Wizard 297

Chapter 297 Attacking the Monster’s Nest

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 Right now, Alvin and the others had returned to the entrance of the monster’s nest. Fortunately, no monsters had tried to get out while Flair and the others were on guard, so Alvin and the others weren’t fight them.

 And after calling Flair and Freri back from their watch, Shinji held up his staff as he had planned to do from outside the mine.

 ”Clean Water – <Water Creation>”

 The magic Shinji uses is a water-creating magic that can be used by anyone with enough magic power. It is a magic that is normally used for small things such as washing dishes or washing hands, and is not meant for combat.

 However, by using Freri’s magic, Shinji uses it to release a huge amount of water with tremendous force. Flair, who was standing beside Shinji, also cast a spell on the continuously releasing water.

 ”How’s that~noja? Isn’t it perfect?”

 Heating magic is nothing special because she just interfered with Shinji’s <Water Creation> magic and altered part of it by force.

 However, as a result, the water that was released immediately boiled and bubbled. And one after another, the large amount of water that Shinji poured out became very hot hot water that flowed into the monster’s nest.

 At first, Shinji didn’t want to do this, but since he couldn’t make a contract with Flair, he couldn’t use her affinity magic. Therefore, he took the method of forcibly modifying the magic from the external source this time. As a result, the fact that the magic used was a simple <Create Water> and that Shinji trusted Flair and allowed her to interfere with the magic made it possible to create this pseudo affinity magic.

 Flair, on other hand, could not say no if Shinji asked her to, even though she has absolute confidence in her magic. Furthermore, it’s an unthinkable act for her to interfere with wizard’s magic. But she was more than happy to hear Shinji say, “Since you’re Flair, I’ll leave it to you,” which made Flair feel that she was trusted in a special way.

 ”Yeah. That’s perfect. As expected of Flair”

 Shinji nodded in satisfaction at the smugly proud Flair.

 And so, the hot water attack began.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 Shinji’s idea of a hot water attack was more effective than he had expected.

 But Shinji was unable to move due to the constant spraying of hot water with Flair. So, the wizard from another party was the one who watch the nest with his <Magic Eye>.

 ”The word “chaos” fits the situation perfectly”

 ”Yes. I can only say that it’s very effective”

 It seems that the monsters are unable to cope with the hot water that is invading their nests one after another.

 ”It seems to be more effective than I thought. I want to give it a try”

 While the wizards were in awe, Shinji continued to pour hot water into the nest with his magic.

 The two beastman wizards saw that Shinji’s presence was out of the ordinary.

 It is not uncommon for a wizard/witch who specializes in making contracts with spirits to have multiple spirits in his command. This is unless the spirits are a combination of a high-ranking Flairspirit and an intermediate-ranking Frerispirit.

 In the first place, it is rare to have the talent to make a contract with a high-ranking spirit, and there are no opportunities to meet high-ranking spirits themselves. Even if someone has the talent to make a contract with a medium-ranked spirit, many spirit users are unable to find a medium-ranked spirit and make multiple contracts with lower-ranked spirits.

 In such a situation, the other wizard couldn’t imagine how talented and fortunate Shinji was to have contracts with both high and intermediate rank spirits.

 In fact, he had known Freri since she was still a lower-ranked spirit, and he hadn’t made a contract with Flair, but there was no way they could tell from the side.

 “Alvin’s party members were not ordinary, as he was a swordsman who won a fighting tournament too”, this was the common understanding of all four parties except the <Running Wolves>.

 ”There’s a monster!”

 The wizard who had been watching with his <Magic Eye> shouted. In his vision, he could see a flying monster charging at the entrance of the hot water spout.


 The monster flew into the hot water with such force that it managed to crawl towards it even though its outer shell was damaged by the heat. Its wings were wet and no longer useful too, still it tried to move forward in a stalled state.

 However, Renka and the other archers who were waiting patiently, shot arrows all at once, and the monster was pierced by several arrows and died. The monster will then be swept away in hot water and thrown into the nest with the others.

 ”I’m not afraid of them if they come alone”

 The other adventurers agreed with Renka’s words.

 ”…There are no monsters coming from the outside……”

 ”<Increase Magic power>”

 As a swordsman, Alvin is on the lookout for any monsters coming back to the nest from outside, but there are no signs of any outside monsters as the other party has already hunted them down. He even had time to look at Milis as she cast a spell to strengthen Shinji’s magic so that he could use it more easily, despite his vigilance.

 ”Alvin, I’m sorry……”

 ”No, if there’s a safe and efficient way to do it, it’s natural to choose it”

 Alvin smiled back at Shinji’s grimace.

 Alvin knows that Shinji’s magic power is average. It is natural to think that releasing this much hot water continuously will definitely be a burden.

 ”Freri is here, so I guess I’ll be fine. But when I’m done, I’d like to rest as much as possible”

 ”Okay, then we’ll take care of the light source when we check the nest!”

 Shinji was honest about his fatigue. Shinji, who values the whole over his own personal pride, is not vain. Fortunately, there are four other wizards that Shinji can rely on.

 So, Shinji thought that he would be grateful to accept their offer.

 ”I see. Then I’ll take care of it for now!”

 ”Yeah, I’ll leave it to you……!”

 Shinji just kept pouring hot water all over it.

 It’s just a matter of time until the hot water penetrates deep into the nest, scorching the outer shell of the monster and swallowing its larvae, such as the monster and its eggs.


 Shinji’s hot water attack.

 It seems to have a certain effect on killing real ant nests, right?

 Anyway, the only way to get rid of them is to get rid of the ones that can’t get in properly.

 Let’s move on with the story.

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