Wizard 4

Chapter 4 Shinji’s Observation of Running Wolves

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 Currently, Shinji, who was alone, was thinking about the three members from <Running Wolves> he had observed during the past week. As a reminder, he left Freri to keep an eye on the surroundings.

 Alvin, the leader, is 16 years old. He has short black hair and wields great sword. He likes to wear light armor and is good at moving quickly and attacking boldly, and has a good face.

 His character is rough in a good way. He is very protective of his girlfriend, Milis. And he doesn’t play with women or gamble, even when he goes out drinking with men from other parties.

 (He’s a serious country boy swordsman at heart)

 Shinji thinks so.

 Milis, 16 years old, in charge of recovery. She has beautiful blond hair reaching to her waist, and her weapon is a cane. She is a woman priest who wears a blue vestment. She has a talent for restorative magic and can be expected to grow in the future. She has a pretty face, and despite her short stature, she has large breasts and hips, and a body that is popular with men.

 Her personality is calm and reserved. She relies on her boyfriend, Alvin, for support. She is from the same hometown as Renka too and loves Renka like a big sister, but sometimes she is jealous of how close she is to Alvin.

 Renka, 17 years old, a scout and archer. She has medium red hair and wields bow and a dagger. She wears a green robe. She is an excellent archer and a good scout, and it’s no overstatement to say that Renka supports is important for <Running Wolves>. Her face is beautiful and well-balanced, and her breasts are of an attractive size.

 She has a strong sense of responsibility and a competitive personality. She is a year older than Alvin and Milis, and she tries to protect them by acting like a big sister. However, she also seems to have feelings for Alvin as a member of the opposite s*x, and it seems, her inability to be honest and her arguments with him are the reverse of her feelings for him. Though, Alvin doesn’t seem to notice this at all.

 (What they have in common is that they’re very wary on other men)

 Considering that they both had excellent looks, Shinji could naturally imagine the cause. Even in the short week Shinji had spent with them, he had seen them both being picked up.

 (I guess I’ll have to work on gaining their trust for a while)

 Shinji thinks that as long as they are cautious, they are unlikely to be attracted to a random guy. So, he reaffirmed that the best option would be to make use of the benefits of being in the same party.

 After thinking so, he glanced at the three of them.

 Shinji naturally smiled at the sight of the three of them chatting amicably. He felt that it was a beautiful scene. But then he thought to himself.

 (I want to make them my prisoners while maintaining that outward look)

 He wonders if the day will ever come when the three of them realize Shinji’s twisted desire.

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