Wizard 66

Chapter 66 Running Wolves Rent a Party House

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 ”Let’s go check out the house!”

 Alvin said this with only a week remaining before the upper-intermediate rank exam.

 They had just discussed the party’s plan to stop taking quests and prepare for the exams by training and resting.

 The five of them, including Emily, had already discussed the possibility of renting a house together and had decided to do so.

 ”If we’re going to be away from the quest for a while, it might be best to take a look around now, right?”

 ”Is it? So, what kind of house do you think would be good for us?”

 Alvin looks around at everyone.

 ”First of all, we’ll need at least five private rooms, right?”

 ”The water supply has to be good”

 ”We’ll need a yard so we can wield our weapons outside!”

 ”Wait, wait, wait. I’ll write it down now”

 Shinji wrote down what the women were saying.

 After much discussion of this and that, they came to a conclusion.

 ”A place with more than eight rooms, a large yard, fully equipped bathrooms, a safe area, and a wide street in front of it…”

 ”Is there? Is there such a place?”, Shinji made a face.

 ”Let’s just ask around”

 ”Yeah, let’s ask around”

 The question seemed to have occurred to all of them, but since it didn’t cost any money to just ask, they decided to ask.

 After Alvin and Renka’s words, they all left their seats and went to the guild’s consultation counter to make inquiries.

 ”There are several of them. You can see it from out there. You’ll need to make an appointment to view them, but… those in the higher parties can also visit them directly”

 (((There is it…)))

 Alvin and the others had the same thought. However, once they heard the reason, they understood.

 It was said to be a property owned by a wealthy merchant or aristocrat who had given it up for some reason or another, and it was still there. The inside was simply cleaned and managed by the guild.

 She said that these empty houses are perfect for people like Alvin and his friends who want to use them as party houses.

 ”It is common for aristocrats and merchants to demolish and rebuild the buildings themselves after purchasing them. If the buildings are still there, they can be rented out, so when they are sold, the buildings are still there”

 Land management is the job of the state.

 Since the adventurer’s guild is also run by the state, they work well together to make the most of it.

 ”I see…”

 ”The budget is about this much, but…”

 ”I see… Then I would recommend this or this area”

 Behind Alvin and the others who were impressed by what they heard, Shinji was having a meeting with another guild employee to narrow down the candidates.

* * *

 ”It’s going so fast!!”

 ”A contract on the same day… all the conditions are met, so it’s fine”

 After that, Alvin and his friends went to view the properties, but the women were quite pleased with the first one.

 The house seemed to have once belonged to a wealthy merchant, and the exterior was simple but elaborate.

 Since it was a merchant’s house, the street in front of it was wide enough for a horse-drawn carriage to pass through. Naturally, the house was located in a safe neighborhood.

 The outside of the house is surrounded by iron bars, and the yard is large. The yard is large enough to enjoy gardening as well as a space to wield weapons.

 The inside was mainly white and clean, which was highly appreciated.

 It also had the perfect water supply that Renka had requested.

 There are also nine rooms.

 The person in charge said that it had only been available for rent for a few days and that <Running Wolves> was the first person to view it.

 The women seemed to feel that this was their destiny, and they unanimously told Alvin that this was the place for them! They unanimously agreed that this was the place to rent.

 Shinji had no complaints, as it was within the budget, and Alvin thought it was a good, so they signed the contract on the same day.

 So, after returning to the guild and signing the contract, Alvin and the others returned to the rented party house.

 ”So, the key to a good house is magic authentication”

 When Milis touched the front door, she heard the lock open.

 ”It’s convenient. I wonder if this is normal for a former merchant’s house?”

 ”It has to be well secured. We’ll have more opportunities to get our hands on valuables from now on, so thank you”

 When they all entered the hall, Alvin raised his hand. Emily followed suit.

 ”I want the first room closest to exit!”

 ”I want the next one!”

 ”The room closest to the exit will be the guest room, so we’ll start after that”

 ””Okay (Understand)””

 They are like brother and sister.

 Alvin and Emily went into the second and third rooms while Shinji, Milis and Renka began to discuss the room assignments.

 ”We’ll also need a cafeteria and a storage room, right?”

 ”Yes. And if we fill it the private rooms, we’ll only have one room left…”

 ”We’ll hire a servant to live in the house, so I guess we’ll call it a servant’s room. That’ll make the room full”

 The servant will be in charge of the building while they’re away.

 One person came to mind, that was trustworthy, understanding of the adventuring business, good at housework, and preferably a familiar face.

 The person to whom Renka had sent the letter was Akane, whom she had left in the desert city.

 After discussing it with her, they decided to check Akane’s reply and if it didn’t work out, they would go through the guild and ask them to arrange someone.

 (It’s easier to do things if Akane is in charge)

 Shinji is thinking bad thoughts inside.

 The first room at the back of the house was to be used as a storage room, and Shinji, wrote down on a piece of paper a possible arrangement of Shinji, Renka, the servant’s room, the dining room, Milis, Emily, Alvin, and the guest room.

 ”So, when do we start living here?”

 ”I think it could be any time, as long as it’s furnished”

 ”Are these room assignments correct?” Shinji handed the paper to Alvin, who had returned.

 ”It’s okay!” Alvin said, handing the paper to Emily as well. Emily looked at it and nodded.

 ”Let’s all go to the furniture store at noon!”

 ”I think there are delivery deadlines… I hope we can find the right furniture”

 ”What should we get!”

 The women were ready to go shopping.

 Shinji and Alvin looked at each other and smiled bitterly. This is going to be a long shopping trip… they guessed.

 That day, Shinji and Alvin would be dragged around by Renka and the others until nightfall.

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