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Chapter 347 Misty the Paradise Tokyo Gangsta Great Escape, Part Two – 1

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 ”Nnah… aah… anh… aaah…”

On the other side of the mirror, a beautiful girl is writhing lewdly.

She has lightly pigmented chestnut hair and white skin.

Her breasts, lifted by a light blue cupless bra with white lace, are modest but well-shaped and perky.

The matching garter belt adorned her lower body in an incendiary manner, like a work of art, further confirming her beauty.

“More… aah, hey, try harder, aah, aah, aah…”

The man’s cock in her pussy wasn’t enough, so the beautiful girl used her hips and squeezed her own breasts for pleasure.

She is as pretty as a doll, but unbalanced and lewd.

To tell the truth, this beautiful girl is me.

I’ve been working at Paradise Tokyo for two months. I’ve easily become the number one cast member.

Well, it’s only natural.

After all, I have such good looks.

When I put on a stage where I can’t even call it dancing, just shaking my body in a bikini, men rush in to buy me.

I have no choice but to be embraced by men because it’s my job.

Besides, the pleasure of a woman’s body has become a habit. I can’t get this pleasure from a man’s body even if I stand on my head.

However, watching a man writhe in agony, no matter how good it feels, is a turn-off.

That is why I use a special room in a two-star hotel on the outskirts of Siam Square when I want to be embraced by a man.

After all, I don’t want to have s*x outside of the room.

This is technically because I don’t want to be photographed, but in reality, the room has mirrors all over the walls, so I can enjoy the s*x scenes of beautiful girls through the mirrors.

I can dress up in any way I want. I can make any expression I want.

After all, it’s me.

However, in reality, I am having s*x with a man’s cock.

Models are narcissists to a greater or lesser extent, but since I’ve been in a woman’s body, I honestly feel that I’ve reached the maximum level of narcissism.

To be honest, I’m in love with myself.

Maybe I’m the prettiest girl in the world.

If I had met such a beautiful girl when I was a man, I would have tried to seduce her no matter what.

(Oh man… I’m so cute again today)

But to my dismay, the man whom I’m straddling and pushing me up with his hips, is moaning under his breath.

“Misty-san *Pant Pant* Misty-san… I, too, am…”

(Damn it, don’t ruin my mood…)

This simple-looking man is a regular customer of Paradise Tokyo, known as “Nobita” to the cast.

The pride of Japan, the cat-shaped robot anime, is also a good memory of childhood for Thai people (Krungtheph), and is a national anime. It is associated with childhood nostalgia.

Therefore, it is not surprising that people give him such a nickname.

In fact, among the regular customers, there are even Giant and Suneo.

Speaking of Japanese brand products that can be bought cheaper in Thailand than in Japan, women’s underwear is the first and foremost item.

Wagon sales of women’s underwear are often held in large commercial facilities such as МBK and Pratunam, and as usual, stalls selling women’s underwear appear everywhere at night.

This is because there are large-scale sewing factories of Japanese underwear manufacturers in Thailand.

The regular products are cheap, but the outlet products and sample products are sold by bad employees and lined up at the stalls.

And Nobita is a young employee of the lingerie maker. The s*xy underwear I’m wearing today is a gift from him.

“M-Misty-san, I can’t take it anymore…”

“Anh, anh… just hang on a little longer…”

He’s not ugly, but he’s plain.

He’s a serious guy who’s never had a girlfriend and is as old as I am, but when his boss brought him to the bar for a welcome party on his first day of work in Thailand, he fell in love with me at first sight.

Although he had just been chastised by a white woman (Hakujin) the day before, but I took him on, thinking that he was Japanese and that he was such a gentleman so he would be easy to play with, but seriously, he was hooked on me.

And now he’s a regular customer of mine.

Since we’re both Japanese, I tell him the rate is the Japanese brothel rate, and I make him pay five times the market rate, not including hotel charges, but he still comes back to buy me in less than three days, and at the end of the game, he keeps asking me to marry him.

I think he’s probably spending most of his salary on fucking me, but I can’t help but understand his feelings.

After all, there are not so many beautiful girls as me.

It’s funny to see Nobita’s face turning bright red, desperately trying to hold back his orgasm, yet it’s also kind of cute.

“Aah, fine, I’ll make you cum, aah, I’ll squeeze it all out of you, aah, aah, aah, aah…”

As we’re both men, I know exactly what to do to make him cum.

And so, I raise my hips a little and rock my hips as if I am rubbing the glans up and down.

“Fuoo!? I-It’s too much, Misty-san!?”

“Come on! Come on! Let it out!”


I can feel my face breaking into a smile. It’s tingling.

“Ugh, ah, I-I’m cumming!”

With Nobita’s urgent voice, I feel a water balloon break in the pit of my stomach.

*Spurt*! *Spurtttttt*! *Spurttt*

Then, a wave of heat surged into the depths of my belly, spreading warmth to the depths of my abdomen and giving me an inexplicable euphoric feeling.

“Ah, oh, I’m cumming, toooooooooo!”

The pleasure that ran up my spine reached my brain, and my body trembled in small shivers.

The sensation is sharp, like being pierced by a needle. And it made my eyes flicker. and my head covered in a white haze.

No matter how many times I’ve experienced it, the climax that comes to a woman’s body is tremendous.

What makes it so great is that it is so long.

Each time, every time, I feel as if my brain cells are burning from the sheer length of the peak.

As usual, in the midst of my ragged breathing, I heard Nobita’s usual phrase, “Please marry me” but I dismissed Nobita’s usual phrase, “Idiot” and slumped down.

That was three nights ago.

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