Confinement 328

Chapter 328 A Days that will never come back

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 ”Are you okay?”

 With her thumb pushing up the brim of her red cap, the foreign girl showed her white teeth.

 Her face is familiar to me.

 Or rather, a beautiful foreign girl who speaks Japanese fluently is so unique that there’s no other way to mistake her.

 ”The foreign girl who’s a friend of Shibata-chi’s…?”

 As soon as I said that, she raised one eyebrow questioningly. Then, after a moment of thought…

 ”Um… are you the chairwoman of the school public morals committee by any chance?”

 She asks.

* * *

 (What does she mean, by any chance?)

 If my face is swollen to the extent that she can’t recognize my face, that’s pretty shocking.

 As I sagged involuntarily, she smiled again, showing her white teeth.

 ”It looks like you’ve been through a lot, but you’ll be okay now. The police and ambulance will be here soon…”

 I turned my attention to the entrance of the alley and saw a crowd of people.

 In the distance, the sound of sirens approaches, probably from police cars.

 (…Oh no. This is not good. If the police come, it’s my end!)

 So, I asked a foreign girl for help.

 ”Uh, you know… I don’t want to bother you, but can you let me out of here, please? I’m in serious trouble, if there’s a police”

 ”No, but aren’t you the victim? I mean, you’ve been beaten up that much”

 ”Yes, but… please!”

 The foreign girl looked troubled when I put my hands together as if to worship her.

 But she nodded and took off her cap and put it on me.

 ”I’ll give it to you, but you should cover your face. Can you stand up?”

 ”Yes… Also, Kobayashi-sensei’s phone should be in his butt pocket, so I want you to get it for me”


 ”Actually… I’m being blackmailed”

 With those words, the foreign girl looked as if she understood.

 Then she bent down beside Kobayashi-sensei, who lay shivering on the ground, picked up his phone and tilted her head at me.


 ”Yes! That one!”


 ”Then let’s get out of here!”

 Just as I reached out to grab her hand…


 Suddenly, her figure disappeared.

 She really disappeared without a trace.

 I’m confused and don’t know what’s happening, but I see the police and paramedics rushing towards me.

 (… It’s over. I’m finished)

◇ ◇ ◇


 I bent down and stiffened in an outstretched posture.

 Because suddenly the scenery around me switched from a dark alleyway to a bright room.

 When I looked around in a daze, I found myself in a familiar “Bedroom”.

 And I saw Fumio sitting on the bed, and my sister standing beside him in her jersey with her arms folded.

 (Is this <SlaveSummon SummoningSlave>? What bad timing…)

 The moment I’m about to say “Please return me to my original place right now…”



 My sister shouted in a low voice that sounded like it was coming from the depths of the earth, and looked at me with a demonic expression that I’d never seen before.

 I don’t know what’s going on, but she’s really angry.

 She’s usually pretty calm, but when she’s angry, she’s really scary. She’s also very persistent.

 Her viscosity is higher than that of coal tar (108 pascals/second). It’s unbearable because she turns into a real “Female’s Rotten Guy[1]” (It seems to refer to a man who has a soft and simpering nature).

 ”O-Onee-chan, what’s wrong? P-Please calm down, don’t be violent, okay, okay?”

 ”What happened to… my cap?”


 For a moment I don’t understand, and I tilt my head. But the next moment, the red cap on the chairwoman’s head came to mind.

* * *

 ”Oh… oh, that. I gave it away”

 ”You gave it awayyyyyyyy!?”

 ”No, I mean, there’s something deeper than the ocean… I’ll buy it back!”

 Immediately, my sister, covered in a dark aura, approached me slowly, like a ghost (幽鬼).

 This is bad, this is really bad. Her eyes are crazy.

 I turn to Fumio, as if to ask for help. But Fumio deliberately says, “Is that a fly?” and turned away in the direction of the day after tomorrow.

 ”Wait, O-Onee-chan! I-I’ll buy you a better cap, s-so relax… Ughhee!? Gyaaaaaaaa!?”

 Without listening to me any longer, she grabbed my arm and from the arm whip, performed a reverse flying armbar.

 This combo is almost a habit of my sister’s.

 Ever since I was a child, I’ve been the prey of this combo whenever my sister lost her temper.

 However, the power of this combo is too different from that of a child to an adult.

 ”It will break! It will break! It’s going to breakkkk!”

 As I desperately tapped the floor, Fumio told my sister in astonishment.

 ”Don’t break her, Torture’s not here right now”


 I couldn’t help but do a double-take at the disappointed look on my sister’s face.

 (Is she going to break me?)

 As I thought so and clench my teeth in pain, Fumio looked down at me and opened his mouth in disapproval.

 ”You can’t take something that belongs to someone else”

 ”Gugigi… I-I don’t want to hear it from Fumio who’s always taking other people’s women!”

 Fumio’s face instantly turned serious.

 And after this, I regretted this word to death.

◇ ◇ ◇

 Sensei and I were taken to the hospital by ambulance.

 I’m worried about the missing foreign girl, but there’s nothing I can do about it.

 My life is as good as over now.

 It was already late at night when I was taken to the hospital for treatment and moved to a hospital room.

 The diagnosis included dozens of bruises, a badly cracked upper arm bone, and a minor fracture of the fundus.

 In addition to the pain, I had been feverish and dazed since I was brought to the hospital.

 As they couldn’t just leave me there now, I had to stay in the hospital for the night.

 And according to what I heard, Kobayashi-sensei was in a critical condition, unconscious, and went straight to the intensive care unit. It is said that he is still wandering between life and death.

 I know it’s inappropriate, but I think he should die.

 The detective wanted to talk to me, but the doctor stopped him.

 I’ll probably be interviewed tomorrow.

 Will I be able to avoid being expelled if I pretend that Kobayashi-sensei took me to a hotel by force and assaulted me?

 Even so, I probably wouldn’t be able to stay in school until graduation.

 My parents would probably take me back and never let me out of the house again. If I’m not careful, they’ll lock me up in a shed.

 When I close my eyes, the scene at the girl’s bar comes to mind. It’s the memory of the days I spent laughing the most in my life.

 (Everyone… how are you?)

 When I realized that I would never be able to return to that place again, tears unconsciously dripped down my cheeks.

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