Wizard 151

Chapter 151 Three People Preparation before Assault (Alvin)

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After embracing Shizuku, Shinji entrusted Marie to clean up the mess and then returned to his room in <Oeste>. He had succeeded in binding Shizuku with the lewd crest, so she could no longer disobey Shinji’s orders.

However, it did not bind Shizuku’s freedom, except to keep her quiet about the magic ritual and the lewd crest.

As long as Shizuku keeps quiet, she can go on with her life as usual, and she still follow him although she is shocked by the reality that Shinji has corrupted her body.

In addition, Shinji gave her a staff that makes it easier to use water-based magic, which is often used by intermediate-intermediate rank, as a memorial to her fall. He also instructed her to go to any dungeon she wanted and get some real-world experience.

(That indescribable face. That was interesting)

Shizuku’s face had a subtle look of frustration that was hard to put into words, probably because of her mixed emotions.

Shinji grinned, but by the time he arrived at the dining hall, his face had returned to its normal calmness.

“As we’re going to be on standby for another half day~. We should take a ‘nap’ for about three hours to keep our bodies fresh!”

“That’s right. And just to be safe, you should get some s*x”

It’s not the kind of thing to talk about in broad daylight, but since it’s life-threatening, Shinji urges Alvin to be cautious. Alvin, who had swallowed the meat he was chewing, nodded with a wry smile.

“The last time and this time. It’s hard to do anything about it……”

“You’re right. The way we fight is completely different……. But we are the only ones who can infiltrate. I’m going to let this frustration out”

Renka’s expression was gloomy. She was concerned about the fact that she had been unable to fight the last time due to a powerful charm.

They tried to counteract this by adding an increase in mental illness resistance to their self-enhancement spells, but with the precedent of the temple soldiers, they can’t be overconfident.

“Al-kun, I’m sorry…… for being unable to do that……”

“It’s okay. I’ll do it myself”

Milis, blushing with embarrassment, apologized to Alvin.

Shinji knew from their demeanor and the content of their conversation that Milis was having a woman’s day and could not have s*x with Alvin.

“If so, why don’t we meet in the garden about three hours later? If we want to warm up, why don’t we all do some flexibility exercises too?”

“Oh, that sounds good. Mil and Renka, is it okay?”

The two affirmed to Alvin’s question.

After a pleasant meal, Alvin and the others parted ways from the dining room.

* * *

Alvin, who had been taking a nap, suddenly woke up.

But he soon realizes that it’s not real. Because Alvin is floating in the air and his body is translucent.

(This is a strange dream. And where am I? It’s all white)

Alvin’s vision shows nothing but a blank space. There’s so much empty space that he can’t even see the horizon. There was no sound, and he could not hear anything even though he was conscious of his ears.

However, Alvin’s eyes caught an unbelievable sight as he turned around, wondering.

There was only one large bed in the room.

On it, Shinji, Renka, and her lover, Milis, were completely naked and entwined.

Milis and Renka were sitting on the bed with their breasts pressed against Shinji’s stiff, erect p*nis. As Shinji’s big p*nis sticking out from between their breasts, they were licking it with their tongues.

(What the hell is this?! What kind of dream is this!?)

Alvin’s face was distorted in astonishment as he watched. This was due to the fact that Milis had the most lascivious female face he had ever seen.

As Alvin seeing that, Shinji’s mouth moves quickly.

Alvin had no idea what he was talking about. But when Milis and Renka nodded, they separated their tongues and began to move harder up and down, pulling their breasts tighter together.

That is double paizuri to make the p*nis ejaculate. The act and the look on the faces of the two faces was very lewd.

(What kind of dream is this? ……No matter how much it is, it’s awful……)

Milis and Renka were working hard for a while, but stopped when the semen was released. A large amount of semen was sprayed on their faces and breasts while they were enraptured.

The impossible amount of ejaculation made Alvin more and more convinced that this was a dream and not reality.

However, this was a scene that was happening in reality right now, when Alvin was sleeping.

It was a dream that was being shown to the sleeping Alvin. Of course, Freri was the only one who could do such a thing. She plays with the scene around them so that it doesn’t feel real, and only shows Shinji and the bed.

If Freri had been asked why she was doing this, she would have replied that she thought Alvin had the potential to become M and cuckold fetish.

Because Alvin was masturbating while watching Shinji and Renka having s*x on earlier act, which was the beginning of this cuckold screening.

(When will I wake up from this dream?……)

In front of Alvin’s eyes, the three of them continued to have s*x.

Shinji, was lying on his back, with his p*nis never wilted. As he lying back, Milis was the first to straddle the big, erect p*nis. With a lustful expression on her face, she inserts his p*nis into her vagina.

Alvin could only laugh at the unthinkable behavior of the innocent and shy Milis. However, when he suddenly felt a strange sensation between his legs and looked down, Alvin realized that his p*nis was erect.

(Huh!? What!? Why!?!?)

Regardless of Alvin’s confusion, Renka moved as well.

She straddled Shinji’s face and pressed her secret part against Shinji’s mouth. Alvin couldn’t see it, but Shinji was licking Renka’s private parts.

Milis and Renka are shaking their hips while their faces stained with pleasure.

Although he couldn’t hear their voice, it was still more than enough stimulation for Alvin.

(Mil and Renka are both erotic……. It’s a dream, right……?)

Alvin’s awareness of his erection was a frail in dream.

So, as he is convinced that it is a dream, he begins to masturbate his own p*nis to the lasciviousness of his lover and childhood friend.

He saw Milis takes Shinji’s cock into her pussy and shakes her hips up and down. Her breasts are bouncing as she moans and squeals, and she’s lost in the pleasure the cock is giving her.

Renka’s body also shaked with ecstasy.

But unlike Milis, there was little movement here. Still, the gap between her face and her usual expression of debauchery was extremely exciting.

Seeing that, Alvin’s jerking off hand naturally moved violently.

Milis’ movement were reaching their final spurt.

Shinji’s hands firmly grabbed Milis’ hips and thrust upwards from below, and Renka’s body was twitching slightly as if she was about to come.

(Oh…… it’s coming out, it’s coming out!)

Alvin’s ejaculation was an empty shot. Even though he was coming, no semen was coming out of his p*nis. When he thought about it, he finally came to his senses.

His beloved lover was being ejaculated into her vagina right in front of him.

The face of the enraptured woman looked very happy.

After witnessing this immoral scene, Alvin’s p*nis regained its strength. Normally, it would be impossible for his p*nis to revive so quickly.

However, Alvin’s dream seemed to have ended here. His semi-transparent body became completely transparent.

(I’ll go see Mil when I wake up……)

That was his last thought.

It would be another hour before Alvin woke up in reality and noticed his underwear sticky with dream semen.


Freri: “I think he has qualities”

Freri is working hard to awaken Alvin into a cuckold swordsman. The body has already been cuckolded.

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