Wizard 581

Chapter 581 The Fallen Princess And A Temporary Farewell

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 Kuroumaru was made to drink alcohol starting at noon, but by night, he was sober and went to the couple’s room for his first night as a husband. Feeling nervous, he entered the couple’s bedroom, showing a small surprise at the large bulge that he hadn’t noticed in Tsubaki’s usual clothes.

 It’s common to appreciate the beauty of a small n*ked body with a chest that suits a kimono, but Kuroumaru does not have a particular obsession with breasts. He does not see Tsubaki’s breasts as a significant factor compared to the joy of becoming the princess’s husband. This reassures Tsubaki, as his feelings for her remain unchanged.

 The couple’s bedroom he entered, despite being used, had been restored to its original state by Shinji’s magic, so Kuroumaru wouldn’t notice it had been used before and would have a smooth first night.

 Kuroumaru was not a virgin, but it was his first time with someone as delicate as Tsubaki. He was very careful and gentle with her. The s*x act, done with care and love, showed his kind nature and made Tsubaki feel relaxed and trust him.

 After being filled with Shinji’s seed, Kuroumaru’s womb welcomed Kuroumaru’s seed, and she breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing this, he decided not to push her further and chose to sleep next to her.

 Besides, tired from the events, Kuroumaru soon fell into a deep sleep, unaware of anything, while Tsubaki gently stroked her stomach.

 (All is well now. All that’s left is to give birth to the child. I look forward to it.)

 With the help of Shinji’s foster father, the enhanced lewd magic is now capable of extracting necessary information from the seed of other men and incorporating it into offspring. As a result, the child born appears to be Kuroumaru and Tsubaki’s child, though it’s actually the child of Shinji and Tsubaki. This includes matching the child’s appearance and magic wavelength to Kuroumaru’s, making future surrogate pregnancies even more secret.

 However, since internally the child is a mix of the apostle of the goddess (Shinji) and Tsubaki, it is certain that the child will have magic qualities that attract spirits. Although Tsubaki didn’t fully understand the explanation, she decided to accept it to better understand Shinji’s magic abilities.

 (However… it wasn’t very pleasant, was it? It ended in no time… I understand that he is being considerate, but…)

 Tsubaki knew that it was the right thing not to know about men, but she still felt his care wasn’t enough for her developed body. She understood that Kuroumaru, her husband, meant well. She wasn’t trying to put him down.

 However, she felt that everything was lacking, and it was hard not to compare, especially considering the big difference. Tsubaki missed feeling that sense of being conquered when she was with Shinji. Even after being held, she didn’t feel like she was being conquered by Kuroumaru. That’s why she couldn’t see him as more than just a partner

 If they kept trying until she got pregnant, they wouldn’t need to have s*x again. Tsubaki wouldn’t mind if it meant having Kuroumaru’s (Shinji’s) child, but deep down, she only wanted to share her body with the person she truly loved (Shinji).

 (Tomorrow, Shinji will leave… When will we meet again? When delivering Kuroumaru’s weapon? When buying ingredients? When visiting his foster father? …Let’s ask tomorrow.)

 Tsubaki could easily ask these questions instantly through telepathy, but she doesn’t feel like doing it right after being with her husband. She wants to rest and clear her mind and body first. So, she turns away from Kuroumaru and falls asleep.

 And the next day, she meets Shinji and the others in the lord’s residence to bid farewell. They meet at the castle specifically because not only Tsubaki but also Iwao and Kuroumaru wanted to say their goodbyes.

 Among the group that visited Soukai Country for the first time, including Shinji, Emily, and the “Green Travelers,” the representatives Shinji steps forward and speaks.

 ”It was a short time, but it was truly a fruitful stay. We are grateful for the various conveniences provided. Thank you very much.”

 ”Allow me to express our gratitude. Without the assistance of Shinji-dono, our country might have perished before we could even reclaim our territory from Tenshou Country. This is not just about the ruler, but on a personal level… I have also avenged my son (Take). …I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

 ”I am truly grateful for your kind words.”

 Normally, a ruler would not easily bow their head in thanks. Especially not to people from another country, unless they were fellow rulers. However, in this particular gathering, aside from the person himself, only relatives were present. In order to bow his head, Iwao had even sent the guards outside the room to welcome Shinji and the others.

 The sight of the ruler bowing his head in gratitude took even Shinji by surprise. Though he did not show it on his face, he accepted it as the most respectful gesture in his homeland, as he placed his hand on his chest and returned the deep bow.

 Iwao couldn’t help but feel that Shinji was humble. Considering his achievements in saving a country, it wouldn’t be strange for him to seek more rewards, but Shinji’s attitude remained unchanged, making him admire Shinji as a person of great caliber.

 However, Shinji himself believed that he had already received excessive benefits by gaining control of Tsubaki, the most wonderful treasure in Soukai Country. Unaware of this, Iwao and Kuroumaru smiled broadly and each extended a handshake to Shinji in turn.

 ”Please continue to be a good trading partner in the future.”

 ”Yes, of course.”

 ”Shinji-dono, take care. Feel free to visit the castle without hesitation.”

 ”Yes, I will come again to deliver the weapons.”

 Shinji, repeating firm handshakes with a poker face, finally turned towards Tsubaki. Although she wanted to embrace him and bid farewell, she held back and instead put on her best smile.

 ”Shinji… Thank you so much. Take care.”

 ”Thank you, Princess. …Well then.”

 Shinji lightly bowed, turned his back, and led Emily and the others away from the room, the town, the country, leaving them behind. Tsubaki, who was watching his back, sent a thought to him.

 ’I will send a message… I will have it delivered through Sophira.’

 ’I will write a reply. I hope you will use Sophira well… Please take care of my foster father.’

 ’Yes. Certainly… I love you, Shinji.’

 ’Me too. …See you later.’

 Having resolved the issues in Soukai Country and found his foster father, Shinji achieved his goal. While he thought it might be a while before he returned, he decided not to leave Tsubaki, who was pregnant, alone, and chose to leave Sophira behind.

 Although there was no direct connection between Sophira and Shinji, if something happened to Tsubaki or his foster father, he could contact Freri, who had connections to Sophira, and rush to their aid.

 (I achieved my goal, and I made it in time.)

 After talking with Alvin and lifting the ban on having children, some time went by. Milis and Renka still hadn’t gotten pregnant, which made him consider using thay magic for testing. There’s a risk of exposing the existence of marks.

 But Shinji found a magic spell to hide the wavelength of the magic power of the unborn child. Therefore, there is no longer a need for contraception.

 Thinking of the faces of Renka and Milis – his wife and her best friend, Shinji passes through the “Gate” and returns to the original world.

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