Confinement 349 1

Chapter 349 Extreme Tsundere, Part 1

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 After homeroom, just as I left the classroom, I heard a girl’s screaming voice coming from the next classroom.

 ”What? What happened?”

 ”I don’t know… but it’s coming from Confinement King’s classroom”

 I replied to Shima, who tilted her head, and peered through the open door into the classroom next door.

 The classroom air froze, and everyone stared distantly at the two figures, all the while showing signs of confusion.

 ”Even though you’re ugly, don’t get carried away!”

 The one who slammed the desk while raising her voice is the Third Favored Princess, Misuzu Kurosawa.

 And she grabbed the chest of the boy in front of her, raising her eyes that normally would be glazed over.

 The man, who is stiffening with a startled look on his face like Takasago right after Shiratori played a trick on her, is the Confinement King.

 ”What the…!?”

 ”…What an interesting turn of events…”

 I couldn’t help but look at Shima.

 But then, I heard the girls standing near the door whispering to each other.

 ”I thought they seemed to be getting along well lately, but I guess he’s too gross for her?”

 ”Kimo-jima just got carried away, didn’t he?” 

 ”I thought she said she liked Kimo-jima”

 I don’t care what the women that Confinement King won’t even touch say, but that behavior of the Third Favored Princess is inexcusable.

 ”W-Wait a minute, Ui-chan!”

 As I’m about to step into the classroom, Shima stops me.

 ”Don’t stop me, Shima!”

 ”But you have to understand the situation…”

 –There’s no such thing as situation!

 Just as I am about to raise my voice, someone came out of the classroom and walked into the corridor.

 ”Oh, Ui-chan, Natsumi-chan, what are you doing?”

 It’s the First Favored Princess, Masaki Haneda.

 ”What are you doing? I mean! What’s going on here?”

 I asked, and the First Favored Princess smiled bitterly.

 ”Ah, that? It’s like Misuzu-chan feels “it’s not fair”. And she’s being honest about her desires… Well, I’m not the one who’s actually harmed, so it’s okay”

 I couldn’t help but be puzzled.

 It is a response that I can’t imagine from the First Favored Princess, who always overreacts to rudeness to the Confinement King.

 I wouldn’t have been surprised if she had brought out a chainsaw or something.

 ”No, it’s not good! I can’t allow her to treat the Confinement King like that!”

 ”Uh… yeah, Ui-chan may be angry”

 At the same time as I frowned at the First Favored Princess’s unnatural tone, Shima let out an exasperated voice next to me.

 ”Oh, I see”

 As First Favored Princess smiled, Shima looks as if she’s understood something. I’m feeling very alienated. I’m the only one out of the loop.

 ”What the hell, you guys! Stop acting like you’re the only two who understand this!”

 ”Because… hey”


 ”Well, I’ll buy that poor Ui-chan a parfait. There’s a new place in front of the station, right? Let’s go there now”

 ”What are you waiting for?”

 ”Sure, sure, sure. Come on, come on!”

 ”Wait, wait, First Favored Princess! Shima!”

 The First Favored Princess pulled me by the hand, and Shima pushed me back, forcing me out of the place.

 By the way, the parfait is delicious. It is Ujikintoki (Green Tea Shaved Ice).

* * *

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