Confinement 429

Chapter 429 Be a Person who Understands People’s Pain

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 Protagonist’s POV

 ”Who knows? It must a dream, isn’t it?”

 The short-cut girl with cold eyes who folds her arms is Nitani, and the sweet-loli fashion girl with a sly grin and a twisted mouth next to her is probably Mimura.

 On the other hand, Ichida’s eyes are glued to Nitani’s face.

 Since there is not a single scar on Nitani’s face, which was supposed to have been cut into pieces, this is a reasonable reaction. No, perhaps she suspects some kind of special makeup or something.

 As for Kito, he is, as one might expect, a businessman who has been working in the industry for long period. I don’t know how well he understood the situation they were in, but he was quick in his judgment.

 His voice trembled as he looked at me with a pained expression on his face.

 ”I-I understand. T-then, let me arrange an AV production…”

 ”Wait a minute! Pops! What are you doing?! You’ve got to be kidding me!”

 Ichida shouts, throwing off the guise that he’s a stranger to her.

 Kito, however, completely ignored her.

 (…Well, I knew this would happen…)

 According to Lolisla’s report, the connection between Ichida and Kito is very weak.

 Kito is making a move on Sakura Momonoki (a talent from another agency) to make her his mistress. Ichida is just a junior whom Sakura loved.

 Besides, it was Ichida who cried to Kito through Sakura Momonoki. Kito was just helping Ichida to please Sakura.

 Of course, such a thin connection between the two is probably enough for Kito to have his subordinate attack Hanabusa-san with a motorcycle or to have his subordinate attack Nitani, so such a level of misdeed is an everyday occurrence for Kito.

 However, because of the thinness of their relationship, he easily discarded her when he was pushed into a corner.

 This was more obvious than it was in the video.

 ”President Kito, you are called ‘Pops’, are you acquainted with Ichida-san?”

 Chihiro asks a sly question, and Kito shrugs his shoulders.

 ”No, I have never met her before”

 It was a quick answer. Immediately Ichida looks like an evil demon and approaches Kito.

 ”You bastarddddd!”

 Seeing this, Mimura laughed out loud.

 ”Hahaha, Sanae, you’re so ugly! You’re funny, hahaha! You were trying to outsmart us, weren’t you? No, you can’t do that. You’re too stupid to crush your friends for your own sake”

 ”Shut up! Stop it, you fat bitch with big tits! You have nothing to do with this!”

 ”Fat!? I’m not fat and I’m not ugly!”

 To tell the truth, I can’t stand to see girls cursing each other. Especially, Mimura’s high-pitched voice is particularly annoying.

 To my eyes, Ichida and Mimura looked equally ugly.

 (Well, the four maids were not so good at first, and if I keep them, I should have the sense of destroying them and reusing them…)

 While Mimura is indignant, Nitani calmly tells Ichida.

 ”Sanae, I won’t give you a hard time if you apologize to me… But maybe we can’t be friends anymore, and I don’t know what will happen to you in AV or something…”

 Chihiro raised an eyebrow at this. Apparently, it was not part of the plot.

 (Hmm… Nitani seems to be a bit sane. Compared to Ichida and Mimura.)

 ”Shut up! It was this guy who attacked you, Asuka! I had nothing to do with this! He said he’d give me a big job if I hurt Asuka, so I took this job!”

 ”If you took it, then isn’t that your problem too, you idiot?”

 ”Shut up! You Sylvanian? (シ*バニア) fat slut!”

 Ichida threw power words at Mimura, who mercilessly retorted with a sharp rebuke, which seemed to be an analogy with the sweet-loli fashion. Stop it, I’ll get complaints!

 In contrast to Ichida’s ranting, Kito opened his mouth in a calm and collected manner.

 ”The young girl over here seems to be in some kind of confusion, but I don’t know anything about it. And Nitani-san, in order for the main airline company’s project to proceed smoothly, you understand, don’t you? Also, Department Head Fumijima, In this industry, trust is the first priority”

 Kito gives me a meaningful look.

 I’m in charge of the airline company’s project. I guess he is asking me to accept his proposal for the sake of convenience, though I guess he thinks that women can’t be his business partners in his heart, since he is asking me instead of Chihiro.

 ”I see, so you are saying that so far you haven’t done anything that anyone can accuse you of, right?”

 I asked him this question, and he nodded his head proudly.

 ”Of course”

 To catch the end of his reply, I raise my voice to the person standing invisibly behind Kito.


 ”Ggh, gasp!”

 At that moment, suddenly, with a choked voice, Kito’s body floats up in the air.


 ”Huh, he’s floating?”

 Nitani and the others muttered with shocked expressions.

 Kito clutches his throat and flails his legs. His face is stained reddish-black from blood loss, and his eyes are wide open in desperation.

 Torture, which had remained invisible, was tightening her grip around Kito’s neck.

 As for me, I took off my glasses and stared at Kito.

 ”What do you mean, of course, you fool. Frankly, I don’t care if you attacked Nitani, or tried to twist Ichida into a trap, or whatever, old man. The only thing I can’t forgive is that you injured Saori-chan, that’s all”

 There is no reply. Or perhaps they cannot speak.

 Ichida, Nitani, and Mimura all remained frozen with surprised looks on their faces. Chihiro looks at Kito who is struggling desperately with contempt in her eyes.

 ”The quickest way is to kill you, but killing you won’t be much of a punishment. So, I thought I’d literally put you in a situation where you’d rather be dead. Since Chihiro said the airline project was a waste of time… Lili, can you explain this to me?”

 ”Yes, Devi”

 At the same time as her voice, Lili appears spinning out of the air, and everyone in the room except for Chihiro and I were wide-eyed.


 ”Huh, she’s floating!?”

 Coincidentally, Nitani and the others reacted the same as when Kito was hung.

 ”Let me introduce to you. This is Lili the devil”

 ”Yes, hello, Devi”

 Nitani and the others are clearly bewildered by the devil who greets them like a comedian. However, Lili does not seem to be bothered by such a cold atmosphere. The devil, after all, has a strong heart.

 ”So, the punishment for the old man, Devi… it’s nothing much, Devi. I’ll just mess with his head a little bit so that when people complain to him, it turns into a real pain, Devi”

 ”Really? That doesn’t sound like a big deal”

 Actually, I hadn’t been told what the punishment would be after I told him that he would be better off dead, but that he could continue to work on the airline project.

 ”Yes, Devi. Lili is gentle, Devi. At best, a little cursing by a Yankee girl would make him feel the pain of being stabbed with a knife, Devi. A smack on the tongue would break his fingers, Devi. It’s not a big deal, Devi”


 The level of pain was higher than I had imagined.

 And for a man like Kito, a man who has lived by preying on others, it’s a pretty harsh punishment.

 Unless he becomes a saintly person who is loved by everyone, he is almost saying that he will always be exposed to some kind of pain, and if he receives even one complaint in his work, he will probably suffer enough pain to die at least once.

 ”By the way, you can’t die from pain, and I’ll make sure you can’t kill yourself, Devi”

 Well, I thought that was true.

 While I was in a state of shock, Lili snapped her fingers.

 At that moment, a black hole opens on the wall, and Kito is sucked into it. No, “sucked into” is not quite the right word. It was as if Torture had thrown him away like a piece of trash.

 When the black hole closed, a stunned air filled the reception room. Both Nitani and Mimura looked stunned and did not move an inch.

 I turned my attention back to Ichida.

 ”To be honest, I don’t really care… but next…”

 As soon as I said that, Ichida’s voice went “Eek?” her voice rose. She pushed Nitani and Mimura, who was standing in the doorway and ran away from the reception room with a desperate look on her face.

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