Wizard 382

Chapter 382 The Goddess’ Miko Appears at the Hateyama Branch

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 After Shinji gets the cooperation of Alvin and Milis, he immediately sends a thought to Miko Arian and asks her to execute his plan. Upon hearing his request, Miko Arian immediately began to act.

 She opens the door of the Miko Room from the inside and goes out into the corridor. The guard at the side of the door hurriedly followed Miko Arian as she began to walk.

 ”Miko-sama! What happened!?”

 ”…Hurry, I’m heading to the head priest”

 ”No way, is it an urgent oracle…?”

 Miko Arian replied silently to the priest’s question, but as the priest sensed something unusual in her urgency, the priest is convinced.

 ”Is there anything I can help you with?”

 ”…I have instructed Sylphy, the wind spirit, to take five Pegasus. So, please prepare the tools for riding them on their backs”


 Since Hayate had stopped become an Apostle, Miko Arian and Flair had asked Sylphy for help and she had agreed. Miko Arian and Flair also asked Marie to join them, and she will join them as soon as she sends Shizuku to a safe place.

 (I’ve never done anything like this before… I’m nervous)

 Miko Arian never thought before that she would have to act as if she had an oracle that should not exist. Because she had been told to be faithful to the Goddess. Also, she mustn’t disobey the Goddess.

 But now it is necessary to help the Goddess, and so Miko Arian steeled herself. After all, she is the only one who could move the Temple’s forces.

 And now, without knocking, Miko Arian opened the door of the Temple Head’s room with great force. She then stepped into the room with that momentum.

 ”…A god enemy has appeared. I’m going to the one who will be the sword of the Goddess. Help me prepare”

 To the head priest surprise, Miko Arian spread her wings and said with an imposing attitude.

 ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

 The halls of the Hateyama branch of the Adventurers’ Guild remained tense even after the <Running Wolves> had left the room. Moreover, after enduring and winning four attacks, the staff of the Hateyama branch are exhausted. And to make it up, the adventurers who had come as reinforcements will be the one for the lookout for Hateyama on behalf of the branch staff, but without warning, the door connecting the hall to the outside opened with great force.

 The eyes of everyone in the hall turned towards the door at once. And everyone gasped.

 Because standing there is Miko Arian with pure white wings, wearing white vestments, and Marie and Sylphy standing in front of her to protect her.

 The tense atmosphere that had dominated the hall dissipated, but the people in the hall who had been stunned by the sight of these awe-inspiring women, whom they rarely saw, began to kneel down and show their respect one by one, starting with those who had come to their senses. In the midst of them, Miko Arian and the others walked toward Mizer, who was in charge of the event.

 He bows his head in a posture of gratitude, and Miko Arian calls out to him.

 ”Raise your head”

 She created a dignified attitude, imagining that she was lending her body to Goddess Arian. And without moving her expression, she speaks the words as if she is telling the truth, to Mizer who raises his head.

 ”A female demon who manipulates dragons. Her existence is an enemy of the goddess. Therefore, I have come to help those who will become Her swords”

 ”Miko-sama herself…! Who is the one who will be the Goddess’s sword?”

 Mizer is surprised to see her here, even though it had only been a short time since he had learned of the existence of the female demon. However, he resolved his own doubts, thinking that the one she called the god enemy might have been aware of this and prepared before they are. So, instead of such questions, he is more interested in the plan to overcome this situation.

 ”Four of the <Running Wolves> and Emily, led by Honorary Knight Alvin. I entrust them with Pegasus and the high-ranking spirits, and launch a short battle. The longer you wait, the more the monster that attack this place will increase in number, and the stronger they will become. This demon has a clear intention to oppose us”

 ”…I see… that’s why the monsters that are driven away only go in the direction where people are”

 Mizer frowned as he finally understood the intentions of the succubus in the outside world. If he had known about it beforehand, he could have done something different, but now it’s too late.

 He thinks that <Running Wolves> going to the dragon is too dangerous, but without an alternative, he cannot deny Miko Arian’s plan. Mizer agreed with Miko Arian’s idea that they couldn’t take too much time, considering the danger of more powerful monsters coming down from Hateyama which increased with time.

 ”…I understand. A plan against dragons and monsters. I agree with Miko-sama’s idea. We, the staff and adventurers of Hateyama, will protect this place until the <Running Wolves> return”

 Although Mizer says so, he can’t help but think that the loss of the <Running Wolves> and Emily would be a huge drop in strength. However, they are taking on a more dangerous enemy. They couldn’t afford to be weak.

 But Miko Arian smiled at him to take away his worries.

 ”…I will join you in defending this place. And I want… her help”

 Miko Arian then looks at someone. She looks at Iren, the only guild staff who can’t use a magic and who is in charge of the archive room.

 Miko Arian is doing her best.

 And she appears at the Hateyama branch with Sylphy and Marie.

 As a Miko who receives oracles from the Goddess, she has a strong voice.

 She also asks Iren to help her.

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