Confinement 391

Chapter 391 What I Liked about Him was His Face

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 [SaitoCockroach POV]

 It was nearly dawn when KishijoCentipede and InuiEarthworm returned to the maid’s room.

 Then, just as I was helping Mijinko (Ulrich), who couldn’t put on her maid’s uniform by herself, to change her clothes, and complaining about Tapeworm who had rushed off to her morning training even though she had to prepare breakfast for Ryoko-sama and Kyoko-sama, KishijoCentipede and InuiEarthworm came back to the maid’s room near dawn. (*Note: So, it’s from c276, ミジンコMijinko => “water flea”)

 ””…I’m home””

 ”Oh, yeah…”

 I laugh at their gloomy mood and realize that they have been scolded a lot.

 I guessed that they must have suffered so much that they had to be healed by Torture-sama, since there was not even a scratch on their body.

 ”So, why did you get scolded?”

 ”You see… Uhm… maybe I said something inappropriate while we were playing”

 ”She said it was a disgrace to the dignity of the maids”


 I couldn’t help but to twitch my cheeks.

 The fact that she said the word “dignity of the maid” indicates that the head maid is very angry.

 In such a case, the chief maid’s punishment is extremely severe.

 And feeling blue, I am involuntarily lowered down.

 Mijinko tilted her head in puzzlement, as if she didn’t understand what was going on.

 The unwritten rule of maids is not to ask what kind of punishment they have received.

 This is because it only makes us more frightened when we imagine it when we are summoned.

 But today, Earthworm whispered to me with a somewhat broken smile plastered on her mouth.

 ”I have something for you…”

 ”Wait a minute… a souvenir from the sermon…”

 ”Yes, I made it…”

 ”So, what did you make…?”

 ”…Dry cured ham, from the “thigh”…”


 I choked out, and Earthworm and Centipede giggled at me.

 Only Mijinko, which didn’t know what to say, and when Earthworm said, “Ulrich, do you like ham? Do you want some!?”, Mijinko making a fuss.

 ※For the note, Ulrich ate the “dry-cured ham”.

* * *

 [Kayama POV]

 (…I wonder what penalty she got?)

 Morning classroom before homeroom.

 I see Ritsuko-sama sitting on her seat.

 She looks the same. Apart from an occasional hint of concern about the smell of her hair, she looks like an upper class girl with a straight posture as usual.

 She is very different from Mangi Nagashi, who is not so elegant. Therefore, yesterday’s result was a bit strange to me.

 (Maybe ihe doesn’t like Ritsuko-sama’s type…)

 And as I’m thinking about that…


 A voice called me from behind. I turned around at the sound of a familiar calm voice, and at that moment…


 I bounced on my seat.

 Masaki-sama was standing there.

 I should praise myself for not screaming.


 ”What’s wrong? You look like you’ve been attacked by a serial killer”

 I feel close to that. After confirming that there is no weapon in Masaki-sama’s hand, I manage to smile.

 ”Ah, hahaha… I-it’s just Masaki-sama imagination. By the way, Masaki-sama, what brings you all the way to the second year classroom?”

 Senior students rarely come into the classroom, and Masaki-sama stands out because of her… breasts.

 In fact, most of the classmates, especially boys, were glued to her breasts.

 ”Well, I heard that there is a girl who confessed her feelings to Fumio-kun yesterday, so I wanted to talk to her”

 (Is it a real talk…or is it a physical talk?)

 No, I know that I am simply too afraid of Masaki-sama.

 Just like me, she loves Confinement King-sama too much, that’s all.

 I know that as long as I don’t disrespect Confinement King-sama, Masaki-sama won’t be so angry with me.

 But when she gets angry, I am afraid. There is an eerie fear.

 There is such a fear that she might do something like pouring a bucketful of mercury collected from a mountain of old thermometers into my mouth.

 ”Umm… which one is she?”

 ”Y-yes.. the one at the end of the table, Ritsuko Sakon-sama…”

 As soon as I responded, Masaki-sama walked up to Ritsuko-sama.

 ”Good morning!”

 Masaki-sama tilted her head smiling at me. Ritsuko-sama, on the other hand, looks puzzled and replies, “Good morning…”.

 She must thinks that from the ribbon on her chest, it is obvious that she is a senior student.

 Or rather, it is not the ribbon that attracts Ritsuko-sama’s eyes, but her breasts. That’s what she is looking at.

 It reminds me of the other day when Mai-sama and Masaki-sama were talking about breasts.

 [It was a bit of a complex until a while ago, but Fumio-kun is so happy with my breast that I was wondering if I could make them bigger… Mai-chan seems to know a lot about breast enhancement, so I was wondering if she could teach me]

 I will never forget the look on Mai-sama’s face when Masaki-sama said that.

 ”Umm… who are you…?”

 ”Yesterday, I heard that there was a girl who confessed her feelings to Fumio-kun, and I wondered what kind of girl she was”

 Ritsuko-sama’s eyes narrow menacingly.

 ”Is there a problem?”

 ”As someone who loves Fumio-kun, I’d welcome anyone who likes Fumio-kun as much as I do, but I don’t like it if it’s a prank or something…”

 ”You love him…? Does that mean that you love him as a saint?” (*Note: Seijin)

 ”(Breast) Saint? Yeah, all of him, including that. So, is it a prank or something?” (*Note: Oppai Seijin)

 ”It’s not a joke. I’m ready to devote myself to him”

 Immediately, the classmates who had been silently listening to the conversation started to murmur at once.

 ”Really? Then, what do you like about Fumio-kun?”

 ”What I like…?”

 Ritsuko-sama put her finger on her chin and thought seriously. She shouldn’t like Fumio-kun at all. As for me, I’m afraid that she might say something funny and spark Masaki-sama’s anger.

 Then Ritsuko-sama tilted her head and said.

 ”…Is it his face?”

 In a sense, this is a sincere answer. Because we know little about Confinement King-sama except his appearance.

 (No, no, but that answer is…)

 I fearfully looked at Masaki-sama’s expression.

 Then, surprisingly, Masaki-sama smiled pleasantly.

 ”Ahaha? Of course. Fumio-kun is cute, isn’t he? I wouldn’t trust you if you say he looks kind or nice, but if you like his face, I’ll trust you”

 It seems that Ritsuko-sama has drawn the right answer.

 ”Yup. Is it Sakon-san? I like you. I’ll cheer you up, so come to the rooftop with your lunch. Let’s eat together. Of course, Fumio-kun will be with us”

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