Confinement 381

Chapter 381 Fujiwara Faction White Muddy Festival

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 ”Hyu――, haa, Hyu――, haa…”

 A small, bare ass was twitching and twitching.

 It was Kei-chan, dressed in cat ears, who was breathing hard at the edge of the bed, looking like she was coming right after her climax.

 ”Ah… Yui-sama’s tongue *Kiss* *Lick…*”

 ”Ah… *Lick* Mmm… A-Amemiya, please don’t interrupt me… Mmm, nchuu”

 And when I sit down on the bed.

 A blonde hair ringlet with cat ears and a short black hair head are bobbing back and forth between my legs.

 The two girls who crawl their tongues on my cock from both sides are Kayama-san and Nozomi.

 They were eagerly licking and sucking my stick, which was glistening wet with sperm and Kei-chan’s love juice.

 (…Seeing it again, Nozomi is more like tasting Kayama-san’s tongue…)

 ”Ahaha, the cat’s on the move――!”

 On my shoulder, Fujiwara-san, who is also wearing cat ears, leans on me with a laugh.

 Her tiny breasts wrapped in a micro bikini with a very small area of cloth were, on the contrary, abnormally indecent.

 This is happening after Lili’s explanation, and I contacted Fujiwara-san via SNS.

 Originally, it was my turn to love Fujiwara-san today, but I asked her to bring Kayama-san along with her to explain about the Death Game, and somehow Fujiwara-san’s whole faction came to the party.

 And they were all wearing micro bikinis with cat ears.

 ”Fu~min, you’ve been neglecting us, so you should squeeze us to the hilt…”

 ”Oh…is that so?”

 (I probably shouldn’t mention to her that I’ve only recently taken care of Nozomi and Kei-chan…)

 ”Nnjuu… *Slurp* *Slurp* *Smooch*”

 ”*Kiss* *Kiss* *Slurp*”

 As Kayama-san sucked the trunk sideways with her lips as if she was playing the harmonica, Nozomi did the same from the other side.

 At this sight of the girls kissing each other with my thing between their lips, I felt my heart jump.

 (Erotic…this is, very erotic…)

 But under their enthusiastic service, I explain to Fujiwara-san about this death game.

 Immediately, her cheeks twitched as if she was shocked.

 ”You’re so mean… Really, you’re just like Lili-chan, aren’t you?”

 Then Kayama-san looked up.

 ”Puha… Then, I’m supposed to pretend that I don’t know anything and compete with Ritsuko-sama and Mangi Nagashi for the favor of the Confinement King-sama, right?”

 When Kayama-san broke off the kiss, Nozomi looked disappointed for a moment, but then began to run her tongue toward my testicles.

 ”That’s the thing. Lili seems to have a plan for what Kayama-san is going to do, and I’m sure she’ll give you instructions as needed… do you know about the two of them?”

 ”Yes, they are in the same class”


 ”I’ve talked with Ritsuko-sama several times at social gatherings, but I’ve never really talked with this Mangi Nagashi. We lived in different worlds”

 ”I see. What kind of girls they are?”

 ”Ritsuko-sama is, in a word, a Yamato Nadeshiko. Old-fashioned and modest, that’s my impression. For Mangi Nagashi, I don’t have a good impression of her. She is blunt and violent, like a wild animal who always threatens people around her”

 (I feel like they are the exact opposite of each other…)

 ”But neither of them looks like a women’s basketball player”

 ”I don’t know about Mangi Nagashi, but Ritsuko-sama was a big fan of Kaitou-senpai in the second year, or rather a follower…”


 (Is she jealous of Hanabusa-san being nominated directly by Kaitou-san? But that doesn’t help me to understand the connection between Hanabusa-san and Kitou. According to Shiratori-san’s theory, the real target is Nitani)

 When Kayama-san tried to suck my cock again, Kei-chan, who was supposed to be limp, was kneeling right in front of me before I knew it, and she took the head of my cock in her mouth before Kayama-san did.

 ”Ah! Takasago-senpai is so unfair!”

 Kei-chan, not seeming to pay any attention to Kayama-san’s protests, sucked my cock with a flattened cheek.

 ”*Smooch* *Suck* *Slurp…*”

 ”Geez… you’re so selfish”

 It seems that the common understanding among the track and field club members is that “it’s useless to complain to Kei-chan”.

 So with a reproachful look on her face, Kayama-san’s head sank down toward my testicles.

 (Ah…this is great)

 Three beautiful cat-eared girls are kneeling between my legs, and their tongues are lapping at my cock as if they were competing with each other. It’s a magnificent view.

 Kei-chan is awkwardly sucking the head of my cock into her mouth, which is a new experience for me, and Kayama and Nozomi are licking and sucking each other as if they were competing with each other and they were taking each of my testicle in their mouths.

 ”Ahaha… Fu~min, you look so lewd!”

 On the other hand, Fujiwara-san looks into my face as if to make fun of me.

 ”Of course it is”

 ”Well, then, how about splashing it all over their faces?”

 ”…it would be great, to put it mildly”

 ”Well, maybe I’ll help you, too”

 As she said this, she kneeled down beside me and kissed me on the lips.

 ”Mmm *Kiss…* *Kiss* *Lick* *Lick…* *Slurp…*”

 Our tongues entwined in each other’s mouth. And the room is filled with the sound of our saliva slurping on each other’s saliva.

 The other girl’s tongue crawled up and down my body too, and I felt so comfortable that my head was dizzy.

 ”*Slurp* *Slurpppp* *Kiss…*”

 ”*Kiss* *Kiss* *Slurpp*”

 ”*Lick* *Lick…* *Squelch* *Smooch*”

 The room is gradually filled with the sound of five hot breaths of the five of us.

 Four red tongues were wriggling around, wanting me out.

 And soon, the hot thing starts to swell deep in my loins, urging me to get it out of here as soon as possible.

 ”Kuh… I’m coming!”

 I moaned involuntarily, and the three girls between my legs all looked up at once.


 Then, Fujiwara-san separated her lips from mine and reached for my cock and started to rub my gooseneck up and down with a skilled hand.

 ”Ahaha, I’m going to rub your nipple…”

 ”Kuh.. ugh…”

 I bit my back teeth involuntarily, and then the embankment broke, as if I was being yanked out, and semen gushed out of me with great force.

 Spurt! Spurttttt! Spurttttttttttt!

 The cum flies in the air and falls on the faces of the three girls who are waiting with their eyes closed and tongues sticking out.

 On Kayama’s snow-white skin.

 Kei-chan’s childish face.

 Nozomi’s pale brown skin burned by the sun.

 And Fujiwara-san rubbed my cock up and down, as if she wanted me to give her all the rest, and I shivered helplessly at the pleasure that ran up and down my spine.

 And so, the splashes stained their hair, their foreheads, and their skin.

 Hot, thick white spunk also dripped down their cheeks.

 ”Oh… it’s wonderful… it’s Confinement King-sama’s semen!”

 ”I feel like I’m going to melt… this…is…amazing”

 Kayama-san and Nozomi’s cheeks are bright red and their faces are enraptured with debauchery.

 ”Ahaha… maybe next time I’ll have you spray it on me, too”

 Fujiwara-san smiles moodily.

 However, Kei-chan, who was in the middle of Kayama-san and Nozomi, scowled with a sullen look on her face.

 ”It’s so bitter. Add sugar…or honey would be fine”

 Please… Kei-chan.

 Don’t season it.

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