Confinement 93

Chapter 93 Swept Away by Tsundere

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 (Ehehehehe…… no no no!)

 The soft touch of her breasts against my arms almost makes my cheeks relax.

 On my way home from school. Kurosawa-san and I were walking side by side, our arms linked.

 Of course, there was no way I could force her to do such a thing.

 Yesterday, I was too lazy to do anything about it. But today, I didn’t even have that excuse too.

 She wrapped her arms naturally around my arm, as if it were habitual.

 To be honest, I don’t know what kind of change of heart she had, and I don’t know why this is happening, but I can’t help but be nervous.

 (I see…… So this is what you call a tsundere……)

 I though it in my head.

 But the destructive power of tsundere turning into dere was beyond my imagination.

 Now I’m being reminded of this firsthand.

 I’ve held Misuzu many times before, but this is a different story. It’s completely different.

 The person here is not Misuzu, but that Kurosawa-san who trampled on my head. It’s not Misuzu who has been made obedient by force, but the tsun-like Kurosawa-san, who is still tsun, with a hint of dere.

 If I say there is a difference between the trained Kurosawa-san and the natural Kurosawa-san, will that help explain it?

 I’m probably not the only one who’s thrilled. Somehow, I felt like I could feel her heart beating through my entwined arms.

 I could tell that she was anticipating what would happen next, just like I was. I can even feel it.

 (I’ll have her do it orally again today, and then I’ll send a message to Ryoko…… telling her not to come pick her up until I call her”

 If it weren’t for Ryoko getting in the way, I’m sure I would have made it to the end yesterday. I’m convinced of that.

 So, if the same thing happens as yesterday, I might be able to make Misuzu completely mine this time.

 As my expectations grew, I naturally became distracted. My steps unconsciously quicken as I get carried away.

 Then, Kurosawa-san raised her voice accusingly.

 ”You’re going too fast! That’s why you’re not popular. When you’re walking with a girl, you have to match her pace!”

 ”Oh, I-I’m sorry”

 I hurriedly slowed my pace.

 ”I don’t know why are you so hurry, but…”

 She twisted her mouth into a grimace and teasingly poked my cheek.

 ”I-I didn’t mean to……”

 ”Ahaha, why are you acting so nervous? Gross, gross!”

 The words were harsh, but the tone of her voice was so joyful. At the end of the conversation, she stuck out her tongue, and it was very cute.

* * *

 As we talked about the manga I had lent her, we left the forest road and approached a residential area along the main road.

 But it was only until this moment that things were peaceful.

 When we were about to leave the residential area, Kurosawa-san suddenly stopped and stepped away from me.


 Kurosawa-san’s expression became tense.

 When I followed her gaze, I saw Kasuya-kun standing leaning against a telephone pole.

 He then saw Kurosawa-san and me, then walked over to me.

 ”W-w-w-what is it, Kasuya-kun?”

 I couldn’t help but be frightened. To be honest, I’m scared of him.

 ”Kimo-jima…. I don’t know what you’re doing to my girlfriend and I don’t know what kind of stuff you’re using to threaten Misuzu, but I’ll never forgive you”

 It’s a low, stifled voice that seemed as if it was about to burst. And I couldn’t help but step back when I heard that he was about to burst with anger.

 ”I-I’m not threatening her……”

 ”Don’t play dumb. It’s not like Misuzu is going to come near a gross man like you by herself!”

 ”I’m not! I’m not threatening her……!”

 ”Jun-kun, wait, I’m not threatened!”

 When Kurosawa-san raised her voice, Kasuya-kun gave her a pitying look.

 ”Don’t worry about it, Misuzu. You don’t have to pretend to be something you’re not. I’ll help you now”

 ”No, Jun-kun, that’s not it!”

 At the same time as Kurosawa-san said this, Kasuya-kun suddenly grabbed me.


 I thought he grabbed my chest, but instead, he head-butted me right between my eyes. And suddenly, stars scattered in front of my eyes. The next thing I knew, I wobbled unconsciously and felt a dull pain in my midsection because Kasuya-kun’s knee had sunk into my stomach.


 The pain was followed by a sour taste coming up from the inside of my throat.

 It’s bad. He’s really used to fighting.

 The next one is between the eyebrows, and the next one is at the groin.

 I can’t breathe, and I almost fall to my knees. At that moment, he yanked on my chest and pulled me down to the ground.

 And then.



 He kicked my stomach, causing my body to float up in a “へ” shape.

 As expected, being kicked in the stomach at full force by the ace of the soccer club was not something I could bear. I’m not sure if it’s gastric juice or something else, but some kind of liquid spills out of my mouth, and I writhe in pain.

 ”You…… messed with something you shouldn’t have messed with! Kimo-jima!”

 He kicked me in the stomach again, and I fell to the ground with all my might.

* * *

 ”Don’t you ever come near Misuzu again, you bastard!”

 I felt like I’d been beaten to death.

 I couldn’t stand it any longer.

 I was going to prepare a more miserable life for him, and it would be a shame to end my revenge in such a simple way, but I had no choice.

 If I could make a door appear behind him and jump on it, I should be able to push him into it.

 When I looked up to make the door appear, my eyes widened and I froze.

 ”Hey, what the hell is that look in your eyes?”



 ”Kurosawa-san was kidnapped…….”

 In a panic, Kasuya-kun looked back behind him, and at that moment, the black van start driving away from us.

 The moment I looked up, I saw Kurosawa-san being taken into the van.


 Kasuya-kun rushed out in a panic. I took the opportunity to make a door appear on the wall of the house and rolled inside.


 ”What is it, Devi? You got hit again, Devi?”

 As I raised my voice, a devil appeared with a look of amazement on her face.

 ”It’s okay…. Call Torture, hurry up! Kurosawa-san has been kidnapped!”

 ”Kurosawa-chan? By whom?”

 ”I don’t know!”

 ”All right, Devi. Torture! Hurry up and get Fumi Fumi treated, Devi!”

 From the corner of the room. Torture emerges from the coiled shadows. As soon as she held out her hand, the pain went away.

 ”Thank you for your help, Torture”

 As I said this, I used <Periscope> to check the situation outside the door.

 Kasuya-kun, with a pale face, was making a phone call somewhere. Probably the police.

 But still, it was too sudden.

 It was evening. Although there were few people on the street, it was a corner of a residential area. To kidnap a person in such a place is beyond bold.

 It was unreasonable to think that they were targeting girls indiscriminately. No matter how I looked at it, I could only think that they had targeted Kurosawa-san with pinpoint accuracy.

 Could it be that they knew that we would be coming this way?

 Who are they? How did they know?

 ”Fumi Fumi, you can track Kurosawa-chan’s whereabouts with <Marker>”

 ”<Marker>…… huh? I see”

 I had completely forgotten about it, but it certainly had such a function.

* * *

 It’s a function that can identify the location of the captives, regardless of whether they are in a state of [Submissive], [Subjugation] or [Enslaved].

 When I activated <Marker> while thinking of Kurosawa-san, an image like an aircraft radar display appeared in front of me.

 In the middle of the display, I could see a red blip moving slowly.

 ”Zoom in it a little more, Devi”

 Lili said, and the display zoomed in closer to the red blip.

 The red blip is on the main road. If it goes straight through the residential area, there is an entrance to the highway. Maybe that’s where they entered.

 The direction they are heading is south.

 ”The first thing to remember is that if the mark is still visible, she is not dead, Devi. And as long as she’s not dead, Torture can heal her from any injuries she may have, Devi. Don’t worry about it, Devi”

 ”That’s not the point……”

 I can’t allow anyone to scare Kurosawa-san, and before that, I’ll never allow anyone to touch my things.

 ”For now, we have to wait for the car to stop, Devi. Then, once we know where they’re going, we can do whatever we want, Devi”

 ”……You’re right. I guess we’ll just have to wait”

 Once I release the <Marker>, I used <Periscope> again.

 The Japanese police are excellent. It had only been about ten minutes, but several police cars had already arrived.

 I recognized the detective who was calming down the distraught Kasuya-kun. It was Detective Inomoto. I couldn’t find any sign of Ryoko.

 I took out my phone and sent a message to Ryoko.

 ”Misuzu was kidnapped. As soon as you have information, send it to me…….”

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