Wizard 34

Chapter 34 Running Wolves going to choose a special magic

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 The carriage carrying the four members of <Running Wolves> and Emily out of the desert town traveled as planned for three days without incident, and arrived at the <Medio> town where they were originally based.

 After arriving in front of the Adventurer’s Guild, they all got off from the carriage.

 ”We’re finally home!”

 ”Even after only three days, traveling by carriage is tiring…”

 ”Mil, are you okay?”

 ”I have to decide where to stay! Shinji, I want to stay with you, so I’ll follow you.”

 ”Okay, just don’t stick to my arm it’s too hard to walk.”

 They split into three groups, Alvin, Milis and Renka, then Shinji and Emily. When Emily hugged Shinji’s arm, he gently calmed her down and pulled her hand away.

 ”That’s right. We’ll take a break tomorrow, but since it’s still early, why don’t we all go to the special magic library?”

 ”I agree with you, Al! I want to go there.”

 ”Me too. …Why don’t you stay at the same place as us, Shinji?”

 ”If so, we can meet at the guild. Perhaps you should think about it.”

 ”I’ll pass. …I won’t do anything strange, even if it’s just the two of us.

 When Renka told Shinji, he considered it seriously.

 Shinji felt threatened by Emily, who was obviously thinking about something, but was trying to hide it with bad disguise.

 ”Maybe it would be safer if we all rented a house together.”

 ”Alvin, let’s rent a house!”

 ”It might be fun!”

 ”But cleaning and maintenance will be difficult, won’t it?”

 ”It’s not really that difficult, is it?”

 The five of them walked together to their respective inns.

* * *

 Shinji and Emily opened the <Hidden Dragon Inn>’s door and entered the inn.

 Charlotte was sitting at the counter, and when she saw Shinji, she greeted him with a smile.

 ”Welcome back, Shinji-san! I’m glad you’re okay!”

 ”Hello, Charlotte. It’s good to see you again. Is there room for one more? My friends would like to stay in here too.”

 ”There is one room available, but it’s the one furthest from Shinji’s room. The other rooms are full.”

 Charlotte flipped through the management list. When Shinji heard about the availability, he turned to Emily and asked her what she wanted to do. He looked at Emily.

 ”It’s okay there! My name is Emily and I’ll take one week for now.”

 ”I’ll take two weeks.”

 ”Thank you very much〜♪”

 Charlotte smiles as she receives the money from both of them.

 She then called her mother loudly and asked her to show Emily to her room. Then, Charlotte walked ahead to have Shinji check out the cleaned room.

 When Shinji reached the same room as before, he took the key and entered the room. Charlotte followed him.

 When the door was closed and they were alone, Charlotte’s face changed from that of an innkeeper’s daughter with a bright smile to that of a blushing woman.

 ”She’s very pretty, but is she your girlfriend?”

 ”No, not really. But I’ve been seduced.”

 ”What a waste… such a pretty girl… hyan ♡”

 Shinji stroked Charlotte’s shapely ass. That alone is enough to make Charlotte’s body jump with excitement ♡. Shinji’s smile deepens at the sensitive Charlotte.

 ”Tonight… will you come?”

 ”Yes…♡ Please wait for me, Shinji-san ♡”

 Charlotte kisses Shinji’s cheek lightly and leaves the room to go back to work. The back of her face showed that she was looking forward to it, and she didn’t feel guilty about her lover.

 (It’s worth it that her body can’t be satisfied by Morse-kun)

 Shinji laughed at the sight of Charlotte, who had lost all resistance to cheating after her body was corrupted.

* * *

 The <Running Wolves> party gathered at the adventurer’s guild again, and after reporting their return and promotion to the adventurer’s guild, they requested to use the special magic library. Fortunately, the library was not in use, so the four of them were able to use it.

 After receiving the magic list from the guild staff in the modest room, the four of them sat down side by side.

 ”There’s a lot of stuff here, isn’t there?”

 ”I’m confused if I should choose one of these…”

 ”Shinji, which one is the most commonly used?”

 Renka asked Shinji as Alvin and Milis stood side by side scratching their heads. Shinji looked at the list and smiled bitterly.

 ”I was trying to get you to look at it without preconceptions.”

 ”It’s hard to choose when there’s so much to choose from. But there are times when the most commonly used magic seems to be the most useful.”

 Shinji nodded his head and asked if Alvin and Milis needed any advice, and both of them took a position to listen to him for reference.

 ”<Magic Blade> is popular for vanguards. It’s more likely that it’ll be dealing with large monster. I’ve also heard a lot of people talking about movement technique like <Shukuchi> and <Aerial Movement>”

 <Shukuchi> is a magic that allows the user to move at about the same speed as Emily’s movement method. It’s also a great magic that can be used to break through a bit more forcefully without making the defenses weakening.

 <Aerial Movement> is a magic that allows the person to move in the air by kicking the air.

 <Shukuchi> is one of the most popular magic in the world, and it has been restricted because it was frequently used by bandits.

 ”How about this one <Steel Body>? It’s invincible for one second.”

 ”I think a lot of people take it as their second magic when they get to mid-level.”

 Shinji says that even if the user can survive for a moment, if he can’t defeat the enemy, he will be vulnerable, and at the beginning, many people rather learn magic that increase their destruction power.

 ”If you’re an archer, you can choose <Tracking>, <Eagle eyes> and movement techniques.”

 <Tracking> is a magic that makes arrows fly in a predetermined direction.

 <Eagle Eyes> is a magic that allows the user to see the surroundings from above.

 ”In the case of magic class, each attribute has its own magic that is restricted because it has a wide range or is too powerful, so they often choose the one that works best for them. Milis has light-attribute magic, so maybe she can choose <Holy Sword>”

 There were restrictions on magic that could cause havoc depending on how it was used, such as high-powered magic against giant monster or wide-area magic against crowds.

 At the same time, it’s also important to note that a lot of people are not aware of the fact that there are many different types of magic available.

 ”If you don’t like it, you can always reapply for a new one. You can’t be on upper ranks if you have special magic and not used it.”

 ”Okay…. But, have you decided yet?”

 After he finished speaking, Shinji did not look at the magic list.

 Milis and Renka are looking at the paper again and starting to worry.

 ”Yeah. I’m going to choose a magic called <Spirit Summoning>. With this, I can summon Freri’s body. The one I’ve had so far was a split body, so she fit on my shoulders, but her actual height is about Milis.”

 ”Is that so?”

 ”I’d like to see it.”

 ”Maybe when we’re training together.”

 ”Oh, I think I choose <Magic Blade>!”

 They talked about this and that for a while.

 In the end…

 Alvin <Magic Blade>

 Milis <Holy Sword>

 Renka <Tracking>

 Shinji <Spirit Summoning>

 This is the special magic that they have been applying for.

 The Approval was obtained on that day, and they are returned to the inn with new power.

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