Wizard 367

Chapter 367 Iren, The Administrator of Archives Room

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 The archives room is a closed room with only one small window and a large number of bookshelves filled with books. Except for four sets of round tables and chairs placed as reading space, one rectangular long table and a chair, and a space for walking, there are only bookshelves.

 Iren is using one of the sets of round tables and chairs to read. In addition to her guild uniform, she wears a dark blue cape hanging from her shoulders. The way she looks down to read and brushes her blue hair away from her ears gives a sense of dignity.

 Her expressionless face is the same as when they met for the first time, but once they realized that she is not in a bad mood, but is just trying to do something right, her straight hair, which reaches to her back, emphasizes her maturity as a person in her early twenties, slightly older than Shinji and his friends.

 When Shinji called out to Iren, she noticed them almost at the same time.

* * *

 ”Excuse me, can I use the archive room?”

 ”Yes, that’s fine. What kind of things are you looking for?”

 Renka joined the conversation with Iren, who was speaking in an indifferent tone.

 ”I’d like to see the information about the <Breath PlantIbukigusa>. Can you help me?”

 ”!! …Yes, this way”

 Hearing the word <Breath Plant>, Iren’s eyes widen. Shinji and the others are startled by her surprise, considering her expressionless face until now. Furthermore, she immediately regained her expression and left her seat, so Shinji and the others missed the chance to ask her why.

 As Iren led them to a bookshelf in the back of the archive room, Shinji and his friends felt a faint magical power. As they wondered about it, her hand touched one of the shelves.

 ”This shelf is the information on the <Middle Layer> of Hateyama. Because the information on Hateyama is valuable, it has been enchanted to prevent theft. Please check them at the desk as you are not allowed to take them out of the archive room”

 ”I see… I understand”

 ”If it’s on another shelf, we can lend it out as it’s a general book. Since it’s one of the few recreational items in this branch, the staff members often use it. If you want, you can borrow it on your days off”

 ”That would be great, thank you”

 Shinji nodded in agreement to the reason for the magical power he sensed. Then, Shinji turned his attention to the information on the bookshelf and began looking through the spines of the books, searching for books on medicinal herbs.

 Renka, who had thanked Iren for her advice, followed Shinji’s lead and turned to the bookshelf. She wanted to say something to Shinji and the others, but hesitated.

 ”…We’ll be closing in about an hour. I’ll call you then”

 That’s all she said and went back to her seat.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 A few books are piled on the table, and Iren watches Shinji, Renka, and Freri flipping through the pages. There is a reason why she is so curious about Shinji and his friends.

 (<Breath Plant>…. a herb that can be used as a special medicine for <Breathless IlnessMusokubi>…. I’ve got this disease too…)

 A few years ago, Iren was diagnosed with a disease called <Breathless Ilness>. It’s a horrible disease that gradually weakens and eventually stops breathing, and will kill people if they don’t take a special medicine called <Breath Plant>.

 Fortunately, Iren had an abundance of magic power. So, using her own magic power, she bought time by continuing to cast a life-prolonging spell to assist her breathing, and did not die until the cure was ready. However, due to the aftereffects of the spell, she was unable to handle her magic well and could no longer have children, but Iren thinks she was lucky to have survived.

 In short, if she doesn’t get well soon, she will suffer from the severe aftereffects of <Breathless Ilness>, and knowing how painful it is, Iren is not sure if she should help Shinji and his friends.

* * *

 (But, according to the rules, I can’t help them…)

 Adventurer’s Guild employees are required to be neutral. This rule was created when there were cases of injustice in the past, such as being involved with a certain party, giving out information, and getting a portion of the money back.

 Iren, the administrator of the Hateyama archives, has read and compiled many reports in the past. The reason why she became an employee of the guild was because she wished to help in some way as an employee, even if she could not be the adventurer who saved others.

 (…I’ll ask Mizer-san about it. If Mizer-san says it’s okay, I’ll talk to them tomorrow)

 When Iren thinks of Mizer as a dependable branch leader, it warmed her heart.

 Iren and Mizer are lovers with an age difference of nearly 30 years.

 When she heard from her parents about the adventurer who saved her, she was very grateful. That was all well and good, but when she learned that the adventurer had died in order to save her, she developed a longing to become a respectable adult.

 Inevitably, the opposite s*x around her looked like children, and Iren developed a taste for older men.

 After making such an effort, Iren finally assigned to the Hateyama branch and met Mizer. Mizer, a respected adventurer, was so youthful and handsome that he did not look his age, and he matched Iren’s tastes perfectly. Although she was hesitant at first, she slowly closed the distance between her and Mizer, approached him, and they became lovers.

 (I’m sure Mizer-san will say yes. Because it will help people)

 The expression on Iren’s face is very soft and she looked happy as she thought this. Freri, who is looking down at her book, is watching her, but Iren doesn’t notice it.

 The background of Irene-chan, an everyday chapter

 She seems to be a woman with a taste for older men.

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