Wizard 139

Chapter 139 Running Wolves will Continue The Request

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 After a few moments of dazed, Shizuku finally came to her senses and glanced at Shinji, who was already dressing, and hurriedly put on her clothes.

 Shinji is not interested in Shizuku, even though she is a young woman who is changing her clothes. Also, even though she had been fucked until she was exhausted, Shinji’s reaction annoyed her.

 ”I hope you’ve learned the magic. If I had to guess, I would say it succeeded”

 ”……How can I be sure?”

 Shizuku who was in the middle of changing her clothes trembled when Shinji called out to her, but she calmed herself down and listened back.

 ”You’ll know if you try to use magic”

 ”Body Strengthening Magic……!”

 While she looked at Shinji’s smile, Shizuku tried to cast a body strengthening magic.

 As she tried to create a magic circle, a knowledge that she did not know came to her mind. She created a magic circle according to the sensation she had learned before she knew it, and when she put magic power into it, the magic succeeded in one shot, as if her previous struggles had been a lie.

 ”It’s true. ……I was surprised. Thank you very much”

 Shizuku, who was excited by the fact that she can now use magic by herself, made her thanked him honestly. But, after she thanked him with a smile, her expression changed to a frown, and she returned to her Buddhist face.

 Seeing such Shizuku, Shinji laughed out loud.

 ”Kukuku, I’m sorry, it was just too funny”

 ”I’m leaving now! Marie!”

 ”After you’ve learned magic, you’re ready for the real thing. Especially, Self-Strengthening magic is easy to modify to your own needs. You should experiment with them. Then see you later”

 Shizuku, who had turned red, wished Marie to return her to home, but the teleportation did not begin. But when Shinji had just finished talking to her, sending his thoughts that it was good to go home, Shizuku disappeared from the room.

 [Marie, I hope you can teach her some things]

 [Okay~. Even so~, Shinji-san is an unequaled man~. You’ve been doing it continuously after Flair-chan~]

 Remembering and laughing at Shizuku’s unusual change of expression, Shinji asked Marie to teach her how to use body strengthening magic, and blinked when Marie mentioned that.

 [I can do it all night long if I want to]

 [Ama~zing~ ♡ I can’t believe you’re that big and that unequaled~ ♡…… Nee Shinji-san~. If you want, we can do it sometime~ ♡]

 [Marie! Don’t seduce my master~noja!]


 Flair’s thoughts interrupted Marie’s thoughts. It made Marie’s joyful thoughts were, and Shinji chuckled in silence.

 Shinji thought that the role of the apostle was very important to the spirits, because Marie, who was a spirit, said something like an invitation.

 ”Well, let’s take a nap…….”

 After cleaning the sheets, Shinji finally took a nap.

* * *

 ”Shinji, are you awake?”

 Alvin’s voice woke Shinji up.

 ”I just woke up, did I sleep too long?”

 ”That’s unusual! When you wake up, we’ll meet in front of my room. I think we finally have some information”

 ”All right, I’ll be right there”

 Shinji got up, quickly finished his preparations and left the room.

 He joined Alvin and the others and once again met with the priest who was in charge of organizing the event.

 ”I’m sorry to keep you waiting…… but I don’t have much good to say”

 The priest with the difficult face was stunned.

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”First of all, we’ve successfully conquered the other bases. The succubus is just emerging, so the knights can keep up. Also, the only high-ranking succubus was in the area where you were headed.

 And the crystal that you brought back.

 It seems to be a transmitter that sends the life force that it sucks up. I’m sure that the destination is the headquarters of the heretics……

 I have tried everything, but I have not been able to analyze the crystal”

 The priest bowed his head, apologizing for his lack of power.

 However, Alvin and the others cannot be blamed. The magic tools for analysis are too expensive for individuals to buy.

 ”Even the Adventurer’s Guild’s magic tools couldn’t do it. There are no more magic tools of analysis in this city. So, I decided to rely on the western city <Oeste>”

 When Shinji heard the word “Western City”, he reacted for a moment.

 ”I’d like to continue to entrust this matter to you guys. Please take the crystal and head to <Oeste>. That city has the latest magical equipment, so they should be able to analyze it. Let me talk to the temple in that city.

 Of course, we will pay you for completing the request for suppression. But, if you accept this request, we will additionally pay the same amount to the guild as a reward. So, how is it?”

 ”Of course, I don’t intend to throw it away halfway. Is that okay with everyone?”

 Alvin responded to the priest’s question, knowing that once he was involved, he wanted to finish the job. There was a sacrifice of their knights too. Even though, it was not revenge, but he could not forgive the mastermind.

 ”Yes! Al-kun!”

 ”Of course!”

 Milis and Renka felt the same way, and Shinji nodded silently. But Shinji didn’t feel the same way.

 He didn’t have a problem with accepting the request, but he did have a problem with the destination being <Oeste>.

 ”Then please take this…….Thank you”

 ”Leave it to me!”

 While Shinji pondered, Alvin received the crystal; from the priest.

 It was decided that they would continue to travel from temple to temple in the carriage pulled by Pegasus.

 They would leave the city today and return to <Medio> in the evening. Then, they would be heading to <Oeste> at dawn.

 ”Shinji, what’s wrong?”

 Shinji was silent the entire time as he collected his belongings from his room and got on to the carriage. Renka, who worried about Shinji’s unusual mood, called out to him.

 ”I don’t have good memories on <Oeste>”

 Shinji chuckles and touches Renka’s head. Stroking her silky hair as Shinji continued to talk.

 ”<Oeste> is the city I was born in”

 ”It’s your hometown, isn’t it? But why do you not have any good memories……?”

 Shinji smiled at Renka’s caring expression.

 ”I left before I could remember. So, it doesn’t really matter now. You said we are going to have it analyzed in <Oeste>, do you know where we should go?”

 ”Of course. <Oeste> is the home of the magic guild, so that’s where we should go, right?”

 Milis joined the conversation, her voice brightening the slightly gloomy atmosphere, and Shinji smiled and nodded as he usually did when talking to Milis.

 ”Yes. Also, it’s a good opportunity to look for a rare spell book. I wish the four of us could go out again like before”

 ”Whoa, it’s unusual for Shinji to bring this up! Let’s go out together again after the analysis request is over!”

 ”That’s a good idea”

 ”Al-kun, that’s a good idea”

 After that, they continued to have fun talking about how to play and where to go until they arrived at <Medio>.


 Marie-chan’s invitation (attempted)

 For spirits, apostles are colleagues who serve the Goddess together.

 So, he thinks of them as equal.

 They don’t have the concept of husband and wife, so it’s normal for them to talk to people they like.

 After going to the south, they’re going to the west.

 This seems to be the city where Shinji was born.

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