Confinement 350 2

Chapter 350 Clumsy Girlfriend is Lovely, Part 2

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 ”Return the book in one week, next Tuesday”

 After I say this to the girl, I give her library card, write down the return date, and hand the book to the girl across the counter.

 The girl leaves the library with the book in her hand, but she doesn’t know that below my feet, under the counter, there is Tashiro-san, naked and tied up with her hands behind her back.

 And I sit down on a pipe chair, my pants and underwear already down to my ankles.

 Between my legs, Tashiro-san buried her face in my bare crotch, devouring my cock with all her might.

 ”Chu… *lick lick* chuuuu…”

 The sound of her mouth squeezing and sucking on the urethra echoed in the quiet library.

 As there are two other students in the library who seem to be first-year students, it’s quite a thrilling experience.

 Still, Tashiro-san takes the meat stick in her mouth and moves her face up and down. Then she spits it out, and kisses the glans as if rubbing her cheek. After licking up my meat, she took the glans into her mouth again.

 With her hands tied behind her back, she is unable to use her hands, which made the sequence of actions awkward and frustrating.

 However, Tashiro-san seemed to be excited by this inconvenience.

 (It seems… I’ll get addicted to it)

 If I told the old me that Ui Tashiro, whom I admired so much, is now sucking on my cock in a flirtatious way, what kind of face would he have? No, he wouldn’t believe it.

 ”Lick my balls, too”

 ”Nnn… Yhes~…”

 When she replies with the meat stick still in her mouth, it sounds like her tongue is lisping, which is very cute.

 Then again, after she spits out the rod, she pushes the p*nis up with her forehead and nuzzles her face into the base of my crotch.

 And despite the fact that she is sitting shallowly, she is still licking my scrotum, which is hidden under the meat stick.

 Nevertheless, she stretched out the tip of her tongue and licked it out, stretching out the wrinkles on the surface.

 ”Nnn… Nhah *Lick lick…*”

 Looking under the counter, Tashiro-san’s normally dignified face is ruined to the extent that it could be called a funny face.

 She is sucking on my rod again, burying the tip of her nose in her pubic hair, her lips pouting, her cheeks puckered and puffy, eagerly servicing my object.

 ”Npu, *Squelch* *Squelch* *Slurpp…*”

 As she begins to move her head back and forth, the sound of water becomes louder.

 And looking at the other two students in the library, they are still chatting in front of the stacks with books in their hands. Although they are some distance away from the counter, it is impossible to say that they cannot heard it.

 ”Tashiro-san, don’t make too much noise or we’ll be noticed, okay?”

 I asked her, and she jolted.

 But even though she stopped moving for a moment, she immediately began to move her head back and forth, as if she couldn’t stand it.

 ”Your lewd face, let me see it”

 ”Nn, nnku… Yhes”

 When I ordered her to do so, Tashiro-san raised her red face.

 But she doesn’t let go of the meat stick.

 Her lips are still protruding, and the bridge of her nose looks strangely prolonged.

 (No one else has ever seen Tashiro-san’s face like this, have they?)

 When I think about it, I feel very much in love with her.

 (Can anyone believe it? This is that Ui Tashiro…)

 Excellent in academics, athletic, leadership, and dignified beauty.

 I can’t help but laugh at the fact that the girl I thought to be a perfect superhuman is actually quite a klutz, but anyway, I feel an inexplicable sense of omnipotence at the thought of being able to humiliate her like this at any time.

 When I looked up, I couldn’t see any of the girls who had just been there. Apparently, they had left before I knew it.

 Suddenly, I felt a wild urge.

 I grabbed her ponytail, at the base of it, and pressed her head firmly against my crotch.

 ”Nbuu!? Nnn! Nnn…!?”

 Her mouth still contained the meat stick.

 But I push it in deeper, and feel the tip of it thrusting into the back of her throat.

 And when I grab her by the hair and forcefully moves her head back and forth, she can only take the rod.

 ”Nbo, nnah, gobo, boboa! *Slurp* *Squelch*!”

 Her muffled voice and the lewd sound of water echo through the quiet library.

 And Tashiro-san’s eyes are black and white.

 She must be unable to breathe.

 After all, Saliva overflows from her lips, which she can’t even close, and splatters in droplets.

 Still, with a frown on her beautiful face, she opened her mouth and continued to receive the rod of flesh that is thrusting into her.

 ”I’m going to ejaculate like this, so don’t spill it”

 ”Nn, nnn…”

 She couldn’t even reply properly as the rod is constantly pounding into her.

 Still, I grabbed her head and moved it back and forth even harder.

 And then–

 ”Kuh! I’m going to ejaculate!”

 With that said, I thrust into the back of her throat, and then the meat stick shot out at once.

 *Spurt*! *Spurttttttt*! *Spurtttt*!

 Her mouth overflows with semen as my cock pulsates and buzzes.

 ”*Gulp* *Gulp*”

 Tashiro-san tried her best to swallow it down, but the semen she couldn’t swallow overflowed from the edge of her mouth, forming a white puddle on the floor.


 When the semen finally subsided and I pulled out my meat stick, a white thread of semen and saliva is drawn between the tip and her lips, then cut.

 ”*Cough* *Cough* geee… *Cough* gee…”

 Immediately, Tashiro-san coughed and gagged, and the remaining semen in her mouth dribbled out onto the floor.

 ”Are you okay?”

 ”*pant pant pant…* I-I’m fine”

 She smiled, tears streaming down her face, but looking somewhat pleased with herself.

 ”There’s something I’d like to try… if you don’t mind”

 I asked her, and she nodded with an enraptured expression.

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