Wizard 214

Chapter 214 Set a Goal to Climb Hateyama

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 ”Well, let’s see what we need to do to reach Hateyama”

 The day after they received their new adventurer’s cards.

 Alvin and the others decided to have a meeting about their future plans. They knew that Akane was there to serve drinks, but for some reason Emily was there as well.

 ”First, we must conquer High-ranking dungeon!”

 ”Yes, that’s right. And the dungeon is called <Dragon’s Lair>. The monsters that appear are called <Dragon Puppet>, which are human-sized dragon monsters that walk on two legs”

 ”It’s monster with hard scales that cover its entire body and is highly intelligent and can use both weapons and magic. It’s really like a dragon that has been squeezed into a human form”

 There is no doubt that it is a stronger monster than all the ones that they have fought so far, and Renka’s expression is firm. Shinji smiled and continued the conversation.

 ”We’ll be fine as long as we prepare properly and work together. That’s what we’ve been doing. Right? Alvin”

 ”Yeah! We’re definitely getting stronger. Aren’t we?”

 ”Yes……. But Al, do you remember anything else about the <Dragon Puppet> that we should be aware of besides its strength?” (*Note: Ryuu Ningyou -> Dragon Puppet)

 Renka, whose expression had relaxed after being encouraged by Shinji and Alvin, asked the question in return. And it was a very important question.

 ”Yeah. You have to call them <Dragon Puppet>. And you have to make sure that you don’t call them <Dragonmen> by mistake” (*Note: Ryuujin -> Dragonmen)

 ”If <Dragonmen> heard it, they would be very angry. ……It is natural that this statement would distort the perception that they are monsters and not people……”

 Dragons are monster, not people. This is because dragons, as monsters, are created out of nothing by magic power.

 On the other hand, Dragonmen are the same as people, and a child is born from a mother.

 The difference is that they are born with dragon eyes, scales on their skin, and other dragon parts in their bodies.

 The race that is born with the power of dragons is called <Dragonmen>

 Although, the parts of a dragon and the parts of a dragonmen are very similar, the dragonmen consider dragons to be their enemies. Therefore, there is no way they can tolerate the term <Dragonmen> as a <Monster>.

 The word <Dragon> is also used as a term of insult for them, so it can’t just be a misnomer.

 In fact, Alvin and the others had once seen from a distance a <Dragonmen> adventurer.

 The anger was so great that Milis felt her body tremble just remembering it.

 ”It’s okay if you know that. Most Dragonmen are rational and strong. As long as you keep your head on straight, you won’t have any problems. I also think we need to upgrade our equipment. ……And I have a suggestion for that”

 Shinji brought out a flyer.

 Alvin’s eyes lit up with joy when he saw it.

 ”It’s a flyer for an annual fighting tournament! Could it be ……?”

 ”Yeah. I want Alvin to participate in it”

 ”Of course!! ……Does that lead to enhancements equipment? Still, I think monsters and humans are quite different”

 Alvin had gone to watch the games last year. Regardless of the qualifying rounds, he remembers the finals being quite a high-level battle, and he thinks it’ll be a good experience, but it’s quite different when dealing with monster instead of people.

 Shinji nodded to Alvin, who looked dubious.

 ”It’s not about experience. It’s the blacksmithing. There are a lot of great blacksmiths who come to watch this tournament. That’s why there are so many skilled blacksmiths who wait more than a year for a reservation.

 Because once a year, the blacksmiths make the best sword they can. And they come to the tournament to see if they can find a warrior worthy of holding it.

 So Alvin…….”

 ”Win the tournament, right?! I should be able to do that much!”

 Shinji laughed at Alvin’s enthusiasm, not needing to hear his reply.

 ”If we’re going to go steady, we should buy equipment in the eastern city of <Oeste>. Since <Oeste> also a blacksmith city, there are a lot of high quality armors. The blacksmiths who come to watch the tournament will be in the same location, but it won’t matter because we can’t wait more than a year.”

 ”No, I’m going to the tournament. I want a better weapon if I have to! Still, it’s not too late to go to <Oeste> if that doesn’t work out, right?”

 ”Al and I are the ones that need to buy, so I think it’s a good idea”

 Renka nodded in agreement with Alvin’s words, and Milis followed suit.

 ”I think it’s good that Al wants to buy one, since Shinji and I bought ours in Oeste”

 Shinji and Milis, who are both in the magic profession, have been upgrading their weapons in <Oeste>. As a city with a magic guild, they were able to purchase good staffs of the highest quality, and their magic attack power had definitely increased.

 ”Good! Then I’ll try my best! I’ve got to go apply!”

 ”So, until the day of the event, You and Emily will have to do a mock battle. Because I think it’s better to train your fighting instincts than to go to some dojo and learn swordsmanship now, since you two are both intuitive and similar”

 The tournament will be held in about a month. There is not much time left.

 ”It seems that special magic is not allowed, so your training with me will be according to the regulations of the tournament, Alvin!”

 ”I understand, Master!”

 And so, <Running Wolves> begins to move towards their new goal.


 The beginning of Part 7.

 It’s a story about improving their abilities in order to climb the Hateyama. Also, it’s also about marriage.

 The new story of the eastern city of <Oeste>.

 If the west is magic, the east is a city of weapons.

 Also, there’s a new race, just like in fantasy.

 Dwarves, the standard blacksmiths.

 And a race with the power of dragons, Dragonmen.

 It’s finally possible to show the dwarf girl, which was requested in an impression from a long time ago (laughs).

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