Confinement 445


Chapter 445 The Reason for Succubus Fashion

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 Lili’s POV

 ”It was a bit surprising that Cockroach (Saito) was so eager to go to Kyoto, Devi.”

 When Fumi Fumi asked if Cockroach could be assigned as a guard for, she enthusiastically exclaimed, ‘Certainly, allow me!’

 Moreover, it was also unexpected that Freesia approved of it without reproach. By designating Centipede (Kishijo), it became even more intriguing due to the interference.

 (Freesia seems to have particularly high expectations for Cockroach, Devi)

 While avoiding eye contact, Freesia quietly spoke.

 ”That girl… that girl seems to have taken a liking to Takata-sama. It’s… perhaps close to the affection a mother feels for her child. As they say, the more demanding the child, the cuter.”

 ”But Cockroach is younger, isn’t she, Devi?”

 ”Yes, but that’s irrelevant. In addition, even if Takata-sama were sl*tty b*tch and Cockroach were an inexperienced virgin, it wouldn’t matter.”

 ”The phrasing seems steeped in malice, Devi.”

 ”Well, I must admit I find it somewhat amusing that humans here place such excessive value on virginity.”

 ”Well, of course… there’s a difference in value between something new and something used, Devi.”

 Saying so, a slight blue vein appeared on Freesia’s temple.

 ”By the way, didn’t Princess also a naive virgin?”

 ”You’re quite foul-mouthed, Devi, aren’t you!?”

 As I uttered that, Freesia responded by glaring at me with a frustrated expression.

 ”Virginity is just a decoration. Erotic individuals wouldn’t understand that! Really, what’s the meaning of frills inside a hole? Is it some invisible attempt at elegance? It’s damn frustrating!”

 ”O-Okay. But don’t vent it out on me, Devi.”

 ”It wasn’t just venting. Oh yes, that’s right. Princess, you also said something about your first time being with someone you liked. How ridiculous.”

 ”Don’t call it ridiculous, Devi!”

 ”Looking at the night view with the one you love in a nice hotel, gentle kisses, oh my, perhaps you got tipsy on wine… Seriously, are you an idiot? Yet you’re dressed like some succubus demon!”

 ”You’re the one who made me do it, Devi! The idea that respectable demons can be judged by appearances, Devi! I saw Father’s reaction when he saw me like this, Devi!”

 Freesia looked up and appeared to be pondering.

 ”It was a wry smile, wasn’t it?”

 ”It wasn’t a wry smile, Devi!”

 When I inadvertently exclaimed, Freesia shrugged her shoulders as if saying, ‘What can you do?’

 ”Anyway, it was princess who said that we shouldn’t be underestimated as demons by our appearance, right? Tomorrow, we’re finally descending to the earth to meet Fumi Fumi-sama.”

 ”Um… I did say that, but… now that I think about it calmly, maybe this attire wasn’t necessary… Well, I can’t back out now…”

 ”Princess, did you forget you said ‘Devi’? Ah, this is so troublesome. Oh, isn’t that odd? You don’t seem to feel anything special about Fumi Fumi-sama.”

 ”…Shut up, you’re so annoying, Devi.”

 As I pouted unconsciously, Freesia pointed her finger towards my nose.

 ”Is that so, princess? Bondage is not an eccentric choice. It’s ordinary. It’s the traditional attire of us succubus demons, like Japanese clothing. Bondage passed down from parents to children. Born and immediately wrapped in bondage, passing through the ages of three, five, and seven in bondage, the attire for coming of age is bondage, for weddings it’s adorned bondage, and in death, it’s death attire bondage.”

 ”Death attire bondage!?”

 ”Casual wear, sleepwear, even gym clothes are bondage. I can’t remember them all. I rushed to school in sleepwear bondage once! Ah, it’s a common occurrence for succubus demon schoolgirls.”

 ”But, I’m not a succubus, dammit!”

 ”By the way, swimsuits are the old-style school swimsuits. Those are erotic, so they’re safe.”

 ”Like I said! I’m not a succubus!”

 ”Oh, speaking of which, when wearing bondage, you must always watch your figure. Intending to wear bondage but ending up without curves…”

 ”Enough with your talk!”


 When I instinctively swatted her away, my hand made a direct hit, and Freesia clutched her face and crouched down.

 ”What are you doing, princess? I’m against violence.”

 ”…It’s okay, it was just a slap on the back.”

 ”A slap on the back is just a backhand, not a real punch.”

* * *

 Natsumi Shima’s POV

 Unbeknownst to the devil master and her servant who were engaged in such nonsensical arguments, Rin-chan and I were taking a break at a confectionery shop in Kyoto’s Shijo district.

 ”Natsumi-neechan really wanted to come here, so I tagged along… but this place seems kind of plain.”

 The exterior of the shop was reminiscent of an old Kyoto townhouse, but stepping inside revealed a beautifully renovated interior with a chic atmosphere.

 ”It’s not plain at all. This kind of place has a calming ambiance. My mother recommended it to me. She said that if you’re going to Kyoto, you absolutely have to go. It’s a traditional kudzukiri shop that’s been around since the Edo period.”

 ”Oh… kudzukiri? I’ve never tried them, but they seem like something older ladies would enjoy.”

 ”Calling them ‘older ladies’ flavors, huh… you might want to apologize to the people involved. Kudzu sweets are made using the starch from kudzu roots, kind of like udon. Even I haven’t eaten them many times, but you’ve heard of the herbal medicine kakkonto, right? Kudzu has a warming effect on the body, which is great for improving cold sensitivity, the arch-enemy of girls.”

 ”Somehow… when you explain that it’s good for the body, it sounds even less delicious.”

 I couldn’t help but smile wryly.

 ”Oh, by the way, these days, the worse something is for your health, the better people tend to think it tastes.”

 ”These days? Sis, are you trying to hide your age?”

 While we were having that conversation, a kimono-clad waitress brought over the kudzu sweets.

 ”Wow… it’s served in an unusual container.”


 The lacquered bowl reminded me of a lunch box.

 Opening the lid, the top compartment held a bowl of black syrup. Below that, in the second compartment, transparent kudzukiri swayed gently in water.

 ”Oh, it actually looks quite delicious…”

 Rin-chan’s murmurs caused me to unconsciously relax my expression.

 ”Well then, let’s eat.”

 Using a small ladle, I scooped up the kudzukiri from the water, letting the black syrup cling to them, and took a bite.

 At that moment, Rin-chan, sitting across from me, started wriggling in her seat.

 ”Mmm—! What is this? It’s so delicious!”

 ”No kidding, it’s seriously good.”

 The black syrup was sweet but not overly heavy, and it paired perfectly with the firm texture of the kudzu sweets.

 Truly, it was a taste befitting a venerable establishment with a history dating back over three centuries.

 Rin-chan, despite her initial reluctance, ended up asking for seconds.

 After savoring the traditional flavors of Kyoto for a while, we picked up our guidebook and discussed our plans for the rest of the day.

 Eventually, after visiting Kiyomizu Temple in the morning and making a stop at the stylish Starbucks Coffee housed in a townhouse near it, we decided to head to Iwakura, where Takata’s family home was, via the Eizan Electric Railway.

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