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Chapter 363 Attack of the Parasitic Little Sister

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 On Monday morning, I picked up Saori-chan from her house as usual.

 ”Don’t be shy”

 ”B-But, onii-chan…”

 Saori-chan showed an apologetic expression as I snatched her bag from her shoulder.

 ”I have to do something like an onii-chan once in a while”

 ”Uh… t-thanks”

 She says she’s fine, but it’s only been a few days since she was hit by a motorcycle.

 The gauze on her cheek is painful, and her sprained leg looks a little limp.

 If Torture is here, I would have asked her to treat her secretly in the middle of the night, but that’s not possible now.

 Currently, we are on a familiar morning road in the countryside.

 Maybe she’s too short-handed without her bag, Saori-chan picks up the hem of my blazer and steps behind me, looking somewhat embarrassed.

 ”S-Somehow… it’s like when we go to school in a group…”

 ”Haha, do you want to hold my hand?”

 ”T-That’s a little embarrassing… O-Onii-chan”

 As we walked along, we eventually met up with Hanabusa-san.

 She must have arrived a while ago. And when we reached the arranged meeting place, she rushed towards us.

 ”O-Onii-san, thank you so much for your help!”

 ”No problem, don’t worry about it. You’re Saori-chan’s precious friend, after all”

 Apparently, Hanabusa-san is a polite girl.

 She bowed her head and whispered to Saori-chan apologetically, and Saori-chan shook her head with a wry smile.

 Although I felt that Saori-chan didn’t need to be so considerate since it wasn’t like we were taking a detour, I also felt that it was this kind of personality that made Saori-chan, who was more reserved, get along so well with her.

 For me, going to school with two such cute junior high school students is not a bad thing, but rather a win-win situation.

 Then, as we walked side by side, I realized that Hanabusa-san is quite short for a basketball player.

 I guess she is about the same height as Saori-chan.

 Like the other day, she had her bangs pinned up with two hairpins, and her hair is tied up in an elastic band at the back.

 She looks more charming than beautiful.

 She doesn’t have any of the intimidation that Tashiro-san or Teruya-san have, and the way her large eyes move around reminds me of a small animal.

 According to what Ryoko learned from the culprit, the target was not Saori-chan, but Hanabusa-san.

 I’d like to ask her about this idea, but I’m afraid to ask her face to face right now.

 (For now, I’ll have to meet this Kitou guy first…)

 ”Well, shall we go?”


 I call out to them, and they smile and nod to each other.

 At this point, it’s just a peaceful morning.

 I had no idea that a little trouble would be waiting for us later.

* * *

 I, Kizuna Tachioka, am hiding in a bush in a children’s park in a residential area, waiting for “Fumio Kijima”.

 As instructed by Shiratori-senpai.

 If the information she gave me is correct, Fumio Kijima should be passing through here soon.

 (…I can’t believe I’m relying on the enemy)

 But to be honest, I’m not sure if I’m disappointed.

 Because it doesn’t feel real.

 My brother told me that “Fumio Kijima” was a bad guy, and he was determined to grab his tail. That’s why he’s looking for allies and is currently traveling to Fukuoka.

 But for me, Kobayashi is the more unforgivable person who seduced Minami-oneechan, and I have little contact with “Fumio Kijima”.

 Shiratori-senpai said that Fumio Kijima was indeed the kidnapper, but what happened to my brother was his own fault, he just got revenge. That’s what she said.

 However, I still don’t know how to digest it at all.

 It’s early in the morning in a residential area, so there are not many pedestrians, but there are a few people going to work and students going to school.

 And now the sight of a female student squatting in a planting at this early hour seemed to be conspicuous, and people who noticed me walked past with curious looks on their faces.

 (There he is!)

 Across the street, I saw the figure of “Fumio Kijima”.

 I’ve seen him once before at a fast food restaurant, and I wouldn’t mistake him for anyone else.


 (Eh? Why… is there an ugly girl with me?)

 Shiratori-senpai had told me in advance that Moribe-san, a quiet girl in my class, was with him.

 But for some reason, there is another girl from the other class walking with them today, an ugly girl from the third class.

 I only know her face and her nickname, but does that mean she’s also a victim of “Fumio Kijima”?

 (Kuh… he’s a monster with s*xual desires, just like Shiratori-senpai said)

 But there’s no turning back now.

 So, just as “Fumio Kijima” passed by the park, I suddenly jumped out of the bushes and clung to his arm.

 ”Good morning! Nii nii~❤”

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