Wizard 248

Chapter 248 Hayate is being Tossed Around on Shinji’s Hands

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 After parting ways with Himeno, Shinji returned to his home.

 There were many things to be done before the day of the battle. Normally, he should be thinking about the preparations, but he was putting it off for now.


 ”Jururu ♡ Rero ♡ Hmm ♡ Jupu ♡”

 Hayate was burying her face and sucking hard on Shinji’s p*nis while he was lying on his back on the bed after taking off his pants and underwear.

 Shortly after parting with Himeno, Hayate made another proposal to return the favor, which Shinji accepted.

 And as Hayate had been thinking of putting Shinji in a corner right up until the last minute, and she felt indebted to him for protecting her from the dragonmen, Hayate wanted to return the favor as soon as possible.

 From Shinji’s point of view, it was like having prey jump into his arms, and there was no reason to refuse.

 Hayate also had no hesitation in welcoming the genitals of a man she didn’t like into her mouth. Because of the hypnotic magic, Hayate no longer resisted the s*xual act with Shinji.

 She was enjoying the reaction of the trembling p*nis in her mouth, and was enjoying Shinji’s reaction when she attacked him with her tongue.

 (Fufu, Onii-san has a cute side too, when I make his cock feel good and he’s at his mercy……)

 Rerorero ♡ She licked up the whole thing, from the rod to the glans, and then sucked on his p*nis with a sense of pride.

 She is so immersed in the feeling of superiority and excitement of having done it to Shinji that she continues to suck his cock as if she is caressing a loved one.

 But Shinji didn’t let her as she pleased. So, today, he had cast an aphrodisiac spell on Hayate, and the effects were slowly beginning to show.

 The expression on Hayate’s face as she was giving her a blowjob was starting to have an inexplicable upset on it.

 In addition to this, he had also cast a spell of thought guidance <How good does it feel to have a p*nis inside me?> on Hayate.

 If he can make it easier for her to think about that, she will accumulate more and more anguish in her heart.

 (And look, she has a greedy look on her face……)

 When Shinji shifted his gaze away from Hayate’s face, he could see that she was wriggling her lower body, and at the sight of Shinji’s gaze, Hayate unconsciously realized and blushed.

 ”Puha……♡ Hurry up and cum…….♡”

 ”It’s too wasteful……right? I just want to enjoy it as long as I can”

 After removing her mouth from the p*nis, Hayate complained, and Shinji replied with a look that said he had endured it all.

 This was the final push for Hayate.

 (If this happens, I’m going to…… insert it. ……I’m going to squeeze him, I swear……♡)

 The anticipation of the unknown of penetration, the desire to gain the upper hand from Shinji, the desire to repay him, and the lack of resistance to having s*x…… are all factors that move Hayate.

 So, Hayate with her face up, straddles Shinji, reaches into her miniskirt, pulls off her pants, and grabs his erect p*nis with one hand. She then sits down and slowly inserts Shinji’s p*nis into her vagina.

 The vagina, which was dripping with love juice from the aphrodisiac magic, sucked Shinji’s huge cock into her vagina.

 Although Hayate had exchanged her virginity with Shizuku and had already experienced simulated s*x with a dildo, the sensation of her vagina being pushed open sent shivers down her spine.

 The pleasure given by a raw cock, which is completely different from a dildo, is unknown to Hayate.

 (Amazing …… ♡ It’s so hot, and the pressure…… ♡)

 Hayate tightened her mouth to keep her expression intact, but the roots of her eyebrows had fallen.

 And then, the gaze of Hayate looking down and Shinji looking up crossed.

 Seeing Shinji’s pleasant expression and sloppy mouth, Hayate was under the illusion that she was not the only one who was getting pleasure, but rather that Shinji was the one with less time to spare.

 But in fact, Shinji was still very relaxed, and he was pretending to be less relaxed in order to let Hayate take the lead.

 ”H, how? Could you still afford to enjoy…… this? ♡”

 ”Kuh…… Hayate’s vagina …… feels so good …….”

 ”It’s not over yet…… ♡ It’s just the beginning ♡”

 Hayate, who felt dominant to Shinji’s ragged breathing, lifted her hips to pursue him. With just a little bit of movement, the p*nis rubs against the vaginal walls, making Hayate feel good.

 As she works hard to repeat the up and down motion with her unaccustomed movement of her hips, Hayate’s movements gradually become smoother.

 ”Hah…… ♡ Hah…… ♡ How…… you feel? ♡ Do you feel like cumming? ♡ Does it feel good? ♡”

 ”Ugh…… Ugh…….”

 Shinji’s p*nis shuddered and quivered. The reaction of the p*nis is exactly the same as the reaction of the p*nis at the moment of ejaculation when Hayate squeezed it with paizuri.

 Hayate, who sensed Shinji’s limit, looked down at him with a look of pride on her face while her cheeks flushed.

 Hayate felt a shiver run down her spine at the sight of Shinji’s nodding, sorrowful expression as he was left to his ownself, and she felt an unparalleled sense of pleasure.

 Then, she slammed her hips down hard to finish him off.

 And the climax was about to come for Hayate, who was shaking her large breasts.

 ”Onii-san ♡ Cum……. ♡”

 ”Ugh! …… cumming!”

 Bururururu ♡ Byuru ♡

 Shinji’s semen was poured into Hayate’s vagina while their genitals were in the closest contact with each other. The ejaculation while pushing up her womb was the best pleasure Hayate had ever known.

 (Ah ♡ This is ♡ Amazing ♡ It feels so good ♡)

 The pleasure was so great that she couldn’t help but rub her hips against Shinji’s. It was an overwhelming feeling of euphoria that she could never achieve with Shizuku. And it’s ran through Hayate’s body as she reached her climax.

 (Yabai…… ♡ I’m going to get addicted to this…… ♡)

 The wave of climax receded, and Hayate, who had been looking up at the ceiling to catch her breath, lowered her gaze to look down at Shinji again.

 The sight of Shinji, so relaxed and comfortable, gives Hayate a sense of accomplishment and superiority.

 (After all, if it’s s*x I can beat you, Onii-san……♡ Fufu ♡)

 Hayate begins to slowly rotate her hips in an attempt to get his half-deflated p*nis to rise again. She, who has a lot of knowledge about female dominant s*x, knows how to attack.

 ”Ah…… Hayate…….”

 ”You’re still much alive, right? ♡ Come on ♡ As a thank you ♡ I’m going to squeeze you….. ♡”

 The vaginal cum shot was the decisive factor, and the depth of the hypnosis had reached its peak. There was no longer any hesitation for Hayate to have s*x with Shinji.

 ”Look ♡ I’m going to give you a big squeeze ♡ Don’t my breast feel good against you? ♡”

 Hayate hugged Shinji as she moved her body down from the cowgirl position, pressing her large breasts against Shinji’s chest as she began to move her hips.

 ”Oh ……that feels so good, Hayate …….”

 ”Hah ♡ Hah ♡ Nnn ♡ Onii-san ♡ I’m going to make you cum a lot ♡”

 Hayate continued to have s*x with Shinji without realizing that Shinji was acting as if she was the dominant one.

 In addition, when she made him ejaculate inside her vagina three times, she mistakenly thought that she had squeezed Shinji’s p*nis until it was no longer erect.

 (Now, let her get used to s*x, and then turn the tables at the…… end. I will make sure you fall for it, Hayate)

 Hayate didn’t realize until the end that Shinji was smiling inwardly as he thought this.


 Hayate-chan is on stage.

 Pseudo-female dominance. Well, she’s in Shinji’s hands!

 It’s not a purely female-dominated situation like Freri’s, but rather a situation where he gets her into a good mood and makes her aggressively blame him.

 Hayate’s hypnosis maxed out when he ejaculated in her vagina.

 She’s not afraid of s*x anymore, and it’s only natural for her to have s*x with Shinji as a thank you.

 The rest of the time, she was soaked with pleasure……

 Gratitude! That’s what Hayate has in mind, and Shinji will take care not to take her heart, so it’s a physical relationship only!

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