Wizard 51

Chapter 51 Elf’s Eldest Sister, Lila, Part One

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 Minato’s companion, Lila, has wake up early.

 She starts working early in the morning when Minato and his two sisters are asleep. She’s been assigned to watch Shinji’s movements.

 She entered a deserted back street from the inn and sat down to hide herself in a position where she could see the roofless sky. <Eagle Eyes> can only be used if the user is under the unobstructed sky.

 ”<Eagle Eyes>…”

 The perspective switches. Lila took a bird’s eye view of the entire city from the sky.

 Shinji’s inn, Alvin’s inn. She looked down at the city in the morning, where there were still few people.

 (There’s no way they’re moving at this hour…)

 (With fascination) Even for the man she’d fallen in love with, she couldn’t blame him for complaining about having to watch them in the morning. Minato was in a particularly bad mood yesterday because of the penalties, and he had been flirting with her two sisters all day to get his mind off of it. Of course, he left Lila out of it.

 (Minato-san, he likes girls with small breasts… All the guys except Minato-san often look at my breasts…)

 She sighs at the weight of her richly developed breasts. If the person she likes doesn’t like her, she thinks she’s just a distraction.

 It’s probably because she’s been thinking too much about other things. It was too late for Lila to notice the rapidly approaching presence. She hurriedly deactivated <Eagle Eye>, but the owner of the presence was right in front of her.

 Emily. She was the target Minato was aiming for.

 (Too fast…!)

 Lila was unable to react to Emily’s attack. Her hands are constantly being swept away by Emily as she tries to defend herself.

 Then, Emily’s hand reaches Lila’s face and covers her mouth. A cloth is clutched in her hand, and with her nose and mouth covered, she is unable to speak.

 A sweet scent emanates from the cloth. Lila’s consciousness fades into the distance…

 (Minato-san… help me…)

 Lila’s wish does not reach Minato, who is asleep. Emily carries the weak Lila, who has been forced to sleep, on her shoulders.

 ”Are there any witnesses? No? Then take care of the rest, Freri ♡”

 After submitting to Shinji, Emily has been given the ability to communicate with Freri through her lewd crest. After leaving Minato and the other three to Freri’s surveillance, Emily carried Lila to Shinji’s house.

 No one else saw her…

* * *

 Lila was dreaming.

 It was a dream of the time when the three sisters were traveling together.

 It was a pleasant trip. They were impressed by beautiful places and ate delicious food. It was something she could never have experienced if she had stayed in her hometown.

 Then one day. The two people who went out brought Minato with them.

 They fell in love with this person. They are devoted to him. They said goodbye to their sister here.

 Lila didn’t understand what they meant. But there was no way they could just obey him. They had been together all this time.

 Minato was an arrogant man. Lila had no idea what attracted them to him, but her two sisters were devoted to him.

 At some point, Lila also fell in love with Minato. She doesn’t know why she fell in love with him. Even though she is treated so poorly. Even though he doesn’t love her as much as her sisters.

 There was no way that Lila could have known that she was being enchanted every night while she slept in the same room.

 He made a mistake in the city he was staying in, and came to the next city…

 There, Minato tried his hand at a new girl, and then….

* * *

 Lila wakes up in a daze.

 Lila feels a slight heaviness on her stomach, and realizes that someone is straddling her stomach. Her chest cleavage feels slimy and uncomfortable, and she lowers her gaze.

 ”It looks like you’re awake”


 Lila’s vision shows Shinji smiling wickedly and his big cock slowly moving back and forth in her cleavage. Lila can’t even scream at the sight.

 Shinji had exposed Lila’s breasts and was spreading slime lotion on her cleavage as he rode her.

 ”Your breasts are so nice, Lila-chan…”

 ”Stop it… stop it…! Help me, Minato-san…!”

 Lila desperately tried to resist, but her hands and feet were tied to the bed and she couldn’t move. For some reason, she couldn’t use magic either.

 ”It’s useless. You can’t use magic. No help is coming. Minato and the others seem to be asleep”

 ”That’s…! Oh no…!”

 Lila shuddered at the sensation of her breasts enveloping Shinji’s big p*nis as he squeezed her breasts together. Whenever Shinji’s hips move back and forth, the glans reveals itself through the cleavage of her chest.

 Lila’s face is warped in disgust. But Shinji’s aphrodisiac magic was slowly eating away at her, and her body was beginning to heat up.

 (It’s so big…. It’s totally different from Minato-san’s… I’m scared…!)

 Lila desperately turned her face away. She, who had been watching Minato and his sisters in action, knew the size of Minato’s p*nis. Even when erect, the cute size of his p*nis was not something to be afraid of.

 But every time Shinji’s big dick rubbed against her, instead of scaring her, Lila felt her crotch heat up and her vagina tingle. She was in heat, and her awakened female instincts were beginning to be attracted to the muscular male symbol. But she didn’t want to admit it.

 ”No, no, no! Help me… Minato-san… help me…!”

 ”Do you like Minato-kun that much? What do you like so much about Minato-kun, that he treats you so roughly?”

 ”That’s… that’s… I’m Minato-san… I’m not…”

 Minato is not kind. Minato is harsh. Minato doesn’t love her. Minato won’t help her even though she’s going through this because of him.

 The many painful events that can’t be covered up by the implanted favor diminish the charm effect that Lila receives.

 ”I hate Minato…I hate him… Why… Why do I always have to go through so much pain… no more…”

 Lila shed tears. Her heart was at its breaking point due to the stress of everyday life. As it is, Rira’s heart is about to break and close…. just then.

 ”Don’t you want to save your two sisters from Minato?”


 Lila looked up at Shinji with eyes whose light was fading.

 ”Your sister is going crazy because of Minato’s Charm Eyes. You’ve been affected by it, too.”


 Lila was stunned. Shinji continued to speak without stopping his hip movements.

 ”This is a necessary action to weaken the charm. I’m sure your fondness for Minato has diminished…? Can we continue talking?”


 Lila’s disgust for Shinji had diminished as her fondness for Minato had diminished. As her fear of the sensation of being rubbed against her cleavage faded, the muscular p*nis became more attractive.

 A nasty sound echoed in the room, “Nichi…♡ Nichi…♡”

 ”Charm eyes are powerful. If you kill Minato, the twins may follow him…! I wonder if I can get Minato to deactivate it… Huh… I’ll just have to force it out like now…”

 Shinji rubs his p*nis while breathing hard. The pre-cum overflows from the tip of the p*nis. Lila’s big breasts are moisturized, and when he rubs his p*nis against them, an indescribably strong sensation of pleasure increases Shinji’s sense of ejaculation.

 Lila is beginning to regain her lost dignity as a woman when she sees Shinji twitching and shaking with his big breasts, a complex that Minato had never paid attention to. And she begins to feel that she wants to make him feel even better…

 Lila doesn’t realize that this feeling is being dragged down by her body, which is in heat due to the estrus magic.

 Minato’s charm already started to lose its effect.

 Her carnal desires for Shinji outweighed her fondness for Minato.

 ”I’m going to retaliate against Minato for trying to get his hands on Emily and Freri… Uhh… I felt bad about involving the twins in this… so I thought I’d ask Lila first, so I kidnapped you… haha…”

 ”I want to save them… They’re my precious little sister. I can’t let that man do whatever he wants to them…”

 The shine returns to Lila’s eyes.

 ”Then… I’ll untie your hands and you can make me cum on your chest. I’ll give you magic power to counter the charm in the semen… So, drink it all. Then, Lila-chan’s charm will be lifted…”

 ”I understand…♡”

 Shinji releases Lila’s hand.

 Lila squeezed her own breasts from the sides with both hands to increase the breast pressure, while she brought her lips to Shinji’s glans and sucked on it with a chuckle.

 At the limit of his endurance, Shinji immediately ejaculated.

 Dopyu ♡ Dopyu ♡ Buu ♡ Buu ♡ Dopyu ♡♡

 A large amount of semen is released into Lila.

 There was no way that her first semen-drinking would go well, and the semen released from his bouncing p*nis-stained Lila’s face with a sticky mess. Still, she was able to take the first shot in her mouth and swallowed the semen as promised.

 The charm magic that had been on the verge of being lifted was now being canceled out by Shinji’s magic power in the semen. Lila felt a lightness in her chest.

 ”Ahhh… it’s came out so much… it felt so good, Lila-chan”

 ”I’m glad…♡”

 Lila smiled; her face still stained with semen.

 Her smile was lewd, but it was the original smile of Lila, who had been freed from charm and was very beautiful.

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