Confinement 57

Chapter 57 Trap

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 ”Fukuda-san. You are brave enough to come forward”

 ”Yes…… I’m also scared, but one of the missing persons is a good friend of mine, so I thought…… I could be of some help”

 ”Is that so?”

 ”Yes, it’s Masako Inui-san from the same class……”

 While I was waiting for the detective in the principal’s office, I was talking to the principal about this.

 It’s true that I’m worried about Mako, but it’s not for her that I’m going to testify to the police.

 In fact, it wasn’t much of a story.

 However, the only thing that matters is the fact that I’ve testified to the police, and turned their attention to Kimo-buta-senpai.

 So, after a few moments, there was a knock at the principal’s office door, and three detectives entered.

 ”Excuse me. Thank you for waiting so long”

 A man with slender silver-rimmed glasses and a woman with curly shorthair were sitting on the sofa across from me, with the uniformed policemen standing behind them.

 It seems I had seen the woman in the school before.

 [She looked like something out of a cop drama. She’s so cool]

 I remember talking to Mako about it.

 And the first person to open his mouth was a man with silver-rimmed glasses.

 ”Please make yourself comfortable. Although, being a detective could frightens anyone, but I never yell at them”


 I felt nervous even though I was told that.

 Besides, I’m the only student in a room full of adults.

 And although the man was smiling kindly, but the woman was staring at me with observant eyes.

 ”Then, may I ask your name again?”

 ”Y-yes. I’m Rin Fukuda, first-year student from Class C”

 ”So, what did you see?”

 ”Umm… I don’t know if it’s really related to…… But…”

 ”It doesn’t matter. Any little thing will do”

 ”Yes, the day before yesterday, after the sixth period, I went to the club building with Mako…. I mean, Masako Inui-san from the track & field club”

 ”Oh…… with the victim”

 The female detective nodded to the male detective, who said so.

 Perhaps he was confirming that “Masako Inui” was one of the missing persons.

 ”Yes. But I’m the manager of the men’s soccer club, so we parted ways near the women’s club building, and Inui-san joined her seniors who were walking in front of us. After that, they went into the women’s track and field club room together”

 ”So you saw them enter the club room?”


 ”Do you know the name of this senior?”

 ”I’m sorry. I don’t know”

 ”That’s fine. Please continue your conversation”

 ”Yes, so I think it was right after I parted with…… Inui-san. I saw a figure quickly hiding behind the women’s club building. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing, so I couldn’t tell for sure, but to my eyes, it looked like Kijima-senpai, a third-year student”

 At that moment, I felt as if the female detective was glaring at me.


 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”No, nothing, that detective’s eyes were a little…… scary”

 ”I’m sorry. I seemed to have gotten carried away with the story”

 The female detective said, and the male detective smiled and made amends.

 ”She’s a very serious person, so don’t worry about…… her. So, is that figure Kijima……-kun? How did you know it was him if you couldn’t tell for sure?”

 ”Actually, I love…… Kijima-senpai. I’ve been following him with my eyes regularly because he’s my favorite person, and the way he moved and the shape of the hidden figure made me think it was definitely Kijima-senpai”

 ”I see…… Is this Kijima-kun a member of the sports club?”

 ”No, he’s not in any club activities. So I was wondering why he was in such a place”

 Then, the female detective opened her mouth as if she was biting at the end of my words.

 I knew she was a little scary. Her temples seemed to be twitching.

 ”I wondered, but why you didn’t check it out first?”

 ”Well, you see…… because it was close to the start time of the club activities”

 The male detective interrupted the female detective’s attempt to say something.

 ”I see, thank you very much. Is there anything else?”

 ”No, this is all”

 ”I understand. Thank you for your cooperation. Now, if you don’t mind, let us write down what you just said. I hope you can spare the time”

 ”Yes…… I’m just about to go home now”

 ”Then, you take care of the rest”

 ”Yes, sir!”

 The male detective gave instructions to the uniformed policeman standing behind him, and then, the two detectives left the principal’s office.

◇ ◇ ◇

 A soft object covered my face.

 ”Nngh, Nnnn….”

 I shook my head from side to side in a dreamy state, enjoying the sensation of softness that enveloped my entire face.

 (Oh, it’s so soft. What is this……? Is this heaven……?)

 After all, the feeling is wonderful. In addition, the sweet aroma of citrus fruits that drifted in the air soothed my heart.

 However, when the soft touch that covered my face left my body and I opened up my eyes, I saw a pair of breasts dangling heavily and a soft, gentle smile.

 ”Good morning, Fumio-kun”

 Her breasts spilled out of her white shirt and Masaki-chan was on all fours, covering me.

 I see, is this what you call alarm milk press…….? It’s a good idea.

 Then, there’s no need to be shy.

 ”Thanks for the food……”

 ”Fueh? Noo!”

 In a dazed state of consciousness, I grabbed the white fruit that was being offered in front of me with both hands and sucked on the large nipple and the cherry-colored bulge in the middle.

 ”Nnn… Ah”

 Masaki twitched and shuddered.

 But I continued to squeeze her breasts like a cow and sucked her nipples as much as I could.

 ”Hyann…… Fumi-kun looks like a baby. Even if you suck so hard, no milk will come out”

 When I heard such a seductive voice, I naturally wanted to do more.

 So, I pulled her twin breasts to the middle and sucked on both nipples at the same time.

 ”Noo, you pervert, both of them on the same time…….”

 As I sucked on both nipples at the same time, Masaki-chan leaned back violently.

 ”Ah, Ahhh, Noo, Ah, Ah”

 I continued to work on her nipples, but she suddenly collapsed, her body shaking.

 ”Fueeh… I just wanted to wake you up and make you feel good”

 It seems that the nipple torture was enough to make her come.

 Well, it was a complete victory.

 It’s not a matter of…… winning or losing, though.

 Then, Masaki-chan with reddened cheeks stares at me with moist eyes.

 ”If you want to do it again….. you can”

 I’d love to, but my mom is about to wake me up. If I’m not in my own bed, it’s not good.

 ”Well, see you at night”

 ”Uuuu…… You just lit the fire…… You’re so mean……”

 I patted Masaki’s head who was making a sulky face and got off the bed with a wry smile on my face.

 ”By the way, Masaki-chan, Lili’s coaching you again today, right?”

 ”Yes… But there’s so much to learn, my brain is going to *bang* !”


 ”Yes, *Bang*!”

 ”I see. I’m sorry”

 ”Umm, but I’m so happy to be able to help you, Fumio-kun. However, I think I need a…… reward”

 ”Haha…… it’s a reward for me too”

 With that, she poked her lips out, and I put my lips on hers quietly.

◇ ◇ ◇

 After that, I walked out the door, went down the stairs, yawned, and sat down at the dining room table.

 Then, my mom peeked out from the kitchen counter.

 ”At least make your own coffee”

 She made a disgruntled sound, but, well, that’s it.


 ”Oh gosh, then, do you want a fried egg? One eye or both?”

 ”Both eyes”

 ”Then both eyes, right?”

 ”Yes, my honorable mother”

 Now, because of the sudden vacation, I had free time on my hands.

 Masaki-chan is busy, and so is Ryoko.

 Whose fault is it that they don’t pay attention to me?

 It’s my fault, obviously.

 ”So, what should I do today? …… I’m bored”

 Should I spend my time watching Masaki-chan’s training?

 Hmm, I think I might be in the way.

 By the way, what is the status of the police investigation of the scene? Is it enough to have…… Ryoko reports back later? They can’t find anything anyway.

 I wonder how Kurosawa-san is doing.

 I don’t think she’s going to be wandering around in this situation, but I’m ……jealous that she might be meeting Kasuya-kun.

 Also, I wonder if there’s a…… list of the girls of the track and field club. Oh, that’s right. I think I can get this by asking Ryoko.

 While I was thinking about this, toast, salad, fried eggs, and coffee were laid out on the table.

 ”Thank you for waiting”

 ”Yes…… thank you, huuuuh!?”

 When I looked up, there was Fujiwara-san.

 It was Fujiwara-san in her young lady’s mode.

 ”Arara, Fumio-sama, your voice is so loud”

 ”W-what are you doing, Fujiwara-san?”

 ”Ufufu. It’s my day off, so I’ve come to take care of Fumio-sama as well as train myself as a bride”

 Then, from the other side of the counter kitchen, my mother shouted with great joy.

 ”Mai-san, you’re amazing. You’re a better cook than Mom. I really don’t know why such a nice girl would go out with Fumio. It must be ranked on the seven mysteries of the world”

 ”Seven mysteries is not a ranking!”

 I know that’s not the point of this conversation. So, I turn my head to Fujiwara-san.

 ”I’m busy today. I’m sorry I can’t be there for you, so you should go back…….”

 ”Are, are. Although, you’ve said “What should I do today? ……I’m bored” earlier. Also, you don’t have a friend too, Fumio-sama. But, it’s fine now. Let’s have a relaxing date in your room”

 Her tone was polite, but she was still Fujiwara-san.

 As always, she pushes me hard.

 Just then, I heard a loud ring on my phone from my room on the second floor.

 (A phone call? Who is it from?)

 I can’t remember anyone calling me except my family.

 But the timing was so perfect.

 ”Wait a minute, my phone’s ringing!”

 I hurriedly got up from my seat and ran up the stairs.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Written reports are such a hassle…..”

 To be honest, I was sick of it.

 The policeman would record what I had said by hand.

 He would check it over and over again, and write in a polite language that I had never spoken before.

 And by the time I left, I was exhausted.

 I don’t know if it’s customary or not, but I think it’s a miracle that such inefficient work survives in this age of modernity.

 As I walked with my shoulders slumped, I opened the group chat of the soccer club on the SNS on my phone.

 It’s not over. Rather, it starts here.

 [I’ve just been informing the police. On the day the track and field club went missing, I saw a third-year Kijima-senpai wandering around the track and field club room. I’ve had a scary experience with that senior for some time now. So, I was like, “Serve him right”. But, if I disappear, it’s probably because of him]

 As I typed this, I couldn’t help but relax my mouth.

 This is the end of Kimo-buta-senpai.

 Now, from Monday, where should I disappear to?

 I’ll have to drain my savings, but it’s a one-week vacation.

 When I come back, I will just make the same comment as Misuzu-senpai.

 ”I don’t remember anything. It’s been a week since I found out”

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