Wizard 105

Chapter 105 Discussion with the Three Elven Sisters・Part One

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 Two days after the meeting between Iris, Lila and the others.

 After the sun had set, Shinji learned from Iris, who was returning from an adventure, that she had officially decided to join the Green Travelers.

 Iris was very happy to finally be in a situation where she could report to her father at any time.

 ”Because of ……Senpai, desu. Thank you very much, desu”

 Shinji smiled as Iris bowed politely and deeply.

 Shinji was honestly happy that despite the unforeseen problems, the result was close to the best.

 ”It was all thanks to Iris-chan’s hard work. And I thought it would be a shame to let your talent go to waste”

 He added in his mind that he couldn’t do anything about it if she left.

 Originally, he had planned to take more time to corrupt her, but he was able to have a physical relationship with her already. After that, it’s just a matter of taking the time to make her a prisoner of pleasure……

 ”…… I’ll work hard and not be too arrogant, desu”

 When he saw Iris smiling at him, he wondered if he should really go ahead with his original plan. It’s not a clear reason, it’s just Shinji’s intuition, but he feels that she doesn’t fit into the category of ……s*x friend.

 (She also said that she wanted to be a second wife…… but I think she’ll be fine because she’s not as aggressive as Lila)

 ”……I’d like to thank you for reporting back to my Papa that it went well”

 ”I’m just doing what I can as Senpai, so don’t worry about it……. Okay”

 Iris continued to talk to Shinji as he thought about it.

 The way Shinji sees Iris hasn’t changed at all from the way she’s been behaving.

 Shinji promised to accept Iris’s gratitude, thinking that she might be suspicious because of the unexpected change in Lila.

 ”……So, Senpai. ……Good night, desu”

 ”Oh, good night, Iris-chan”

 Shinji smiled back at Iris with a small wave and went back to his room.

 (Tomorrow, I’ll have to talk to Lila and the others……. I have to teach them that the control lies with me)

 (……I knew I was right not to change my attitude. ……Senpai said he’d accept my thanks, so I used that as an excuse to go shopping with him in town……)

 Shinji and Iris are thinking.

 The two of them are similar in the way they come up with ideas.

* * *

 The next day.

 Shinji spent the morning at his house.

 <Running Wolves> holiday was scheduled for today and tomorrow, and since he had promised to go out with Renka tomorrow, Shinji was planning to corrupt Lila today.

 Unbeknownst to her, Lila, who has already won the previous s*x competition, comes to Shinji’s house with the intention of enjoying s*x with him.

 ”Welcome Lila, I see you guys are not together”

 ”I’m sorry to bother you~ ♡ Yes, they’re going to come over here after they buy lunch, so I think they’ll be here after the…… bell rings three times”

 As soon as they meet, Lila jumps into Shinji’s chest. Shinji did not have any reason to avoid it, so he held Lila in his arms. Her soft breast pressed against Shinji’s.

 ”Well then, thank you for what you did with Iris-chan. It was a big help”

 ”No problem~ ♡ We also benefit from having a witch in our party, Iris’s magic power is tremendous”

 Lila continues to be in Shinji’s arms as if she is not hiding her straightforward affection for him. The rest of the game seems to have already begun.

 ”You know what? To be honest, I envy you”

 ”Ah……Nn~ ♡ But Shinji-san……. You can’t talk about other girls in the middle of a game…. ♡ There is no comfort~ ♡ Ah~ ♡”

 Shinji grabs Lila’s shoulders and pulls her away from him. Although Lila makes a sad noise, but Shinji quickly strips off Lila’s clothes and pulls up her top to expose her breasts. He also loosens her underwear to expose her breasts and squeezes them with both hands.

 ”I’m sorry. I’ll make you feel so good as for apology”

 ”Nnn … ♡ Shinji-san…. ♡ Ah~ ♡ Nn~ ♡ Your hand~ ♡ More~ ♡ Please touch me as much as you want ……♡”

 Shinji continued to rub Lila’s magnificent breasts, enjoying them to the fullest. Gradually, Lila’s breathing became ragged and her beautiful nipples began to erect.

 ”I can keep touching Lila’s breasts”

 ”Nn~ ♡ Nnn~ ♡Ah~ ♡ If you make me your lover…… ♡ Everything~ ♡ I will be Shinji’s thing …… ♡ Ah~ ♡ My nipple~ ♡”

 Shinji gets down on his knees and takes Lila’s nipple into his mouth.

 He licked it with his tongue, sometimes biting it sweetly, and continued to caress it. Lila continues to moan sweetly when he takes her nipple between his fingers and tortures it with his tongue.

 Lila’s hips were shaking with pleasure and she was supporting herself with both hands-on Shinji.

 ”Ah…… ♡ Shinji-san…. ♡ You love my breast…… ♡ I~ ♡ I’m so happy~ ♡ Fuah~ ♡ Fah~ ♡”

 The person she loves is crazy about her. That alone made Lila feel happy. Until then, she put up with the disgusting gaze of a stranger. But It was worth putting up with the unpleasantness.

 ”Shi, Shinji-san ♡ It’s about time… It’s about time ♡ Can you insert it already~ ♡ I want you to insert it……. ♡”

 Lila begged Shinji with a wistful expression as she rubbed her legs together. Lila’s chest caresses were enough to make her secret parts overflow with love juice.

 Shinji stood up and took off his pants and shorts, leaving Lila to her own devices.

 Shinji looks at the desk as he strokes Lila’s ass, who stares feverishly at his huge erection.

 ”Put your hands on the desk. Stick your ass out”


 Lila puts her hands on the desk and thrusts her fleshy ass toward Shinji.

 Her adult white underwear peeked out from underneath her miniskirt, visually arousing Shinji.

 She was embarrassed to take off her underwear, which was soaking wet with her love juices, but Shinji still slid it to the side and placed his p*nis on her private parts.

 ”I’m going to insert it…….”

 ”Fuaaaahhhh~ ♡”

 He cast a function-granting spell just before insertion, giving Shinji’s p*nis the ability to give pleasure to women.

 The moment the glans was inserted into her, Lila’s hips bounced.

 Shinji’s p*nis stirred through her vaginal passage, sending shivers down her spine with pleasure.

 Lila also climaxed with a shameful scream when the p*nis reached the back of her vagina and the glans collided with her womb.

 While feeling the comfort of the tightening vaginal pressure, Shinji continued to press his p*nis deep into the vagina.

 Lila doing her best to support herself with both hands.

 ”Ah… ♡ What… ♡ Is this… ♡”

 While holding her up who trembled, Shinji kissed her long ears and whispered.

 ”I’m not going to go easy on you today”

 Gyuuto~ Shinji grabbed her breasts hard and squeezed them.

 She’s dominated…. Instinctively, Lila knew what was going to happen.

 For Lila, who has experienced Minato’s charm, being dominated should be a trauma.

 But there was no fear in Lila’s heart.

 Lila’s heart was trembling with joy because she was willing to be dominated by the man she truly loved.

 ”Please make me feel good a lot……♡”

 Lila murmured quietly.


 Iris-chan also began to plot.

 She is going to be aiming for the position of the second wife.

 And on Shinji-kun’s plan, the first step is to re-train Lila.

 Shinji-kun, who caresses Lila-chan’s breasts as he pleases, is a breasts star (vocabulary).

 He goes into serious mode as like making Freri squeal!

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