah, ah, hiin, aaaaah”

 As I swung my hips violently and started to fuck her narrow hole from behind without hesitation, my cute black gal’s mouth overflowed with sweet and debauched moans.

 The way she clutched the sheet and obediently accepted the meat rod was so cute that she looked like a little animal.

 ”Muuu… why is it from Mai-chan?”

 Ahaha… soon, I’ll put it in Masaki-chan too, just be patient”

 It’s not without reason. Fujiwara-san was already on the verge of cumming.

 While appeasing Masaki-chan’s puffy cheeks, I repeatedly pumped into Fujiwara-san.

 ”Oh, Fu~min, Fu~min, I love you, I love you, I’m gonna cum, I-I want to do more, but I’m gonna cum soon…”

 Fujiwara-san’s voice sounded desperate, as if she was about to collapse. The sight is so cute that I moved my hips even faster, hoping to make her moan even more.

 ”Nha! Fu~min, I can’t catch my breath, go slower, aah! No, I, I’m going to cum!”

 ”Wow, Mai-chan has such a naughty face”

 While saying so, Masaki-chan pokes Fujiwara-san’s cheek, and suddenly her vagina tightens up.

 ”No, don’t look! Don’t look at me… ah, it’s bad, it’s bad, it’s very bad, I, I, I’m cummmming!”

 And then, with a shudder, Fujiwara-san collapsed head first onto the bed.

 ”Yes! Then, here it comes!”

 Chuckling at the sight of Masaki-chan shaking her ass as if to urge me to hurry up, I pulled the meat stick out of Fujiwara-san and moved behind her.

 ”Yes, Fumio-kun, I love you, here’s your lovely wife’s pussy, come on, come on…”

 I almost chuckled at her enthusiasm.

 But I held it in, and grabbed her ample ass, and thrust my hips out at once.

 ”Hmmm, Fumio-kun’s p*nis, here it comes!”

 Masaki-chan squeals with delight and arches her back.

 Fujiwara-san’s pussy was tighter than Masaki-chan’s, but Masaki-chan’s felt like it was clinging to me, giving me a completely different feeling.

 ”Here you go, Masaki-chan. I’m going to give you a lot of thrusts”

 ”Yes, make me feel good, make me feel good…”

 I grabbed her fleshy hips and suddenly started pumping her hips hard.

 ”Hiinh, ah, ah, ah, ah, it’s reaching all the way in, a, awesome, th, this wall, it’s rubbing! Ah, anh, anh, ah, ah, ahhhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh!”

 I thrust up hard as she struggled to keep her hands on the bed.

 Then I covered Masasaki-chan’s back and grabbed her ample breasts from above her clothes.

 (Don’t worry, Fujiwara-san won’t have time to look at us now!)

 ”Masaki-chan, look at me”

 ”Nfu! …Nnn, nmuu! Nnnn, nnnn!”

 Then, I take Masaki-chan’s lips, and continues to thrust her hips furiously while our tongues are intertwined.

 ”Hmm, nnnn, Slurp, nnn, nhah, nnn!”

 While squeezing her breasts, lolling her tongue, and crushing her uterus, I move my hips in a circular motion, and her fleshy body twitches and jerks.

 ”Puha, no, no! I can’t take it if you keep pumping me in the back, I-I’m going to cum right away!”

 ”I want to see Masaki-chan come with a s*xy face”

 I whispered in her ear while playing with her nipples over her clothes.

 ”Fumio-kun, if you want to see it… ahn, it’s fine”

 And so, I slam my hips into her hard again.

 ”Ahn, ah, ah, ah, ah, a-amazing, ahn!”

 Masaki-chan is being driven to her climax by my unrestrained, high-speed pistoning.

 Her fine skin is slightly tinged with pink, and her forehead is covered with beads of sweat.

 Eventually, she arches her back and lets out a short cry.

 ”Nnn, I, I’m cumming!”

 She squeezed my cock tightly, and I raised my eyebrows in pleasure.

 ”Kuh, I’m cumming too!”

 *Spurt!* *Spurttttt!* *Spurttttttt!*

 ”Ah, ahhh… it’s coming out, Fumio-kun’s hot cum is all over my stomach… Ahh, amazing, ah, aaah…”

 That’s an enormous amount for me. The hot white liquid that was released filled her womb and overflowed to the base.

 Masaki-chan was trembling with the pleasure of vaginal ejaculation, and her face was covered with the debauchery of her climax.


 I let out a small breath and looked again at the two of them lying on the bed.

 Two beautiful girls in lascivious outfits, with only their lower halves exposed. They’re my lovely princesses.

 Tomorrow is the new school year after the summer vacation.

 I’ve never thought that school would be fun, but I’m looking forward to spending the new semester with these girls.

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