Confinement 71

Chapter 71 The Tyrannical of Miss Bowel

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 After breakfast, I left to feed the club members in the morning.

 It is said that the basic rule of training pets is that they should eat after their masters, and I guess that is the reasoning in this case.

 After the second feeding, everyone knew what they were supposed to do and it went smoothly. There was even some sort of place-hunting, as if they were trying to avoid being next to Ota (my big sister), a big eater.

 Oatmeal this morning as usual.

 I hear a few people saying, “Oh no, not again……”, but no one is complaining openly.

 Everyone knows that it’s better to eat bad oatmeal than to starve.

 However, I wonder how they would react if they found out that our breakfast was an all-you-can-eat eggs Benedict from a famous restaurant in New York that cost 2,000 yen a plate.

 The job of feeding is just waiting for the feed box to be emptied and then collecting it.

 After piling up the empty feed boxes in the hallway, the silver-haired maid told us to gather in the cafeteria.

 In the cafeteria, the silver-haired maid took us to a table and opened her mouth.


 Well…… what kind of face should I make if I suddenly hear a huge burp?

 ”I’m sorry about that. I had a little too much food this morning……. Let’s get back on track and start the “interrogation” today. The whipping is from the end of the morning feeding until the evening feeding. During this time, each of you will be required to give at least one hundred lashes…… Ugh, excuse me, burppp. However, there is no problem if you want to do a hundred whippings in the morning and have free time in the afternoon”

 The silver-haired maid’s complexion was pale.

 Even her pale skin was a bit pale. On the way, her eyes were black and white, as if she was desperately trying to hold back a burp.

* * *

 In the midst of such an indescribably delicate atmosphere, Shima-senpai raised her hand in an indecisive manner.

 ”Can I ask a question……?”

 ”Please do”

 ”I have two questions. First, what should I do if I find out the four people in question, and second, how do I report that I have struck a hundred times……?”

 ”That’s a good question. There is a servant at the entrance of “the menagerie”. If you know who the deadly sinner is, please tell him or her. They will be immediately isolated in a separate room for a thorough interrogation. You may also inquire about the whip count with that person. The person will count it correctly”

 I tilted my head involuntarily. If she could find out through a thorough interrogation, why didn’t she do that from the beginning?

 Then the silver-haired maid said.

 ”Moribe-sama must thought “Why don’t I do a thorough interrogation from the beginning?” and Kayama-sama thought, “Let’s name Amemiya for now~”……”


 Yui-chan and I unconsciously jumped up on our chairs.

 ”H-How? Can you read my mind?”

 ”It’s not that I can read your mind. It’s just that I can read your facial expressions. Maids need to know what their masters wants based on the color of their face”

 I don’t think it’s something that can be read from the color of a person’s face……

 ”I’ll return to the topic. I can only answer Moribe-sama’s question with the will of the confinement king-sama. In addition, I do not advise the content of Kayama-sama’s thoughts. If, as a result of a thorough investigation, it is discovered that the person had nothing to do with this, her position will be switched with you, so it would be better to wait until you are sure of the person’s name before revealing it”

 ”……Another new pattern of falling into a pig~”

 Yui-chan muttered bitterly.

 If we don’t organize it properly, it will be a disaster if we accidentally fall into a pig.

* * *

 The pattern of falling into a pig is, let’s see…….

 ・If we don’t reach a hundred lashes.

 ・If we answer a pig’s question.

 ・If we appoint the wrong person as a culprit.

 That should be all for now. If I look at it again, the pattern might…… increased again…….

 ”Then, I’ll hand out the whip”

 The silver-haired maid said, and then presented us with a ringed whip, which she had taken from somewhere else.

 The whip was made of woven leather. It was also quite heavy. I’m sure it would hurt like hell to be hit with one of these.

 ”Wow…… seriously~. I thought it was something that they used for punishment games in variety shows~……”

 ”That kind of whip is loud, but it doesn’t hurt much”

 The silver-haired maid made a face as if to say, “What’s the point if it doesn’t hurt?”.

 ”Then, I’ll be waiting in front of the menagerie, and when you’re ready, you can begin your interrogation……. You may begin now”

 When the silver-haired maid left the dining room and was out of sight, we all sighed in unison. The time has finally come.

 I thought I was prepared for this, but when I picked up the whip, I felt myself trembling.

 I wondered if I could really hit my seniors and my classmates, who had been practicing with me just a few days ago, with something like this…….

 ”How about we tell them that if we can find those…… four people, they will all be treated better, and that the four people who are found won’t be killed, and ask them to come forward voluntarily?”

 When I insisted, Yui-chan looked at me as if she was taken aback.

 ”Moribe-san~. Do you think you can remain pretentious at this point in your life~? You’re always looking at other people’s faces~”

 ”I-I don’t mean that……”

 ”That’s fine. Masaki-sama never said anything about killing the four from the beginning~”


 ”Think about it~. When our Captain asked what was going to happen to the four of them, Masaki-sama said, “They will be whittled down to the bare minimum of viable organs over the next few years, and then sent home by refrigerated courier”~”

* * *

 That’s true. I had misunderstood because of the harshness of the content, but she never said anything about killing her.

 In fact, she even said, “At the very least, they will be able to live”.

 ”In other words, nothing has changed for the four of them. She didn’t say, “I won’t cut them into pieces”.~ In other words……Shima-senpai said something unnecessary, and we just have more restrictions~”

 ”…… I’m sorry”

 Shima-senpai nodded her head helplessly.

 I see… There’s no doubt that the four of them will be even more adamant if they hear that they’re going to be cut to pieces while the rest of us get better treatment.

 Looking at me with a shrug of her shoulders, Yui-chan further strengthened her words.

 ”Moribe-san, you seem to be sympathizing with the other members of the club, but how can you afford to do that~? Our position is as similar as the others. Especially, we have to hide the fact that we may be replaced~. If I were in the position of a pig, I would try to switch places at all costs if I knew about such a thing~”

 ”Well, it’s true. If the conditions under which the changeover occurs are known, they will set a trap…… Especially, Shiratori, she is a devil of a bargainer and will try to kill you in one shot. Because both I and Hatsu-chan have never won a game against her……”

 Saki Shiratori, a.k.a. Shirasaki-senpai, is a long-distance runner.

 Although, she is not very fast, she is very good at bargaining, and has always achieved good results, and has never lost a bet with other members of the club.

 ”But if one of us falls into a pig…… The whole thing will be exposed”

 ”That’s right! That’s why we have to support each other”

◇ ◇ ◇

 A few minutes later, all four of us were standing in front of the door of the menagerie.

 Of course, all four of us didn’t need to whip them at the same time, but we didn’t dare to come in here and whip them alone.

 ”Are you ready?”

 The silver-haired maid standing in front of the door asked, and we nodded nervously.

 As soon as she bowed and opened the door, we all stepped into the menagerie at once.

 The meeting in the dining room settled on the conclusion that we should first get used to beating the animals today.

* * *

 What I mean by that is that we should start beating them vigorously before our resolve slows down, which is really violent talk.

 The room was dimly lit and noisy. The members of the club were startled by the sight of us coming forward and retreated at once.

 Yui-chan was the first to step in.


 Suddenly, Yui-chan raised a strange voice and attacked Amemiya-senpai straight away.

 ”Huh, huh, huh……!”

 The whip is swung down on Amemiya-senpai, whose face twitches in confusion.

 And following the wind slashing sound, there is a sharp striking sound that strikes the flesh.

 Then, before Amemiya-senpai could raise herself up, Yui-chan’s whip struck her shoulder.

 ”Uaaaahhhh! It hurts!”

 Yui-chan whipped Amemiya-senpai, who turned her back and cowered in an attempt to escape.

 It’s as if she’s avenging for her parents.

 Then, she swung her arms to the right and to the left to slap the whip on her as if she was doing a twirl.

 ”Noooo, stop it! You bowel! You idiot!”

 At the moment when Amemiya-senpai turned around and shouted in anger, Yui-chan’s whip struck Amemiya-senpai in the face, though it was not aimed at her.


 Amemiya-senpai, struggling with an animal-like voice, moaned, “U…… ugh……” and slumped on the floor.

 Even though a Mini*uka Pol*ce is whipping a naked girl in turtle shell bindings, there is not even a hint of lewdness in it. The only thing there is gruesome violence.

 ”You! You! Amemiyaaa! You bitch! It’s your fault! Because of you!”

 ”Uggh, no, stop it, please stop it…… ughh…”

 Amemiya is left to her own devices. If her hands are free, she can cover her head with her hands and curl up, but with her hands tied behind her back, she can’t do that.

 Numerous red stripes are already on her skin. Blood was seeping out of the torn skin.

 The screams gradually decreased, and the proportion of powerless moans increased.

 Even though the four of us had decided to start whipping each person, we were just standing there dumbfounded by this momentum of Yui-chan’s.

 When I turned my attention to Yui-chan, I saw her lips twisted in a smile, her sweat-soaked face somewhat in a happy mood.

 ”It’s so nice~! Come on~! Come on, make a better noise~!”

 Exposed to the never-ending rain of whips, Amemiya-senpai cried out with a crumpled face.

 ”Stop it! It hurts, why only me!”

 ”Why? Why you said!”

 Immediately, a blue streak appeared on her temple.

 At that moment when Yui-chan swung the whip down very hard, there was a shadow of a person covering Amemiya-senpai’s body.

 When the whip was struck on her back, the figure shouted, “Aaah!!” .

 And it was Captain Tashiro.

 ”Haa~, Haa~…… Kayama! Stop it, you’ll kill Amemiya!”

 Yui-chan raised her voice hysterically as our captain shouted while covering Amemiya-senpai.

 ”You’re so annoying~! How long are you going to pretend to be a captain when you’re just a piece of livestock~?”

 Completely thrilled, Yui-chan raised her whip and began to whip Captain’s back.

 As soon as that happens, Shima-senpai hurriedly grabbed Yui-chan’s shoulders.

 ”Stop it! It’s not necessary to whip her because she’s not a potential the great sinner”

 However, Yui-chan glared at Shima-senpai and shook off her hand.

 ”Would you please stop acting like a senior? You and I are equal inquisitors here. In fact, you were chosen as the captain’s alternate and I am in a higher position than you, aren’t I?”

 ”What are you saying!?”

 While ignoring Shima-senpai, who grabs her shoulder with a raspy voice, Yui-chan asks the silver-haired maid at the entrance.

 ”Freesia-sama, does whipping the inquisitor count~?”

 ”No, it doesn’t. In fact, it’s something that the Confinement King-sama doesn’t want, so you’ll be penalized for it”

 ”Did you hear what she said? If you don’t want to be punished by Confinement King-sama, let go of your hand~”

 When Yui-chan squinted her eyes and said provocatively, Shima-senpai let go of her hand bitterly.

 ”Freesia-sama… How much more do I need to whip them~……?”

 ”Four more”

 ”Oh, a hundred is a lot sooner than I think~”

 With that said, Yui-chan started to looked around and stopped her gaze at Konparu-senpai.

 ”Oh, you were the one who got along with the rotten Amemiya there, right?”

 ”N-noooo, stopppp… Uaaaaahhhh”

 After giving a rough beating to Konparu-senpai, Yui-chan carried the whip on her shoulder.

 Then, she turned to Amemiya-senpai, who was crying, and her mouth twisted into a grimace.

 ”Amemiya…… you can look forward to tomorrow~”

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