Wizard 2

Chapter 2 Shinji the Wizard, Behind the Scenes

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 After parting ways with the three members of the <Running Wolves>, Shinji returned to the inn where he was staying. It’s an inn with a sign that read <Hidden Dragon Inn>.

 It was already late at night, and normally the innkeepers would have gone to bed, but there is a lighted lantern on the counter near the entrance.

 ”Welcome back, Shinji-san. I’ve been waiting for you”

 Charlotte, the only daughter of the owner of the inn, approached him over the counter. Her light brown hair, like her mother’s, is well groomed, and she has a pretty face, large breasts, and a good figure.

 ”I’m back. I heard you had a date with Morse-kun today. I thought you wouldn’t come back”

 ”Morse suddenly said he couldn’t stay until tonight. Isn’t that terrible? Oh, do you want some hot water?”

 She seemed to do her job, though she didn’t hide her mild anger and frustration. Shinji smiled, took a copper coin from his pocket and placed it on the counter. Charlotte took it and retreated to the back of the room.

 After that, Shinji left the counter and went to his room. His room is located at the back of the first floor. It’s the farthest room in the inn from the innkeeper and couple’s bedroom.

 As soon as Shinji returned to his room, Charlotte came in without knocking, carrying a tub of hot water. Shinji doesn’t blame Charlotte for her actions and takes off his robe and jacket.

 Charlotte put the tub on the desk and resumed talking, looking on Shinji, who sat on the side of the bed and began to wipe himself with a towel soaked in hot water.

 ”Well, it can’t be helped, so we went on a normal date. We ate dinner, went shopping in the city, and finally entered some inn”

 Shinji stripped down and became completely naked. His erect p*nis is exposed in front of Charlotte. Charlotte’s gaze slowly descended from Shinji’s face to stare passionately at his p*nis.

 ”Are Morse-kun satisfied?”

 ”Yes~♡ He ejaculated once in my mouth and once in my pussy~♡ He ejaculated a lot~♡ but I couldn’t cum… and Morse-kun’s p*nis lost its energy”

 ”You aren’t satisfied, are you? You couldn’t get enough, even though you’ve become the kind of naughty girl Morse-kun likes, right?”

 ”I’ve practiced a lot with you, Shinji-san~♡ So~♡ Shinji-san~♡ Let’s do it again today~♡”

 Charlotte had been having s*x with Shinji repeatedly under the guise of practice. They began that relationship when Charlotte was troubled to find out that her lover preferred experienced girls, and it was Shinji, a regular customer, who came to her to give her an advice.

 Normally, Charlotte couldn’t talk about her problems with anyone, but strangely enough, she did with Shinji. She was almost overcome with regret and shame after telling him, but he was very kind to her.

 Shinji kept it to himself and didn’t make fun of her. He also taught her about s*x toys and how to masturbate. He made sure that he never touched Charlotte.

 She doesn’t know why, but she felt kindness in that.

 However, on one time, her body is tingling and she’s not sure if it’s because of daily practice.

 So, she invited Shinji and called it a practice.

 From that point on, she couldn’t stop.

 Shinji’s hands, mouth, and p*nis were used instead of the adult toys for practice. Shinji also broke Charlotte’s virginity. Charlotte was also made to cum by Shinji from the very first time, and her body was indoctrinated with pleasure.

 Thus, Charlotte, now a very experienced girl, was sent off by Shinji. Charlotte, now confident, expressed her feelings to Morse, and as a result they have a relationship.

 Charlotte was happy. However, when she experienced s*x with Morse, her happiness was recessed. Charlotte was not satisfied with s*x with Morse.

 His p*nis was much smaller than Shinji’s. He had premature ejaculation, a small amount of semen, and energy that dried up after two rounds. His poor s*x filled her mind, but it didn’t fill her body.

 Charlotte tried to suppress the tingling in her body, but her s*xual desire, which had been practiced so much and had become ripe, never waned. And before she knew it, Charlotte was visiting Shinji’s room. When Charlotte came to his room, Shinji asked her.

 ”Did you need more practice?”

 Charlotte nodded without hesitation.

 And so the physical relationship that she calls practice continues to this day.

 ”Ah~♡ Ah~♡ It’s good~♡ It’s very good~♡ Shinji-san~♡ It’s good~♡”

 Shinji is lying on his back and looking up at Charlotte, who is straddling him while shaking her hips with ecstatic face. Charlotte’s movements are so violent that her breasts swayed and jiggled, amusing Shinji.

 Seeing that, Shinji was convinced that her body had been corrupted, and he laughed without showing it.

 Back on the day before he had that relationship, Shinji had been eyeing Charlotte. He was a regular customer, waiting for the right moment to make a move, but he kept up the appearance of a gentle adventurer.

 However, Charlotte’s troubles were a trigger for him.

 Using a weak hypnotic spell, Shinji skillfully learned her worries. What he heard was also interesting. But then he gently taught her s*xual knowledge and guided her thoughts so that she wouldn’t tell anyone. All he had to do was to cast a weak hypnotic spell on her every day.

 Once she was in a relationship, the rest was up to her. Charlotte’s body was superb, and Shinji proceeded to train her in the name of practice. He fucked Charlotte again and again, using aphrodisiac magic and sensitivity-enhancing magic to make her a slut that no ordinary man could satisfy.

 As a result, Charlotte’s heart went out to Morse and her body went out to Shinji.

 ”I feel good too”

 ”I’m so happy~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ It’s deep~♡ it’s~♡ it’s twitching~♡ Ah, I’m cumming immediately~♡”

 ”You can cum as many times as you want. Come on, come on”

 Shinji pushed up from below in time with Charlotte’s movements, and in no time Charlotte’s expression relaxed and drool dripped from the corner of her mouth. Shinji violates Charlotte’s vagina as he desires.

 ”I’m cumming~♡ Cumming~♡ Ahhhhhhhhh~♡”

 Twitch! her vagina tightens up and Shinji’s p*nis swells up and spits out a large amount of sperm. The ejaculation is long and continuous, and Charlotte cum each time. When the long ejaculation is over, Charlotte relaxed and hugged Shinji. The two of them kissed lightly and soaked in the afterglow.

 ”*Pant…* Shinji-san’s p*nis is the best~♡”

 ”I’m glad. But it’s Morse-kun you like, right?”

 ”Yes, I like Shinji-san too, but the best is Morse”

 ”No problem. I’m just your training partner”


 Shinji’s well-trained body easily lifted Charlotte and changed their positions. Despite the fact that he had ejaculated, Shinji’s p*nis is still maintaining its insistence inside Charlotte.

 ”You can still do it, right?”

 ”Yes~♡ Shinji-san…~♡ Ah, ah~♡ Ahhhhhhh~♡”

 Now the s*x begins in the missionary position. The sound of their hips slamming into each other and the sound of their molten voices never ceased until Shinji satisfied.

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