Wizard 505

Chapter 505 Shadow Reflected on the Paper Sliding Door

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 At night, a figure sneaks up to the guest house that Shinji and the others rent. The figure, who walks quietly without making a sound, belongs to a person who should not be out alone at night. It is Tsubaki, the only princess of Soukai Country.

 (I have to talk to Shinji-sama tonight…!)

 There is a reason why she pretended to be in bed and slipped out of her room, saying that she would go to bed early tonight. It was because she was sure that Shinji and the others would leave the castle the next morning and she never see them again.

 In the changes she saw in Shinji during the conversation, Tsubaki sensed his pity for her. The fact that he only pitied her and did not reach out to her meant that he did not care about this country and had given up on it. Tsubaki felt that Shinji did not tell her everything because he knew something that they could not pay the price for.

 So, if the next morning was too late, now is the only time that Tsubaki, in her position as a princess, can talk with Shinji and the others.

 (I must ask for Shinji-sama’s wisdom at any cost!)

 Tsubaki, who has learned many new things from Shinji’s lecture on magic, trusts in the wisdom of Shinji whom she has just met. She does not know for what reason he gave up on her, but she cannot give up for the sake of Soukai Country.

 Therefore, Tsubaki arrives at the guest house where Shinji and the others are staying with a list of her possessions in her hand. And not wanting to call out to them from outside, Tsubaki opens the front door. She passes through the door, which is unlocked and easily opened, and proceeds down a dark corridor illuminated only by moonlight.

 The guest house at the end of the hallway was still lit. Tsubaki is relieved to see Shinji and the others awake. But she almost screams at the sight of a shadow reflected on the paper sliding door, holding her mouth shut with both hands.

 The shadow of a man clearly appeared on the paper sliding door was Shinji’s. His erection between his legs is big, and she does not know who the woman is who is sucking the tip of the erection. All she know is that the woman is one of Shinji’s five companions.

 (A-are they having intercourse…? Wh-what should I do…? I should come back… but it’s the only time I can talk…)

 Tsubaki has received proper s*x education, so she understands exactly what is happening on the other side of the paper sliding door. The reason she has s*x education is to be loved by the man to whom she is going to marry. But she has no s*xual experience, though she has s*xual knowledge. Her s*x education was only in books, and this was the first time she had ever seen it in person, albeit in the shadows.

 Suddenly, Tsubaki felt something pass through her body. She does not know it, but it was the effect of the soundproofing magic that extended the range of the magic and brought Tsubaki into the range of the magic. This would inevitably allow lewd sounds and voices to reach Tsubaki’s ears.

 ”Slurp, kiss~♡ Mmfufu, does it feel good? Shinji~♡”

 ”Yeah… you’re getting better again, Emily.”

 ”Is that so? I see, my practice is paying off…♡ Hamu, mmm~♡ Slurp~♡ Slurp~♡ Slurppp~♡”

 Hearing the name “Emily”, Tsubaki sees the face she remembers in the woman’s shadow. The woman’s shadow moves back and forth, from the base of Shinji’s waist to the tip of his p*nis. She wonders if her cute face and small mouth can do such a thing, but the sound of her mouth moving back and forth is something she would not have heard if she was not doing the oral s*x.

 Because of this, Tsubaki’s face turns red and she can’t move. As her heartbeat rises at the first time she sees the vivid exchange, she tries to call out to them, but she knows that eavesdropping is not a good idea.

 ”Isn’t it enough already? Then, let’s put it in…♡”

 The shadow of the man pats the woman’s head, and Tsubaki sees the shadow of the woman pull her mouth away from the p*nis and point her hips toward him. The woman gets down on all fours and the man stands behind her and grabs her waist. It is obvious what is about to happen, and now is the time for Tsubaki to call out to them. And yet…

 For some reason, no words came out of Tsubaki’s mouth. She tried to speak properly, but her body stiffened for a moment and she could not breathe properly, so she missed the right moment.

 Tsubaki thought it was because of her extreme nervousness, but in fact, it was due to Freri’s magic who was watching her. Of course, Shinji already knows that Tsubaki is coming.

 (Ugh, one more time…!)

 ”Nnnnggh~♡ It’s so big…♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Shinji’s thing~♡ Ah~♡ It reaches deep inside me…♡”

 Tsubaki tries to call out again, but it’s too late, and Tsubaki hears Emily’s lusty voice and the sound of a p*nis being inserted into her wet vagina. The sounds of the man and woman’s hips and buttocks gently moving together only grow louder and louder, as if they don’t care about Tsubaki’s gasping for breath.

 ”Nhhh~♡ Ah~♡ It’s good~♡ It’s so deep~♡ Shinji~♡ Shinji~♡ More~♡ Poke me more~♡ Deep inside me~♡ Ah, ahhh~♡”

 Tsubaki’s face only gets redder and redder at the sound of Emily’s charming voice that seems to be pleading for happiness. The throbbing in her heart shows no sign of subsiding as Emily, who used to carry a spiked club that not even a big man could carry, is now a woman to the point of embarrassment even to herself.

 It is clear from the shadowgraphs that they are intensely seeking each other. The shadow of the small Emily moving her hips by herself and a big thing moving in and out of her body told Tsubaki everything.

 Tsubaki, who thought there would be no more shocks, receives a further shock. A new female shadow appears.

 ”Shinji-san~♡ Please do the same for me…♡”

 ”Yeah. Come here, Lila.”

 The shadow of a woman with obviously big breasts tells Tsubaki that the shadow is Lila. It was a shocking sight to see the beautiful elf voluntarily accompanying Shinji, pressing her bug breasts against him and begging for his love.

 Although she had heard that all of them were Shinji’s women, it was only now that Tsubaki truly understood the true meaning. Furthermore, she had never learned the act of having two lovers at the same time, and Tsubaki could not help but be astonished. Shinji and his companionship was completely beyond Tsubaki’s comprehension and sense of value.

 On the other hand, Shinji’s response is quite dignified and shows that it is a normal practice for two or more people to have intercourse with each other. With his right hand on Emily’s waist and his left around Lila’s body, Shinji grabs her big breasts and kisses her lips as he smoothly sways his hips and thrusts deep into Emily’s vagina. Tsubaki can’t take her eyes off the shadow, who continues to kiss Lila intensely as if savoring the pleasure of their skin touching each other.

 ”Ah~♡ I-I’m cumming~♡ Shinji, just like this… do it inside me, give it to me…♡”

 ”Please, give me some too…♡ Ah, my breasts feel so good…♡ Shinji-san…♡ Touch my breasts more…♡ Kiss me more…♡ Please, mmm…♡ Lick, lick…♡”

 Tsubaki instinctively senses that Emily and Lila are about to climax, as Shinji and Lila are devouring each other’s pleasure with happy voices. That means the end is near. The end means the seeding, and Tsubaki’s breath catches in her throat as she imagines the scene.

 For the information, there is no contraceptive magic in this world. So, Tsubaki has been taught that conceiving and giving birth to a child is happiness. And on the other side of the paper sliding door, there is a woman about to be sired with a very happy voice.

 Intercourse is a happy thing. Tsubaki’s excitement was rising to the limit as she felt with her own eyes and ears that there was no mistake in this teaching. As a result.

 ”I’m cumming~♡ Ahh…♡ Ahhhhhh…♡ It’s coming inside me…♡”

 Emily’s charming cry, which was the culmination of her happiness, was the final blow, and a drop of fresh blood fell from Tsubaki’s nose onto the corridor as she reached her limit. Then she falls backward, and a loud noise echoes in the hallway.

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