Wizard 10

Chapter 10 First Time having Sex with Renka

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 When Renka woke up the next day, she was turning bright red and writhing on her bed.

 (Why, why did I do thattttt!)

 She kissed him. She realized did that. And it was the first kiss Renka had ever given. Now she feels self-loathing. She remembered the feeling of kissing Shinji on the lips, so she covered her lips with her hands.

 (But I didn’t mind at all…)

 After kissing him, Renka released his lips and let Shinji’s head go. Shinji was stunned by her spontaneous act. However, Shinji didn’t say anything to Renka, but gently gave her a quick pat on the head and quietly left the room.

 At that time, Renka just continued to be dumbfounded… until she realized that she had fallen asleep.

 (What should I do…)

 She’s supposed to like Alvin. But Renka couldn’t think straight when it came to Shinji. If she asks him if she likes him or not. She is like him not as the opposite s*x, but as a friend, someone she can respect and trust.

 ”First of all, let me apologize for kissing him”

 It was Renka who forced kissing him, and she didn’t want to make things awkward. If Renka was in the opposite position. She would be surprised or angry too.

 But even so, when she thought of herself being kissed by Shinji, she didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

 ”…No. I like Al. The one I like is him”

 Renka muttered to herself and left the room, changing into a green robe as usual.

 She knocked on Alvin and Milis’s room, but they seemed to be asleep and there was no response. Renka had no choice but to ask the young innkeeper at the reception desk to give them a message that she was going out and not to worry her, and then she left the inn.

 The destination was Shinji’s room.

* * *

 When she arrived at the <Hidden Dragon Inn>, she asked Charlotte, who was at the reception desk, for help and then headed for Shinji’s room. She took a deep breath in front of the room, calmed herself down, made up her mind, and knocked softly.

 ”Shinji… are you awake?”

 ”…Renka? I’m awake”

 A few moments later, Shinji’s room door opens and he appears. He tilted his head when he saw Renka with a serious look on her face.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 Renka’s heart fluttered at his response, as if nothing had happened yesterday.

 ”I want to talk to you about yesterday’s incident. Can I come in?”

 ”… Sure. Come in”

 Shinji opened the door and invited Renka inside. Renka followed the invitation and entered Shinji’s room.

 The sound of the door closing and locking echoed quietly in the corridor.

* * *

 ”I see… you’ve kept your room cleaned. Alvin should learn from you”

 ”Well, I’m the type of person who gets bothered by a messy room”

 Shinji stood in front of Renka, who was looking around the room.

 But after seeing Shinji’s face, Renka lowered her head quickly.

 ”I’m sorry about… yesterday. I know I was drunk, but I kissed Shinji”

 ”Well, I was a little surprised. But first, raise your head. I want you to tell me why”

 Shinji put his hand on Renka’s head. Then, Shinji gently patted her head and cast a hypnotic spell to make Renka want to speak her mind. And Renka raised her head and looked at Shinji, who was trying to listen to her without getting angry.

 ”That’s… I was so thrilled when Shinji lifted me. You didn’t even think about me, you just carried me around, and you looked so relaxed. But…why am I the only one…!”

 Renka’s face is turning red with shame as she speaks in a stuttering voice. She was aware that when she was with Shinji, Renka’s mouth became light. She had always thought that this was due to Shinji’s behavior and attitude as a dependable, older member of the opposite s*x.

 ”I was nervous, too”

 As he said that, Shinji hugged Renka’s head with his hand, which was patted her head. Renka was unable to react to Shinji’s unusual and forceful behavior, and she stumbled back to lean against him.

 Renka who was forced to put her ear against his muscular chest, definitely heard Shinji’s heartbeat. Even though she should be away from him, Renka continues to listen to his heartbeat in Shinji’s arms. She felt her body getting hotter and hotter, instead of feeling uncomfortable in Shinji’s embrace.



 Renka looked up as Shinji called her name and her lips were stolen by him. He hugged her tightly and kissed her passionately, pressing hard against her lips.

 When the long kiss was over, Renka’s expression became faint. As they kissed, the aphrodisiac spell that had been cast on Renka’s body began to eat away at her, and the numbing pleasure began to melt away her reason.

 ”Mmm, nmu, mm, *Lick* *Lick*”

 Once again, he kissed Renka for the third time, leaving her helpless. Shinji’s tongue licked Renka’s lips. As he did this, Renka’s tongue touches the tip of Shinji’s tongue, as if lured by Shinji’s tongue that moves invitingly. Renka’s tongue is played with by Shinji’s tongue, and they become entangled violently.

 The next thing she knew, Renka hugs Shinji’s back and they were hugging each other. At this time, Shinji’s hand also stroking Renka’s shapely ass. And Renka felt good just being stroked. Naturally, Renka’s deep kisses were heated and pleasurable.

 When the kiss ends and their lips slowly part, a string of saliva is drawn. Shinji, who had moved to the side of the bed during the kiss, silently pushed Renka gently down on the bed.

 As her body in heat, Renka’s reasoning was not working properly, and she could not resist the male atmosphere of Shinji. In addition, the pleasure of being desired by an attractive male was consuming Renka.

 Then, Shinji covered Renka and took her lips again.

 ”*Kiss* *Kiss* *Lick* *Lick* Ah…♡ An…♡”

 Renka, who was completely captivated by the deep kiss, desperately wanted Shinji’s tongue. While kissing, Shinji didn’t forget to touch her beautiful breasts that fit in the palm of his hand. As he did this, Renka’s sensitive body reacts to Shinji’s caresses and she feels it.

 ”Hhm~♡ Hya~♡ Ah~♡ Don’t~♡”

 With a skilled technique, Shinji pulled off Renka’s robe and bra and carefully caressed her nipples with his fingers. And just by this, Renka moaned with great pleasure. She feels too strong stimulation when her nipples on both breasts are being rubbed repeatedly with the thumb and forefinger.

 ”It’s a lie~♡ Just by nipples~♡ Ah~♡ Nh~♡ Ahhhhh~♡”

 In fact, Shinji was using magic to increase Renka’s sensitivity. Still, Renka was engulfed in a wave of pleasure that was unthinkable under normal circumstances, and she climaxed, screaming uncontrollably.

 After climaxed, Renka slumped down on the bed, her body weakening. Shinji then moves to give Renka even more pleasure without any effort on her side. He took off her panties, which he couldn’t resist, and ran his fingers over her stained panties, caressing the entrance to her wet pussy.

 ”Haa…♡ Hah…♡ Ah~♡ Nmu…~♡”

 Shinji lay down next to Renka and covered her mouth with a kiss. Renka tried to resist when he touched her private parts, but Shinji’s kiss silenced her and made her fall again.

 The sound of water squirting and chuckling echoed through the room. Shinji’s caresses were gentle but insistent, and he quickly loosened the stiffness of her pussy, making it ready to receive a man. The pleasure is not too strong, but not too weak, and it melts Renka’s rational mind.

 Then, Shinji put his hand on Renka’s panties. Renka didn’t resist anymore. On the contrary, she even raised her hips to make it easier for Shinji to remove her panties.

 Seeing her like that, Shinji stood up and went between Renka’s legs. He took off his pants and underwear. The erection of Shinji’s cock was majestic, and Renka was surprised at its size, but her body was expecting it.

 ”I’ll insert it”

 The p*nis was placed at the entrance to her secret part. Renka nodded clearly as she turned her gaze away from Shinji’s gaze.

 Slowly, Shinji’s cock pushed open Renka’s previously unexplored vagina. Renka shuddered and endured the sensation for the first time. When Renka reached for Shinji’s hand to cling to him, Shinji grabbed Renka’s hand and intertwined their fingers together. Eventually, his p*nis reaches Renka’s virgin membrane.

 ”Ouch, uh…”

 His hips move forward and his cock breaks Renka’s virgin membrane. The blood that was proof of Renka’s virginity flowed onto the sheets. And at this moment, her virginity had been offered to Shinji, not to Alvin.

 ”You did your best, Renka”

 Shinji slowly patted Renka’s head as she held on to the pain with only one hand. But that alone was enough for Renka to feel the pain easing. In addition to relieving the pain, her vagina reacted with a kyun kyun~♡, and her love juices flowed incessantly. It was an effect of the aphrodisiac spell, but Renka had no way of knowing it.

 ”Faaaaaaa~♡ Kuuuuuuuu~♡”

 After a few moments, Shinji slowly pulls his p*nis out and then slowly thrusts it back in again, just barely. After the first round of thrusting, the pleasure was greater than the pain, and Renka’s mouth made a pleasurable sound.

 ”Ah~♡ What is~♡ this~♡ I can’t hold~♡ such~♡ of this~♡”

 Renka could only moan and squirm as the pleasure numbed her from head to toe. The pleasure that came from within was incomparable to masturbation, and Renka’s expression was unbelievably intoxicated.

 Gradually, the pace of Shinji’s hips movement increased. The sound of hips colliding with hips echoed through the room. Renka unconsciously lifted her hips and shook them to match Shinji’s.

 ”Ah~♡ Cumming~♡ I’m cummingggggg~♡♡”

 She climaxed in spite of the fact that it was her first time. She shakes her body and her vagina tightens around Shinji’s cock. At this time, Shinji stopped shaking his hips for a moment and enjoyed the pressure of Renka’s first orgasm.

 ”I’m so glad you came”

 ”Yes…♡ That was amazing…♡”

 She smiled at Shinji with a hazy expression. But then, Shinji lean forward and put his face to Renka’s ear.

 ”But I haven’t cum yet..”


 Pound! Pound! His cock once again thrusted against the back of the vagina. Renka put her arms around Shinji’s neck and hugged him like she was clinging to him to endure the pleasure he was giving her. On the other side, he was still looking at her, and her vagina responded to his gaze with kyun kyun~♡.

 ”I’m going to make it a little rough…”

 ”Fah~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ No~♡”

 Shinji held her legs to prevent her from escaping, and repeatedly thrusted violently. The big cock rubs the pleasant part of Renka’s vagina relentlessly. And Renka’s head was about to go stupid from the continuous and intense pleasure.


 She continued to be made to cum over and over again, until finally Shinji’s cock was pushed up to deepest part. Then, a lot of semen is released from his big cock and fills Renka’s vagina. This time is the best climax which came to Renka, and a scream naturally came out of her mouth.

 Immediately, her body shuddered and her consciousness fell.

* * *

 Renka’s consciousness slowly came to the surface.

 And she feels someone patting her head. She turned her head to the side in a daze and saw Shinji’s face at close range. Renka was using Shinji’s arm as a pillow.

 At that moment, she remembered everything.

 She remembered having s*x with Shinji.

 In an instant, Renka turned bright red and turned over in silence, unsure of what to say. But Shinji kept patting Renka’s head gently.

 ”Renka was too cute so I couldn’t hold back. I’m sorry I forced you”

 Renka was unable to respond to Shinji’s words of encouragement.

 Although it was her first time experiencing something like this, she doesn’t even feel bad about it. Besides, it’s her own lewdness that caused the pleasure.

 But Renka didn’t know what to say to Shinji anymore. So, after a long, long silence, Renka opened her mouth to tell him everything she was thinking. And she was desperate.

 ”I like Alvin. But I didn’t mind having s*x with Shinji. In fact, I’m glad I did. It was the first time I’ve ever felt that good”

 Shinji patted her head and continued to listen to Renka’s story.

 ”But I can’t go out with Shinji. I want to be there for Alvin. I don’t want to break up with Shinji because of this, and I want the four of us to have more adventures…”

 The last part was in a tearful voice. Renka herself understood that she was saying something absurd. What she was saying was something that it would not have been surprising if Shinji will become angry or even violent.

 ”It’s okay”

 Shinji muttered a single word.

 Renka, who had been lying on her face, looked up at Shinji with eyes that held back tears.

 ”It’s okay to continue as before. The four of us will continue to have adventures together”

 ”Are you sure?”

 Shinji nodded, “Of course”.

 ”If you want, you can make me your man of convenience”

 ”…Pfft, that’s… ridiculous”

 Renka laughed at Shinji’s attempt to play along.

 She laughed while crying.

 After that, Shinji continued to pat Renka until she calmed down, crying quietly.

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