Confinement 55

Chapter 55 Stuffs

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 ”Isn’t it a little harsh to call me up and then ask me to leave?”

 ”That’s not the point anymore. Have you seen the daytime news?”

 ”Oh, the one about all the girls going missing?”

 ”Yeah. I have to go back to the station now because of it”

 ”No matter what you say, I can’t go back to the dorm now. I’ll be back tomorrow on my own, so let me stay here. here”

 ”W-wait a minute! Kyoko-chan!”

 I heard the sound of noisy footsteps coming from the front door.

 With a bang, a flashy woman opened the door and entered the living room.

 Her shoulder-length hair, which was dyed bright red, was swaying wildly as if it hadn’t been maintained very well, and her ears were pierced with a series of ring earrings and ear cuffs.

 Her face is well-developed, though without makeup, and she looks like a slightly younger version of Terashima-san.

 She was wearing a sleeveless black T-shirt and black skinny jeans. A checkered flannel shirt was wrapped around her waist, and she carried a soft case that looked like an electric guitar on her shoulder.

 At first glance, she looked like a punk rocker from a decade ago.

 But as soon as she saw me, she rolled her eyes.

 ”Whoa, it’s a JK! My sister is taking in a JK in uniform!”

 She raised her voice.

 ”Don’t say it like that! Kurosawa-san, I’m sorry”


 ”So, Nee-chan, who is this girl?”

 ”She is Misuzu Kurosawa. I’m taking her into temporary custody because her house is being flooded with reporters”

 ”Kurosawa…… Kurosawa…… Aah! I saw it on the daytime news! It’s the only model girl who came back!”

 ”The only model who came back”, huh…… To be honest, I was surprised that such a thing was even on the news.

 ”Oh, so cute! Your face is so small! Your style is amazing! As expected from a model!”

 The red-haired woman thrusts her face at me unreservedly.

 ”Wait! Kyoko-chan, you’re scaring Kurosawa-san! I’m sorry. This is my…… sister”

 ”I’m Kyoko Terashima! Please feel free to call me Kyoko”

 ”M-me? Y-yes, nice to meet you……” (*Note: Me -> Ore -> It was usually used by “men” with people they are close with -> Kyoko using that word instead of Watashi)

 Kyoko-san’s pressure was so strong that I faltered and replied.

 I knew she was a younger sister based on her face and the conversations we had, but she was so different from Terashima-san that I was at a loss as to what to do.

 ”Oh…. Gosh. I’m sorry. Can my sister stay here too?”

 ”Yes…… it’s fine because I’m the one who will be taking care of”

 I can’t help but smile at the sighing Terashima-san. Only Kyoko-san is smiling in a good mood.

 ”Then, Kyoko-chan. I have to leave now! It’s okay to use your sister’s bedroom and don’t bother Kurosawa-san!”

 ”Hey, hey”

 When Kyoko-san fluttered and waved her hand in a cumbersome manner, Terashima-san sighed heavily and turned her head towards me.

 ”So, Kurosawa-san, please take your time”

 Then she left in a hurry.

 I hadn’t known Terashima-san for very long, but this was the first time I had seen her speak so emotionally.

 Her words were full of blood, or…… something like that.

 ”It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, but you’re still as formal as ever, Nee-chan”

 While saying that, Kyoko propped her guitar case up against the wall, went to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator without hesitation, and took out a beer without any pretense of reservation.

 ”Do you want something to drink, Kurosa-chan?”

 ”Eh, yes. Water or tea if you have it……”


 After that, I sat down on the sofa bed that Terashima-san had arranged for me to sleep on, and received a bottle of mineral water from Kyoko-san.

 ”Kyoko-san, is there so much coverage on the news?”

 ”Nnn? Oh, you mean the disappearance case. That’s right when JK is involved. It’s a great opportunity for the media to get ratings, so why don’t you check it out?”

 Then Kyoko picked up the remote from the table and switched on the TV.

 It was the evening news time, and all the stations seemed to be talking about the disappearance of the women’s track & field club.

 When they were explaining the story, my name and Masaki’s names were mentioned, which made me nervous.

 At any rate, there was no photo of my face appearing while I was watching, but I felt depressed.

 ”So, Kurosa-chan, where were you really while you were missing?”

 ”It’s just like they said on the news. I couldn’t remember anything, and the next thing I knew, the date had passed…….”

 ”Wow~! Maybe you were kidnapped by aliens! Do you have a chip or something implanted somewhere in your body?”

 ”Ahaha…… that’s just too good if it’s true. A thorough examination at the hospital showed no abnormalities……”

 When I talked to her, I found that compared to Terashima-san, Kyoko-san was more friendly and easy to talk to.

 We had a long chat over potato chips that Kyoko-san had found in the kitchen.

 She was in charge of the guitar in a popular amateur girls’ band, and had come here after practicing in the studio today.

 ”Do you see your sister often?”

 ”It’s been about two years since I’ve seen her. It’s the first time I’ve been here. And on the way here, I looked at the map on my phone and managed to find my way. When both of us move away from our parents’ house, we don’t have a chance to see each other at all. Right now, I’m in a college dorm”

 ”Oh~……. I see. I wish I had a sister like Terashima-san. She’s kind and she’s cool like a smart woman……”

 ”Ahaha, it’s not that good. Because when Nee-chan is too good, you know it right? As a younger sister, it’s quite difficult for me. No matter what I do, I’m always compared to her”

 ”Is that how it is?”

 ”That’s right. That’s right. That’s why I tried to go in different directions as much as possible so that I wouldn’t be compared to Nee-chan, and the result is me now”

 Then, Kyoko-san smiled with her third beer in her hand.

 Perhaps she is a strong drinker, so her complexion has not changed at all.

 ”But I was surprised. I hadn’t seen Nee-chan for two years and suddenly she called me. She also said, “I’ll introduce you to the best man in the world……””


 ”You don’t get it, right? What does she mean? What kind of best man would be introduced to me by that stiff? Well, I’m…… curious”

 ”I just… can’t imagine it, but does he look like he’d wear silver-rimmed glasses or something?”

 ”Ahaha, maybe so. Well, I just broke up with a guy, and I thought it would be fun to come here and see what it was all about”

 ”Why did you break up with your…… boyfriend?”

 ”Oh, you’re asking that?”

 ”I-I’m sorry”

 ”Ahaha! It’s okay. Well, there are many reasons, but I think the main one is s*x”


 ”Oh, you know. I mean, we’re all human beings, and when we’re together, there’s bound to be things that piss us off or that we don’t like. It’s only in the first three months of a relationship that he can blindly say “You’re cute” or “I like you””

 ”Oh……, is that so?”

 ”That’s right. But if you have good chemistry, the expiration date of “I like you” will be renewed every time you do it. Women are selfish creatures, and in the end, they like a man who can satisfy them”


 Lately, I feel like I’ve been leaking out this kind of superficial “Hee…” a lot.

 ”So, do you have a boyfriend, Kurosa-chan?”

 ”Y-yes. We just started dating this year”

 ”So, how is it? How’s the chemistry?”

 ”No, I don’t know”

 ”Oh, that’s so new. Well, next time you’re going to do it with that guy, why don’t you try it while paying attention to compatibility and see what you can find out? A man who is good at this is like a destined partner, right? It’s like God made him for you”

 ”Is that so? ……”

 ”That’s right. Well, I haven’t met a guy like that yet, though”

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”U…… Ughh”

 Somehow, I feel fuzzy.

 My head hurts.

 I can’t feel the futon. It’s cold and hard. I can’t move.

 When I opened my heavy eyelids, I saw a steel floor illuminated by green lights.

 The green lights, which were installed low on the wall, illuminated the floor.

 And I see an unfamiliar place.

 ”Where…… am I?”

 It was as if a haze was hanging over my head.

 I thought absentmindedly.

 (After class, I went into the club room…… and Mako started fussing about not being able to go outside…… )

 After thinking about it for a while.

 ”Hey, Moribe! You’re awake! Shima, Saori Moribe is awake!”

 I heard the captain’s voice, and I twisted around in my sleep and turned my head towards the direction of the voice.

 And then――

 ”Hey, are you a pervert!?”

 I twitched my face as hard as I could after seeing so.

 ”Hey, hey! There’s no such thing as a pervert when it comes to your seniors, you idiot!”

 No matter how one looks at it, it is a pervert.

 Although, she has a dignified face and sharp eyes.

 Tashiro Hatsu-senpai, the captain of the track and field club, has waist-length hair tied up in a ponytail, and her face is always the same.

 However, the only thing that was the same as usual was from the neck up.

 If I look down from there, I can see that she is completely naked with only the ribbon of her uniform around her neck.

 On top of that, she was tied up in a grid pattern with red rope, probably Tortoise-shell bondage.

 It’s nothing more than a pervert, isn’t it? The way she was dressed.


 ”You’re wearing the same outfit, Moribe”


 I looked at my own body in horror as she said that, and I couldn’t help but choke out, “Eh!?” .

 Sure enough, it was the same outfit.

 I was wearing only the ribbon of my school uniform and a red rope, an indecent outfit. On top of that, I was tied up with my hands behind my back.

 However, from right next to the captain, I heard the stunned voice of another person.

 ”Well, you know, Hatsu-chan. Even from my point of view, you look like a pervert too”

 ”Why! Aren’t you wearing the same outfit?”

 ”You’re dressed like that, but you’re sitting on your knees, so I can see all your “stuff””

 ”Stuff!? I-I can’t help it. It’s the most comfortable position for me”

 My legs were not tied, so I managed to sit up.

 Then, right next to the captain, leaning against the wall with her legs stretched out, was Shima-senpai, a third-year student.

 She was very boyish, very short, and had a very cheerful personality.

 She’s a kind senior who treats me very well, even though I’m the only one in the track and field team who has a little bit of slack.

 She was also wearing the same outfit as me.

 Looking around again, I saw riveted iron walls and an iron floor. A green light embedded in the wall was dimly illuminating the floor.

 On the floor lay some figures that looked like girls, and from their silhouettes, I could see that they were all tied up and naked.

 I couldn’t see their faces clearly, but they were probably all members of the track and field club.

 ”In all, there were eighteen people, including us. I have looked into their faces and confirmed that all of the members of the track and field club, except for Hikaru-chan and Nina-chan, have been kidnapped”


 This is the only way to think about it, but it’s a huge shock when she put it into words again. With that, the back of my eyes began to water.

 ”Captain….. what should we do?”

 ”No matter what we do, there’s nothing we can do about……. The only thing we know is that the person who took us is definitely a pervert”

 ”Tortoise-shell bondage”

 ”Yes. For now, we’ll have to wait for everyone to wake up and then split up to find a way out”

 The situation was bad enough, but captain’s calmness was reassuring.

 If she had been distraught, I think I would have been crying and screaming by now.

 ”As expected of captain. I can’t believe you can stay so calm in this situation……”

 ”Yes, of course”

 As she nodded her head, Shima-senpai turned her gaze on her.

 ”It’s a lie. Because when you woke up, you were screaming, “Hiratsuka-kun, help me, I’m scared!””

 ”Shi-Shima!! Shh! Shh!”

 I was a little…… worried when I saw captain so upset.

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